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IP REDUX ; Nhat Khat Kaanha !! (Page 69)

mommamia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 11:17pm | IP Logged

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Doodle IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 11:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by lalsunvid

Originally posted by Doodle

Originally posted by mommamia

Originally posted by Doodle

Originally posted by Cool_wonder

THough I do not want to ..but yes History shows the proof that
when Arni Boy smiles tragedy comes running to him from miles...
But this time..Bitiya is there with support him and back him ... The pain which can come as of now is
1. Past getting revealed slowly ..more of it
2. Dadi brainwashing Anjali and comparing Kushi and that WOMAN who destoryed Malik Khandan and Arnav and Anjali's childhood...
3. Arnav having to chose
I do not know about Anjali getting against Kushi..this is just my guess...Because when Anjali was cold to Kushi for a ripped Daljit appart...and after that I do not know if PH or writers will go Anjali Vs Kushi way...
But yes...Tragdey has already come in Arnav's life in form of Dadi...who one by one will digout every pain burried in Arnav's heart


good points  ... Big smile

Chalo dekhtein hain whats in store for them ...Big smile
The moment Arnav had that hearty laugh.. I thought.. Oopsie daisy.. Abbe yaar tum kyun haste ho!! LOL

Haan but I liked his Last mein kya tha ??? Khushi is such a DUMBO ... Duhhh ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFLROFL  ROFL   ROFL   ROFL   ROFL   ROFL 


What and why was that Radha-Krishna story...No wedding near us ?? Before that all hell going to break on the love birds...?

Sunvi, What answer you wanna hear bolo ??? 

Write it to the creative team ...dekha nehin ???

Story and Screenplay = Creative Team ??? ROFL ROFL ROFL

Radha Krishna story was for a purpose ... and aap samajh jaoo Big smile

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nivedha84 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 11:17pm | IP Logged
ok does khushi's parents accident has anything to do with anji limping leg.

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shivikrocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mommamia

Originally posted by Doodle

Originally posted by mommamia

Originally posted by vasiraju

Originally posted by namedx

Originally posted by mommamia

Originally posted by vasiraju

GM morning girlsBig smile  Hug Hug

OMG i am laughing like hell watching the episode again..

NK -mami- and dadi too Much comedy to handle ROFL ROFL ROFL
Lucky Hug Today was one epic episode WRT to comedy.. Arnav and Khushi sidelined and Mami-NK-Dadi all the way.. ClapClap

NK is my comedy king!!!! Heart

Yes shazz  i liked him from the first day  of his entry in the serial  Star Star Star...he always makes the atmosphere Cool and happy LOL..even dadi is not out that circle Thumbs Up
Actually he is red chilli. as doosie mentioned.. you add him in any combo.. it works.. He is fantastic
Shyam-NK(my absolute fav)
ab Babuji -NK baki hai LOL

Naaa My Fav is 

Buaji - NK  = Hum Do ... Humwa bhi Do ... 
I was Buaji's dream and NK looked so confused in dream also LOLLOL Poor Baby!!! 

ROFLROFLROFL Dream se yaad aaya i remember bushy's VM she made for Shyam and in that Shyam Aand Buaji romance..ROFLROFL I cannot forget that...

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Doodle IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 11:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sarunrocks

Originally posted by Doodle

Originally posted by sarunrocks

Originally posted by Doodle

Originally posted by sarunrocks

Originally posted by Doodle

Heellooosss Hugzzz Alll Hug  Hug  Hug  Hug  Hug  Hug  Hug

Hi doods...I think i will tell my name to you..I m DivyaLOLHug...I dunno how to say i liked your analysis because everytime i say that. I will give thisClap

Hey Divya .. Hiii

Thanks hon for liking the analysis ... and I guess we hardly conversed here ... So, whats up ??? 

Yes doods...Whats up still under the influence yesterday's dose..With ArShi romance added with Mami-Dadi-NK comedy club...LOL

How was the episode to you??

