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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

What I LOVED: 9th August 2012

Shalini76 Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 3:20pm | IP Logged

What I LOVED: 9th August 2012





I s'pose these days belong to Barun and Sanaya!

Utkarsha ji and Karan really ROCKED!!


Progress Points

1. Khushi accepts Arnav as husband, finally, when Payal mentions it and she asks for 'pheras'

2. Dadi Ji still bent on meeting Damaad ji

3. Arnav is planning 'something'


Favorite Scene


The bed broke and was fixed.



Arnav & Khushi


Getting to know someone begins with getting to know about them. Then, as time goes by, layer by layer one goes from knowing about them to knowing them enough to be acquaintances, friends, or more. Finally, as layers are peeled off, the real knowing comes through - when we see the whys behind the whats and the hows.


Khushi asked Arnav why he is the way he is. She may yet not know it all, but Arnav has started to answer her whys. And, he's happy about sharing himself.


Symbols, symbols everywhere, by the way!



Arnav in his B'day Suit


So, Arnav gave Khushi the right to do whatever she wants to do, and Khushi picks out a photo of baby ASR in his birthday suit signing a deal with soap bubbles.


It was cute scene.


Arnav's just shared his deepest hurt with Khushi, and she has comforted him. They've come to a comfort level where they can play games with each other and just have fun. Khushi jokes about his childhood photo and watches as Arnav is embarrassed - that is a rarity.


They laughed it off (when the bed broke), he laughed initially and then, when Khushi was relaxed, he stopped laughing and took the photo away from her. (Hmm... really!? Is that nice?)


It was a part of Arnav's locked away childhood - a small part of which he'd shared with Khushi, and it brought him joy. That much is comforting to them, both of them.



The Bed Broke


Oh yeah! Been waiting for this one for quite some time now. Only I thought that probably a new bed would be brought in. But this is better; the old one broke into two parts each; the broken pieces taken away and new single ones came in. They both broke the thing together.



Good one!


Arnav laughed!!



Pheras & SR


Ah! Finally, on the 6th day from contract closure time, Khushi realizes that she and Arnav are half-married.

Arnav seems keen on repeating the wedding with all its rituals. He's stated that they'd have to go through all rituals.

For the time being though, he's got Khushi ratting to the bones. Arnav has agreed to go through all rituals, in reverse, starting with SR.

Day 6 is going to be a tough one for Khushi. She's been told that it is her suhag raat as a form of morning greeting.


Arnav, you're sure having fun, Buddy.

Khushi, have fun, dear. Your wedding day is near.


Arnav's expressions are mind-blowing when he's trying hard to comprehend what Khushi's talking about.

Khushi still steps backwards, and Arnav by now probably knows why.


Arnav: you know all about this. What all rituals are there?

Khushi: You know nothing. There's roka, bla bla bla bla.. SR.

Arnav *waits till the blabber is on and SR is reached*: Yep! Khushi you're so intelligent.

Khushi: *expression* oh, you think so!

Arnav: What was the last one?

Khushi *angel halo firmly set in place*: Suhag raat!

Arnav *devil's horns shining bright* Yah! That one! We'll go thru all rituals, let's start backwards. With SR.

Khushi *finally see the devil's horns*: SR??!!??




Reverse Gear



Yep! The reverse gear is still on.


Khushi held Arnav's hand in hers, and when he wanted to take his hand away, she held it closer and shook her head to deny letting go his hand.

Arnav did this during Holi bhang sequence.


Arnav laughed when bed broke; Arnav and Khushi shared a laugh.

Last time, Arnav had laughed when Khushi sang and danced on 'Didi tere jethji deewane'.


Arnav brings in a suitcase.

During Payash sangeet, Khushi had dragged in a huge Baksa.


Arnav: Main tumhe kha thode hi jaunga?

Arnav said this last after the song, Teri Meri.


This was followed by the kisses.

Is it coming? Arnav is scaring with her with the SR.



Mixing Curious Flavors

Either Dadi Ji is a natural at being confused, or she is intentionally creating confusion.


I may be completely wrong here, when I say this.  Somehow, it seems that Dadi ji is playing a very ASR kind of a game.


