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Originally posted by nemra

update kahan ha??????
dr m typing will update soon

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Originally posted by neha512

Originally posted by nemra

update kahan ha??????
dr m typing will update soon
ok g...Smile

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                                           PART 58

I know am in for a good bashing now but m really sorry for not updating daily like before' actually I joined my training which is 8 hours long and makes me real tired to write anything'

M sorry to keep you all wit but I really can't help it'.Cry

ok now coming to update I know you all are going love it and would forgive me too' and I hope long long comments from all on this one warna I will delay next update for more time'LOL

It was three days since they arrived panchgani and they were enjoying like hell' raj and maan continued to have their cold war which was started being noticed by geet but she didn't got time to talk bout it with both' maan and nupur were little close always like cracking jokes together or sharing their thoughts to each other' all knew it was a friendly talk still mayank and geet were not able to digest their closeness' there were many clashes between mayank and nupur but it was generally common for them to fight million times a day' maan and geet were getting close too and were liking the hide and seek game with others and snatching some coy moments for them alone'

armaan and ridhima were on right track with their slow but happy love story' annie and dev arrived two days after as they were busy with some assignments which they needed to submit on time' the time was passing soon and they visited many nearby places too' they saw beautiful hills which has sight to behold' they saw the green fields which made them relax from all city tension' they even visited few famous panchgani temples too'

it was one such day they all were inside not in any mood to go outside quite tired with roaming all around' they decided to go for swimming in the big swimming pool in the farmhouse that too in the cold wether of panchgani' they all gather near the pool side in afternoon' men removed their shirts and there body shone in the bright sunlight which provide little more warmth due to the hotness of the men present there in all their glory' all were looking so intoxicating that girl's lose to breath' same was the case of geet' she was gaping at maan as he was the only human on the earth' she had looked at him bare now uncountable times in the 10 months of her marriage still he has the same effect on her and the best part was that maan was aware of his effect on a her'

he looked at her eyes which were locked on him and gave her his one of the most desirous smile which was mainly due to the effect she was having on him with her skinny tank top and a lower she was wearing' he was thankful that she was wearing most modest dress otherwise he would have literally picked her up and took her away from everyone's eyes if she would have wore some short swimming costumes'

the pool was of different design' it was a big pool filled with crystal clear chilled water divided in two parts by n over bridge'

they all applied some sun scream and stepped into the chilled water of swimming pool' but geet was still on pool side' thy all asked her to come in but she said she would after as now water is too cold for her' all tried to persuade her but she still refused' maan asked her with his eyes but she made a pout making him to agree' she sat on one side of the pool with her legs in water while other were swimming in other side'

the water was so cold that was making their body numb but it was in no comparison to the fun they were having' raj would in time and again come to ask her to join them and all the time maan was looking at her with piercing eyes' she looked at his angry eyes which was also noticed by raj and he would come near her purposely to make him fume in anger' geet looked at raj who was making her a dear ready to become lion's prey and glared her but he just smirked at her making her fume on him' she decided to talk to raj as they got time alone' 

maan looked at the closeness between geet and raj and he couldn't help himself to feel jealous of their closeness' she was close before to her friends too in college and would hug them in front of his eyes at that time but never for once he was jealous as somewhere he knew that she belongs to him but now his love has become more possessive for her and after being so close to her in the time passed he could control himself to feel jealous of raj who was her best friend since when he didn't even know and its also not that he wanted to know'

so maan started doing his laps with more power moving in fast speed cutting through the water like a shark' his strokes were sharp and smooth like a fish' undoubtedly he was champion in swimming since his college times and that could be seen with his each move' as he was going to do his 5 lap nupur came to him and asked him to help her with fast strokes' he greed as he liked nupur the most in their friend group due to her bubbly and chirpy nature same like geet'

he came to her and held her from back from her arms making her back touch his bare chest a little' he moved her hands in sync with his explaining her the fast of how to make their body flow freely in water but his eyes were fixed on a pair of fuming ones who were ready to burn him in there fire' but he knew she was just being over possessive just like he was more her with raj' he gave her smirk making her realizes that he saw her anger making her low her eyes but soon she overcome and asked with her eyes to him to move away from her while he nodded no' the eye talk was not missed by other pairs of eyes who had his full concentration on them i.e. raj he smiled at their childish game of making each other jealous and shook his head leaving them alone of course with nupur to continue their fight'

 mayank's condition was not different too and now he was truly scared to lose his first love to someone else' he knew he never expressed to her that how much he loved her but he never felt earlier the need to do so' he always believed that nupur was his and surely would not have anyone else in her life and believe that love just need to be felt but he understood now that love need words too to tell about the feelings you have for them' but his mind argued saying that maan is more perfect for her than him both emotionally as well as financially' and most importantly his nupur loves to spend more time with maan than him' sighing he moved from there and went inside to calm his bleeding heart'.

