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MG:INTEHAA#5/pt63/pg141//THREAD 6 OPENED (Page 25)

anks_ams Goldie

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just loved the updates!
continue soon:)

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randhir_ki_doll IF-Dazzler

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                              PART 55


as the music ended geet came to her senses and realized they are in the middle of the hall in each other's arm… she slowly came out of the hug and ran from there trying to hide herself from everyone… geet was in the garden when she felt a tap on her back… she thought it would be maan but was shocked to see the entire gang standing in front of her with folded hands…

all of them arched their brows as if questioning what's going on… she smiled sheepishly not knowing what's to say… you all are here i was searching for you guys she asked with hesitation… hum to yhi h tell about you said yash interrupting her… about me mujhe kya hona h… she smiled sheepishly… when did we say that something happened to you this time ridhima questioned… so.. sowhat are you trying to say guys… we are just saying what's going on between you and that salmaan said nupur dreamingly…

salman??? geet questioned not understanding a bit… aur ni to kya haye kya body shody h uske pack to clothes k upar se hi dkh rhe the hayee… mai to wari jawa uspe bilkul mere salman ki tarah… answered nupur still thinking about maan… now it was time for two to fume… one side geet who is now hell irritated of maan's look and the other side mayank getting jealous maan and cursing him to his best….

so tell us what's cooking between both of you… questioned yash… she looked at armaan and meera for help but they stepped back not helping her at all... ahh nothing what can happen between us I mean me geet no one can handle me and that person with whom I danced I don't even know him he just pulled me so I danced with him… she said trying her best to convince all but they all still looked at her trying to poke their eyes into her…

someone forcing and that too geet handa and she even bowing on his demands not possible… said mayank tauntingly… she glared him for trying to be over smart and then not getting an answer she said guys wo dadima is calling me I will be back in a minute… and she ran from there before they could interrogate her further… after she left all burst into laughter… so what do you think did she spoke truth… asked yash with a big smile…

geet and stammering and hesitating not possible, something she is trying to hide… said mayank… ha and I didn't missed her eyes that showed so many emotion for that man said ridz… abe by god tum log kitne slow ho did you just missed that hug that was the main evidence said nupur… we had to find out about him and the khichdi they both are cooking said nupur while all hi-fie with excitement…

geet was just trying to save herself from her friends all evening as knowing them she is trapped and they won't leave the issue soon… geet kept tagging along with dadima or other relatives whole day and saved herself from their question…

it was night time still there were many relatives dancing and enjoying themselves… her friends were still there as they had decided to had sleep over in the mansion itself… geet  had scrapped off her mehendi and applied oil in order to enrich the color… she was still in her heavy lehenga and roaming in the entire house supervising things as she can't touch anything due to the oil…

she was continuously trying to rub her back but was having problem and was getting highly restless… maan was noticing her from far and looked at her tired face due to the work she is doing since morning… maan saw her being restless and that made him restless… he looked around to see if someone was there but seeing the whole area empty he went toward her in fast pace and picked her up in his arms in a second and took her to his room…

it happened in all so sudden that she didn't eve realized when she reached her room… maan closed the door with his leg and kept her down… aap?? what were you  doing?? if someone would have seen us then?? she started bombarding him with questions… seeing her not stopping he kept his finger on her lips… her eyes god wide with the feel of his finger on her soft lips… she shuddered with his touch while his condition was same too… it had been long he touched those lips and that made him feel a thirst in him…

but soon he came to senses and removed his finger that made her come back too… geet what happened you were restless… I saw you were trying to do something on your back… he asked with concern… wo umm wo nothing… she said not knowing what to say… kya hua jaan is something bothering you… he asked with so much love that how can she lie… wo umm my back is itching badly… I didn't know why but it is making me restless… I can't move my hand there and its just increasing… she said with a slight blush…

he looked at her blush and smiled… these days she just blushes in everything and nothing and that's what he loved the most… he held her shoulder and made her turn so that his back was visible to him… he looked at her bare back and hesitated to touch… but then his possessiveness for her rose and he touched her middle back with his index finger sensually…

she bit her lips as he touched her and held her breath… he moved his finger there in a circular motion that made her held her lehenga in a fist… maan she moaned… he moved little down between the strings and rubbed there too… maan little lower she spoke with all her strength… he moved his one arm around her bare stomach under that net lehenga and brought her more close… he moved his hand a little lower near the end thread while she closed her eyes feeling her skin burn under his touch...

