Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 August 2012 at 4:48am | IP Logged

  wow lovely painful much my  geet went through in her small age..bechare geet..maan kill that witch mana is soothing her pain...dont worry gete, my maan is there for u forever..very painful update dear..i love it.

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Ash1991 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 August 2012 at 10:49am | IP Logged
amazing update...
loved it alot...

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supernasahu Goldie

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Posted: 24 August 2012 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
Very sad update.Shocked
Bechari geet...kitna kuch sahna pda itni km age mai...Cry
Maan use smbhal lega...Smile
Maan is so nyc n understanding ...Clap
Maan will help geet 2 overcome her past...Smile Wish sb thik ho jaye...
plz continue soon...
thanx 4 d tag...

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Gurti_Maaneet IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 August 2012 at 12:51am | IP Logged

SUN rises and shines beautifuly. Last nite ws worst 4 it ws a new day,gives new hope 2wrds lyf. He ws admiring hs sleeping beauty. He couldnt stop hs gaze frm devouring hr. D aroma of tea nd baked breads filled hr sharp white nose nd she opned hr dizzy eyes slowly2. She found Maan ws atanding wid a dish in hs hands filled wid tea nd tosts. As she sat on bed Maan moved 2 hr bed and sat near hr.

MAAN:gud mrng.

GEET smiled weakly:gd sb kya hai?

MAAN:Geet i thnk u seriously need an eye sight chekup(she twisted hr lips nd made bad faces)or nai to kya ye tea hai or ye toast hai dikh raha hai firr b puch rai ho.

GEET:meant y u do dis?Maan pls i dont want ur sampathyPls stp pitying on me.only bcoz of dis attitude i wont share my pain wid ny1.i m strong enough 2 fought wid my mesiries.

MAAN put aside hr hair flick behind hr ears:nevr regrets in ur lyf coz evrythng happens 2 u 4 a reason. D hard time dat u go through built u much stronger person.i know u r stronger nd i m nt pittying on u.Geet stop putting urself in a ur arms wid d same confidence nd except d happiness waiting 4 u.u cant ran frm ur life.all men r nt same.if take d example of ur father,who loved ur mother truly.nd ur own brother Teji. Do u think he ever betrayed Pammy bhabhi?did he?(she nodded no)den how can u judge all d person in a same way.Geet u was so small at dat time nd emtionally weak.u need 2 b guided by it dosnt meant dat bcoz of ur past bitter memories u stop ur desires nd living.i know u hav a courage 2 face any prob at ur own. And com 2 dis,i made dis coz i felt its ok if u dont want 2 eat den its ok.made food 4 urself of ur choice.

He ws abot 2 move bt she stop hm,holding hs arm.

GEET:Maan i m sorry.wo main..

MAAN placed hs index finger on hr full pink lips nd stop hr saying anythng:shh no need 2 explain ny thng.

GEET:wait,i ll cm in 2 min.

She wnt fr brushng,nd aftr dat both do 2gether.

MAAN:dekho aj tum so rai thi to maine ye sb kr dia bt iski adat mat dal lena. Lunch dinner or aage b sare kam tm khud hi karogi.mujhe to chot lagi hai.i need ghumne ja skte hai.

GEET smiled:ok hm aj boating k liye jayege.wat u say?


Both wnt 4 boating weather ws very pleasent and perfect 4 boating. She hired a moter boat. Maan wore dark green vest nd miltery green capries. She wore white shorts wid skimpy yellow top,hvng small sleeves. Maan sat inside nd raised hs arm 2 help hr. She hold hs hand nd Maan pull hr in. She falls on hm. He soft body rubbed against hm. Both felt buring sensation in deir bodeis. He can evn able 2 felt her taut peaks againd hs rock hard chest nd smirked,coz d way hr body responds 2 hm. Maan's fingers crushed hr soft waist. Hr hands ws on hs sholdr. He wnts 2 feel hr,bt seeing hr uncomfrt he stop nd broke d awkward silent.

MAAN:Geet aram se wrna mera dusra hath b tut jayega.

GEET made aww face:achha.Mr sadu tumi ne mujhe jhatke se keench liya dats y i lost my balance.

MAAN:ye to wo bat ho gai ulta chor kotwal ko dante.

GEET:ohh now u evn called me chor?

MAAN cm near hr ear nd whisperd:wo to tm ho hi.

He fall on bak nd smirked. Hr white cheeks trn cherry reb.

MAAN teased mor:Geet stp blushng nd run dis moter boat.

GEET:i m nt blushing ok.

MAAN again strt comng 2 hr:realy?

GEET:ok stp sit silently.i ll drive.

She drove boat in a deep sea nd water splashes evrywhere madly. Both drenshing wid d splashes,bt njoying riding. She smiles. Maan felt dis time hr smile is natural outcom of hr happiness. She was nt pretending. Aftr few hours both cm 2 d shore. Both r cmpletly drnched nd her petite figure seems mor desirable. Evn Geet cnt stop attracting 2wrds hs shapr counters. Maan teased hr nd on hr riding skills nd she get angry on hm. Both running in snad lyk carefree frm whole world. She is chasing m nd Maan running realy fast. But hs foot struck nd he falls down,Geet 4gt hr angr nd cm 2 hlp hm. She ws scared bt he laugh how he made hr fool.Geet slapped on hs arm.

GEET:u idiot?y u do dis? it means tume bura lagega agr mujhe kuch ho jaye.

GEET:shut up Maan.

She stand want 2 Maaan stop hr.

MAAN:Geet dnt run dis time.luk in2 my eyes nd ans my que.u felt bad na.

GEET cant met his hysterical eyes bt smhow she do so:ha.

