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One Shot story : An Unexpected Day

billo77 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 5:30pm | IP Logged
An Unexpected Day

Radhika just walked out her boss's office very disappointingly. She was typical office clothes, with formal black pants a nice baby pink elegant shirt and black heels.   She had few bracelets in her wrist and had her dark long brown hair over her shoulder. She had an angelic face with round hazel eyes and fair soft skin. 

Radhika walked down the main hall cursing Dev Purohit for taking her position as the manager of the financial department. She worked so hard for that position but her boss gave it to someone him .Ever since college, Dev was always number one in all his classes. He would barely study and instead he would be out with his friends but still he would pass with a great mark. Radhika would always study and work hard to get her grades at least above 80 but he would still be much better than her. They barely interacted in college even though they would have same classes. Dev was very boyish and had a handsome charm; nevertheless, Radhika detested him for everything. He even had to work at the same place she did and that was the most frustrating part! 

Dev was in his new
cabin enjoying the scenic view of the river right in front of him. It was truly the best job ever. He was wearing a white chemise with black casual pants and an elegant watch. He was dressed very professional and felt content with himself.

All the employees left worked at 5pm but Radhika stayed longer to get her work finished. She didn't realize the time pass and the
security guard locked the door not realizing someone was still in the department. . She finished up her work and took a relief sigh, she could now go back home a get dressed to go to her friend's wedding reception. 

Radhika started walking down the hall when the light came off , she panicked little but then took out her
cell phone to see where she was walking .Dev was in his cabin when his computer shut off.."Damn it!" He was still in the office needed to fill some paper work and didn't realize the time pass. He just grabbed his wallet and car keys and walked out. He saw everything was pitch black and cursed himself for forgetting his phone in the car. 

Suddenly he collided with someone and he heard a girl scream "Ahhh!" 

He started putting his hand over his chest "Jesus! "

Radhika put her phone light on Dev's face "You scared me!" She said bring her heart beats steady 

"what are you doing here so late?" He asked

"I had do finish my work  ...and you?"

"Same..." He said taking a deep breath.

They both felt the silence and just started walking toward the door but it was locked "What the hell!" Dev muttered 

"what happened?" she asked worriedly 

"The door's locked" 

"what!" She tried turning the handle but it was indeed locked 

Dev tried the other doors but they were all locked! 

"Oh this is great! I'm locked here with the one person that I least wanted to see!" She said coldly 

Dev sensed some unfriendliness from her 

"what's your problem? "Dev asked firmly 

"Nothing ….!!Don't you have the key; since you're the Manager" Radhika asked grimly 

"I'm supposed to get it tomorrow." He
answer in the same tone 

Dev tried shaking the door and knocking hard hoping that the security guard will hear them .Radhika was getting frustrated looking at the time on her phone …

"What do we do now smarty pants?" 

"Hey would you just lay off, This is not the right time to poke on my nerve's" HE warned 

Radhika took a deep sigh looking away, she was just so frustrated by her day and now locked up with Dev! 

Radhika and Dev's tummy grumbled they were both starving. They went into the lounge with a tiny kitchen .Dev found matches and a candle. He lit it up and saw her face more clearly. He noticed she had beautiful hazel eyes and just gazed in them for a sec .Radhika also had an eye lock with his attractive eyes. She then slowly looked away and Dev just came out his trance and put the candle on the table...Dev saw few cookie boxes and Radhika took out milk from the fridge .She poured it in two glasses and they sat down on the round small table. Dev saw Radhika eating the cookies, she dipped it in the milk and ate it, just like little kid .He found her so cute.

"Do you have a problem with me?" He wondered especially with her cold behavior 

Radhika took a deep breath starting to feel bad "it's just that  ...I worked so hard to get that manager position  ...but you got it instead" She cleared  disappointingly "but its ok …I guess it was the right decision .."

Dev listened on quietly understanding her feelings "I'm sorry  ...I didn't know  ..."

"no no …its fine "She assured with a light smile ".I'm actually the one that should be apologizing for my behaviour….sorry "

Dev just smiled seeing her cute guilty expression "Don't worry about it …I guess you  never took the chance to know me .."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you probably think that I never noticed you in college .But I always did. You wouldn't talk much to boys and always read books  by the river .I always thought you were very different from the others .I even tried having few conversation with you but you weren't very interest so I took my distance. ." He admitted boyishly 

Radhika couldn't believe this, she did remember few times she accoutered Dev .He would ask her the time or ask if they had any assignments. She would just give direct reply and leave. She always thought she would go unnoticeable but now it seemed like a different story. 

"But you were always surrounded with friends and girls. You would skip classes and  be out instead of studying but still you would get higher grades then me …"

Dev chucked "Well should learn to loosen up a little bit and live life"

Radhika shook her head "I also thought you worked in the same place as me to annoy me and show off that you will be better than me . "

"I didn't know you worked here
and have no intention to show off .But to tell you the truth I was glad to find you here too" He gazed in her eyes 

Radhika felt something strange rising within her as he said this .She never realized that he thought about her in such way .They had their distance but still he would still remember the little moments he had with her.It was something that really touched her .She judged him before even knowing him.  There was a little silence between them and Dev had an idea 

"Radhika, how would you like to be the assistant manager…I was told to look for one and I don't think anyone could be better then you  ..."

