The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College


The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College
The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College

KD-Kiya OS - Streetlight

CoffeeAddict IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 11:57am | IP Logged

Hola people. so you must have seen me around here commenting on stuff and a few of you know me from the D3 forum. Let me introduce myself, I'm Priyanka (better known as Pree on IF), a law student and a timepass writer. all those who have read my work on SwaRon know two things about my work - 1. My author's notes are long and full of rambling. 2. I have penchant and addiction to tragedy.

So coming to the OS. It's a One-Shot. Big smile Had to mention.

The title's inspired by a song by Joshua Radin of the same name. And the feel of it relates to one of my favorite songs, (actually THE favorite since two years) Letters from the Sky by Civil Twilight.

Hope you guys like it. Really do.

Now read on...



She stomped out of the backdoor. Maybe this was it. She couldn't bear looking at her mother's constant unsatisfied look of her. What had she even tried to do? She was simply chatting with Anya's music director and suggested that if he tweaked the ABAB rhyme scheme of the chorus a bit, her song would become less torturous. What had they dragged her here for anyway, that too the night before her last exam. Just because Anya was a little too tensed about this album's recording and wanted her sister to be her "moral support". It was as if no one cared how she fared in her exam.

It was chilly. She rubbed her arms as she stomped one foot after the other, no idea of where she was really going. The streetlight was shining in the puddles formed here and there on the road. It had just stopped raining. She hoped it didn't start to pour again before… before what… where was she planning to go anyway. Her feet plonked in a puddle and she knew that her new white Manolos were spoilt. Thankfully the straps held the heel in place otherwise the front of it was too slippery now. But she didn't want to stop. She knew if she stopped she turn back to her miseries. Tonight she didn't want to. Tonight she wanted her mother to suffer, her mother to be worried for her instead of Anya. She rubbed her arms hard. It was getting chilly and a little. The sun seemed to have just set. The silence of the place was unnerving. She knew she was in some back-alleyways of that place. She had sneaked out of the back door. She fumbled in her clutch for her iPod. She wanted to listen to something other than the loud silence of the road. The rare cab that would pass her would make her heart flip. This was apparently the first ever time she had stepped out of her life like this. She kept on walking, the earphones plugging out the sounds of everything.


He wanted to hum some tune. He was feeling good. The rain had just stopped and he had begun his journey back home. At times the things the school kids asked of him make him grumble and roll his eyes. Crackers in the month of August!! Some kids wanted to celebrate the end of exams by planting crackers in Banga's office. He chuckled. That was really the most kiddish prank he'd ever heard of. But then scrounging for cheap yet good quality cracker far from Diwali was a little tough a job and he had to come all the way to this part of the city to order them himself. He got double amount for it though, that made up for everything. He looked down at his watch and mentally prayed that his dad was working late tonight… again. Otherwise he's be getting a nice half an hour lecture when he'd reach home about taking his studies seriously. His exams were better than over anyway, who studies for English!!

He looked ahead of him and saw a girl walk furiously a little away from pedestrian walk ahead of him. And it felt like self-whack worthy thought when she reminded him of Chicklet. But honestly, she looked so much like her, the red flaming highlights, the whooshing very light dress and the heels. That was what any of those spoilt girls looked like – all of them all the same. But what would she be doing here in the middle of nowhere all alone – walking, for heaven's sake! He rolled his eyes at his own stupidity and pushed his hands in his pockets as he walked a little ahead closing the gap between them, his curiosity still getting the better of him. He almost stopped dead in his tracks when he saw a little glimpse of the face. Bless his soul, it was Chicklet. He shrugged his head thinking to each their own. If she had taken up the "hobby" of taking leisure walks in the back-lanes of nowhere, he wished her happy hours. He kept on walking at that pace, a dozen steps behind her, wondering where she was actually going or if she even knew where she was going.

