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IP REDUX ; Nhat Khat Kaanha !! (Page 2)

abavi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 11:55am | IP Logged

Hello buddies!

Thanks a lot Tants! thanks for encouraging me to start  writing again in the first place and thanks for the appreciation post... Feels so good when the very one from whom we got inspired to write, appreciates and acknowledges our posts!

And Thanks friends for liking and commenting on my post! Love ya all!


Yesterday's epi was a laughter riot from starting to end! and here goes today's Anjarai Petti!


Anjarai Petti


"Itha appadiyae tanjavur kalvettu la eluthitu pakathula otkarnthuko .. unakku pinnadi vara santhathigal parthu purinchi nadanthupaanga"

The Album which was digged out of the treasure mine by Kushi and later snatched away from her by Dadi who made a hassle out of it finally finds its way to Anjali's room who is browsing through it when Arnav makes an entry calls her a hypocrite in the most nice way possible and they make peace deciding to forget the past together'


Downstairs Kushi and Payal have a small talk where Kushi is worried about Dadi's dislike for her and Payal reminds her how Arnav supported his wife' and awards Arnav the best husband title...this triggers Kushi to realise that he has changed a lot.. and she promptly goes to dream land...

Adra sakkai, adra sakke, adra sakke!!
Kushi is lost in thoughts about her hubby and reaches their room to find him taking something off his shelf' She plays jalapulajangs with him and he easily wins her!  

Mind voice : Jalapulajangs... is a game... courtesy Movie - GentleMan(tamil)

She proceeds to shock him further apologizing for looking at him in his naked glory but it turns out to be his naked photograph which taken when he was still a baby! He wants it back but Kushi doesn't want to give it to him' they have a chase and end up jumping on the bed breaking it! They both break into a laugh- and Arnav snatches the photo from her'

Mindvoice: He hasn't even started and the bed breaks' Of all the methods of breaking a bed' they settle down for this' sigh!


"Onnu inga irku ennonu enga?"

Dadi corners Mami to know the answer for million dollar wala question- Where is her beloved Shyamwa?

Mindvoice: Dadi is smart ya she knows whom to target'
"ada athu than anne ithu"
But Mami has grown smart in years when Dadi went to live like a hermit. Mami's tries to wiggle out of the situation and to her rescue comes in NK' The guy may look little naive but is very clever, and uses his weekness of hindi Knowledge to his advantage and pull's his Maasi out of Dadi's grip!

Mind voice : Have you heard of the baby elephant and the crocodile story!



Arasiyalla ithellam sagajamappa !!
The family gathers around to talk about Radha Krishna love story; the talk soon turns towards how pheras complete a wedding. Kushi realizes that her wedding with Arnav is not complete yet. The family witnesses men carrying the new bed board for replacing the broken one in Arnav's room. Mami wants to know if how they broke the bed and wonders whether they were playing cricket and the family snickers looking at eachother. Kushi is embarrassed and intends to leave the place, while the shameless Hubby winks and smirks at her, fluttering her further

Mind voice : Aiyo aiyo' ethuvume nadakala' athukulla ivalo scena?



"idhu ulaga maha napippuda saami"

Anjali gets calls from her mysterious caller and goes away and Arnav later senses someone lurking in shadows and tries to investigate but hits a blank wall ie, finds it is only his sister' She asks if everything is alright, he nods and leaves.

Mind voice : Talk about intuitions!


"Ah inga pushu, Ah inga pushu, right la pushu, ah left la pushu..."

Kushi asks Arnav to complete their Marriage rasams. Arnav gives a look of having the satisfaction of the Lion watching the deer walking into its den and asks her with a puppy dog face to list the rasams that they have missed' Kushi lists it down feverently upto SR and Arnav complements Kushi's intelligence and tells her that they shall do it in reverse order'

Mind voice : Arrey, why reverse order yaar' You people have already completed the Rasams until that'


A flabbergasted Kushi mutters No and runs away! Only to be reminded by Arnav that they shall have their SR the next day. He also makes sure to remind her about it the next morning- talk about getting good news, like bed coffee when you wake up in the morning'

Mind voice : Talk about reminding about the night early in the morning' Did you get to sleep man? Sounding so desperate aren't you? Gutter wa'

 "Good Morning oppicer'''" 
Arnav singh Raizada gets a courier delivered, and when Dadi is wondering who it is, Arnav comes in style and wishes her morning, and walks off.. Dadi is left wondering when Arnav Malik changed into Arnav Singh Raizada!
Mindvoice: time bomb! wondering what was Kushi's real surname? not Gupta defineltely, because she was adopted by her maasi and not chachi!  her real surname will be another bomb!

