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OS:RAM"i too had a love story" last part pg 27 (Page 9)

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Originally posted by veena23

Clapvry gud going dear...waiting for moreClap

thank you so much veena di...

taashu11 IF-Dazzler

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this is the second part of my os its full of raya s conversation how they started talking and hoe they become friends... with bit of their nok -jokes hope you like that please be free to tell me it its boring...

On the other side rajat closed his lappy and went towards priya who was giggling with aayesha about ram. As soon as priya  saw rajat coming towards her with an angry face she just ran away but rajat was much faster than her he cought her hand and twisted it at her back she asked aayesha to help her out but this time she was totally out of all this matter aayesha noded and said "this time I wont help u"  

Priya screaming at rajat "rajat leave my hand else will tell everything about u and aayesha to ma and papa .so do  it  as I say now leave my hand"




Rajat (thinking this girl is heights firstly she does a mistake and now she is blackmailing me enough) u are blackmailing me no ways today I wont spare u do what ever you want to do (as he knew she would never tell any thing about his relationship with aayesha to her parents)


Priya: you r challenging priya sharma now just wait and watch


Rajat: Ya sure baby I also want to see what u can do!!!!!


Priya(making a cute baby face and steping her legs ): but please leave my hand first


Rajat: for that I have one small condition


Priya: I agree all but please leave my hand

(next movement she thought oh!!god kya bol dia mein ne aab to mein

gai pata nahi aab kya karvayega mujse)


Rajat(left her hand letting her go): so miss  priya sharma  now u need to write my eco assignment which is not much just 100 to 125 pages


Priya (making a weird face ) me and eco assignment mein koi likhne wali nahi hu got it


Rajat (again twisting her hand ): soch lo?????????


priya (making angry face): thik hai kar lungi btw ye Ram Kapoor hai kon (giggling she cont.) karta toh kuch hai nahi aur puri dunia ka attitude le k betha hai


Rajat(giving a shrink look):miss sharma he is the most eligible batchlor of delhi and girls go crazy about him or just to  talk to him once and u idiot told him so much he is the sole heir of kapoor group of companys


Priya (thinking agar delhi ka eligible batchlor hai toh muje use kya karna hai huh!!!) so what am least interesred in Ram kapoor details  k!!!!!!


Here the bell rings priya enters her class while rajat and aayesha made their way to their class room



  After the class was over now finally priya signs in her fb id to check out all latest news and her notifications here her eyes pooped out when she saw rams friend request she thinks " abhi toh itna attitude dikha raha tha k ram kapoor kabhi kisi ladki k piche nahi bhagta girls go crazy about me blah blah!!!!!!!!!!!!" now where is his attitude that he has send me friend request priya thought i should ignore it so she didnot responded to his request and started checking out other notifications but somehow her mind constantly thought about about rams add request she could not resist herself and finally accepted rams request so now ram and priya are friends as per fb status (are they really friends i doubt) 


moving to her chat box she found ram still online priya thought to talk to him so she msgd him


priya : hi!!!!


ram(teasing her): hii miss priya  or shall i call u mr rajat



priya(fawning n twisting her lips ): dont u think only priya would be better  "priya" thats what my name is got it!!!!!!!


ram (thinking that this girl has so much attitude): oh really so "priya" so thats what your name is what do u do??????


priya (getting angry): sirf "priya" got it and i do nothing much just doing last year of my graduation.


ram: so "sirf priya" i know very well that u do nothing much excepting hacking others id


priya: you r so dumb cant u call me by my name its "priya" and how difficult is it to understand such a simple thing and btw i dont hack others id rajat is my bst frnd/bro so i can use his id whenever i want huh!!!!!


ram(getting angry a girl calling him dumb): how dare you call me dumb


priya(dumb na bolu toh aur kya bewakoof  bolu ): oh!!!! sorry aab aap ko itna simple naam samaj nahi ata toh what can i do ?????

(priya thinking mein ne ram ko aap kyuh likha)


ram : so what do u do whole day priya????


priya: i come to collage but i dont attend the lectures actually i do but the thing is faculty cant stand me in the class so they just kick me out (lols) and then i enjoy my lecture timmings with my best friend.


Ram (thinking her to be so naughty): rajat kya????


priya: no mr ram kapoor its my laptop n fb so waht u do whole day????



ram(smiling) :i have just completed my post graduation and enjoying my life for some days before joining the business btw you can call me ram.