Episode I can only remember Maami with ear buds ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFLROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL

That too the close up shotROFLROFL I thought dadi would got sacred but no she is really hardROFL

You kno she dedicated
this bhajan from cocktail to dadiLOL

Tumhi Din Chadhe
Tumhi Din Dhale
Tumhi Ho Bandhu
Sakha Tumhi

I knowww OMMGGEEE It still cracks me even when am thinking ... ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL 

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ranjitha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 11:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by nivedha84

ok does khushi's parents accident has anything to do with anji limping leg.
yaar aaj kuch serious mat socho
Arnav: Woh last mein kya tha?
Khushi: Suhaag Raat
Arnav: yup humne toh yeh sab kiya hi nahin hain.. last se shuru karte hain. Pehle SR phir Saath phere ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

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mommamia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 11:20pm | IP Logged

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Cheena007 Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 11:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Arhimaniac


We got exposed to chote today or chote was exposed to us??Shocked

Please note that the following picture has been deliberately censored in order to maintain the PG13 ratingLOL

And I found out Arnav's inspiration for his aviator glasses...

See the little yellow ducky on the side...yehi hai bas yehi hai jahan se Arnav ko aviators ka shouq charha...LOL

Sibling Love, Bromance & dadi-NK chance pe danceLOL

Coming to the episode..the first scene showed Arnav and Anjali bonding yet again where Arnav reminds Anjali her own words about not letting the past overshadow your which she agrees and promises to do so...

Kiya baat hai Arnav tight re-assuring  hug from wifey and you let go of the pain of the past???  Big smile

But remember in order to forget and move on you need closure and your past has not got its closure yet...but worry not its rearing its head probably from tomorrow you can get all the closure you want...Ouch

Today we had the much needed sisterly scenes of payal and khushi...ek nahin balke do...thank you CVs..

The first was the sisters sitting and discussing the BIG BAD DADI's bad behavior towards Khushi...where Khushi feels its her fault somewhere Payal re-assures her that dadi is extra strict with Khushi (FINALLY she takes her sisters side)...Khushi utters about dadi and her having a '36 ka aankra'...where payal nicely points out her missing Arnav's Ganith (maths)...meaning that between the rivalry of dadi and Khushi it would be Arnav who will be the one to strategically handle the game.

Phir uske dil se ek baat nikli...that khushi is lucky to have Arnav listening to which Khushi happily floats away...but bechari payal ko dekha hi nahin jo kehna chah rahi thi...I chose the wrong brother who has an affinity for Pink and Aman...

Haila yeh kiya??? Anjali di sab se sayani ne abhi tak apne raksha bandhan gifts nahin khole??? Shocked

The second scene was when Khushi is all fidgety thinking about her SR and missing pheras and confusing the order in which they occur (umm Khushi weren't you the one teaching lavanya...jab apna waqt aaya to order reverse kerdiya...chalaki much Wink LOLwhich payal kindly corrects..and says she was very scared before her SR...khushi asked jeeji why?? (I asked too but i will tell you my reason later)Khushi's why implied that she in the last converstaion had heard payal ke dil ki awaaz...about Akash's affinity and meant to darna to aman ko chiye tum kiyun dareen....but payal the tubelight did not understand and counter questioned and went away...LOL

Ok the reason i asked why was...SR?? what SR hogayi?? kab hui??...when were you scared coz on your wedding night you had no chance to get scared...sab ro rahe thay specially you coz khushi stole your thunder..Delhi main bali main you were bz smiling and dancing we did not see any scared expressions..and rest of the time either mami or bubbly was in your room ridiculing you or irritating you...remainder of the time akash was asking you to get prepared for a party...or you were worried about your conduct in the of the days you either applied Chameli ka tel or he ran off to when when when please tell usLOL

Then comes the bedroom scene where Khushi hugs Arnav and apologizes for seeing him without clothes...did any one see Arnav's scandalized expression??? Woh to tension main aagaya...kiya khaak SR manaye ga LOL...however then khushi teases him with his baby picture in which he is all shame shame LOL..he runs after her to get hold of it and both end up falling on bed and end up breaking it...OK guys what changed...last time during Delhi main bali hotel both fell on the bed...and the bed didn't even make a choon the only difference in weight was the baby heavy was it...that when added to Arnav and Khushi's could not withstand the pressure...or is it that just like the quickly deteriorating condition of Arnav's room, khushi's clothes the bed is also 2 no. wala from a 2nd handshop??LOL OK OK a very cute moment...very much like Barun and Sanaya's candid shot having fun rather than Khushi and romance only friendship evident...Embarrassed

But to see  the serious side...Khushi unearths Arnavs childhood that is his past...and that led to breaking of the bed that is breaking the base...meaning no Suhaag more piece of past or stigma is coming out soon pouring water on Arnav's dreams of enjoying the night with his wife...

