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What I LOVED: 9th August 2012 (Page 2)

Moksha51 Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 5:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ShaliniDp

Unusual Flavors

Dadi Ji's train of thoughts is intriguing - a strange mix of unusual flavors.

>> She has not had any explanation about Arnav's marriage with Khushi.

>> She has not had any explanation about the missing (grand) son-in-law.


Dadi Ji is seen pacing the hall. Her thoughts are about Arnav's alleged rebellion against authority in favor of his wife. The next moment, she stops Mami Jaan and questions her about Shyam.


Whoa!  What happened here?

She was thinking of Arnav siding with Khushi and she asked about Shyam?

Is she so confused that she's thinking one thing and enquiring the other?

Does she think that enquiring about Shyam would answer her confusion about Khushi being Arnav's wife?

Does she think Khushi has something to do with Shyam?


 This scene had me going "Maajra kya hai" .. She surely has come with "some information" ..

I think Shyaam most certainly has something to do with her coming out of seclusion.. Though her dislike of Khushi may be triggered due to whatever made her come here.. Or the fact that she knows something about the past that supposedly binds the horrors of Arnav-Khushi's life together. 

4. LOVED Mami Jaan dancing with the earphones on!


5. LOVED LOVED Payal and Khushi conversation, both of them.

LOVED how Payal expressed her joy at Arnav supporting Khushi.

LOVED how she accepted that Dadi Ji seems to be angry with Khushi for no apparent reason.

Mami Jaan-isms


1. Bhoot pishach kucch bhi aye..

Fandom: we totally get it, MJ!


2. NK, bas bhi karo warna N K kya, kahin K bhi nahi rahoge.



3. Dadi Ji: Aap main bilkul bhi tameez nahi hai?

MJ: haan!





1. NK: Dadi hi, aap to bahut darawni ho!

I laughed so hard, it took me several minutes to catch my breath.


2. Main Chhote nahi, NK hoon. Aur Chhote beech main kab bola? Delhi main beach nahi hai. Mumbai main beach hai.

Totally took the thread and ran off with it!! Bravo!!


3. NK: Aap ki goli, I'm sorry, boli itna sweet hai. Pyari-pyari. Aap e bhashan mujhe bhi sikhayengi?

Dadi Ji: Bhashan nahi, bhasha.

NK: Wah!

This was BRILLIANT!!!


4. Dadi Ji: Bewakoof!

NK: Bewapoof?

That sure poofed her away!

 I absolutely love these three characters.. Mami- I hope they keep her in this or the detective mode.. I feel like they waste her talent by having her relapse into the typical tyrannical sasuma... Totally loved the stutter brought in by mami at the handTongue.. Waise mami has a strong sixth sense.. She felt the hand before banging into it, or seeing it

Payal is one character I have liked until now atleast.. There is no malice about her.. She has accepted that her younger sister is the elder bahu.. That dadiji is being unfair.. But she also points Khushi to the more important thing.. That Arnav has been supporting her.. Left to her own devices, Khushi is bound to dwell on the former rather than rejoice the more important, latter fact

NK is just a breath of fresh air.. I am glad they brought him back

My comments in pink above

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dharave Newbie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 5:33pm | IP Logged
  • Shalini, how great has this week been?? The episodes have only gotten better since Monday (or more precisely, since dadiji's arrival last week). I'm hoping the pace and trend continues! Today's episode was just magical- there wasn't a single scene which felt out of place or a "filler", which compelled me to take the time and share my thoughts with you: 

1. a. Anjali-Khushi: (Although recent episodes focused heavily on Arnav-Khushi, I felt Anjali's scenes have been really poignant over the past few weeks) I'm glad we're seeing Anjali make an effort towards Khushi. The heart to heart she had with Arnav really touched her to the extent where she's willing to move ahead. But I'm not sure if she can do that while holding on to Shyam, which she very evidently is doing. Their dynamics have shifted a lot:

  • Anjali of the past, friend turned sister: Khushi, I think of you as my little sister. You are my sister before you're my sister-in-law and I will defend you even against my own brother- I will look out for your happiness, my sister. Khushi always received support and comfort from Anjali. 
  • Anjali of the present, from sisters to...: I acknowledge you as my brother's wife, and I'm willing to have a fresh start with you as sister-in-laws (for Arnav's sake). But, I don't want to bring up the past. Khushi understands and is mindful of giving Anjali her space, but she cannot hold herself back from Anjali entirely- she was and still is her sister.

b. Anjali-Arnav: Bring Shyam back, you can fix everything. Instead, Arnav reminded and reassured Anjali of the importance she held in his life. She was happy for him, but that did not lessen her own unhappiness- Arnav's happiness was complete with his spouse, she could not boast the same. Ah, two things happened here, which were shown in 2 beautiful scenes between brother-sister duo: 
  • Anjali, the sister, is happy for Arnav (scene 1). She has been reassured of their brother-sister bond. She looked on in pride when Arnav defended his wife against Dadiji's accusations. Today she agrees with Arnav to help each other forget their painful memories and move on.
  • Anjali, the wife, cannot share her unhappiness with Arnav (scene 2). She tried once, and he did not/ could not help her. She is now hiding secrets from Arnav. She was clearly caught off guard when Arnav suddenly emerged from his room. But more interestingly, why did I get the feeling that Arnav was hiding something from her too?? Something was unspoken in that scene when they both reassure each other nothing is out of place, yet both turn back for a second look as if really checking to see if indeed something is out of place and the other caught it (or was caught!).
c. Anjali-Grandmas: Anjali once asked Naniji, "What is the truth? Sach kya hai Nani, sach kya hai?!" Naniji gave no answers then because she didn't want to further hurt Anjali and possibly was waiting for the correct time. The loop was never closed. Everyone was compromising for a little peace after such an upheaval: let's keep silent about the past and look to the future. Now Dadiji has stepped into the picture- the first thing she does is reassure Anjali that she will fix everything, while refusing to accept Khushi as her daughter-in-law and constantly demanding to know about Shyam. Anjali feels she has someone in her corner now, and looks towards Dadiji for some answers.  

