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IP REDUX ; Nhat Khat Kaanha !! (Page 3)

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 12:06pm | IP Logged
maiyya yashoda yeh teraa kanhaiyya
panghat pe meree pakde hai baiyyan
tang mujhe karta hai sang mere ladta hay
ramjee kee kripa se mai bachee
ramjee kee kripa se

gokul kee galiyo me jamuna kinare
woh toh hai kankaniya chhup chhupke mare
natkhat adaye surat hai bholee
holee me meree bhigaye woh cholee
baiyyan naa chhode, kalaiyya marode
paiyyan padu phir bhee pichha naa chhode
mithi mithi baton me mujhko phasaye hay
ramjee kee kripa se mai bachee
ramjee kee kripa se

So, Lord Krishna was the epitome of Leela...he was mischievous, devious and employed all sorts of means to achieve his end. Does this sound like someone we know? Today I think everyone was in the spirit of Janmashtami; with laughter, with festivities and above all, the Ras-Leela that Arnav was dancing with Khushi.
Now there were a lot of innuendos thrown in; which a lot of the Reduxians here have already pointed out...but the one that struck out at me more than anything, is that the Radha-Krishna reference was not hinted at Arnav and Khushi; but was probably more towards Senior ASR and whoever he was involved with...that unrequited sense still tells me Arnav and Khushi will get married their love will get that "blessing" so to speak..

Besides the chemistry and the spark between the leads; I have to say, that the entire cast is just coming together so well; and today NK, Mami and Payal also stood out to me; they were great in their scenes...and we finally know that Payal and Akash have done something worthwhile, other than getting upset with each other :) 

Now the big question is - will Arnav and Khushi have their big thinks...Arnav will not follow the backwards "deal" and he will have all those ceremonies one by one...Roka, Devi Pooja, Haldi, Mehndi, Sangeet, Phere, Suhag that order...7 days, 7 ceremonies no?
7 is also the number of magic - per Harry Potter...the most powerful of all...its always 7, 7 phere...7 wows...but will all this really happen...or will "Shyam" truly be born on Janmashtami?

Thanks for warm welcome Tanthya...and all the other fellow reduxians here...its become an addition...I love all the analysis :) Great Great writing!

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Arnav and Anjali – Anjali is browsing through the old album that Khushi found in the store room and Arnav enters to see an emotional Di who's lost in past memories.  He then reminds her gently about how she's always asked him to move on and not let the past affect the present and asks her how she forgot her own words.  Ahhh, isn't it always easy to give advice, but when it comes to following our own advice, pretty much most of us back out?  Di agrees with him and Arnav assures her that both of them together will forget the past of their childhood and move on with their lives.  A really wonderful decision.  However, one never knows if life decides to test our will power by once again bringing up some unfinished business from the past, just to see if we'll stick to our decisions.  Let's enjoy these moments until then, shall we.


Khushi and Payal – I've always felt that Payal was under-utilized in the show.  Look at how well she understands Arnav's character.  I've always liked the easy, yet silent rapport between Payal and Arnav; this is a very special friendship.  While Khushi is still hung up on Dadi ji's behavior, Payal draws her mind away to look at the positive side i.e. Arnav's behavior to Khushi.  She points out how Arnav stood up for her, how he supported her, fought for her and made it clear to one and all that his wife can do what she likes in his house.  She also goes on to add that Khushi is very fortunate in her husband.  You see how this sister put into perspective all the happenings of the last couple of days and helped Khushi see that her husband is truly a gem of a person.  How perceptive of Payal.


Love Beckons

Payal's wise words help Khushi realize how fortunate she is in her Arnav ji; his love beckons her and she cannot stop herself.  Thoughts of him put a smile on her face; she forgets her surroundings completely, leaves everything, forgets that her sister is talking to her, just gets up and starts walking upstairs as she has to see her beloved right now.  All through her trance like walk towards her bedroom, she's smiling and is a bit shy at the feelings of love overwhelming her. This was a really wonderful scene IMO and the title song was apt for the whole scenario.

