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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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me also waiting neha g...

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                                PART 56

Morning sun rose with a new hope in geet's life' the bright morning rays fell on her face' she stirred  little and turned a little to sleep a little longer' that's when she felt heavy weight on her body' she stirred open her eyes  little and  shy smile adorned her face seeing the most unexpected thing' maan was lying on her bare upper body with his head dipped in her curves and hand wrapped around her tightly to hinder her movement' her blouse was lying in the extreme corner of the bed and his warm breath was touching her forbidden places creating an unusual sensation in her belly'

she tried to remove his hand but he hugged her more tightly and dipped himself more in her' she herself felt his touch so serene and pure that she didn't had heart to move him away but then the clock was showing 7 in the morning which means she is late so with greatest efforts she distanced herself and tugged him securely in spread' she took her blouse and covered herself and rushed inside washroom to prepare for the biggest day of her life'

She wore a beautiful green lehenga as a ritual of haryali teej because on this day all women who keep fast adorn themselves with green dresses and jewels' she wore beautiful kangns that covered her hands fully and wore her marriage signs and hid them like yesterday' she left the room before anyone catches her leaving sleeping maan behind'

As she reached down and entered kitchen she was stopped by her friends' geet where did you go yesterday said ridhima' aur nhi to kya we searched you in the entire mansion but you were nowhere to be seen' ranted nupur' while meera stood in corner enjoying her plight' woo o stuttered geet not knowing what to say...  geet these days you seem to be so lost' khi khabr hi ni h teri' asked ridhima with concern' waise did you have boyfriend?? Asked nupur in middle' geet's face turned pale while meera spit the water she was drinking' whaat?? asked geet shocked' why you behave like you have someone special that keeps you busy all the time tbhi you are lost in his dreams day and night' said nupur with suspicion while ridhima too supported her' no no is kuch ni h its just I got a call from raj and he called me ha he called me that's why I left' said gift making sure she sounded convincing and left the kitchen before another bomb drops on her leaving her friends still in suspicion'

whole mansion was decorated like  bride on the occasion' beautiful color lights were decorated with roses and tulips in the halls and garden where many swings were decorated with flowers and leaves' some were busy in making delicious food while other were busy in dancing and singing' traditional songs could be heard from every corner of the mansion' everyone get collected in large garden in the backyard which was filled with large trees on which big big swings were placed... the weather was cool and calm with clouds covering the sky' there were heavy chances of rain which made the environment more romantic'

geet was also standing in the crowd that's when her eyes met with the most intoxicating ones which were looking her intensely' geet looked at her friends who were swinging in the garden with her friends' her eyes became sad knowing she can't enjoy with maan in front of everyone' she turned making sure no one saw her and ran inside the mansion' her eyes were filled with unshed tears who were waiting to make there way out'

but before she could shed the precious pearl from her eyes she was pulled swiftly in the loving embrace of her husband who held her closely in his warmth and tucked her to him' she was wriggling in his hold while he kept tightening his hold around her to hold her in place' seeing her angry wild self he knew she won't calm down this soon and just picked her up in his strong arms' she kept hitting him on his chest while he didn't felt even a bit'

after few minutes geet herself calmed down knowing he won't keep her down and thus placed her arms around his neck supporting herself on him while he brought her more close' he took her upstairs with him while she closed her eyes feeling utterly bad and disappointed' after a while she felt a soft velvety touch on her foot s he placed her down and made her sit on something soft too'

She opened her eyes and received most beautiful surprise for her' there she sat on a large swing decorated in green with flowers on terrace that was decorated to complement it'


sun was hidden in between clouds and cold wind was blowing passing by her making her feel tantalized' her eyes got back the shine they lost sometime back and a beautiful smile adorn her face s she looked t the beauty in front of her' she turned back to look at maan who was looking her with loving gaze' she blushed with his look while he pushed the swing  little in air making her jump in excitement' she held the supporter tight to ensure she didn't fell while he kept pushing her higher and higher' she would squeal In excitement s she went higher' she was laughing loud while the glow on her face brought  smile on his lips'

after few minutes he stopped the swing and as he came around in front of her she pulled him on the swing and settled herself on his lap while he balanced her placing his arms around her bare waist under her dupatta' he loved to do that to touch her bare skin under that thin cloth gave him a new feeling and a right to touch her where no one can touch' she placed her head on his chest and kissed him on his heart above the sherwani'