Radhika eyes gleamed hearing this "Really ! You would …give me that position?" 

"Of course" HE said biting on the cookie 

Radhika didn't know what to say, she never expected him so be so sweet like this. She always thought him to be arrogant and show off but he turned out to be so down to earth.

"Thank you so much …I don't know what to say  ..."

Dev saw the gratefulness on her face and had a beautiful smile with cute dimples. Whenever he would have glimpses of her in college she would always have a smile on her face. It was the first time he ever saw a girl with such sweet smile.

"Well, I could be hard on you sometimes so be ready  ..."He teased 

"I'll do my best "She assured  ...

They both finished up there cookies and milk while talking about there hobbies and family.

"I actually have a wedding to go to today but now I think will be very late  ..."

Radhika looked worried keep trying to call the security number but it wasn't working.

"You're wedding?" Dev asked cautiously but with a glint of tease 

"No silly, my friend's wedding " 

Dev gave out a charming smile seeing a shy blush appear on her cheeks when he asked the question.

"Don't worry , I'm sure half of the guest are not even there yet .It will probably start 3 hours later …as usual"

Radhika laughed finding this statement very true "Your right most of the party's I attend are like that.."

"Same here.." 

Radhika put the dishes away in the sink...They both knocked on the door again but no chance 
.Dev saw a pin in Radhika's hair "Give me your pin  ..."

Radhika did as she was told and watched him stick the pin in the key whole and the door magically opened.. 

They both beamed and quickly walked out and the lights came on. They saw the security guard walking out the fuse room.

"Oh you guys still here?"

"Ya ..We got locked up in the financing department "Dev said trying to keep his anger cool 

"You should check around if anyone else is not locked  ..."Radhika advised teasingly 

"Sorry Mam... It won't happen next time …" 

Radhika and Dev knew he was new to the job and didn't file any complaint. They both walked down the hall and unknowingly Dev held her hand guiding her out .They both didn't realize until they came outside .There gaze fell on their intertwined hands and released it hesitantly.

"How are going to get home?" Dev asked

"I'll catch the bus  ..."

"I have my car if you like I could drop you  ...There's really no problem "He really wanted her to come along with him .He somehow didn't feel like departing from her right now 

"no its ok ..The bus might be coming soon …" She gazed towards the bus stop other down the road.

"Are you sure?" 

"Ya ..Don't worry I'll be fine "She sensed concern from him and had to admit she liked it

Dev nodded hesitantly "See you tomorrow then  ..."

Radhika smiled "Ya..."

Dev walked away and Radhika went the opposite direction. Radhika came to the bus stop and waited for a while...Suddenly it started raining and Radhika was getting wet and went under the shed. She felt her clothes sticking on her and cursed herself for not bring her stole. 

Few young drunk boys came by and started whistling at Radhika...She felt so uncomfortable and scared; she tried avoiding looking at them hoping they would leave. One guys was about to reach her hand and she quickly yanked it away and gave them a disgusted look. She felt the boys coming closer and she just ran from there heading back to the office building. 

The rain still poured hard suddenly she bumped into Dev and felt a huge relief gushed out. She hugged him tightly and he wrapped his arms around giving her much protection...He felt a little confused seeing her look so worried .He then saw few guys halting there steps seeing Radhika in a boy's arms .Dev darted his gaze on them warningly, he clutches his jaws together wanting to beat the guys up but before he could do so they all escaped..

Radhika had her eyes closed feeling fully protected in his arms. After a while she moved back looking at him thankfully

"What are you still doing here?" She asked feeling the rain drops halting 

"I came to check on you started raining and wanted to see if you were ok  ..."Dev voice was filled with concern "Are you ?hurt? Did they do anything to you "

Dev was very angry and felt guilty for leaving her alone  ...

"I'm fine  ...I was about to run in the building but  ...bumped into you instead "She managed a smile 

"Your coming with me ..And next time you're not going to take the bus this late.Understand" 

She nodded obediently, Dev found her cute with her expressions. Radhika felt her clothes clutching on her body and anyone could see through her …She wrapped her arms around her chest feeling uneasy .He saw this and lowered his gaze taking off his blazer and putting git over her shoulder. Radhika was surprised yet felt very touched by such action. She clutched on the blazer making her feel more relaxed.

Dev opened the door to his car for her and sat on the driver seat putting on the heat for her to dry and feel warmer. Radhika gave him the direction to her house .The sky got clear from the grey cloud and the moon shined with the stars .Soon they arrived to her house.

"Thanks for everything  ..."

"No problem, see you."