MAAN:y?kyu farak padta hai tume.aaj bataye bina nai jane dunga.

GEET lower her long eye lashes:agar na batau to.

MAAN:jwab to main janta hu bas tumse sunna chahta hu.

GEET blushed nd ran 2 hr car. Maan 2 follw hr.he still waits 4 hr ans.boh reached 2 home in evng. Geet take fresh towel nd went 2 hs room. She helped him in removing hs wet vaist nd dried his drenching hairs.

MAAN:Geet u also drenched so change ur clothes first.

GEET:lekin tumhare change krwane zada zaruri hai.

She dried his chiseld body. Both desires start burning their bodies...

Continue in next...


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divya22 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 August 2012 at 1:02am | IP Logged
Woo nice part...
Finally geet is opening to maan...
She needs sum tym to b comfortable.. I no maan will b there with hr

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jssood IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 August 2012 at 1:07am | IP Logged
lovely update dear. continue soon.
-Gemini- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 August 2012 at 1:19am | IP Logged
lovely one ...
ending is ahem ..ahem...Wink

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Gurti_Maaneet IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 August 2012 at 1:58am | IP Logged


GEET's fingers strt roming on hs rough skin. He alredy felt charged wid hr touch. Maan hold hr wrist nd stops hr. He made hr cm in frnt of hm&hugged hr in hs mystic embrace. She ws so lost in hm. Hr cheek rubbed against nd could feel hs warm chest. He slowly2 moved hs hands on hr bak. Both felt intimacy. Geet suddnly broke d hug nd luked at hm. Both tryng 2 scan each others emotions,whch ws clerly visible on deir faces. Geet trned nd tryng 2 cntrl hr feelings bt couldnt as Maan's hand slipped arond hr waist. Geet closed hr eyes wants 2 stop hrslf nd hm bt couldnt do much. She again trned in hs embrace nd hugged hm. Both kno where dey headed 2. Deie hands hungrily moved on each other's bak. Maan freed her frm hr wet top nd inners nd wid d same passion both moved 2wrds d bed. Geet shudder feeling hs hands on hr thighs,hr throt dryng nd chest bcm haeavy.he rmove hs arm supporter.

Maan:shh i m ok.just feel my love only nd 4gt evvrthng else.
He strt placing gentle kisses frm her toe to hr white creamy legs,nt leaving ny part untouched. Hr eyes clsd nd she clutces d sheet tightly. He spread her legs nd kissed on hr famine part. Dis made hr moaned in pleasure. Maan rubbed hr femine part gently den he start licking it gently.uncout moaned escaped frm hr mouth. He lick nd flucking hs toungue tip teased hr vaginial lips. It made hr womenhood moist cmpletely. She cleched hs hairs nd pushed hm 2 deepn it. Hr legs were placed on hs shlldr nd Maan raised hs 1 hand nd squeezed hr bosoom wid hs rough palm. Wen she bcm wet cmpltly he moved upwrds nd tuk hr 1 hard n***** in hs mouth. She threw hr head bak arching hr bosoom up 2 gv hm more space nn he glued hr like a thursty frm decades. Hr bud felt sour wid d conti.sucking nd licking nd he felt it 2 devour another 1 wid same love. Aftr quenching hs thurst he tuk hr full pink lips nd sucked both 1by1. She parted hr lips nd alowd hm in. He relish each nd evry corner of hr mouth. Both's tounge toyed wid each other nd hs hands playing wid hr full bosooms. Geet placed hr hands on hs neck nd shoulder nd pulled hm more on hr. Hs erect manhood protuded against d frnt of hs capriee pressing on hr v*****. She gasped in hs mouth. Hr v***** throbbed wid desires nd need wantsing 2 feel him mor. Now he moved 2 hr neck and devoring whole wid hs wet nd warm sliva. Hs fingers again moved down 2 hr alredy moist v*****,hr nails dug in hs bare skin leave scratch marks. He noe pressed hs hardness against hr making hr go mad. She pleads but he ignored,just cherishing her decilious body,that tased like hevn. Hs hands again strt playing wid her taut peaks. Geet fed up wants 2 take revange so she slipped hr hands nd touched hr hardness above d capree nd made hm groan. She loosen it 2 take dat out nd sueezed it little. He clamped hr hands nd pinned besides hr head,cant take hr sweet revange. Both panted heavily.

GEET:Maan pls leave my hands.

MAAN smirked nd sealed hr lips wid him.both sucked each other nd try 2 touch each other's soul. Maan kicked off hs lowers in 1 swift. His legs brushing wid hers. He sucked hr sweet honey juice.

Maan:ready sweetheart?

Geet raise hr head little nd kissed on hs jawline nd made a silent yes 2 hm. She wrapped her legs around hs waist tighter. He entered her wid a long thurst. He went deeper nd she moaning hs name louder. He strokes frequently nd filled her wid hs love. Wen she reached 2 climax,he removed frm hm. He laid besides hr 4 few moments 2 relax deir over excited bodies 4 next round. After svral rounds of love making both exhaust too much. So he laid on hs back nd pull hr on hm. He kissed on hr 4head nd rubbed hr bak gently. She kissed on hs nipple nd wrapped hr arm around hm. Maan groaned at hr naughty act.
MAAN:dont tempt me sweethrt plss nd do sm relax u realy need dat.

GEET filled wid som fear:no i dont wanna sleep.

MAAN undrstand hr fear:Geet main yai hu tumhare paas.or humeha relax.

He tuk her hand twards hs mouth nd kissed it den he kissed on hr head.

MAAN:so jao.main yahi hu tumhare paas.

He coverd both wid duvet nd she went 2 sleep soon...

PART 10-

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