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MG:INTEHAA#5/pt63/pg141//THREAD 6 OPENED (Page 55)

Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 August 2012 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
lovely parts...

continue soon...

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lovely prt...maan too fast 4 her...
nw atleast their frnds will knw abt them..

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lovely update

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                                                       PART 57


three weeks passed since the day maan finalized their trip to panchgani and all were really excited to enjoy their holidays… all the packing was done and everyone was ready to rock on the trip… none was were of maan's company as they thought to tell everyone in panchgani only s he left two days prior to attend his meetings and check the arrangements too while other planned to come later… they had to reach pune via plane and then take roadways to reach panchgani to khurana's cottage.

the cool air of panchgani welcomed them s they stepped inside city in n open jeep… raj was in driver's seat while geet was in passenger seat waiting eagerly to reach their cottage and meet her maan whom she had not seen or talked since last two days… they passed through dense forests and high hills s cold air engulfed them making them shiver for once… they enjoyed the view and the hills and forests increased their excitement to two fold…

they reached a big farm house t the end of city surrounded by dense forest at the foot of the hill… they were awed by the magnificence of the building…

 they rang the bell and a servant opened the door… he let them inside and they were med seeing the interior of the building… they all were brought out from their thoughts when they heard sound of someone coming down from the stairs… they turned back to look and was shocked to see maan standing there…

aww Mr. handsome here… said nupur dreamingly… all eyes turned to her but two pairs were fuming hearing her words… they were geet and mayank who were equally jealous… maan came down with pride and a soft smile on his face… he stood in front of them and introduced himself as Annie's brother… nupur was the happiest and moved forward to introduce herself… I m nupur annie's friend… she extended her hand to greet him while he gave her a smile and held her hand… she was on cloud nine feeling his rough palm and held his hand for more than required time…

others too introduced themselves and armaan and meer pretended to introduce… at the end he came to raj who was standing beside geet holding her from waist… maan sew his hand that rested casually on her waist but didn't showed it to all except raj who noticed his face frowning a little and then turning back to normal… hii I m raj he introduced and forwarded his hand… maan too held her hand but it was not a friendly handshake… both were applying pressure trying to hurt other but soon removed when they felt other's noticing…

 the house was a big one and large enough for each one to have their separate rooms… maan asked his servant to show others their room while he showed geet himself… he took her to upstairs and took her to the corner of the floor where two rooms were… he opened the door for her and she entered inside… she was awed by the grandeur of the room… she was lost in the room and didn't herd the click of door being locked… as soon as he locked the door he pulled her to him and hugged her tight…

she was shocked by the sudden pull but calmed down when she landed in his protective arms… he hugged her tight and kissed her hairs and whispered I missed you so much mishty… she too locked her arms around his neck and kissed his neck and said me too but more than you… he pulled back and looked at her eyed her lips… she understood his desires and herself closed the distance taking his lips in her soft ones… he smiled in her mouth while she sucked his trying to taste his each and every hidden secret… his arms held her waist and neck to keep her in position while she moved hers in his airs giving him a soft gentle massage…

after a while they parted and he gin hugged her tight… she placed her head on his heart and calmed her breaths…mishty you rest for a while you must be tired of the journey she looked t the room and realized she would be staying here all alone in the room… now she didn't liked the fact and held him tight and pouted her lips rubbing them on his chest… he felt Goosebumps with her soft lips movement on his chest and he groaned… mishty don't do that or I will lose myself then don't complain… she turned red hearing his soft complain and hit his chest for his teasing…

achha baba why are you pouting like this you didn't like the room??? he asked not knowing the reason of her anger… I don't want to stay lone in the room… she complained cutely… oh you wanna share your room with girls he teased her while she glared him and took two step turning her back to him… maan saw her nautanki and said ok I won't tease now tell me the problemI want to stay with you in our room not mine… she stated so simply that made his heart flutter… how easily she differentiated hers and theirs… he loved her understanding so much that makes him fell for her more…

oh so my mishty want to live in our room but this is our room only… he stated without any expression and she looked t him wide eyes with happiness… you mean you too will live in this room she shouted excitedly… not exactly he said and her face fell… means?? she raised her eyes not understanding his word… he held her hand and took her to a wall which was covered with curtains… he pulled them away and there was n hidden door… he opened it and took her to the room connected with it… whose room is this she asked him… that's mine geet he said with a smirk and she then realized that their rooms were connected with a door… her happiness knew no bounds and she hugged him tightly while he held her from waist…