Priya : ohk ram but u know what i should be very angry on you and should not talked to you ever !!!!!!!!!


Ram (confused): why what have i done?????????


Priya (making a baby face ): its just because of u that i have to do whole project of eco of that stupid idiot rajat


ram : so priya what was my fault


priya : ram aap ko kyah zarurat thi online aane ki agar aap online nahi ate na toh mein na aap se chat karti aur na he rajat na muje dekhta  aur na muje uska eco ka assignment karne padhta its all just because of you!!!!!!! 


Ram (smilling at her stupid talks): oh!!!!!! m really sorry mein ne tumhe "hi" ka msg send kia tha na how can i forget k sari chat mein akela he toh kar raha tha na!!!!!!!!this all just slipped out of my mind


Priya (aking funnily angry face twisting her lips): voh agar app reply nahi karte toh yeh sab itna aage nahi badhta na so aap ki galti hai!!!!!!!!


ram: it was your fault u msged me first


priya: no aapki galti hai


ram:  tumhari


priya: aapki aapki aapki!!!!!!


Ram (thinking y am i fighting like a kid): priya  why are  we fighting????? cant v be friends


Priya (her eyes pooped out):friends


Ram  : priya  laptop ko chod k insaan no se bhi frndship karsakti ho!!!!!!!


Priya (a smile teased her face): so toh hai par meri 1 shart hai...



Ram (confused): shart????? kaisi shart????


Priya : as u know its all because of u that i have to do that rajat eco assignment so u need to help me out


ram:  me and eco assignment!!!!!!


Priya : yup ram !!!!!!! aap frndship k lia itna nahi kar sakte 1 bichri besahara ladki ki itni help nahi kar sakte!!!!!


Ram (she is such a big drama queen nautanki): he finally agreed to do it!!!!!!!!


priya: ram friends!!!!!!!!



Ram (smiled at her cuteness): so my new friend what are you upto???


Priya : nothing much thinking that should I attend next lecture or not and after college hang out with friends and what about you?????


Ram  : I don't have any plans yet bus thinking to rest at home just like a lazy day btw you are not missing your lecture you going attend it k'.


Priya  (a bit confused but somehow she liked the way he was ordering/carring for her): par muje lecture attend nahi karna 1hr I cant even speak a word and neither me nor my faculty can stand each other'


Ram  (laughing): no excuses priya  studies is very imp if u attend the lecture  I will do full eco project I promise'.


Priya (happily with a big smile on her face): paka promise?????


Ram: yup!!!!!!!

(suddenly the bell rang priya wanted talk to ram but she had to go for her lecture) 


Priya : ram bell rang need to go do u surely want me to attend the lecture????


ram (don't want priya to go but still half heartedly): ya priya  go and attend the lecture



priya  (pouting her lips): k then byeee!!!!!



Ram : priya  wait if u don't mind can I get your no'



priya (teasing ram): wait a min mr ram kapoor asking a girls no'.. I thought u don't run after girls''.


ram (in full attitude): k fine bye I don't need it!!!!!!



priya : hello mr I-ve-so-much-attitude was just kidding'. Its 98******** u can also give me yours I don't mind it'..



ram (smilling): its 99********



priya  : kk will save it now need to rush else I wont get entery byee tc'


ram: byeee take care'.


 priya  rushing towards the lecture but she couldn't stop thinking about ram the whole lecture she was dreaming about ram the faculty was also shocked seeing priya so quiet in class




here ram turning off his lappy thinking about priya  staring at her no wishing that his mob flash her no once and rolling around on his bed


now that was the limit for priya  she just took her cell and msged ram


priya : hi

as soon as her named flashed he felt like he was on the seventh heaven



ram: hey u not attending the lecture


priya : maan m in the lecture only


ram : u talking to me in middle of the lecture????


priya (thinking what to say now):actually I suddenly remember about eco project so thought to msg u and inform u about the topic


ram : k whats the topic


priya : its on Indian economy



ram : k will complete it by tomorrow now you concentrate on your lecture k '.


priya (feeling sad but had no option other than saying byee): k as you wish'.


Ram (half heartedly):byeee''when will your lecture get over??



priya : in 25 min'


ram: k byeee



priya : buhyee tc'.


Those 25min where like 25 years long for ram as well as priya  as soon as 25 min got over ram took his cell and dialed priya  no where as priya rushed out of the lecture and dialed rams no'. both getting others no buzy'..