Next scene dadi pacing around the living room with Shyam's BD or probably the kiddu who did a back flip demanding more screen time climbs down from the stairs...dadi loves him!!..FB main bhi aayaLOL

Enters mami in her hilarious style..singing tumhi ho bandhu sakha tumhi (sandy this is for you in your style LOL)

Only to be stopped by dadi in her usual hand raising style...ab koi yeh did mami guess dadi's presence and stop in time with closed eyes...agar na kerti to...both dadi and mami would have toppled Arnav and khushi style LOL Rabba Veee

OK this was one hilarious scene...first we have Shyamu's BD doing dusting in the back ground...bechara is out of work since Abhaas is away so has to earn his living this way...then we have NK entering calling dadi drowni...LOL and then clarifying to dadi that I am not chotte I am NK...ROFL...aaj to chote ke darshan bhi hue...NK would never want to be matter what I do I cannot beat the comic element of that the point  is NK said dadi ki goli and kiya past main  bhashan diya tha which led to mum running and pulling the trigger on herself LOL...I want to applaud swati ji..utakarsha and Karan for keeping a straight face while shooting such scenes...

Next we have nani narrating radha Krishan story of eternal love...making khushi realize the missing elements in her marriage...mami witnessed the hard boards for bed and inquired and out loud blurted about the activities on bed that it broke...Arnav teases Khushi with a wink...they have a conversation in their bedroom where Khushi says that they are living like a pati patni but are only half pati patni as they have not done the rituals..roka, puja, haldi, mehendi, sangeet, phere, mundukahi and then Suhaag raat....Arnav teases her that they will start backwards...which scares & confuses khushi and she runs away...

why oh why do I feel that for the time being Arnav and Khushi will remain like radha and kishen for the time being...jin ke pyar ko kisi ke naam ki zaroorat pyar is duniya se ooper hai...implying no marriage in the coming episodes...also mami's dialog abt their activities in front of all implied the upcoming stigma...rough times coming up...Khushi will someday get a proper marriage with all the mentioned rasams but not yet...and SR main to kaafi time hai abhiEmbarrassed

A sweet bromance scene between Arnav and Akash at the end of which Akash had an expression ...just a good day...mera woh day kab aaye ga??LOL

A few questions and notes:

- When and how Akash and Payal patch up..??Shocked..yeh kiya surprise per surprise..pehle SR higayi ab patch up bhi..hamain kiyun nahin pata chaltaLOL

- Dadi just found out that Arnav does not use malik as his surname..

- The big suitcase in the it to pack off khushi to the maika??

- Who was anjali talking to?? Shyam???

- Why were there just three to four t-shirts hanging on Khushi's side of closet...where are her long draperies hidden??

- Arnav talks non-stop to Aman..sham se raat tak he was on call with him...and then in the morning also..lets say first thing in the morning...assuming that khushi was still sleeping it must be before 8:00Ouch,,...

- Can someone please tell me how much does Aman earn for all the hardwork he puts in...coz if he walks away..both the raizada brothers will be bhooning bhutte (roasting corns) AMan baby if they don't pay you a big package leave now...and join the way is he married?? if he is then his wife will be one unhappy womanOuch

- And sadly every time Arnav and Khushi romance and laugh it is quiet short lived so people gear up for the emotional turmoil ahead!!Embarrassed

If you liked Arnav's laughter, his wink, Akash in white Kurta, NK with dadi...or just my post..don't forget to press LikeCool


To read Jhalak's saga of romance please follow:Embarrassed

Hey BushHug

Reading your post  brings  smile to my face love the humor punch of your post .. I would like to say you the Nhatkhat Kanha of Redux ..Keep writing ..Heart DIL mange  more sweetie .. 

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