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IP REDUX ; Nhat Khat Kaanha !! (Page 5)

vasiraju IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 1:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by vasiraju


updated at first page Embarrassed

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Sanayam Senior Member

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 1:14pm | IP Logged
 I wasnt going to write today. Really busy day but after a mindblowing episode just couldnt resist.
Will keep it short.
Ofcourse the magic and romance was back. ASR was at his flirty best and Khushi was back to being Khushi not the weeping willow she has been recently.
So he wants to do things backward? Ahem!! Wont tell you what comes to my mindLOLLOLLOL
Wonder what's in the suitcase? What's cooking in Arnav's brainwa? We know he is just teasing Khushi about the suhaag raat. The pheres will happen first. Will it be a quiet poolside event where family is not invited? Doods had mentioned regarding part 1 in jaunpur (ASR sr. marriage) and part2 poolside pe (ASR marriage)? Is he smuggling a pandit to say the shlokas at the poolside? Let's see. I hate it when they build up anticipation and then "phus". Hope they dont do that. We have had our fill of rona dhona. Romance and drama are both welcome. Atleast for a little while.
Khushi teasing Arnav about his baby pic was damn cute.
Manorama's comments on cricket and Khushi's embarassmentEmbarrassed. She tryies to escape.Arnie who has caught the entire scene flusters her some more with his wink. A pleasantly shocked Khushi makes a hasty exit.
Loved the Akash Arnav scene. Had missed the brothers bonding. Good to see it back.
Payal encouraging Khushi reminded me of the time when Khushi had similarly lifted her spirit after mami's taunts regarding the pooja ki thali gifted to Anji. Then she had pointed out how nice Akash was and how she should concentrate on that instead.
For me Best scene was actually Dadi-mami-NK scene.It was hilarious.  I was anticipating such a scene since the morning Mami declared how danger dadi was u bakhat. ROFLPhir NK ne aa ke comedy mein chaar chand laga diye.
Anji and the unknown shadow in heer life. Shyamu or someone else?
Lets see what tomorrow brings. I expect it to be a major cliff-hanger weekend.Ouch So unfair.
OK guys. Enjoy SKD while it lasts.

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shivikrocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 1:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by tanthya

@ Jachu ;

Donno whether he got his priorities right there...I was  LOL  so much  that I couldn't continue for a while...what a humorous but points filled post..Loved it .. U are fast  becoming my daily dose of therapy !!

@ Shazzy..

what a wonderful job , how sensitively have u drawn the portrait of a young man  who was dealt a cruel blow and the soothing balm in his wif

@ Bushwa

Even under exhaustion, U manage to hit the nail...Rat Job??e...

@ Shreya,

I just loved ur post esp ur wish on the bangles..Me too want to see what will Dadi do.

@ Divi ;loved ur take on the Shankh ...Beautifully written.. Thanks for the compliments..

@ Kops; A refreshing view  from the hobbits land.. everywhere ..Arhi it in Potter land or the Hobbit one..Thank You !!

@ Samwa ;
what a smashing take on IP..Completely agree with u that this show shud be long remembered for the layered story telling...Thankoo for the heart felt appreciation !!

@ Sandy ; Love ya very very much !!..I still remember the day u started out and I am astonished at how profound ur thoughts have become ..I am glad to know u !!

@ Sheila ; Everyday I think, You can not surprise me today n everyday I eat humble pie cos U are a girl who possess a lateral view...sees thing  from a different perspective and  keeps us  astonishing from the unforeseen angle..

@ Lucky...

I donno why, I felt that this was ur best and also loved it more cos it was from ASR's angle..

@ Vi ; OMG ...Side gapulle Auto...I never knew u had such  a tickling funny bone..OMG...I was stunned and awestruck by ur creativity

@Koel; Wow!!! u are one of the most sensitive writers of Redux, the way u bring out the nuances   is simply applause worthy ..I specially liked it when u brought Ma & Amma..

@ Shreya ; Welcome back ...I missed u so much and the  depth of it was brought home to me when I read the well meaning and thoughtful poem  !!

@ Ghausia ; Am reading u for the first time n i was bowled over by the clarity of ur thoughts , the way u structured ur posts...lovely reading... it was seamless writing..loved it..

@ Mona.
.. As Usual ,U rocked... and also come back from SKD soon, we need u here !!

@ Jhals ; The more I read, The more I want !!

@ Vidya ; Logical, analytical n well thought was a pleasure to read

@ Sumana ; I can't express my happiness that teh butterfly is slowly flexing ehr wings... Carry on girl. We are here with u !!

@ Fari ; My dearest Meerabhai..each and every word shows ur love for the show and the characters..Love u for the refined way u write...

@ Naz ; ur prose are something to die for cos the contents will  be thought provoking and I will make do with the song for the day...and wait for ur prose..