He heard a random whistle come from somewhere ahead of them as two skanky looking roadside Romeos sat puffing like the magic dragon. He lowered his head and kept on walking, but from the corner of his eyes, he could see the two guys ogling her. He was not Batman who'd come to everyone's rescue and neither could he beat those two up nor did he want to anyway. But the situation was getting dangerous. He ran to her as if trying to catch up. She looked up at him, wondering where in hell did he come from. He looked at her looking at him with a questioning gaze. She didn't ask, he didn't answer. But he saw that those two guys shrugging and going back to their own business.

They were walking. Kiya was too spent up to say anything and KD could wish for no better Christmas present. He concentrated on the streetlight's scatter reflection on the asphalt. He thought her felt her shudder next to him. He looked up realize they were walking close, their arms touching.

"Sadak ke paani hai." He said matter of factly. She looked up at him with a completely confused expression as she took out her earphones and stuffed the iPod back in her clutch. "Main tumhe apni jacket offer karta but unlike school corridor agar tumne idhar meri jacket phenki toh ghar jaake wash mujhe hi karna padega." KD said as he shrugged as he held the strap of his sling bag.

She didn't say anything. If that had been a friend, she'd have smiled. Even with him she wanted to smile. But she couldn't, she didn't. She kept on rubbing her arms as her exposed skin had goose bumps rising. She saw a jacket extended in front of her. She looked up at him. He was looking ahead. They both seem to have stopped. She took the jacket not knowing what else to do. She snaked her arms into it and felt the warmth of it radiating to her. She mentally giggled at the irony that it was almost a plus size version of the Boyfriend Blazer* Anya had made her leave in the car that day. She rolled up the sleeves get her hand out of it.

She wanted to thank him. She looked at him and realized he was not there. She looked around and saw that she was at a railway station. She had seen them from the car everyday on her way to school. She found KD at something that looked like the ticket teller window a little ahead of her. She looked into her purse, trying to find a currency notes smaller than 500. She wondered how much would she need. It didn't seem like it would cost so much, poor people travelled by train. What was she doing there, she wondered to herself. She should've called her driver to pick her up. What was she doing? But she knew that if she backed down now, let down her rebel upfront, she end up sobbing and apologizing to her mom for no fault of her own.

"Do, single, Mahalaxmi." She heard KD ask for two tickets. She wondered how he knew where she lived. Well he kept a lot of secrets up his sleeves. He joined her and handed her one of the tickets. She took it and stared at it with concentration of 5 year old having seen a book without pictures for the first time. "Chalein?" She looked up at KD with the same intent look she was looking at ticket with making him chuckle.

"Tum?" He heard her small voice asking him. It startled him how hoarse and vulnerable she sounded.

"Main vahan se ferry le lunga." He walked ahead and she followed. The train compartment that they climbed into was more or less empty with just a few guys sitting here and there. It was just a little past rush hour and she wondered where the "ever moving" Mumbai was that she had always heard about. She went and sat at one of the benches next to the window while he still stood at the door.

He wondered why he was doing this. Why was he taking the pains of dropping her home while he knew he'd have to take a ferry back home from her house which was not a wise decision after nightfall. He looked at her. She sat there clutching the seat looking out of the window at nothing in particular. He saw her pull the collar of his jacket at the chilly wind that made her hair fly in all directions.

The jacket smelled different than she had though. All the weird thoughts of people living in chawls that she had so non-conservatively shared with him in school. She looked back at him staring outside, holding onto the pole in the middle of the door, the air rushing at him.

He didn't want to think about her or about tonight. It was going to be a once in lifetime impulsive act of humanity. He looked back as she put her head on the wall next to her pulling the blazer to herself. He looked at the boy sitting on the bench in front of her who kept on looking between the two of them strangely. He gestured for him to close the window and the boy nodded. KD went back to distracting himself.

When the automated voice announced that the next station was Mahalaxmi, she looked back at him and he nodded. She slowly stood up trying to balance herself in the fast moving train. After some attempts she came and stood next to him nervously. He went and stood a little away from the door and she followed standing next to him, resting themselves on the back of one of the benches. As the train stopped he got down and helped her just like he had when they had gotten onto the train. She wondered why the train was so elevated, it seemed stupid. He walked and she followed, again. The sea ahead looked beautiful as they approached her house. She walked with her head down, letting her feet take her through the familiar paths.

