Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Sushpective: A storm is brewing!

-Sush- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 5:28pm | IP Logged
Hi Guys...Havent posted for a few days and probably not post regularly...but here I am today...
Well since last few days...I was beginning to wonder what the hell is wrong with ASR...yeah...yeah...I know he is doing all the right things and everything...but come on guys who are they kidding...? Any hot blooded male with a beautiful wife sleeping next to him...everyday...just calls it quits after a good night hug...???? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!   How unreal is that?
So they came to the point today...but which point was that really? It took a Khushi to bring up the topic for him to jump on it????  Oh...well I am glad at least he did jump on it...and yeah trust Khushi to bring up ...things like I saw you naked...and...we have not done things that  husband wives do...Who is glad at least her mind is going somewhere...LOLLOLLOL
IN short...
The current track is going great...but the whole thing about Krishna Radha NEVER getting married...and having a love that cant be given a name...makes me wonder about what these guys have in mind...I dont think they will land up where we want them to go...Look out for a Krishna Radha story in future...
Shyam revelation has not happened and janamashtmi is here...Hmm...are they planning to get Shyamu back in RM? May be under the pretext of Dadi forcing him to stay ...YIKES>>>>!!!
NK -Payal ROCK together...I will rather see them together thay PAYASH!! great man!
While I enjoyed...
ASR's smiling and laughing self...and a teasing one indeed!
Khushis blushing and putting her foot in her mouth self!
Payals caring for her sisterself!
NKs...carefree self...!
Akash's light natured self!
And Anj's...Umm...lets just say...forgiving usual self!
 Pictures Credit: IIIyria
Why do I think a storm is brewing...just below the surface! And I am not talking about the one that should be brewing inside Arnie...for waiting so long...LOLLOLLOL
Oh BTW...Gautam Hegdes name didnt appear as a script writer in todays just said screenplay by the creative team..did any one notice?

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meens80 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 27 January 2012
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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 5:29pm | IP Logged
Hi SushSmile,

This week has been great, Monday started on a major saas bahu note but the balance of drama, romance, emotional bonding and comedy we have been getting since Tuesday has been fantastic. I'm loving it!ClapClap Dadi is bringing out the protective hubby in ASR like never before so i'm all game for this trackWink

You are absolutely right about a big storm brewing and i think it has got to do with the pastOuch. Shyam will be back to RM and it will probably be triggered by Dadi coz the signs are all over the place. Plus we are getting ready for a battle of sorts between Arnav/Nani and Anjali/Dadi. But i do not think Shyam will cause a problem for ARHI this time; it has to be the past. There is speculation galore on what impact the past has on ARHI and as long as they do not show Khushi's mom to be the other woman in Arnav's dad's life i'm ok with anything else. It would be too ewww for me if that is the past connection and the reason for Arnav's mom's and Khushi's parents death.

When Nani was explaining the whole Radha-Krishna love story my mind went to the possible hint too; but i don't think that is what will happen. I think we are headed to an ARHI who are just about to re-marry when the past is revealed and we will see a brief period of separation/heartbreak and alienation againCryCry.
I'm sure there will be a re-marriage; there have been a lot of symbolism since the beginning on ARHI being married and soulmates and together for life; i just think we are not there yet.

In the meantime i am going to enjoy the totally in love Arnav and Khushi and for once both of them have accepted their feelings and relationships are being open in their display of affection and are moving forward togetherDay Dreaming.
The hurdles will come; no doubt, but they will overcome them together.

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DiamondLife IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 30 January 2011
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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 5:30pm | IP Logged
Todays episode was just perfect..Big smile..
i love NK so much now that i cant imagine IPKKND without him...he is such a sweet and pure soul.
Who would have thought him freely and fearlessly talking to Dadi...and making her majboor to leaveROFL

Yes, Sush..I must Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada has tell openly ...and tease..Wink
also repeat suhaag raat word several timesROFL

I just cross my fingers...jyada na sahi..but at least make her wear bridal dress...Embarrassed and take 7 pheras privately

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premparbat IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 September 2011
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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 5:31pm | IP Logged

Hi sush,

Was looking for your post for the last few days. It seems the PH has put their act together and are finding a good balance between drama, romanace and comedy .  Though the episodes have been good ( i have been liking IPK since Shyamu left minus Didi Ki Saut )  they have been struggling to find good tracks that entice TRP audience.  I think this one should do it ...
Tues was good with the Dadi - Arnie confromtation and yesterday I liked the "Aaja piya tohe pyaar doon.."
As for today it was simply very sweet . the cvs definetly troll the forum for reactions and have not missed the fact that we the audience find it foolish that a couple who had the hots for each other since Day One are now living as hermits in a closed room and same bed.   They are good at making fun of us and themselves hence gave us an entire episode with direct and indirect hints...
The next few days till the completion of the contract will be fun and games and I think the last day of the contarct  the couple will be standing at crossroads again... And that is where the srrom is brewing.
Have noted the credentials of teh series and now they have removed individual names of teh story write Ved Raj  and screenplay as GH and put it under a team Creatives.  They may have made  changes speacilly as this PH is expanding and IPK may have needed new blood. As long as the tone of the show does not change I am okay.
So far so good Sush.  Hope to see you around more often.