~ Create Impact by something unexpected

~ Assume control; (there is no asking for it; simply an assumption that they 'are' in control, and action based on it)

~ Defy explanation; Closed to interaction unless initiated by self

~ Create pressure conditions where one's own will is fulfilled or desired information is extracted; where everyone reacts to the situation as planned

~ Get one's own will done

~ Relax the environment; Maintain control




1. She did not hug Anjali immediately; but promised her that she would fix everything now that she was back

2. She welcomed Arnav

3. She had a preconceived notion about Khushi; to the point of being curious about her



1. First introduction of Khushi - she was a servant; refuses to accept her otherwise

2. First introduction of Shyam - he is missing; has been enquiring about him

3. The first conversation with Arnav led to a division



1. Anjali was expecting

2. Arnav was married & Khushi was Arnav's wife

3. Arnav was taking decisions that appalled her


Not Surprised

1. RM had new family members; Khushi was one of them, but not certain how

2. Shyam was missing


Under the Toffee Wrapper

Keeping off the extra baggage, she has been primarily focused on two things:

1. Khushi

2. Shyam



1. She came expecting Khushi to be a servant; found she was the wife of the master of the house

2. She came not receiving Anjali as quickly; she ended up promising to be her 'fixer'

3. She came receiving Arnav quickly; she ended up standing opposed to him


Unusual Flavors

Dadi Ji's train of thoughts is intriguing - a strange mix of unusual flavors.

>> She has not had any explanation about Arnav's marriage with Khushi.

>> She has not had any explanation about the missing (grand) son-in-law.


Dadi Ji is seen pacing the hall. Her thoughts are about Arnav's alleged rebellion against authority in favor of his wife. The next moment, she stops Mami Jaan and questions her about Shyam.


Whoa!  What happened here?

She was thinking of Arnav siding with Khushi and she asked about Shyam?

Is she so confused that she's thinking one thing and enquiring the other?

Does she think that enquiring about Shyam would answer her confusion about Khushi being Arnav's wife?

Does she think Khushi has something to do with Shyam?



What it Points to

In all probability...


1. Dadi has come in with some information; but not all.

However, she has limited information; if anyone has revealed it to her, they have done so rather selectively.

The kind of information that has been revealed:

>> Paints Khushi in a bad light:

This is not hard to do.

Khushi was, in fact, employed in RM before she went to be the wife of the house's master. Her intentions may be easily doubted and questioned. A similar story has happened before with Nani ji's son. Dadi Ji probably might not put it beyond Nani ji to let it happen with her grandson. She actually questioned her - 'how could you let this happen?' This may not have been disclosed to her.

However, doubts can be planted deep enough for her to want to dig.


>> Shows Anjali as a sufferer:

This again was not hard to do. Anjali was already grieving when Dadi Ji arrived. She broke down and went to mention that everything had gone bad.

This is visible plainly.


>> Omits mentioning anything about Arnav's stance:

In fact, probably the information she has about Arnav is all good. This was the easiest to do. And the one that might help her be encouraged; one that might have her expect Arnav to be the strong supporter to her in fixing things.

This turned out to be a shocker; probably meant to be so too.


Certainly, leaves her with a host of questions unanswered. Not only the initial questions are unanswered, she now has new ones that are not answered.


A significant slice of Fandom feels that Shyam is behind getting Dadi Ji to RM. Some feel that she is league with Shyam, and he is feeding her lies.


If Shyam is behind her arrival at RM, then some of Shyam's methods may be seen:


> He never makes himself visible. He always has a cover ready.

> If he has fed the information to Dadi Ji, then he's done it through a non-personal means, for example, an anonymous letter or a planting chance meeting with someone she knows.

> He would never show himself as the perpetrator of trouble; but as a victim. For the same reason, he would not show himself very easily.

> He hides behind obvious; obvious is often overlooked.

> He makes it apparent that he is selfless

> He rarely tells total lies. Instead, he tells half-truths (selective lying); these are more dangerous than total lies.

> He rarely makes a direct statement against anyone; instead, he plants doubts.

(Doubts have their own way of weeding through the mind and weakening it. Lies and Offensive statements can be dealt with; the germ of Doubt dies hard. A doubt can linger way longer than a lie. A doubt is an illusion that can trick for a long time. The way to cut off a lie is simple - truth. The way to cut off a doubt is difficult - trust.)

> If he is behind it; he knows that no one in RM will answer Dadi ji very easily when she asks about him. That would get her riled enough to be convinced of foul play. A ready victim and possible troublemaker is already there - Khushi. Her presence would irk her and egg her on to search for Damaad ji more aggressively. He'd have her search him out and bring him back.


Arnav and Anjali

1. Arnav and Anjali decide to not look back and move on.

Arnav means it. Not so sure about Anjali.

When she says, leave the past behind and move on - she means forgetting what happened with Shyam, and making a fresh start with him.


2. Arnav spies a shadow and checks, but finds only Anjali.

Anjali probably does not know that he saw the shadow. So when she sees him worried, she asks him why he looks worried, but Arnav does not tell her he spied a shadow.

Though Arnav does turn to see Anjali again - probably, he wonders why she didn't see anyone.