ok now let rest before we go down for dinner… geet nodded and moved to bed in his room and settled their and he too accompanied her took her in his arms and slept with her… round evening they woke up and met everyone for dinner… the dinner was a silent affair s l wanted to rest for the day and start a new day tomorrow…

next day they all decided to have a casual round of the nearby area in the early morning… they roamed in the streets enjoying the cool weather… the temperature was a little low and they were walking together to enjoy the beauty of the early morning weather… maan and geet were behind all and were walking slowly… suddenly maan felt her soft palm sliding in his hand… he looked at her while she was already staring at him… he knotted his eyebrows asking what while she kept her head on his shoulder and held him from waist… kya hua mishty… he caressed her head and she smiled moving into him more… they stopped back while others were far head of them…

maan you know what all this is reminding me… he shake his head in a no… its reminding me of mussoorie… the weather there was like this and we got so close there… that place always held n important place in my heart… there too we used to move around the streets in morning and enjoy the weather… she kissed him on his cheek and hugged him… maan smiled at her and pecked her forehead… you are happy na geet… he cupped her face caressing her cheeks with his thumb… happy ni very happy… I just love here… she said and hugged him again…

they moved to others and then after a while had their breakfast in the roadside stalls… they all went back to their farm house and freshened up… it was afternoon and sun shone in the sky making the weather nice and warm… they decided to play volleyball in the large lawn t the backside of farm house… boys were in shorts and vest while girls were in capries and a jacket s they felt cold… the teams were made and as expected maan and raj were leaders opposing each other and were choosing there teams… maan wanted to select geet but raj choose her before him and he glared at her while she showed him tongue… nupur asked maan to choose her while mayank was in raj's tem… it irritate both geet and mayank seeing maan and nupur getting so comfortable with each other…

maan sew the irritation in her and now it was his turn to smirk… amy joined maan s they wanted to be on their jij's side while ridhima went to raj... yash and meer were plying referee… the game started with yash's whistle and maan was the one who grabbed the ball and threw it to them… raj held the ball and shot him back… both won n equal point… they gin shot and the gin continued like that… maan threw the ball at geet but raj came in middle and held it and shot back… he was irritated with raj's interference and raj's smirk was showing he was doing it purposely…

others too were playing actively and fighting in the mid when they felt other was winning… maan and nupur were always close and that was making geet lose her concentration… though she trusted both still she was a woman and a possessive one for her maan so she can't ignore the jealousy and same was with mayank too… he was not understanding why she was so chipkoing with that maan and thus he was thing him now more… both the teams were in equal and all were tired but none wished to stop… armaan threw the ball to ridhima and when she was about to hit the ball he winked t her due to which she missed the shot and now they were behind with a point… she was pouting and said it was not her fault while armaan was asking her to disclose the reason…

meer supported her while yash supported armaan leading to a fight… amy founding it as an opportunity started teasing girls cant ply… girls cant ply all are loser… now that fired all the girls and they all moved to one side while all boys to one side… raj and maan was beside each other and for once was supporting each other… geet being the sherni shouted we can do whatever you guys can do and other's supported her… maan said ok then prove it and winked t her… ok tell us what we had to do countered geet ready to pounce on him if she find him alone… boys formed a group and whispered each other something and turned back to them…

they immediately removed their vest and threw in air making girls gaze there chiseled body while they smirked with their effect on the girls… maan said to geet now you do this and prove us… all looked t him wide eyed while they challenged them and specially it was the partners fighting except raj who was alone there… maan looked at geet as if he won but didn't knew his mishty's real naughty mind… she smirked t him back and turned to girls and whispered something to them…

boys thought they all lose and were planning their victory when suddenly all turned to them and started opening their zips in slow motion… all boys went blank not knowing what they are planning and was closing each other's eye and then rushed to them to stop them but were shocked when they opened the zip fully and threw their jackets in air revealing their sexy vest to them…

though they were not looking more reveling still they were enough hot to make them all sweat in the cool environment… after seeing them all lost except raj who just looked away like a gentleman they smirked back t them bringing them back to reality and clicked their fingers to them and said… dare you challenge us again we are the best and went away humming girls are best jaan lo baat hmari maan lo while all boys were still lost in what just happened… 

plz like and comment

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I first one wow so happy Smile

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amazing update.
but I am not understanding raj's behavier

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loved the update so cute geet better tell the truth soon because raj is behaving weird and hope it will not cause trouble between maan and geet and so is nup thanks for the pm loved the update

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