Joh pehle hua naa, ab hone laga hain

Dil humka jagakar soney laga hain


Khushi enters her bedroom and sees Arnav.  When he asks her if she wants to say something, she just hugs his back tightly; silently she tries to convey that she loves him, asks for forgiveness for ever doubting him and thanks him for all the support he's been giving her……all conveyed through the warm hug.  When he turns to look at her, she apologizes. He tries to tell her that there's no need for her to apologize, she tells him she's apologizing for a different reason and walks away to bring back something with her.  Before Arnav can even guess what she's talking about, she tells him she's apologizing for seeing him naked. Arnav is totally taken aback.  She then shows him the photograph of him as a baby boy, butt naked.  LOLWhat ensue is fun and game between them where Arnav is trying to get the photograph and she's running away from him.  Khushi climbs on the bed to get away from him and he takes a wide jump to get the photo, they both make a crash landing onto the bed.  Hayye, what a landing sirji and they hit the GOAL.  The situation is too funny and they both laugh freely for the first time. {Viewers in Day Dreaming seeing them on the bed laughing like two crazy people}.  BTW, was it only me or did others feel that Barun and Sanaya were not acting at this point?  Arnav then neatly removes his photo from Khushi's hands and walks away.  Isn't it obvious Khushi and only Khushi could have brought about this miraculous change in his behavior?

NK the savior

A persistent Dadi wants to know the whereabouts about damaadji and questions mami who' s walking past.  Mami is stuttering and stammering (could we have ever imagined this?) and is mentally asking for help from even bhooth preth.  Enter NK who intercepts the conversation.  Dadi is irked by this and says 'jab bade baat karte ho, toh chote beech mein bola nahin karte'.  Our hinglish oriented NK misunderstands the whole conversation thinking she's talking about Chote (Arnav) being on the BEACH and tells her he's NK and not chote and beach is in Mumbai and not in Delhi.  The conversation was too hilarious and I just laughed so much and still am while writing this part.  Wish someone like NK existed in real life too to help us get out of sticky situations, especially when we need to face the boss's wrathLOL

Saath Phere

(Arnav in full Natkhat Kanhaiya mode)

NK wants to educate himself about Krishna and Radha and asks Nani if they were married only to be told that they were deeply in love and never married.  Their love was eternal, it never needed a name and they never did the saath phere; isn't this true about our soul mates, Arnav and Khushi as well?  Nani tells about the significance of saath phere that a couple take during marriage and the promises they make to each other, thus completing the marriage ritual.  Khushi is listening to all this and is worried because she and Arnav never did the saath phere.  She decides to go and talk to him.

While the conversation in the living room focuses on the broken bed in Arnav's room, mami ji takes her jibes asking HP what these two were actually doing on the bed, were they playing cricket.  Trust mami to come up with such things.  Everyone is smiling and Khushi is trying to hide her face.  Arnav is standing close by and as she passes by, winks at her, the natkhat that he is.  Finally, finally, we get to see the mischievous Arnav who was hiding behind the walls that ASR built up.  Oh what a treat it was to see him.

Khushi comes into the bedroom to talk to Arnav about saath phere.  An innocent Khushi is trying to tell him why they are not fully wife and husband and her intelligent husband asks her what the rituals are of marriage.  When she gives him a list, he latches on to the last one; of course it's Suhag Raat.  He tells her that they'll do all the rituals, but let's do it BACKWARDS, and start with 'SUHAG RAAT'.  Poor Khushi didn't even realize until she's cornered by her husband.  Arnav knows he has her right where he wants her and tells her 'Our suhag raat is tomorrow'.  Khushi is all flustered and worried about her first night.  Does he leave it there, NO WAY.  Early next morning, when Khushi wakes up, he wishes her and first thing he reminds her is 'TODAY IS OUR WEDDING NIGHT'.  Khushi has her dhak dhak attacks again thinking about what'll happen on her wedding night.


Bahut Mazaa Aaya:

The whole episode was very enjoyable, kudos to the dialog writers for coming up with such witty dialogues that had us all in splitsStarClapClapStar. A really feel good episode.

Barun, Sanaya, Utkarsha Naik, Karan, Deepali – You were all too good.ClapClapClap

A request - Please, no velvet clothes for Khushi.  Why does she wear these colors that are such an eyesore? 

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Family episode...Comedy Episode...Drooling Episode... Warm up episode ...Choose the best ?? 
All the above!!! Tongue 

Warning : Someone sneaking in and sneaking out strongly and boldly !! Ice breaking is going to start soon...