"en da, en kitta andha kelvi kette?"

Arnav walks out happily and Akaash catches his smile and asks if there is anything that they have to know'  Arnav still smiling walks away saying it's a good day'

Mind voice :Hehehe' what did you expect Akaash, that Arnav will say "tum Chacha banne wali ho " is it? May be Arnav can say, I am planning to make you a chachu soon Akaash' 


It doesn't seem so for Kushi who trots down to kitchen like a scared chicken and has a convo with her sis who tells her how scared she was for her SR'

Kushi being besharam asks her why? Payal calls her pagli and walks away..

Mind voice : ok now that's a confirmation that Akaash and Payal have done IT.


"Start music'"
Kushi is scared thinking about her impending SR

Mind voice : Hmm why won't she be? This guy just jumps on the bed and breaks it' What will happen when he actually jumps on her?? But I think it will be long before they do IT' 

Ok, ambututhan!

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mommamia IF-Rockerz

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.Sia. IF-Dazzler

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Reduxians! Hola guys, how are we all doing today? All deep in the gutter, no doubt. My analysis won't be much of an analysis today guys because I'm short on time & all I can do is giggle when I revisit certain parts LOL

Thank you to all the lovely people who liked my post. Special mentions to Jhalak, Shaz, Sathya, sunshine99 (sorry, I'm bad with names!) for your lovely words & thank you for all the nok-jhok on the Redux threads guys! I wuv all of you! Heart

If anyone else commented about my posts, I probably missed them due to the huge number of pages in the Redux thread. Sorry! But yay, I'm now on the second page! Big smile

Also, I did read a lot of amazing analysis yesterday. You guys are beyond awesome! I've liked a few of your posts & I'm sorry I couldn't give in-depth feedback. Please, blame my wifi.


Yesterday's post (I may refer to some points I highlighted yesterday in this post):


One thing I do want to reiterate is that this is the lull before the storm - the harder ArHi are falling in love now, the harder it's going to be for them to put the past behind them and overcome the obstacles that will pave their way.


I always seem to find the negative side in all their love scenes, so I'll try to be more positive this time!


Arnav & Anjali

I hope Arnav remembers this when the truth comes out. I hope he realises, with Anjali's help, that he needs to leave the past behind and move forward. I said something to this effect yesterday:

Arnav wants to look to the future, but to do that he has to release himself from the past.

I want to see this happening, and I want Arnav to let go of what happened. When we discover what part Khushi played in his past, I want him to remember this moment.


Payal & Khushi

Looks like the siblings are back! Payal's acting like Khushi's sister once again, teasing her & supporting her. I liked when she pointed out what a good husband Arnav is and how much he supported her in front of Dadi. Both sibling scenes were very touching Smile


Flirting & Romance

Khushi, feeling all gooey and in love (ooh, interesting female version of the title track!) goes to her room and hugs Arnav from behind. 

So sweet yaar, and I had a flashback to Teri Meri. Arnav made Khushi's dream come true with the pearl necklace, and Khushi made Arnav's dream come true with the hug from behind! Aww, iss cuteness ko kya naam doon?!

Then came the super sweet chasing and bed scene! The laughing, the open happiness both of them are feeling is heartwarming.

Absolutely loveloveloved that scene! I felt like I was watching Barun & Sanaya laughing because Arnav & Khushi were just so comfortable together! Also, flashback to the scene at GH when they fell on each other!

But my ArHi-activated gutter mind couldn't help but think of the condition the bed will be in after their suhaag raat Embarrassed


Dadi & NK

Dream duo yaar! NK's 'I'm not Chote' dialogue and all the hilarious words that were leaving his mouth. Dadi has met her match; our dear Nanheji will drive her mad. She even corrected him a few times! LOL

Loved that scene!

