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IP REDUX ; Nhat Khat Kaanha !! (Page 4)

Erika1 Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
Waiting for everyone's analysis eagerly.
My thoughts when I saw the episode is that this awareness/feeling of happiness is what the male lead went through before he saw the hug between KKG and The Villain on the rooftop and his dreams were shattered.
So instead of celebrating, I am dreading the upcoming trackCry, maybe we will get two romantic episodes then BAM!
Unhappiness for the couple again, I sincerely hope I am wrongConfused

"Side notes, since Anna's is the only analysis I read thus far, I agree that yes, I want the contract marriage to come out later for the sister.

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incandescent IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 12:19pm | IP Logged

Hello Reduxians HugHug

Sathu...thanks hun.Embarrassed What can I say? Once a Meerabai always a Meerabai. Embarrassed You and doods never fail to amaze me with the depth of your knowledge.Clap

All the redux girls...superb takes by all of you. Clap I don't get the time to comment on all the posts but thoroughly enjoy reading them all. Smile

Bushy, Anurao.66, anjani-pagli, sunshine99, sonshine...thank you girls for the lovely comments for yesterday's post. Smile I may have unintentionally missed some of you. In that case,sorry. Embarrassed



I completely loved the episode. It was mostly light hearted, had the right balance of humor and was a treat for the gutter minds.LOLWink There was no slapstick and OTT comedy and yet it tickled our funny bones and the scenes were effortlessly funny. Clap But the episode was beautifully laced with some essential moments and hints for the future. StarAll the characters were well utilized and the feel good factor of the show is back. It feels like watching old IPKKND. Thumbs Up There are no forced moments and no disjointed scenes. Smile

Loved the sibling bonds today.

Anjali-Arnav : The bro-sis moment was very intriguing. For the first time we saw them openly saying that the want to leave the past behind and move on. Yesterday I mentioned that the fourteen year old Arnav is finally breaking from the shell and today there was more proof of that in his words. He didn't forget the past, it will always be a part of him but he no longer wants to hold on to it. Will the past leave him so easily?

As for Anjali, whatever happened with her parents, the events that took place during their time at sheesh mahal is not the only past. Shyam is a part of her life which should now become a past but she is still holding on to him. 

Anjali is keeping a huge secret from her brother but interestingly Arnav had his first moment of doubt.

Khushi-Payal : Loved both the sister's bonding scenes. Payal is extremely happy that her sister is married to a man who loves her and respects her. She is all praises about her brother in law. Loved their suhaag raat talk. I always wanted to see a scene like this between Khushi-Payal because this is very normal part of being sisters. This cute little conversation was long overdue. I am glad the cvs are utilizing Payal well these days. 

Arnav-Akash: After a long time we got proper bromance between the two. Akash was in a teasing mood and he wondered if there is some good news after he saw his brother all happy and smiling in the morning. Big smile Can't blame him, he heard about the broken bed just the day before. WinkLOL Loved the scene and Akash is much better this way. I am glad he is back to normal.

Good to see that Payal and Akash are back to normal too.Smile

Dadi - She won't rest until she finds out where damadji really is. But when she learns the truth, she will definitely ask for proof, which they don't have. There is no way she is going to believe Khushi. NK has not impressed her either. As for Arnav, dadi will clearly think his judgment is clouded.  

Dadi was shocked when she realized Arnav doesn't even use the Malik surname. That makes me wonder whether Arnav's dad was really at fault or whether he was misunderstood. He clearly did something wrong according to everyone (nani, dadi, Arnav) but dadi can't seem to except Arnav's extreme feelings for his father. Is it only because she his mother? Or is there something more?  

Arhi - The Arhi scenes were brilliant. Smile The back hug, the naughtiness, the laughter after bed breaks, Flirty and teasing Arnav, Khushi's expression when the family learns about the broken bed and later getting scared of the impending suhaat raat...all of it was fabulous. Clap 

the wink WinkDay Dreaming

chori pakri gayi LOL

the infectious laughter Big smile

Without the pheras and rasams, their marriage is incomplete. So remarriage is clearly on the way. The relationship has already been blessed by Devi Maiyya, the symbolic engagement, mehendi, haldi etc all has taken place.