@ Riti; what a brilliant, brilliant  writing  beautifully have u written  the prologue...

@ Teju Vijay ; concise but clear

@ Lucky2; U came after a hibernation and yet  what a amazing write up...Loved it n will wait for the take on Mandhara..

@ Sharmi ; wonderful catch on blooper ,,,impeccable writing

@ Droopy_Asleep ; Welcome to the Family, loved how u used the Shyam as the snake .. That was a startling notion and  i was delighted by iy..

@ Joy; wonderful pointers.. Summa kalakitteenge

@ Areeba , Yayy !! My sweety is back...with  her intake a summer showers to cool the fevered brows...

@NK...u packed a punch in there ...n loved the insight..all of us are waiting just for tht

@ Sul ; OMG...what  knock out punches

@ Anu, Thank You very much ..

@ Ranju ; A captivating post, A post which breathes honesty, love for the show in equal measures

Sathu thanks a lot...Hug

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shivikrocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 1:33pm | IP Logged
Updated in Page 1 pls do have a read and leave your commentsEmbarrassed

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shivikrocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 1:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sunshine99

"Sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself to become a new person." --- Gerard Way  
The festivities of Janmasthami fill the air with gaiety, and  auspiciousness heralding new beginnings... The family gathers to enjoy its moments of light banter and togetherness which resound of laughter and merriment ... The echos of which had suddenly left  the halls of Shantivan as it was engulfed  in the blizzard of deceit,lies, treachery and unfaithfulness...

The rebirth of hope and moving past the shadows of the past is on everyone's mind...

Khushi wants to leave behind the painful memories of her dreams being shattered...she wants to to see the glass half full rather than half empty... the sham marriage needs to be grounded in solid rocks of rituals for  the promised beginning of a new life as husband and wife...The tears of pain, hurt and agony has been wiped out by her loving Laad Governor...He has given her back what he had destroyed...her Smile...

Koel wonderful...Yes she smiles because of him and he because of her. Its pure loveClap

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shivikrocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 1:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by vasiraju

Hola Girls Hug Hug..

An Awesome episode with Right mixer of Comedy and Romantic scenes ..loved it so much .The most funniest and sexiest episode LOL LOL.Today  its was Janmastami  they maintained their trend.
last time it was kushi who  Became a story teller to lavanya , explained us the How the Lord krishna Born and Khans Vadh .

Now after one year they introduced us the Radha and krishna Love story whom all pray them for Love which has no  name,the purity of their souls that they love each other thought they stay away from each other. Previously ASR played the Role of Khan mana LOL  LOL..this is year he is nat kaht 
Khanaya who played Rasleela with kushi LOL LOL..

No where Cv's left the nat khat khanaya  mode of ASR ..Right from the starting of the episode he is in the total mood to flirt kushi LOL ..

Kushi who was Confused with dadi approach to her  shares her fear with payal.For the First time after these two girls married they never talked so pleasantly  as they Did today.Payal who impressed by ASR approach reminds kushi that she got a best Husband ever.
she can easily say this because her Husband never ever says such words for her not in this janam LOL ..

Kushi and Arnav building up their relationship as Husband and wife  slowly..their way of talking to each other has changed no shy or no hesitation  to express their feelings how they feel for each other..Kushi said she saw his naked body Shocked Shocked Shocked,,and ASr expressions are so normal ..
loved their intimacy Embarrassed Embarrassed..,,Cute pic of ASR childhood baby LOLLOL..

i wonder it can be a real childhood pic of Barun ROFL ROFL..

The next scene was Too much to handle i was laughing like hell..they both broke the bed ROFLROFL..

i felt for a moment that they way interacted was like SBS barun and sanaya...loved it Star  Star

OMG Dadi-Mami-Nk  scene to hilariousROFL  ROFL

Mami praying for Bhooth or preth to help her ..Than Nk enter ROFL..than NK adressing Dadi that she daravani ROFL ROFL..

Total  rocking funny episode Clap Clap..

Loved the Anjali and ASR  conversation again .both really  make us feel like sis bro relationship should be the way they are Embarrassed

Vasi Nhat Khat, Khans and Arnav connection was superb...Lovely postStar...Loved this Nhat Khat Nannav a lotEmbarrassed

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shivikrocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 1:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by --Anna--

Hola people Hug

A total laugh riot and gutterish episode for me and totally Arnavlicious in one way! How light - hearted it was with the past and the future lurking around I cannot say. I dont want to even go into describing what it did for me - for Arnav and Arnav and Khushi made it so adorable and so awwwablleee!!!! Embarrassed Embarrassed

I will not do an whole analysis today for I feel it would spoil it for me if I start writing about it in description - and I am one selfish little girl when it comes to Arnav and Khushi Tongue

Points to be noted


Dadi has been upset about Arnav's relation with Khushi and him coming forward to protect her always. The words "Khushi meri Patni hai" is not leaving her mind and she cannot take it that her grandson is daring to stand up against her for his wife. Now I don't understand what is her problem with Khushi - but lets wait and watch for that.