They both were enjoying the moment in silence when suddenly it strike geet and she asked' when did you did all that' I didn't even realised' he smiled looking t her hand which were still caressing the soft velvety flowers that decorated the swing' for me my mishty's happiness is the most precious thing and for bringing that sweet smile on her lips atleast I can do this much' she smiled and again kissed him on his heart' maan' she said after taking a long breath'

he knew she wanted to talk something serious and somewhere he even knew what' hmm' maan I want to atleast tell my friends about us' she said taking  long sigh' maan held her more tightly to him while she continued' maan they have  doubt about me being with someone and it's there right to know about my life's happening' I m hiding from them long and I didn't want them to know the matter from someone else' they will be hurt and that's the last thing I want to see' she said rising her head looking in his eyes'

he knew she loves them the most and her expecting eyes made him confused' he knew if the news leaked out there re higher risk due to unsettled environment outside of which other's re still unaware but this hiding thing is making geet more insecure and he knew now he had to atleast allow her friends to know about them' he cupped her face and kissed her cheek' ok geet we will tell them but together but at least you need to wait till we rech panchgani' you can tell them then' agreed' said maan making her smile wide while she hugged him tight with the extra zeal now' now at least she don't have to hide him from anyone'

it was evening and all were waiting for moon to rise so that they can pry and break there fast' it was past 9 and there was no sign of moon' all girls were holding there stomach due to hunger and were cursing men who were enjoying there meal in dining area' geet served maan too his dinner which he took happily and went inside to have it with others'

nupur riddima and meera were cursing there bf's who were stomach full and enjoying while they hadn't had a single drop of water since morning' finally after half n hour moon showed and all started there ritual's to break the fast' geet was holding her thaal waiting for maan so that she can break too but he was not present anywhere' after a while she saw maan who was standing in a corner and signaled her to come with him'

she followed him silently while he took her in there room near the window' the moon was clearly visible from the window and was shining in all his glory' geet took the thaal and did moon' arti and then asked maan to break her fast' maan made her drink water and then some sweet' after the rituals he extended her hand and kept a small box in her hand' she looked at it curiously while he gestured her to open it'

she quickly opened it and found a key in it' she looked tit questioningly and then at maan' what is this maan??... he held her by waist and said' it's your gift for teej' but yeh key kiski h' that you will know on right time till that keep it with you' she nodded and placed it securely in her cupboard'she didnt asked him anything as she knew he will himself tell her on time... after a while they left for geet's dinner'

Annie passed geet her plate and an extra plate too' Annie I m not that hungry to et from 2 plates' geet chuckled' Annie patted her forehead and said uff pagal this is for bro' he too didn't had anything since morning ab to unko khne de' Annie chuckled and left a shocked geet behind' geet immediately looked for maan who was not to be seen anywhere in her view' 

she took the plates and rushed to terrace s somewhere her heart knew he would be there and there he stood gazing at moon with concentration' she placed the plates on swing and went to him and hugged him tight from back placing her hands on his shoulder' maan turned around and took her In his embrace'

what happened mishty' he asked feeling her hold getting tight on him' maan you fasted for me she said more as a fact then as a question' he understood she was emotional and took her in his embrace comforting her' mishty its not only you who need's me I too need you for all my life to breath to feel to live' and if you can fast for me then why cant I' she felt teary with his overwhelming word and come out of his embrace pulling him to the swing'

she made him sit on the swing and took  plate and made him eat a bite braking his fast' after that he fed her  morsel' both kept feeding each other in the dim moonlight enjoying their togetherness'

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Awww !! Me 1st ... not bad... feeling like a teenager Embarrassed ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.

Nice ! I think Geet should let her friends know about her marriage.

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aww that was so cute of maan
jst luv their lovy dovy moments...
nd finally she'll b able to tell her friend her real identity
md maan kept fast for geet that was 222222 cute..;)
m wondering wat was that key for

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Lovely Update !! Big smile !!

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loved the update so cute i hope she tell her friends soon loved how maan fasted for her also awesome update thanks fort he pm being looking out for update you have got me addicted  

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awesome n beautiful update...

loved it sooo much...

maan kept brat fr romantic...maan knws everything geet wants n fr fulfilling her every wish he is always ready...its really amazing...

thank u very much fr d lovely update n fr d pm also...

continue nxt prt soon plz...

eagerly waiting...

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