But the pheras are necessary; because the vows will reinforce their marriage and tie them together for saat janams.

With the dark clouds hovering over Shantivan, the vows will give them strength to cross all the hurdles together.

Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani - You two are always a treat to watch. ClapClapClap

Swati Chitnis - It doesn't feel like you just joined the cast ClapClapClap

Jayshree, Deepali, Daljeet, Utkarshka, Karan - good job by all of you. Clap

Akshay - You look better without the stubble and Akash is better off without that attitude. The white shirt is relief for the eyes. Liked the bromance part. Big smile

The costume department - Looks like your back to work. Good to see Arnav not wearing those shiny suits and the brown shirt. Please get him a new pair of shoes. It's just a pair of shoes...not that expensive you know. EmbarrassedLOL Thank you for the baby blue shirt.Embarrassed

As for Khushi's dresses. I have to appreciate that you got her new outfits but the I don't know what to say about the materials or color combinations of the anarkalis.Stern SmileOuch But I liked the second outfit she wore today. Nice color...I am yet to make up my mind on the fit and design. Embarrassed

Only two things are missing, mamaji and Anjali's (twin) baby bump. Ouch

Will mamaji ever make a comeback?

Is Anjali reallygoing to deliver twins without a bump. She is already in her 6th or 7th month but she neither has a bump or the body language of a pregnant lady in her third trimester. Confused This is my biggest gripe at the moment.

pic credit : Shybabe, Wasim, ippkndFB

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esmeralda111 Senior Member

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 12:37pm | IP Logged
u r brilliant jst like ur analysis Smile loved today's episode..
sonshine IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 12:43pm | IP Logged


Guess! Guess! Who am I talking about? Yes! You guessed it right; I am talking about my all time favourite-

Anjali Shyam Manohar Jha!Smile

… err… who?Confused

Okay, okay…    Anjali Singh Raizada!Stern Smile

… come again?Unhappy

Fine!   Anjali Malik!Angry

… Oh!Shocked

That's it! Come on! How many more names can the woman have? She has more names than shades; the facets of her character are even more. She is even going to have twins- plural there too! WOW!!Clap

… yeah! Yeah! It's in the tummy department that she is severely lacking…Geek

Do not talk about the tummy!Angry

Why not?Geek

'Coz it is sacred!Approve

Her tummy is sacred?Confused

Yes, it is!Angry

But why?Confused

It is eternal, fixed and never changing…Approve

You mean, like Divinity?Shocked


WOW!! Some woman!Shocked

Some woman, indeed!Approve

Then why did you call her an Idiot?Confused

I did?D'oh

Did too!Angry


In your bloody title, DOLT!!!Angry

Oh! That!Silly

Yes! That!Angry

Well… Oh! Well, it's only her tummy that's divine! The rest of her ain't.Approve

How so?Confused

Will you shut up, and let me explain it my way?Angry

Sure! Why not? Go ahead!Smile

Thank you! (Hmmph). So here goes…

Anjali still loves her husband. She resents the way she has been made to abide by the decision of her family. She wants her husband back. She has decided to take control of her life. She has decided to take the reins of her fate in her own hand. I feel it is a courageous decision. Anjali is brave, very brave. I have always held the view that some mistakes are your own to make; else you will never learn.

What I deplore here is her methods. Why so secretive, Anjali? Why such underhanded measures? If you believe in your husband; if you think you are doing right, why this need to go behind your brother's back? What is stopping you from defying him to his face?

You declare you love your brother. So what is stopping you from talking openly with him?

Is it because somewhere in the depth of your spoilt and selfish heart, you know you are wrong? Because you do know you are wrong, don't you? Otherwise, you wouldn't think twice of talking honestly to and taking your family into your confidence. Deep down, you are aware that your family loves you dearly and will never let harm touch you. But you insist on behaving like a little girl crying for her favourite toy.