Khushi remembers her wedding & more flirting

She remembered the fact that there were no 'saat phere' and realises her marriage is incomplete. So she decides to talk to Arnav about it. Re-marriage soon then, nah? Even I noticed the parallels with the religious story Nani spoke about, but I'm sure someone else will highlight it!


Something else I noticed: Aakash is normal again? Or maybe he's taken a leaf out of his brother's book and he's pretending. Someone, please sort Aakash's character out!


Haha Mami's taunts about Arnav & Khushi playing cricket on the bed (the amount of bat & ball posts I've seen today LOL), embarrassing Khushi.

Who can forget Arnav's killer wink? *swoon*


The shadow

I hate to dampen the mood, but the shadow showed that dark times are looming. But also that they will pass. The shadow disappeared quickly, so happier times will come soon after the revelation of the truth. Who's relationship I'm referring to? To be honest, I think all relationships will be tested with this revelation. The shadow wasn't just for Arnav and Anjali, but Arnav and Khushi, Payal and Aakash, Nani and Dadi, HP and Laxmi (LOL). Jokes aside, the shadow will impact on everyone.


Suhaag raat

Anyone else fall deep into the gutter after this? Firstly, Arnav ignoring Khushi was such a husband-wife thing. Khushi's frustration at him attending the phone call was hilarious. But then when he heard her mumbling, he hung up the phone and gave her all his attention. He gave up a call with Aman for Khushi?! Yeh toh sacha pyar hai!


Arnav was hilarious in this scene. The mischief in his eyes when he asked her to tell him what all of the rituals were, stopping at suhaag raat. & the challenge in his eyes when he said they should work their way backwards from suhaag raat. Looks like Arnav's had enough of waiting, and now he knows his wife reciprocates his feelings, he wants her! Bechara's had so many failed attempts; to date, he hasn't even kissed his wife properly. This entire scene had me cracking up.


Some people were in disbelief that Khushi has forgotten about the contract, but after he exposed his vulnerability to her in yesterday's episode, she's decided that she has to be there for him & she wants to be with him. Their current proximity and love for each other overpowers all else. I have a feeling re-marriage will be before or on the day of the contract ending. That will put the contract issue to bed completely. Of course, I'm sure it'll rear its ugly head once again when the truth all comes out. Oops, I forgot! Optimism, Ghausia...


'Arnav Singh Raizada'

I'm not going to dwell on this scene much as I feel it's not over. Dadi will bring it up again, and I'm trying to make my post positive!


Arnav teasing Khushi & 'good day'

I shall leave the contents of the suitcase to your gutter minds. The thought that it could be a completely ordinary suitcase containing clothes didn't even cross my mind! LOL


Poor Khushi, yaar! Arnav constantly reminding her that it'll be their suhaag raat that night (I'm almost certain that Khushi will convince him to take the phere and legitimise their marriage beforehand so it won't happen in that day). Someone else mentioned in a post that Aakash might think that Khushi is pregnant, hence Arnav's happiness. I burst out laughing when reading this but you never know with this show. A woman with a ridiculously flat tummy (due to the 2 celery stick diet Sathya LOL) is expecting twins, so why can we not have a miracle pregnancy? (No offence to anyone, my intention isn't to be blasphemous!)

When Arnav mentioned that it's a 'good day', I couldn't help but think that perhaps sad times will come sooner than we're expecting. I hope I'm wrong!


Khushi asking Payal about suhaag raat was a funny scene. It was made even funnier when I saw people on the forum stating their shock that Payal had one! Who knew Aakash had it in him? ROFL

Poor Khushi is so worried over what her rakshas laad governor can do!



Go Arnav! Tell Dadi the truth about scumbag Shyam!


This episode was yet another amazing episode. This whole week has been brilliant, and our old IPK magic is coming back!


This wasn't the most in-depth analysis I've ever done, but I'm tired guys. Please leave your likes and comments. Looking forward to seeing other posts too! Smile

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mommamia IF-Rockerz

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vaatuhaara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 11:57am | IP Logged
Yaaron... Aa jao... N go crazy...!Wink

Cute n Funny episode...LOL

Today, I'm on a 'Symbolism decoding' spree... Enter at your own 'riskwa'... Becoz the soul writing this is immune to 'any sort of damage to brain' this particular soul doesnt have a 'sense' to be out of sense...LOL

Here are my 'Channas' of Wisdom...