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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 5:31pm | IP Logged

After a week of drama filled episodes, it was good to get a break and have some lightheartedness for a change. CVs managed to strike the right balance of humor and consistency, many tracks continued to move forward so hats off to them for this

- The sisterly bond which continues to make its comeback with Payal proudly telling Khushi what a gem of a husband she has and their talk later on about suhaag raat.
- NK continues to rock! He definately intended to get under Dadi's skin, he wanted to rile her up and purposely did not leave Manorama's side. NK was her savior and protector
- Arnav and Khushi's scenes, from the bedroom scene, the wink, the half shaadi talk. Pure genius, only IPKKND could incorporate humor into talk of suhaag raat. Khushi was adorable when Arnav said she was adorable, her innocence shined through not realizing he was only getting started at teasing her about going backwards and starting with the SR first LOL Arnav just loves to go in for the tease, I'm sure it'll continue until he unleashes his real surprise for Khushi. I think he will complete the pheras just for her, it won't be the remarriage we expected but at this point does it really matter?? 
- So Anjali continues to secretly meet Shyam, this despite talking to Arnav about leaving their past behind, the battlelines will soon be drawn especially with Dadi's growing determination to know where he is.

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Chaituv IF-Rockerz

Joined: 04 January 2012
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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 5:31pm | IP Logged
Nice take Sush!
   The episode reminded me the days before their marriage when Arnie was all in flirty mood .
 Which  it didn't last for long time , then a storm in the name of Shyam hit their love and Broken their love  apart,  will  history repeat ? May be  yes ,but this time  we ll get to Kushi's outburst? (I would love to see this happening thoughWink). Btw Is Shyam still hidiing near the poolside or just jumped into it after seeing Arnie coming?LOL
     Loved NK all the way, his counter to hitler Dadi was hillariious ,"Dadi aap darawni ho"LOL
  Payal n Kushi's  sisterly bond  is back, which has been lost for a long time. 
 I'm loving this hitler Dadi as she is the one who is making Asr admit his mistakes and Mami is scared of this lady too. LOLROFL
   Kushi's hug was so adorable, can we get one frm Arnie to Kushi  tooEmbarrassed. The bed broken scene was more of Barun n Sanaya  than A&K. It was cute though!
   Why did they bring Radha Krishna talk , no pares , no name for their love, Is it just to remind Kushi abt pareas or anything symbolic?

          Why Did Kushi forget abt the contract l? 2days  back She is not willing  to come back with him and now she is talking about SR?  Iss disconnectivity Ko kya naam doo?LOL




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-Sush- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 March 2010
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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 5:55pm | IP Logged
Coming back...

Good to know that at least someone was looking for my post Ratna... Big smile
I dont promise to be around often...but I do hope...that when I get a chance to post...I can catch up with freinds...and everybody who cares to read what I write...Smile 
Ratna...Meens...totally agree with you about this week providing a good mix of things...I cant say I am fond of the saaas bahu cliched story...and every time dadi bullys everyone with the hand STOP gesture...I literally roll my eyes...I mean how much more medodramatic ca you getErmm!!!!  But least we get to see Arnie being the perfect hubby...
I think Arnie gelled with me again this week...with his generational gap statement about dadi seeing things her way and assumming her way is teh only waya nd teh right way...and he being teh cool cat...saying...I really dont care about your narrow minded prejudiced opinion...That is as modern as you can get...ClapClapClap
I do agree that the peak will be the last day of teh contract...and them getting some new blood to write the stories/ script...not a bad idea...I like it!

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showstruck IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 6:02pm | IP Logged
This is so true...I felt it but didn't want to say it. The week is going great. I just talked to Ratna about that. What's with IPK team all on a sudden...the track is working. The drama, story, comedy, romance all are full on, what's happening? Some saying the creative team changed. If so, congrats the new team. You are doing a great job.
The Radha/Krishna without a name and we have a love story that is asking for a name? It did leave a small dark cloud some where. I don't think the SR or pheres will happen tomorrow. Even though I would love to see they take the pheres in private but my brain is saying its not happening.
And another indication of storm is Arnav smiling a lot. When ever Arnav smiles a lot something bad happens. Its a trend in IPK.
I knew if anything beyond an innocent hug happens, it will always be khushi who will take the initiative and finish it too. Arnav tried and tried, he was too slow and interrupted.

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