Bro-Sis;Bro-Bro;Sis-Sis;Husband-Wife (half or full Wink) all bonded today ...A Wonderful family scene shown with the head of the family watching ...ASR is still the head...No Daadi,,, I was happy that CV's didnt show this beautiful scene watched by ever angry Daadi (as of now)

Khushi : Never mess up with a business-man didn't know what runs in his mind these days. He is surprising every moment of yours and still you are not catching up with him.This man was just behind you 5-6 days back flirting challenging that you will come and hug and what a mouth you have !! Bilkul are damn gonna change!!  Your mouth is the biggest enemy...whatever moments be...whatever...Shocked

Well well...the episode is just a warm up episode to all the happenings that is going to take place in next week. We had the family sharing Krishna-Radha story ...a love story which is an example to so many things in this world. This story's  Radha - Krishna 's love has now fulfilled all the conditions whatever Naani mentioned. For that matter both of them got married to save their respected families from a major breakdown that day.

Family is all that they both love and now they are getting again together to save it from the upcoming storm.They shared a wonderful laughter today...husband-wifey..noo..Mami once pointed them clearly "LOVE BIRDS AYE GAYI".This bond alone will lead the other family members also to settle down and look forward to the future. This was depicited beautifully today!! I liked that last scene of Akash-Payal with their siblings...

"Daadiji aapke Goli...I mean boli"..ROFL...This scene was the best of the day!! Amazing...Laugh..laugh...and keep laughing... I am not so good at picking up clues from all the words but I hope whatever Manorama Mami mentioned today had something !! The decoders will do it perfectly...
Daadi is also stunned at NK 's guts to speak up to her like this Is It Wink?? If ASR pulls the attitude...NK just holds on the reverse gear for her.Chotte...NK...Beach...Garam...ClapBrilliant scene it was...!!! 

After a long time we witnessed Khushi - Payal convo a good much I missed this in last months...Just continue...

As in Harry Potter "The Darkness Approaches" and has got closer to the Lion's Den today!! 

BTW Why is the history repeating : ASR laughing...Khushi blushing...walking backwards..ASR-Akash;Khushi - Payal talk...!! Kuch gadbad hai ???Oh No..!!! Angry

Get ready for the roller coaster ride...!! 

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Lovely episode'.

Dadi character is looking as interesting as ASR. So Thought of writing about dadi  today'



.a strict, disciplined n religious woman, a woman who had lived her life on her own terms cud not come to live in her friend's house after losing her son n daughter in law on that fateful day

She chose to stay in ashram n left the children under the care of nani..but that night left an unhealed scar in her heart too, which she could not able to overcome over the years.. Dadi chose to shut herself from the family permanently, refusing to come to terms with the present, but keeping all the information abt her grandchildren.  

It is clear from their conversation that, she  used to get information abt them time to time.Her frequent questioning abt shyam hints she doesn't know anything about him. 

Her strict, disciplined religious , highhandedness hints at her instant disliking of khushi. Neither she wud have approved of her presentation nor her way of welcoming.

Her dislike is going to heighten even more when she learns khushi's involvement in shyam's matter. She may ask for the proof of kidnapping which nobody has.

Now that anjali has seen arnav in love with khushi n his lying to her..she might think that arnav has misunderstood / misread shyam.

This might trigger the reentry of shyam and anjali might chose to go with shyam and leave the house, which arnav may not allow. Meanwhile arnv-khushi come much closer n tackle the situation together.



Loved today's arhi scenes after long time'it didn't look silly like recent ones...if they keep showing such arhi scenes, it is much more enjoyable.

points to ponder---

1. dadi's involvement in either in khushi's parents death or in her son's unholy deeds seems to be remote...she seems to lead her life on her own terms like ASR. her reasoning for staying ashram would be her inability to come to terms with the situation enough to live through iti

2. the promo- where khushi says- " chahakar bhi hum aap se nafrath nahi karpate " and arnav's dialogue-" kash hum mohabath karpate "

isnot it related to immedietly post marriage track.wherein she is supposed to hate him for his deeds and he wants t love her but cant "


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Poets often describe love as an emotion that we can't control, one that overwhelms logic and common sense. Thats what it's like for me. I didn't plan on falling in love with you, and I doubt that you planned on falling in love with me. But once we met, it was clear that neither of us could control what was happening to us. We fell in love, despite our differences, and once we did, something rare and beautiful was created. For me love like that has happened only once, and thats why every minute we spent together has been seared in my memory. I'll never forget a single moment of it.