When everyone is together in the hall, painting diyas, Anjali's phone rings. She checks to see if Arnav noticed, and when she sees him busy on a call, she slips away.

Anjali is hiding something from Arnav.

Though, it escapes me why she needs to do this 'meeting up' at Arnav's poolside.


During Payash sangeet, Shyam had caught Khushi in this place. Now, it's Anjali?


Last time, Arnav was too distracted with Khushi to notice Shyam. Is this time, he's too distracted by Khushi to notice Anjali's sneaky calls and meetings?





1. I liked the Diya painting.


2. The mithai-chap was again visible today. Wasn't he there in Preetika's wedding too?


3. Akash is finally back to his smiley perceptive logical self. Welcome back, Akash. Suljhe hue Jijaji.


4. LOVED Mami Jaan dancing with the earphones on!


5. LOVED LOVED Payal and Khushi conversation, both of them.

LOVED how Payal expressed her joy at Arnav supporting Khushi.

LOVED how she accepted that Dadi Ji seems to be angry with Khushi for no apparent reason.

LOVED the kitchen convo.


Khushi: Phere to SR ke baad hi hote hain na!

Fandom: Aww... dear, dear girl. Get your back at him. Play hard to get!!



Payal: Pheron se pehle kisi ki SR kaise ho sakti hai?

Fandom: Unless it's ASR!



On the Lighter Side


1. Khushi: I saw you in your birthday suit.

Arnav: Excuse me?

Expression: Didn't know you were into that!


2. Khushi: We haven't done anything that a husband and wife do.

Arnav *expression*: Is this going where I think it is going?


3. Akash: All is good with you? Anything we should know?

Fandom: Yeah! He's been breaking beds!


4. Speaking of which, Arnav and Khushi may have broken the bed, but I couldn't see how the mattress was broken. Why was a new mattress needed if the bed broke?


HP is blissfully clueless and happily least bothered about Arnav's bed breaking. This chap is the most mysterious man in RM.


Mami Jaan's reaction to the bed-breaking was Hilarious!


Mami Jaan and Dadi Ji talk, garnished with NK was EPIC!! I couldn't stop laughing. It was very, very well done.


Mami Jaan-isms


1. Bhoot pishach kucch bhi aye..

Fandom: we totally get it, MJ!


2. NK, bas bhi karo warna N K kya, kahin K bhi nahi rahoge.



3. Dadi Ji: Aap main bilkul bhi tameez nahi hai?

MJ: haan!





1. NK: Dadi hi, aap to bahut darawni ho!

I laughed so hard, it took me several minutes to catch my breath.


2. Main Chhote nahi, NK hoon. Aur Chhote beech main kab bola? Delhi main beach nahi hai. Mumbai main beach hai.

Totally took the thread and ran off with it!! Bravo!!


3. NK: Aap ki goli, I'm sorry, boli itna sweet hai. Pyari-pyari. Aap e bhashan mujhe bhi sikhayengi?

Dadi Ji: Bhashan nahi, bhasha.

NK: Wah!

This was BRILLIANT!!!


4. Dadi Ji: Bewakoof!

NK: Bewapoof?

That sure poofed her away!!




Dadi Ji making a scene of having not heard anything about the elusive Damaad ji.

Arnav is beginning to speak it out. Mami Ji is following him (maybe she's called him downstairs).

Hope no one interrupts Arnav.


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koham Groupbie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 3:39pm | IP Logged
yet to see the episode... but i laughed so much reading your post !!!
I could virtually see  the scenes.
bravo !!Clap
love all your posts

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sugar_babe IF-Rockerz

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Loved your post! But, the "khao jaaonga" line was repeated twice, once at the sangeet and then the following day by the pool before the kiss :)

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sunny_sarun IF-Dazzler

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Lovd ur post :)

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-SI- IF-Rockerz

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Thank you for the lovely lovely post Shalini!!

I must say it was one of the best episodes ever..Oh my god I laughed so so so much.. NK cracked me up the most..oh god, i can't think of IPK without this guy now..Just love him...!! Aw the bed scene was so so so cute... I loved when Kushi tried to hide her, she was so embarrassed.. I loved her expressions when Arnav winked at her...'oh Arnav u r getting naughtier day by day'...  Anjali is back on playing hide and seek!!  I have no idea what's going on in Hitler Dadi's mind...
I still wonder what's in that suitcase... Is he planning something nice for Kushi? Really really hope so...!!

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shwetaaagarwal Senior Member

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Totally loved your post 
Laughed just as much :)

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vkp1989 IF-Rockerz

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Lovely analysis. Loved it.

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Hifah IF-Sizzlerz

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i loved ur post n reverse post excatly shalini i thought too  and akaash arnav convo also was  before payash wedding night at pool side

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