soon all left the pool feeling cold leaving maan still inside the pool and geet who was still on the side with her feet in water' she was still angry on him but also knew he was just teasing her with nupur as she was doing with raj to him' she could feel her feet freeze and decided to go inside' maan was on the other side when he saw her leaving and n idea plopped in his mind' as she was about to go he called her' geet please pass me the towel kept on the other side' geet nodded and moved to the over bridge which connect to other side' she was in the mid part when he felt a pull in her leg and she landed straight on hard something in the chilled water'

she gasped feeling the chillness and looked at maan who was holding her from her waist while she was on his chest in the water' she understood he planned that towel lie to pull her inside but she rely wanted to go out' she struggled in his hold while he held her tighter which her each move' maan please leave me it's so cold here I need to go out' she said with as much confidence she could mutter in her husband's proximity' no I won't' he said firmly pinning her on swimming pool wall' she gasped feeling cold wall on her back and his cold body hovering over her' she could feel herself lose with his hot breath falling on her soft lips'

Maan someone will come na please' he moved more closer to her not leaving even space for water to pass between them' I don't care' he whispered huskily making her breath heavy' he bend on her ear nipping them' she stopped her breath as she felt his cold lip biting her soft ear... maan she moaned' he did the same with her other ear' she moved her hands on his bare back caressing his back muscles' maan please leave me she said bringing him more closer to her body' her own words were betraying her moves but she didn't care as she was now in other world with her maan'

he moved her hairs on one side bringing his lips to her wet neck' the water drops were still flowing from the sudden splash' he licked the water drops moving down her nape to her shoulder'. then kissed back the path back to her nape' she was moving her hand all around his back feeling his muscle flexing In her soft touch' he removed his hand from hers and moved to her soft waist inside her tank top' he felt her bare wet waist and squeezed them' she was moaning uncontrollably in his raw touch and could feel some sensation in her stomach'

his mouth moved to her face and caressed it with his lips' he gave numerable kisses on her soft face and traced her cheeks with his lips' she moved her hand on his chest now' she traced his Adam apple while he groaned with her soft cresses' it rarely happens that she touches him in such a seducing manner' she moved her hand on his abs feeling there tautness' he held her hair tightly feeling her touches and closed his eyes' he moved his hand a above her waist long the spinal cord and felt her hooked straps'

she felt his hand on her straps and opened her eyes which got close when she didn't even know' she looked at his lost face a and closed eyes and wanted to let go in the moment' she moved her hand on his chest feeling his vast expanse while he couldn't control anymore and snapped open the hook' her curves were freely plying with the water quite visible from her tank top' she closed her eyes in shyness as she felt her nipples hard due to water chillness and pressing on his chest due to their closeness'

he inhaled sharply feeling her forbidden part and moved her hand out of her top but instead of leaving her he brought his hand on her chest caressing her bulges over the top' he felt her tits on his palm and could help himself to pinch them' she gasped feeling sudden harsh touch making him bring to reality' he jerked open his eyes thinking she must be sad but her flushed face and a soft smile plying on her face depicted a new story' her silent acceptance to his touches was something he always wanted to see but he respected his promise too which he broke today' he turned his back to her turning his hand in fist due to his anger'

geet felt the sudden loss of warmth and looked at him shocked eyes but his back came on her view' she couldn't understand this sudden distance and hugged him tightly from back pressing her boobs on his back making him held his breath due to sudden pleasure' but his guilt was more strong and he placed his hand on hers which were on his chest' m sorry geet for breaking my promise' please forgive me' now it dawned on geet the reason for his sudden distance and a soft smile covered her lips' she turned him back in a quick movement and pressed her lips on his harsh ones biting them harshly for asking forgiveness for his right too' it was his haq and she couldn't deny him that' even if he would have did that before she wouldn't have denied him though would have felt bad for him not understanding her but today it was both of them and he was not on fault'

she was carnal in the kiss biting his lips and nibbling them' she felt him not responding back while his hand still didn't hold her waist which she didn't like at all' she bit him more harshly making him open his mouth and entered inside' she caressed his hidden corners while her hand held his left hand round her waist so that he could hold her while other she placed on her chest just above her boobs' her simple acceptance was enough for him to understand she didn't feel bad and he started responding her with all fervor plying with her tongue while his hands started caressing her body' she held him tighter from his neck not letting him move n each until they felt urgent need of air'

she separated him and hided herself in his neck so that he didn't see her red face due to shyness and lack of breath... but he was more than happy now to tease her and just held her in his arms' after few minutes he could feel her literally shivering and decided to move out of water' he picked her in the water and took her outside the pool making her stand on her legs' 


he turned back to take towels to cover them but when he again turned back he saw a heavenly sight' her curves were sticking out of her tank top which was wet and citing as her second skin while her erect tits were in there all glory' she was struggling back to hook her straps and thus her tank was lifted up to her waist but still she was not succeeding'

she was still busy when she felt warm heated gaze of someone' she looked up to see maan all lost with some raw desire in his eyes making her pull her hands down' she looked at ground as if it was most fascinating thing now trying to void eye lock' he took calculated steps toward her while she was just shutting her eyes tight' soon she felt some warm thing on her and opened to saw he covered her upper body with a towel hanging it on her shoulders and then moved her hand inside hooking back the hook'

she didn't had courage to look at him while he smiled at her and placed a loving kiss on her forehead a picking her in his arms and took her inside'

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maneet water romance

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awesome update 

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awesome n wonderful update...

loved it very much...

magar yeh mayank kya pagal hai kya...nupur aur maan...he he he...jab maan already geet k ho chuke...

thank u very much fr d lovely update...

continue nxt prt soon plz...

eagerly waiting...

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Whoa what a romance Wink

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the jealousy game was too good aur swimming pool romance was haiii haiii

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