Second, her main concern is Shyaam - the Damaad of the house. She wants to know where is he - and why he has not come to meet her yet. She wants to know the why and whats - and she catches on the woman who she thinks will most likely succumb under her and give in - Manorma Mami. But this truth is being guarded and it is going to be guarded till it comes from the master of the house - Arnav Singh Raizada.

Third, A reality check for Dadi - about how much hate is there is Arnav's mind for his Dad. The usage of "Raizada" as the surname and not "Malik" has triggered her and she has understood that there is too much of hatred in Arnav's heart for her side of the family.

2) Anjali's promise

Anjali and Arnav promise each other that they are not going to hold on to their past - childhood memories. They are going to move forward and live their life.

However, Anjali is going behind her own chotte's back and meeting the person he hates the most in his present - Shyam Manohar Jha. True - I cannot blame her much for it - for she has not still seen any proof that is going to make her believe Arnav and Khushi - yet she is going behind his back. Till today - I would like to believe that she was meeting her husband outside - but today the line has been crossed and she is meeting him in Raizada Mansion. Troubled times ahead when Dadi and Anjali bring Shyam back. And the division between Sister and Brother has to happen and is inevitable.

3) The contract Marriage

The contract marriage is NO longer important now.
Neither for Arnav and not for Khushi and if I watch the serial for a LOVE story then the whole truth of contract also does not need to come out now. What matters is ACCEPTANCE of Khushi and Arnav and it has happened.

What did Khushi say today?

"Humari Aadhi shaadi hui hai..."

Khushi has accepted her marriage and she only wants that one step "the pheras" to happen to complete their marriage. The contract can come out only by Arnav and Khushi - and when both of them have accepted their marriage with happiness and love and respect for each other - there is no point for the contract to come out now of all the time.

I do want the contract to come out one day - and no - not for Arnav and Khushi - but for Anjali. For Anjali to know that how badly Arnav and Khushi suffered when they tried to protect her in their own ways. That should be the realization that should come out of the contract.

The LOVE is there - the ACCEPTANCE is there - the UNDERSTANDING has begun and there is nothing more important. If I know Arnav well and if I understand my Arnav - then he is going to give Khushi what she wants - he is going to give her the marriage - the pheras that she feels are important for their relationship. He will give it - for its for a new beginning now.

Also I loved the Radha Krishna story and how even though they were not bonded in the relationship of marriage - yet they are always believed to be one. That is why nothing matters except acceptance. The saat phera's talk that happened I so loved it because from all the ladies present there - the three who have been married with all the rituals - the other two dont have what Arnav and Khushi have. Anjali and Shyam - a cheat of a marriage - Payal and Akash - kind of a delusional marriage but Arnav and Khushi - a true marriage - where they both however much they have gone with each other and because of each other - they have held on to each other and strongly.

Not to say - loved Payal for praising Arnav and making Khushi realize that she has got a gem of a husband. And loved Khushi for NOT giving up - realizing her feelings - confessing about her desire to Arnav and just being there for him. Undoubtedly LOVED Arnav and that goes without saying why - he is just adorable!!!! Embarrassed

Barun Sobti, as usual U rock the episode! Loved you sooo much today!! Loved Arnav / Loved ASR and Loved Chotte. Sanaya Irani, Loved you too today! Great work! Loved Karan Godwani - could not stop laughing at his one liners. Loved the episode in a whole and very very excited about the upcoming episode! Thank you Creatives for the treat today! Big smile

Love and Light

Anna Smile

Pics Credit : Juleka aka Illyria Smile Keep drooling and laughing your hearts out LOL LOL

Anu brilliant take. Loved the way you have interpreted all the 3 couple in Radha Krishna story and the understanding part...Clap

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NothingLasts IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 1:49pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by RitJ26

Originally posted by nazleef

Before I begin, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARNAV!!!!!!! MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY!!! MAY YOU FINALLY GET A CHANCE TO PUT YOUR BRAND NEW BED TO GOOD USE WITH KHUSHI!!! And don't worry, even if your family disapprove, we still have your back!!! Even if the bed doesn't hold!!! 

Naz your teenage hormones must've have gone into overdrive today...
Look forward to reading your post. Big smile

LOL Hehehe!!! Well, it is Arnav's birthday today!!! So I thought I better remind him to put on his birthday suit to celebrate his birthday in style with Khushi! After all, he bought himself a birthday present in the form of a brand new bed. Since he couldn't use that old one, I'm sure he's just itching to jump right in with Khushi in tow!!! Wink Blushing

If your unsure about his birthday, check this out

There's the picture of his passport. I couldn't find the picture so use this!!!

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