She didn't know when KD had stopped walking next to her and left, but when she reached the front of her building she saw that she was alone. She walked inside, unconsciously pulling the jacket to herself.


Next day when she entered the locker room, she had hundred thoughts in her mind – the supposed war that had raged between her and her mother after her behaviour the last day, her misery, a little of the exam and him. She looked over at his locker wondering how was she going to return his jacket when she realized that unlike everyone's locker, his did not have the usual Royal Academy lock on it. She tore a page from her notebook and wrote on it – Thank You, and kept it in his locker along with his neatly folded jacket.


The whole day she tried to sneak looks at him – during the exam, after the exam – trying to find an expression of acknowledgement to her thanks but he was like the usual 'Stone-face'. She thought maybe he hadn't seen the jacket yet. But then was there any need for gratitude or acknowledgement. Or the bigger question would be, if it would change anything between them. Honest answer – no. It was one hour out of their lives and minds, and it was going to stay that way – one hour being civil to each other, understanding.

As she approached her locker after the exam, she saw that the lock on his locker was back. She felt something inside her fall. He had seen the jacket, and still hadn't said anything. And yet again the debate in her head began – whether something was going to change between them. She didn't want it to. She wasn't ready for him to change, for him to be a friend, for him to care and worry. She shrugged and opened her locker. There on the top of her books was a leaf out of a school notebook, supposedly pushed in through the corners. Just like the one she had torn out of her notebook that morning, and even this one had two words on it – You're Welcome.


*Boyfriend Blazer is a type of girl's jacket which basically came in fashion as a sense of borrowing your boyfriend's clothes.


Hope you guys liked it. This is my first on KD-Kiya so kinda of the first impression.

If you wish to read any of my D3 works, here are the links.

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Pree. Heart

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neetha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 12:20pm | IP Logged

hey pree i hav read many of ur SwaRon works n undoubtedly u r a tragedy queen coz u always killed either of them..LOL.but this one was beautiful.Embarrassed.loved the way u penned it..Clapno much of conversations but yet it had the essence of feelings n emotions.Heart.loved pm me the next time u write on KD n Kiya..i love them tooBig smile

p.s sorry fr editin it lateTongue

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plz pm me the next tym u write sumthing...Smile

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ABCDesiGirl93 Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 12:43pm | IP Logged
do i need to say tht i loved it! it was really good! 

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ABBY92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
That was an awesome KisHa OS !!1 Loved the fact that you kept to reality and said that it was just one hour of being civil to each other !! Ntg less, Ntg more !!!

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basket_101 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 12:46pm | IP Logged

- edited

Firstly, Hey!!!
I'm Hinal Big smile
This OS was perfect, at least to me!
I loved KD and Kiya's interaction in it!  You stayed very true to their characters!
It wasn't too over-the-top, nor was it under-estimated!
I loved how KD went through the pain to actually drop Kiya to her home, even though he knew that it would mean that he would need to take the ferry from there at night
It was veryy well written, I must say!
Absolutely loved it! Big smile
Awesome job!
And thanks a lot for the pm too!  Appreciate it Embarrassed
Ohhh.. and also, before I forget, I just loooved the welcome and thank you notes too Big smile
Sooo cuteee Day Dreaming
Lovedd it!
Do pm me if you do write anything else! (=
Thanks in advance Wink
Take care!

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
HATS OFF GAL!! lol...I wanna read again..
I have no words seriously!!!!
DAMN u made my day!!! Great OS!!Clap

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 12:53pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by 100littledevils

HATS OFF GAL!! lol...I wanna read again..
I have no words seriously!!!!
DAMN u made my day!!! Great OS!!Clap

Can I say I'm speechless at your comment... You're an artist... someone I really look upto... and getting such a reaction from you... aww... I'm blushing!! Tongue

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