Smile the Symbolism of the 'Arnav Anjali' hug... Whenever this boy hugs a person, the other person immedietly starts hiding things frm him. This is called as d 'Hug Effect'... Ask, Anjali, Kushi or Daadi... They all hav got only this boy to play, 'hide n seekwa'...Wink

Smile The 'back hug' by Kushi... Symbolism...hmm...hmmm... Yes! That was 'whirlwind coming frm the past n hitting the target'... (kya bole jaa rahi ho...scratches my head) Wink

Smile The 'cute Baby Pic'... That symbolises that, 'Arnav bituwa wasnt born with his 'Three Piece Suit'... That was a 'techniqui Kharaabi, he developd Later...Wink

Smile 'Kushi's Rabbave n title song at the Stair case...' That is to tell us dat, these days 'she has removd Rabba ve, frm the 'I- pod' n is playing new songs...

Smile 'Her tent dress'... It symbolises dat, 'kyunki Tent bhi Kabhi Pom Pom thi'... Every1 angry with d tent, take a deep breath, think of d 'pom pom' n dont worry... 'you are already breathing out' with a deep helpless Sigh...' by the way, isnt it, 'Janmashtmi' they r celebrating... May be they r laying the track for 'Christmas'. Thats why the 'tentwa' rings 'jingle bells' in my head...Wink

Smile Symbolism of 'Suhaag Raath'... That says... The Cvs roam around our Jurrasic and then, n they know that 'yeh dil bekaraar kitna...' aatmas r living here...Wink

Smile the Symbolism of 'Broken Bed'... Thats a final warning for us... 'not to never ever call, 'Kushi as Petite and Arnav as Skinny'... Didnt we see what they did? Broke a 'king size' bed with a 'pole Vault'...!

They should hav been our official entry into Olympics 'FLY WEIGHT BOXING'...Wink

Smile 'Arnav's wink...' it symbolises dat his poor 'chocolate eyes' hav decided to take a break frm the 'staring session'... The new deal is dat, when 'one eye stares, the other wil rest by winking'...Wink

Smile 'Kushi's Hair clip...' kya yaaron.. Ab yeh bi explain karne ki padi...

'thats the Soch nayi' by SP' yaar... Hum kisise kam nahi andolan for 'patni' log.

"if 'PATI' has a 'BLUE TOOTH'... Then 'PATNI' has a 'HAIR CLIP'...Wink

Smile was trying to Lengthen my even 'paagalpan' has limits naa...Wink

P.S... 'Thanx SATHYA dear'... Waiting for your update...

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riti4u IF-Stunnerz

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A New Beginning!!

Hello friends ,Sorry for reserving space as I cant do analysis today but didnt want to leave this place empty so thinking of writing one song fr this new beginning ...A song one of my favorites by celine dion...A New Day has Come <3

I was waiting for so long
For a miracle to come
Everyone told me to be strong
Hold on and don't shed a tear

Through the darkness and good times
I knew I'd make it through
And the world thought I had it all
But I was waiting for you

Hush now
I see a light in the sky
Oh, it's almost blinding me
I can't believe
I've been touched by an angel with love

Let the rain come down and wash away my tears
Let it fill my soul and drown my fears
Let it shatter the walls for a new, new sun

A New Day Has Come ...

Sathu- it is really commendable that you read 30 takes and appreciated each ones effort and also indulge in chatting...I really applaud your dedication to redux.You truely are soul of redux.Thanks fr appreciating hun...*Hugs* 

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NothingLasts IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by tanthya

@ Jachu ;

Donno whether he got his priorities right there...I was  LOL  so much  that I couldn't continue for a while...what a humorous but points filled post..Loved it .. U are fast  becoming my daily dose of therapy !!

@ Shazzy..

what a wonderful job , how sensitively have u drawn the portrait of a young man  who was dealt a cruel blow and the soothing balm in his wif

@ Bushwa

Even under exhaustion, U manage to hit the nail...Rat Job??e...