- The Notebook..Nicholas Sparks


Tell me friends'is not life strange??!!Two people'with a hell-heaven difference in their socio-economic background'in their outlook'in their methods of dealing with adversities'.yet so alike'bound by sweet songs of destiny!!Embarrassed


Who would have thought a year back...the reticent young man'filled with festering wounds of the past,astuteness enshrouding his soft heart would one day burst out in an innocent laughter..with that ray of life'smiling with him'in his happiness and shedding a few pearls in his pain!!Fate indeed has a cruel but unique way of dealing with us!!


I for one'do not like to analyse an episode scene by scene'.Nah..That's not me!!I rather like to stand by the shore and enjoy the beauty of the montage of emotions that an episode brings with it!!


Today's episode'.was an out and out Arhilicious one!!It was one of those "in your face"episodes that can touch anyone's heart..You need not be an intellectual pundit reading Neruda or Coelho in your past time!!


For me every single Arhi scene today'Whether Khushi hugging Arnav from the back,the bed-jump,their innocent laughter,Arnav teasing and flirting with his Lady love'.redefined romance on Indian Television!!


How progressive was the whole scene today where ASR with his usual insouciance talks about Suhaag Raat'How realistic was the scene today where two sisters talk about the nervousness,the excited anxiety that Suhaag Raat brings with it!!And the best part of the whole Payal-Khushi scene was that a married elder sister discusses Suhaag raat with the younger sister'All young and virginal'basking in the happiness and affection of her new-found marital bliss!!Embarrassed


ASR'ASR..ASR'You proved once again..why you are and will always remain an iconic character on Indian television'Looks alone can't bring such chutzpah that you carry'.The non-chalance,those smirks,and a Harvard brain in the truest sense!!The way you read your wife's mind..the way you look at her'the way you always know what she's gonna tell'In a word the way you know your Khushi'no wonder she is all flummoxed!!You are the reason of her dhak-dhaks and you know that too well!!


But for me..the best part of the entire episode'was where the two lovers'leaving behind all perks of being "star-crossed" LAUGH'.Yes they both laugh'It's not a smile..not a sexy smirk..Just pure,honest laughter'The splenetic young man gone'The boy Arnav smiling with his sunshine!!Two orphans'deprived of that parental love'some way or the other'basks in and cherishes each other's warmth like no other!!The nat-khat  Krishna and Radha'enjoying their moment of bliss..far from the doom and gloom of the outside world!!Big smile


Another scene that stood out for me..was where Naani was talking about Pheras and describing the eternal love of Radha-Krishna!!That their love needed "No name"..I was stuck catatonic by this dialogue..For how it resembled our very own star-crossed lovers!!That their love needs nopheras,no vocal vachans,no extravagant wedding to show the world'.What they shared was LOVE'And what Arshi share and hold on to is LOVE..Nothing matters anymore..Two lovers have found solace in each other!!Can anything be more blissful??!!Day Dreaming


In the midst of all love talks let's not forget the Raizada..whoops!!The Malik Martinet'And let's also not forget how Khushi's "Sakha"..true to his name'saved Mami..and in turn saves  Khushi from another bout of her wrath!!And comedy at its rocked once again!!


The episode..for me..will always be etched in my memory!!Not because of flirtatious Arnav,not because of the uninterrupted Arhi romance..But due to the fact that desire and boldness can be shown on Indian Television without succumbing to hokey means of depicting it!!An "in your face" episode lined with those subtle strokes of screenplaythat has always defined IPK!!


And my Kudos to that one woman'who has surely found a fan in me..Thank You Gul Mam for sticking to your storyline'For creating a character that's so progressive in his thoughts that leaves us gaping with its uniqueness,thank You for maintaining a gripping storyline in spite of a new found saas,thank You for creating a love story in the first place that always leaves us wanting for more!!Clap

Barun...What can I say??!!EmbarrassedClap

Sanaya..You truly are the sunshine girl at IPKWinkClap

Jayashree T:Once again nailed it as the caring but sturdy Raizada Matriarch!!Clap