And it is no use spouting the nonsense of Shyam being your God. Because he wasn't! He was your toy. An expensive one that too! And one your younger brother funded for years your sake. And you knew what he was like. You knew he liked his expensive comforts. And you used his weakness to keep him tied to you.

Anjali, my dear, sit quietly in your room and think. Before that remove that eyesore of a picture of you with your snakey husband. Trust me, it will help you think better; what with all that negative energy gone and all that… Anjali, if truth was on your side, if your husband was righteous, you wouldn't think twice about coming out in the open with your stance. But you feel compelled to go about it in secrecy. So what does that tell you?

Pretty simple, isn't it?



"There are all kinds of courage. It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends"

-          Albus Dumbledore

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

While Anjali does not show that courage, her brother does. He stands up to his grandmother in defense of his wife. He was not afraid of his grandmother's wrath, or of hurting her feelings. Because he knew he was right. There was true class in the way he respectfully reminded his grandmother that as much as he values her as the matriarch, his wife is entitled to all the freedom and respect that she deserves in his house.

The same courage was visible in the precap scene. When everyone else in the house was stepping carefully around the issue, Arnav had absolutely no qualms about saying the truth about Shyam to his grandmother. Go for it, boy! Show them how it is done!Clap



Arnav Singh Raizada is on a roll. He is indulging in the laugh riot of his life, at the expense of his ditzy wife- Khushi Kumari (err…extreme caution advisedROFL) Gupta (not so muchConfused) Singh Raizada (almostLOL).

Years of suffering, angst, insecurity, burdens and sadness fall away completely at least for the time being; as he gets to be the naughty Arnav of the past- The Arnav who glued his cousin to the bed… his naughty Nani's favourite grandson. And when he decides to have fun, he does so in the ASR way. He goes all out to make a fool of his wife, uncaring of onlookers, uncaring of hidden smiles and knowing sniggers and teasing comments. He couldn't care less… he never did in the past. So, why care now?Wink

It is a pleasure seeing the poor boy so happy. I simply loved him in the scene with Akash, when the latter asked him what he was so happy about. Because he was happy; happy from the depth of his soul. There was a glorious smile on his face, a carefree attitude about him; which was never before a characteristic of Arnav Singh Raizada. True happiness is that which projects itself on others around you. And Arnav's happiness was true. Because it was overflowing. Its radiance was reflecting off Akash's face too wasn't it? Oblivious to his cousin's quizzical look, Arnav turns and walks off; a spring in his step, a naughty smile on his face; not a care in his world…Smile

The last time we saw him walk like that was on the wedding day, towards the terrace…Wink

 Have read all the posts till page 3 so far... fabulous girls!ClapClapClap

And finally, before I go, thank you dear readers for reading, liking and commenting on my posts. it is a pleasure and an honour writing on REDUX.Hug

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.Sia. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 12:53pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by tanthya

@ Ghausia ; Am reading u for the first time n i was bowled over by the clarity of ur thoughts , the way u structured ur posts...lovely reading... it was seamless writing..loved it..

Thank you Sathya, what a lovely comment! I'm so glad you liked it! Embarrassed

Eek, double post. Sorry for taking up someone's valuable analysis space!

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ChaiBiskoot IF-Sizzlerz

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heyya my tanthu di Hug
thats sweet of dedicate the Redux to the wonderful ppl out here..

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RJXX IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by nazleef

Before I begin, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARNAV!!!!!!! MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY!!! MAY YOU FINALLY GET A CHANCE TO PUT YOUR BRAND NEW BED TO GOOD USE WITH KHUSHI!!! And don't worry, even if your family disapprove, we still have your back!!! Even if the bed doesn't hold!!! 

Naz your teenage hormones must've have gone into overdrive today...
Look forward to reading your post. Big smile

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