@ Shreya,

I just loved ur post esp ur wish on the bangles..Me too want to see what will Dadi do.

@ Divi ;loved ur take on the Shankh ...Beautifully written.. Thanks for the compliments..

@ Kops; A refreshing view  from the hobbits land.. everywwhere ..Arhi it iin Potter land or the Hobbit one..Thank You !!

@ Samwa ; what a smashing take on IP..Completely agree with u that this show shud be long remembered for the layered story telling...Thankoo for the heart felt appreciation !!

@ Sandy ; Love ya very very much !!..I still remember the day u started out and I am astonished at how profound ur thoughts have become ..I am glad to know u !!

@ Sheila ; Everyday I think, You can not surprise me today n everyday I eat humble pie cos U are a girl who possess a lateral view...sees thing  from a different perspective and  keeps us  astonishing from the unforeseen angle..

@ Lucky...

I donno why, I felt that this was ur best and also loved it more cos it was from ASR's angle..

@ Vi ; OMG ...Side gapulle AUto...I never knew u had such  a ticklong funny bone..OMG...I was stunned and awestruck by ur creativity

@Koel; Wow!!! u are one of the most sensitive writers of Redux, the way u bring out the nuances   is simplye applauseworth ..I specially liked it when u brought Ma & Amma..

@ Shreya ; Welcome back ...I missed u so much and the  depth of it was brought home to me when I read the well meaning and thoughtful poem  !!

@ Ghausia ; Am reading u for the first time n i was bowled over by the clarity of ur thoughts , the way u structured ur posts...lovely reading... it was seamless writing..loved it..

@ Mona... As Usual ,U rocked... and also come back from SKD soon, we need u here !!

@ Jhals ; The more I read, The more I want !!

@ Vidya ; Logical, analytical n well thought was a pleasure to read

@ Sumana ; I can't express my happiness that teh butterfly is slowly flexing ehr wings... Carry on girl. We are here with u !!

@ Fari ; My dearest Meerabhai..each and every word shows ur love for the show and the characters..Love u for the refined way u write...

@ Naz ; ur prose are something to die for cos the contents will  be thought provoking and I will make do with the song for the day...and wait for ur prose..

@ Riti; what a brilliant, brilliant  writing  beaitufully ahve u written  the prologue...

@ Teju Vijay ; concise but clear

@ Lucky2; U came after a hibernation and yet  what a amazing write up...Loved it n will wait for the take on Mandhara..

@ Sharmi ; wonderful catch on blooper ,,,impeccable writing

@ Droopy_Asleep ; Welcome to the Family, loved how u used the Shyam as the snake .. That was a startling notion and  i was delighted by iy..

@ Joy; wonderful pointers.. Summa kalakitteenge

@ Areeba , Yayy !! My sweety is back...with  her intake a summer showers to cool the fevered brows...

@NK...u packed a punch in there ...n loved the insight..all of us are waiting just for tht

@ Sul ; OMG...what  knock out punches

@ Anu, Thank You very much ..

@ Ranju ; A captivating post, A post which breathes honesty, love for the show in equal measures

Thank you!!! 

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Jhalak29 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 11:59am | IP Logged

A Very Happy Janmashtami to all of Us..

May We all be blessed with our Personal LadooGopals, Kanha & Krishna In our Lives,,,,
Let him Rejoices us with Motherhood, Love & Guide
The Saga of ROMANCE continues...