Swati ji:It's good to see you're slowly catching up!!Clap


We at India Forums..have surely been on the CVs' back several times'But as I have said earlier..Let's praise IPK for what it has given us'Let's criticize the characters..But also at the end of the day..Let us all accept that IPK is fiction at its best!!Remember IPK is created by the CV's but we,the viewers are responsible for making it or breaking it'So let's enjoy fiction..and channelise our wrath,our frustrations to some REAL causes'Causes that need our voice!!Big smile


I wrote a lot today..I am having a hearty laugh at myself for making a decision yesterday that I won't write for a few days!!And look at me today..Made such a long post!!LOL

And Happy Birthday to my dear Arnie BwoyParty

My one and only wish for him is..Be successful this timeBlushingDancing

Good NightBig smileand Cya at IPK...Hopefully at Arshi's BedroomEmbarrassed


@ Samwa ;
 what a smashing take on IP..Completely agree with u that this show shud be long remembered for the layered story telling...Thankoo for the heart felt appreciation !!

PS:Thank You TantsBig smileYou know your appreciation matters!!Embarrassed


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Thanks for the brand new thread of Redux my dear Sathya ...


Originally posted by tanthya

@ Sumana ; I can't express my happiness that teh butterfly is slowly flexing ehr wings... Carry on girl. We are here with u !!


What a rocking episode yaar ... 

These creatives are driving us crazzy with their new twists and turns everyday ... 

 I was thinking that Arhi have accepted each other completely ... especially when Arnav has declared before every single one who matters to him that Khushi is his wife ,The Queen of RM and has handed her full haq over him and his entire kingdom ...and no one  is permitted to mess with her, not even his most respected Dadi ...I was wondering whether there will be any remarriage now ...

I was also debating ...if at all there is a remarriage track... who will demand it ??...Naniji ...Daadiji...Buaji...Anjali...Laxminagar waasi...Garima...and so on...Confused

BANG ... what do we get ???...Arhi planning their own saat pheras and Suhaag raat !!!!... OMG this has send all Arhians jumping with joy...what more can we ask for ???And this is demanded by none other than Khushi herself...No where else have we seen the heroine demanding ...the pheraas ...and pati patni jaise sab khuch karna !!!!... OMG really a nayi soonch...Clap

Thank you to Satya and Doods for predicting this remarriage track long back ...

A big thank you to the creative team for today's episode ...

I know Arnav is just having some fun watching Khushi get all flustered and shy at the thought of Suhaag raat...I know he will not touch her until she is ready for this...and that will happen only after they complete all the rituals ...I'm already floating in dreamland...

Knowing these creatives' past records ...the marriage rituals may happen but there is definitely going to be a massive interruptus to the suhaag raat by either 
AngryShyam's entry which shocks Arnav or...
 Angrythe deal which he was finalizing develops some snag or...
  AngryDaadi witnessing the pheraas and inquires about their marriage 6 mths back ,legitimacy of their marriage questioned ... 
   Unhappyso not hoping much on that front...

Will follow everyone's advise and keep expectations low and enjoy the episode as it unfolds...          

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Before I start a special shoutout to the Live Update crew. I don't watch the episodes live but your commentary makes it so much better.
Appu- What would we do without you. Thank you so much Hug
Shaz - Your running commentary is so hilarious, it's like your in my mind gal LOL. As soon as I read the epi summary I knew our gutter thoughts would take over the thread and you did not disappoint. But after reading your commentary I have nothing to write for myself D'oh
Was so tired today I was sure I wouldn't be posting but as soon as I read the episode summary I reserved a place. Just couldn't help it. The CVs gave us sooo much today how could I not write?!
So let's begin...
Wasn't able to watch the Arnav-Anji scene properly as I kept getting disturbed but I liked the fact that they promised to stick together to forget their past.
The bed breaking scene was great. At first when Khushi hugs Arnav from behind you're not sure if it's a sympathy hug but as soon as she sticks up that photo you know she's just teasing. It was so cute to see them running around, behaving like children and of course laughing khul ke. It came across so naturally, well done to BS & SI.