Ram  thinking chatterbox kab phone rahegi aur mein kab usse bat kar paunga priya  pouted her lips MR-I-AM-TOTALLY-FREE pata nahi kab phone se free hoga priya  again tried rams phone finally the ring passed he picked up the call in the first ring with a huge smile on his face'.


priya : aap kisse baat kar rahe the

(ram skipped his heartbeat hearing the most sweetest voice in the world)


ram: mein tumhe he phone try kar raha tha "priya" but you were busy somewhere else

(the word "priya" from his mouth fell like heaven to her she never felt her name so amazing so special in her life his voice brought a big smile on  her face  )


priya: oh!! Toh aap muje call kar rahe the koi kam tha kya?????


ram: ha voh actually mein voh puchna cha raha tha ki voh ha k eco assignment mein kitne pages cover karne hai????


priya  (making a sad face): aap ne islia call kiya tha


ram: aur by the way tumne muje kyuh call kiya tha???? Why were you trying my no. hmmm'..


priya  (confused): ha voh mein na mein voh yahi eco project k bare mein batane k lia call kiya tha muje laga ki aap confuse ho rahe honge about project so I thought to clear it out

ram (with a smile on his face): sachi?????


priya  (stammering): hhhaaa sachi'


ram  (in mood to tease her): oh sachi I tell you'. You are such a big lier


priya  (twisting her lips): mein lier hu mein ne sachi muchi assignment k lia call kiya tha muje aur koi kam nahi tha!!!!!


ram: acha ... muje laga ki



priya  (cutting maans sentence in middle): aap ko kya laga aap ko jo laga aisa kuch bhi nahi hai'.


ram: acha geet muje yeh toh batao muje kyah laga


priya (confused what to say):muje laga ki voh mein voh voh ha voh muje aayesha bula rahi hai I need to go'.


ram: ruko priya mein mazak kar raha tha so you attended your lecture?????


priya: ha voh bhi aap ki vahje se muje pura lecture attend karna pada verna mera I was not at all interested in attending the lecture


ram: ha that toh I know much you like studies and lecture


priya : aab mein aayesha toh hu nahi that I attend all the lecture regularly


ram: acha aur tum rajat ko kaise janti ho?????


priya : voh aayesha meri sis ka bestest friend hai and he has always been like  brother to me'.


ram: ohk ji'..


priya : pata hai "RAM" muje rajat aur aayesha ko chidane mein itni maza ati hai  and when I come to know any of their secret I just love to blackmail them aur aaj sirfaap ki vahje se mein fas gai aap kitne chugal khor ho''


(ram was completely lost in her words it was the first time she said "RAM" from her mouth it was the best feeling he ever experienced in his life)


priya : hello aap kaha kho gaye????


(this brought him to the reality he was brought down to the real world from his dreamland)


Ram: kyah kaha tumne????


priya : mr dreamy what were you dreaming about (and she started all her blabbering again)


ram : mein chugal khor hu aur khud jo ulti sidhi harkate karti rehti ho uska kyah????



Priya (twisting her lips): mein ulti sidhi harkate karti rehti hu aaj agar aap mein muje meri chugli kar k fasaya nahi hota na toh aaj bhi us rajat ko kuch pata nahi chalta


Ram :  mein chugal khor nahi hu it was all your fault aur fir bhi mein usse compensate kar ne k lia mein pura assignment bhi toh kar raha hu'..


Priya : ha voh toh hai'..

(suddenly vikram entered ram's room ram was first time nervous seeing vikram)



ram : suno I will call back you in some time have some really urgent work


priya: ohk byeee


ram: byeee tc'


Both hang up the call



sorry for boring you next update will be the final one with all the twist reveling what happened between them...

please let me know do you like it or not...

please hit like button and comment to let me know about it...  

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lovely convo tashu superb ek dusre se mile bhi nai or itni attachment mile ge to kya hogaLOL
waiting for next
thanx for pmWink

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aww cute update...continue soon...Big smile

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RAYA flirting like this!!!!!!!!!! this should really happen in BALH!!!!!!!! nice post. plz continueTongue

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Originally posted by tasshuu

NAZIANISAR,  pramegha,  ahana1994,  lovelysimi_15,  fan_fiction123,  Divya23.,  asheema_sharma,

thank you for your likes
anytime dearBig smile
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Grt update..Smile

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