"Those who have never known the deep intimacy and the intense companionship of happy mutual love have missed the best thing that life has to give."
-  Bertrand Russell
 Day 5 & Day 6 in continuation
After a hatrick of intense emotinal tugging at heart episodes, today was a short ball with light humor induced moments, A joyful journey Arnav & khushi, stealing moments of love, companionship & making them into memories...
Its day 6 day of THE CHALLENGE Arnav took for himself, and he has already won Khushi in accepting the HUM between them ,,, task 50% complete, they both hv accepted their love n marriage tooClapClapClapwhat is left is to make the HAMESHA possible in next 6 days...
The episode started with Arnav & Anjali, trying to move beyond the past , A past which they hv buried, for it seeps pain in their lives, but it holds happiness there too, A  itching with has not healed is burning with rot within, yet looks healed they hv decide to move ahead with holding hands n be each others support,,,,,,
Khushi & Payal discussing abt Arnavs action & how payal was happy that how dignified Arnav is behaving with Khushi, his pride in being with  Khushi is outshining and all feel bedazzled with it and she very nicely reminds Khushi abt the fact that indeed Khushi is a lucky gal with a partner like Arnav,
Khushi is too in confirmation with this and is soul searching abt the fact, when it happend how happned doesnt matter what matters is the soul depth with it touches the two of them, that the world stood witnessing it...
The next scene where she hugs him and tease him reminds me of the growing confort between them, there was a time when they both cudnt understand anything abt eachother just the pain but now even with outlining the intentions they are eager to soothe each other, Arnavs hurried response to khushi bought this and the teasing... one of the most poignant moments we got  they say life happiness lies in sharing small joys with ur partner, these small moments build a string of memorires which becomes your tresures,,, one when you look back, you relive the joy the happiness it bought,,,, its these small moment which u hold in you fist when u look arnd
 "And as ridiculous as it may sound, sometimes all any of us needs in life is for someone to hold our hand and walk next to us."
James Frey, The Final Testament of the Holy Bible
This was a common everyday happening they fell in bed together and start laughing, if you look it at first lok it looks ridiculous but the unreigned it bought for khushi & arnav was beyond measurable, A man who had smiled in years in presence of his cherished one lets go the shackes on his heart for a moment and this simple moment lets him loose with his love,  they hv fallen numerous times before too, Falling has been a part of their journey yet today was the only time they hv laughed, they hv eccpted each other completely and so hv they started njoing mundane things
The next scene once agn highlighted the diff between Khushi & Arnav, where in khushi gets restlessless with the incompleteness of marriage & Arnav sees its a chance to enjoi the palyfulness with his wife,
I loved nani explaining the love between Krishna & Radha, A love which is beyond a name, it wasnt bound by societal norms or acceptance morein with the two involved, which was accepted and adored by the world on the purity it hold something similar to Arnav & khushi's love which isnt bound to the realtionship they hv they are each other suppport, anchor, friend,  teaser, partner competitior, they are the ones who brings out the best in otherClap
Time hv changed, Realms hv changed but time has stood testimony to immortal love RadhaKrishna hv taught the mortals,, once agn we are witnessing the Love which isnt bound by name but the invariable components( edited: Added later as a after thought)
Arnav once agn teasing Khushi in the bedroom with regards to marriage & rituals highlighted the acceptance these two two hv for each other and their relationship, they are no longer denying  the realtionship but are looking fwd in this relationship...
Arnav once agn expressing his desire to move forward in this relationship, infact including his playfulness into it to make khushi  a willing partner in their journey was adorable
The scene between Anjali & Arnav highlighted once agn If Arnav is gaining his ground with Khushi, he is loosing his footing with Anjali, who is holding averted eyes when Arnav finds her in the poolside alley, I wonder where this betryal leave Arnav this time, will her abondament this time lead ot ressurection of ASR once gan, one which has gone back since Khushi's arrival
I am not touching the final scene and dadi tonite bcz  would like to take the complete scene which playout.
Another important component "Companionship" of the realtionship called marriage was highlighted for me today between Arnav & Khushi, They hv become the support, anchor, frnd, teaser, in  each other lives, they hv become the ppl who will stand by each other, A few more components achieved and they will be completely in it.Big smile
Loved NK facing DadiBig smile
Mami's monkey GrooveWink
HP explaining Bed Breaking in Arnavs room,LOL
Mami's dialoge abt CricketThumbs Up
Return of naughty Arnav, " main tumhe kha thode hi jaunga Khushi"ROFL
Family observing the changing Dynamics of Khushi Arnav's RelationshipLOL
Dedication To Arnav & Khushi
Some may call it Destiny, Some  may call it meant to be
But I just call it  U & Me
Tonite njoing the companionship I got this in my mind, Hope you will njoi it too
Thank U the Readers and like team, without you all it wouldnt be possible to njoi these 20 mins of my life to this extent
Salute to Team Redux, THE TWO ZENITH's  DOODLES & TANTHYA,,,this is a dedication to you, entertainment will never be same,,, it will be a learning always now

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