2. Arnav-Khushi: Really lovely to read your analysis on these two! I loved your Khushi's angel halo and Arnav's devil horns analogy! I agree 100%! What a rascal. But their scenes this week have been nothing short of magical.

3. Dadiji-Naniji: Obviously we can see Dadiji's genes reflected in Arnav, but what I found most striking about the Dadi-Nani confrontation was how ridiculously familiar it felt despite seeing the two interacting together for the first time on screen. And then I realized, while Dadiji's actions and behavior were reminiscent of Arnav, Naniji's resembled Khushi's! The way Naniji stood up to Dadiji and forced her to acknowledge her absence rather than playing the blame game was very much like the countless fights Arnav and Khushi have had where she fights with him to have him acknowledge his faults. Hmm...She's a tough nut. Again I have no more to say apart from brilliant job Shalini! Her scenes with Mamiji and NK (oh god, I adore his character to bits!!!) are fantastic!! She had me in fits when she gritted her teeth when trying to deal with NK- the similarities between grandson and grandmother keep throwing me off (and then I have to go back and rewind the scene to catch it in its entirety again). Her scenes with Arnav are *explosive*! She seems like a no nonsense kind of lady, one who gets the ball rolling. So I can't wait for Arnav to disclose Shyam's truth to her and see what happens next (still waiting to see when she confronts him about the name change from Malik to Singh Raizada, and I have no doubt she will). 

*Edit: Wanted to add quotes from today's episodes which really stood out in my mind:

  • Payal reassuring Khushi: I think Dadiji is being unnecessarily strict with you...You are focusing too heavily on Dadiji, haven't you noticed how your husband has stood up for you? Interesting!
  1. Khushi mentions "chattis ka ankda": Where have we seen this before? Ah yes, in Arnav's diary! She misunderstood what it meant then, is she misunderstanding Dadi (senior ASR) now?
  2. Payal said before: Arnavji turned out to be a different man than what we pegged him for. Khushi tried hard to deny her acceptance of that, today she didn't think twice about accepting what she has known in her heart of hearts.
  • Arnav Khushi laughing after breaking the bed: yeah, not a quote but it was super cute!
  • NK: The entire scene- utterly lovable! Bewapoof ;)
  • Naniji on explaining Radha-Krishna's love: Their love was above all...their love did not need a name (iss pyaar ko kya naam doon?). Then in the next breath she explains the significance of the seven pheras while Khushi remembers her own wedding ("na Radha Krishna ke seat phere hue the..."). I almost got the feeling the parallel from Radha Krishna is to be shifted to Ram Sita if there is to be a remarriage (this time as per traditions).
  • Khushi frustrated with Arnav: Inhe dil ki nahin sirph deal ki bhasha samajh mein aati hai.
She hit the nail on the head didn't she? Arnav proves her right once again by doing what he's done in the past with her: striking another deal- tomorrow will be our much anticipated SR. Funnily enough, all the other rasams our girl is worried about have already been executed- she's just unaware of them. Oh well, I wouldn't mind seeing it all done again differently. 
  • Arnav to Khushi: Main tumhe kha to nahin jaoonga- great catch Shalini! Last time he said this he worked hard to bring them closer together. Wonder where we're headed this time.
  • Aakash and Arnav: I'm happy the distance between the two brothers is no longer evident. It seems the trip to Mumbai did him a world of good. Good for you Aakash.

This was a fun analysis on an equally entertaining epi! Till your next post,


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vicqust Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 5:50pm | IP Logged
was anxiously awaiting your post.  awesome as always Clap

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Chaituv IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 6:00pm | IP Logged
One more fantastic analysis frm u Shalini! Loved today's episode, though connectivity is missing from previous episodes! Why did Kushi forget abt the contract ? Even Akash behaving all goody goody helping Payal painting Diya's?! What happened on the Rakhi night in ippk for wveryone's changed behaviours?WinkLOL

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jasminsandrila Groupbie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 6:16pm | IP Logged
thanks a lot gr8 post

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Mamiji Senior Member

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 7:23pm | IP Logged
Hey thank you for a great post! i liked how you analyzed dadiji to the extreme. Yes I despise that woman whenever i see her on screen and she reminds of me of the worst kind of mother-in-law a bahu could ever have. I wondered more about anjali and her mysterious phone calls. Snakwa has to be let back in but how is the question. Already he seems to floating around RM. I wonder if Khushi and her unfulfilled pheras will get around to dadiji. I hope Khushi keeps her mouth clamped about this. I am also surprised the family didn't ask her about this since they never witnessed her spontaneous marriage. I love IPPKND HeartHeartHeart

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tulip21 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 7:47pm | IP Logged
Lovely analysis shalini
waiting eagerly for ur post from the time i saw the episode and i thoroughly ...

i hope 5 days brings in good for us and tmrw no one interrupts arnav 

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sprinkle2 Goldie

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The epi was all in all amazing :D

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