Radhika smiled sweetly and walked out. Dev ran his fingers through his hair feeling his heart getting anxious to meet her again in the office.But he didn't know if he could wait that long.

Radhika quickly freshened up and got dressed to go to her friend wedding reception .She wore a nice white and turquoise anarkali fitting her slim figure and wore matching bangle and made a loose braid .She arrived to the reception hall and came out the taxi and headed up on the stairs .The main hall had a red long carpet with beautiful white curtain hanging from the wall with beautiful lights. 

She heard noises of people talking further down and was about to continue her steps when she felt her duppata stuck to something .She swiftly turned around and saw a man's hand with her duppata stuck to his watch. She met up with his gaze and it was Dev standing there wearing a nice white kurta white nice embroidery work. He was looking very handsome.

Their smile grew unbelievably yet still gazed in each other's eyes. He was lost I her beauty for a while, she looked stunning.He realized her duppta stuck over his watch and carefully undid the tie.

"What are you doing here?" she managed to asked feeling her heart race

"It's my Friend Rahul's wedding reception "he cleared

What the odds that they would meet again in the same night and that too at a wedding!

"You're friend with the groom?"

"Ya ..And you with the bride?"

"Yes…I'm Neha's friend" Radhika cleared

They both were just so glad to see each other

They had an unknowing longing to see each other again tonight and there unsaid wish came true. Dev and Radhika both walked in the grand hall .Guest were talking, kids were running around, people were taking pictures with the bride and groom and having a good time.

"See I told you won't start until 3 hours later..." He said chuckling

Radhika shook her head cutely hearing this statement. They both walked separate way to stay on the safe side ,people loved to gossip and she didn't want them to have assumptions .Radhika was talking with her friends and congratulated the bride and groom .Dev spotted his friends and joined them near the bar ordering a simple coke . He caught few glimpses of Radhika getting little shy as her friend were complimenting her. He had to admit she was standing out the most from everyone.

Few minutes later Dev's dadi tapped on his shoulder

"Dev?" Where were you? Why did it take you so long? "

"Dadi I told you that I will be late and to go without me .But now I'm here right and the party just started "Dev reasoned yet wondered his gaze around

"It's good you came on time if you didn't then you would miss the chance to see someone  ..."

"Who ?" Dev asked confused

"I just met her, she's so beautiful and very cute  ...I'm sure you will like her ...Come .."
Dev was in no mood to meet another girl except for Radhika

"Dadi please." I don't want to meet her "His gaze roamed around for Radhika

Dadi didn't listen and literally dragged him by his arm. Dev took a deep sigh and heard Dadi  giving her his introduction.

"Radhika ..this is my grandson Dev .."

Dev heart skip a beat and looked at Radhika standing before his eyes . She had  a slight pink shade over her cheeks seeing his charming smile .

"Nice to meet you .."He forwarded his hand with a glint of naughtiness in his eye

Radhika played along and shook his hand "nice to meet you too .."

"I invited her to sit on our table .."

This meant more time to be with Radhika! Dev just wanted to hug his dadi for this but controlled his excitement. Radhika  felt like jumping of joy but tried to keep her enthusiasm to the low .

They played a long the whole time but were enjoying every moment together. Dadi left them alone most of the time chatting with other elder ladies .

 Radhika and Dev just sat down together talking away, they didn't expect being locked in the office together for 1 hour  could lead them to become so close to each other . He asked her to dance with him on the slow song and guided her on the dance floor . He wrapped his hand around her slim waist as she put her hand over his shoulder.They moved slowly with the music and gazing fondly in each others eyes . Radhika never imagine that the guy she avoided seeing would be the guy she wanted to spend all her life with . Her one crummy morning had one beautiful evening awaiting for her.Dev knew from this moment that she was the one for him and will definitely plan on marrying her.

 I don't know what happened to me but this story was in my head and had to write it up !Embarrassed Hope you like this OS now the rest is up to you guys to imagine
SmilePlease do let me know what you think.

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avina_radev48 Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 7:24pm | IP Logged
loved it!! awesome update!!!

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seema12345 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 7:50pm | IP Logged
gosh billo you are something else ----really awesome short story ---simply beautifull ---you really have a knack to wright great stories
good job will wait for some more ----------------

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--Ekta-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 12:27am | IP Logged
hmmm...what i think is instead of letting us imagine and making us go on different paths ,you should continue it .
Its just so so sweet OS Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
thanks for janmashtmi gift helped me a lil bit as today am missing them so so so much.

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fatssrilanka IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 12:32am | IP Logged
Beautiful,mindblowing OS. Wish , if it had been a little more longer.

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*Maleena* Goldie

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 3:53am | IP Logged
I loved it billo! So sweet! I have been missing Radev very much these days but thank to your ffs and this oneshot it has helped a lot.

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Mona55 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 9:36am | IP Logged
lovely os --wish it was longer

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sparklingeyes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 August 2012 at 2:28am | IP Logged
it is awesome...just wanted to read more and more but it ended :(

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