Mami gliding around the house, music in her ears, not a care in the world only to run into Dadi, followed by a small prayer for someone to come save her from the clutches of this 'against all things fun' woman. And who's the bali ka bakra this time, none other than NK...
NK you slay me with your lines (and little jump when you see dadi), darawani, I'm not chotte I'm NK, No beach in Delhi, bhashan, goli  LOL and the fact you say everything with such innocence, completely oblivious to dadi's anger bubbling inside, looking to burst forth...
And burst it did, dadi how dare you!! NK, Bewakhoof Shocked Oh no you didn't. That's it, be prepared for the 'wrath of Rit'!!! You insult my NK, Imma take you DOWN!! Angry
(Completely off topic but did anyone see the interview of Karan on the main forum today? It said eligible bachelor but I thought there was news a few weeks ago of him finally finding love?! - confused much)
Entering...Gutter Land (proceed with caution)
Oh the episode was rife with innuendos & guttery lines today, and I'm sure our keen eyes and ears picked up on every single one. Feel free to add any if I missed them out:
- Bed Breaking: don't really need to elaborate
- Pehle aise kabhi bed bhi nahi toota
- Mami's dialogue 'ehsan ka karathe rahe bedwa pe jo bedwa hi toot gaya, cricket khelat hai?' All Raizada's get naughty smirks on their faces (ahh loves it), Khushi hiding behind the diya. Embarrassed
- Arnav winking after the bed breaking is revealed to the family. BS as much as I love you, please practice winking in the mirror
- Multiple mentions of Suhaag Raat
- Arnav: 'mein tumhe khaa toh nahin jaonga' - I wouldn't  be so sure Khushi.
Ok gutter overload.
Let's talk about other things I liked (or managed to notice despite all the drooling)
- We're getting a lot of nice Khushi-Payal conversations. I like that the sisterly bond has been restored, makes me reminicse about old Gupta house days. When Payal was talking about Khushi being khushnaseeb to get a husband like Arnav, I almost thought she was going to do an impression of Arnav but no Disapprove. The kitchen convo about the suhag raat was also cute, Payal wondering why Khushi's sanak is at an all time high today and Khushi's face like she's being sent to the slaughter (pun totally intended)
- Mr & Mrs Pink look like there are back in the the honeymoon phase, Payal holding the diya while Akash paints. The CVs missed an oppourtune moment here, they could've painted their diya pink but it was yellow.
- Akash noticing Arnav in an extra chirpy mood today - 'Good Day' huh? - Ask him again tomorrow, hopefully he'll have an extra spring in his step Wink
- The family sitting around painting diyas and listening to nani's tales.
Had to talk about the Arnav-Khushi night time scene seperately because it was just that good! 
- First Arnav cutting his call because he saw Khushi was getting impatient,  what a lovely husband. 
- Arnav playing along to Khushi's melodrama
- The look of guttery realisation on Arnav's face as he realises the 'things' pati & patni's do
- Arnav toying with Khushi - 'you're so intelligent' and you Mr. ASR are such a tease!
- As Khushi was reciting her rasam list, Arnie baby was just waiting for the 'suhaag raat', he didn't even let her finish before his 'yup that one' - you eager beaver you! 
- 'Shuruvat suhaag raat se', you definately are an eager beaver
- 'mein tumhe kha toh nahin jaonga' - are you sure??!
- Bitwa's smirk = Ritika dead!! Day Dreaming
Arnav must be the most forward Star Plus lead in the history of shows, only you could get away with saying the things you say and doing the things you do. Kudos to Gul & the CVs for pulling off quite a risque episode.
A chottu sa mention to Mr. Pink. Well done man, we didn't know you had it in you. Some of us had begin to doubt your manhood after witnessing your love affair with pink (and some of us still do doubt it - yes Shaz I'm looking at you Stern Smile). But your Pyaari Payalia cleared your name Mister. Good for you, you get yours Thumbs Up
I was thinking about how difficult this episode must have been to shoot. If I was a cast member I wouldn't have been able to stay in role at all.
- Swati Ji, how could you keep a straight face while NK was blabbering on.
- All the RM wasis, Mami's line must have slayed you.
- Barun & Sanaya: Your scenes were too much, how many re-takes must you have had to do?!
Just a thought to end: Bitwa has had how many failed attempts at one single kiss? He's jumping the gun a bit! Iss besabari ko kya naam doon?
Well that's all I could muster at this time. It wasn't very insightul or proufound but that's what all the other writers are for LOL
Also a specialwa shoutout to Joy, who took her pehla kadam into Redux yesterday, loved your first post, ditto ditto ditto to everything. Sorry I wasn't there to congratulate you last night, I logged on rather late but you weren't around! But now that you've done it once you wont be able to stop (To quote Mr. Pringle 'once you pop you can't stop' - someone should also warn Arnav bitwa about this too). Anyway carry on with the posts, well done!! Clap