he too was lost with the velvety touch of her skin under his finger… he could feel her goose bumps prick him and held his breath… maan she again moaned… this made him loose his control and he pulled the string that held her blouse in a slow motion… geet eyes got wide feeling her blouse getting loose… her blouse was just held on the place due to her sleeves but was still quite loose giving maan a view of her deep cleavage…

he replaced his finger with his palm and placed it on her entire back moving over the entire white expanse… she didn't knew what to do… she immediately placed her hands around her chest trying to keep the choli on its place… that made maan realized what he did and he turn his back to her… she could felt him backing out and his fast breath made her realize how he was trying to control himself because of her…

she too wanted to submit herself to him but still that fear was in her and she knew its only maan who can bring that out of her but the main thing was that is she ready to face the harsh truth… she didn't know she turned and looked at him facing his back to her… she looked at his tight fist and that brought a tear in her eyes…

her words bang into her ears that she said today morning to him… today she asked him to let her live a life of married woman but a married woman is incomplete until she is made complete by the love of her husband… until she is touched by her husband… she didn't know could she give him all his right but atleast give him a little satisfaction of having her near to him…

with determination… she took steps toward him and hugged him tight from back… he shuddered with her touch… he could feel her free bosoms now touching him from below that thin blouse that is still hanging on her… her buds poking him above the cloth that itself made him feel hard… geet he moaned and she hugged him with all her strength…

he turned back without separating from her and took her in his arms… she submitted herself to him today and that's what most important to him… he looked at her dipped lashed and faint pink hue that adored her cheek… without letting her move he picked her in his arms and move toward bed… not for once he let her move… she placed her arm around his neck while hid her face in his neck… her choli was getting misplaced but still hiding her essentials…

he placed her on bed and bent himself over her… she held the pillow in her fist tightly… he hovered a little over her and took spread covering her with it… she opened her eyes as she felt him covering her… geet look at him with a gratitude while he pecked her forehead with a gentle smooch… he adored her glowing face and moved toward her ears and spoke softly… geet i promised you to make me mine the day you will tell me your past and maan singh khurana never breaks his promise… he gave a small bite on her earlobe while she hissed… ha that's a another thing that you are too hot for me to handle and doubt my control till that day… she hid her face into his chest hearing his bold words while he took her in his arms…

jaan sleep now tomorrow you have  a big day and you need your whole energy back… she hugged him and placed her body over him while he held her in his arms… waise before that I need a promise from you… she looked at him not understanding his word… from today however angry you may be you will never bring your anger on bed and push me away from you… he complained to her while she giggled hearing his back to his sweet self and bit his nose sealing the promise…

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 yeah yeah me first wow hurry 

awesome part dear 

just loved it 

Oh geet caught very badly 

lets see now how can love birds hide their love from the world

its really a hard task for Mr & Mrs KHURANA 

Maan is controling himself for his jaan only 

what is in geet's past that make him like this 

hope she will tell maan soon about this 

hehehehe ,,,,,, maan is taking promise from his sherni lovely 

geet become such a devil some time and maan have to bear her 

cont soon dear 

love you 


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lovely update geet to aaj one mm ki doori se bach gayee warna pakdi jati apne dosto ke haato

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HeytzMaaneet IF-Rockerz

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Oh! I just loved the update
Friends grilling session was just too cuteWink
Geet slept with MaanApprove
What will happen when her friends discover thisShocked
Maaneet momentsBlushing
Geet's dilemma n Maan' s understanding was so emotionalEmbarrassed
Waiting for the drama to unfold

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vrinda22 IF-Stunnerz

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awesome update
maneets love n care
frnds finding maneets closeness.
maan asking her 2 say past..

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-Gemini- IF-Sizzlerz

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Cute update .
Geet's gang too good.
Maan kept his gentleman promise .
Waiting to hear about Geet's past .
Thanks for the pm.

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