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Heartfelt Thanks Hugto all the readers and my fellow reduxians who commented.
Thanks HugJria, Tanthya, Namedx, Mommamia, Arhimaniac, Sunshine99 and others if I have missed your name for your lovelycomments.
I'm not able to check all the pages, still appreciate your welcoming warmth. Also it is wonderful to see the index in redux, which directs me to read the chosen few and enjoy their analysis especially when I'm pressed on time!
Thank you once again! Smile
Please note - I'll no be writing tomorrow. If feasible I'll club it on coming Monday!
The furtive glance, that gleams one instant bright,
Is more than half of love's supreme delight.
~ Thirukkural
I gaze, the tender maid relents the while;
And, oh the matchless grace of that soft smile!
~ Thirukkural

Ateet ki smirityaan jo hoti madhur!
Nayano se aansoon na behte jhar jhar!
Jeevan se aage badhne ki le seekh,
Bhool ja jo dukhad gaya hai beet|

If the memories of past were sweet,
The eyes would not be shedding tears!
Learn from life and move on and forget the past.
Pyaar ki chuan hoti hai kitani meethi,
Ankhon mein chamak,aur le aati hai galon pe lali!
Man dolata hai yun...
Jaise saawan ke jhoolon ke hon haule hichkole,
Kadam badhtein hain wahan,
Jahan khelni ho pyaar ki aankh micholi|
The touch of love is very sweet!
Brings brightness in one's countenance!
Hearts swings with the joys of happiness, and feet takes us to our beloved.
Mami ke manoranjan mein pada vyavadhaan!
Dadi ke prashno se Mami bhayi hairaan-pareshaan!
Nanhe aaye rukavat ke liye khed...
Dadi ko bataya daravani jaise hon bhoot-pret!
Nanhe ka swabhaav dadi ko na bhaye,
Woh use uski maryaada samjhaayen|
Nanhe aur unki OMG bhasha ka pher...
Arth ka anarth ho jaye nahin lagti isme der!
Jab dekha apne prashno ka nahin milega samadhaan
Dadi ne NK ko 'moorkh' ki upadhi de kiya wahan se prasthaan!
It's full stop on Mami's entertainment,
Dadi has bombarded her with some pressing questions...
NK walks in to put an interruption to the interrogation!
Dangerous dadi doesnot like NK 
She teaches him manners which are important to learn!
Nk and his understanding of Hindi language...
Beware it changes the whole meaning in no time!
Dadi's patience has weared thin with her felicitation of 'idiot' to NK she makes an exit!
Radha-krishna ke amit preet sang, chali reet ki baat|
Vivah ke satya vachan sang, bandhi saat janmon ki gaanth|
Yeh baat Khushi ke liye thi badi gambhir
Apne sambandh ki satyata dikhi jaise spashta tasveer|
The neverending love story of Radha-Krishna,
Brings the matter of customs in marriage.
The promises that bride and groom make,
Tie them together for seven lives to come.
Khushi is stressed by listening to the customs,
As she can see the clear picture of her relation with Arnav!
Chaaya roop dekh Arnav hua savdhaan!
Parde ke peeche khadi Anjali ban anjaan!
The lurking shadow has put Arnav on alert,
But it is the unsuspecting Anjali behind the curtain.
Khushi hai chinta grasta, soch soch ke hai halat pasta|
Apne sambandh ki vaidhata ke liye karni thi kuch rasmein,
Vivah ko poorna karne ke liye khaani thi kuch kasmein|
Sankshep mein bataya sab rasmon ka anukram,
Arnav ne sujhanya anth se karte hain prarambh!
Khushi ko satane mein Arnav ko milta hai anand,
Uske ke haave bhaav dekh kar nahi hain hum dang|
Khushi is troubled and is tiredof thinking about her marriage.
She wishes to legalize the marriage by making the promises and fulfilling the customs.
In short she told Arnav the sequence of marriage events
Arnav is suggesting to complete them from the end.
Arnav is having fun in teasing Khushi,
We are not shocked to see her surprised reactions.LOL

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