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IP REDUX ; Nhat Khat Kaanha !! (Page 16)

Jhalak29 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 4:40pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sarunrocks

Today we celebrated Krishna Jayanthi (Krishna's Birthday) and in IPK they were talking about Radharani and Krishna and their eternal love and I really felt like writing about their beautiful vivah that happened. I know past few posts I am writing about Krishna a lot. Radha and Krishna are never considered two they are always one. She lives in his heart and soul and they live as one soul. That is why we call him as Radhe Krishna. Their relation is full of passion and devotion

In Brahma Vaivarta Purana their vivah and union is described as

As passionate Radha, Her lotus face smiling, gazed at Him, Lord Krsna spoke to Her. Sri Krsna said: O Radha, You must remember what happened in Goloka (Goloka aka Vrindavan is the eternal abode of Krishna).  O beloved, now I will fulfil the promise I made to You. O Radha, O girl with the beautiful face, I love You more than anyone.  You are identical with Me.  We are not different. whiteness is always present in milk, as heat is always present in fire, and as fragrance is always present in earth, so I am always present in You.

You are half of My body.  You are the Supreme Goddess, the root of all nature.  In power, intelligence, knowledge, and glory, You are My equal.

Then with the presence of Brahma, sitting between Them both, Brahma ignited a sacred fire and, meditating on Lord Krsna, properly offered oblations. Then Lord Krsna rose from His couch, sat by the fire, and, as Brahma recited the mantras, properly offered oblations. Then Brahma, the father of the Vedas, bowed down before Sri Sri Radha-Krsna.  Then he had Radha circumambulate Lord Krsna seven times.

Then he had Radha circumambulate the sacred fire.  Then he bowed down before Lord Krsna.  Then he offered a sitting place to Sri Radha. Then he had Lord Krsna take Radha's hand and then he had Lord Krsna recite seven Vedic mantras. Then grandfather Brahma, the knower of the Vedas, placed Radha's hand on Lord Krsna's chest, and Lord Krsna's hand on Radha's back.  Then he had Radha recite the mantras. Then Brahma had Radha happily place a knee-length parijata garland around Lord Krsna's neck.

Then Brahma had Radha bow before Lord Krsna and then he had Lord Krsna place a beautiful garland around Radha's neck. Brahma had Lord Krsna sit down and then he had smiling Radha, Her thoughts fixed on Lord Krsna, sit at Lord Krsna's left.

O Narada, then Brahma had Radha and Krsna fold Their hands and recite five Vedic mantras.Then Brahma had Radha again bow down before Lord Krsna.  Then, as if he were the father and She were his daughter, Brahma gave Radha to Lord Krsna.  Then Brahma respectfully stood before Lord Krsna. Then the demigods, the hairs of their bodies erect with joy, sounded many dundubhis, anakas, murajuras, and other kinds of drums. The demigods showered parijata flowers, the gandharvas sand, and the apsaras danced. Smiling, Brahma said to Him, "Now please give me as daksina devotion for the lotus feet of You both." Hearing Brahma's words, Lord Krsna said to him, "You will have very firm devotion for My lotus feet."

"Now go to your own abode.  All will be auspicious for you.  Of this there is no doubt.  Son, by My command please perform the duties I have given to you."O sage, hearing the Supreme Personality of Godhead's words, Brahma bowed down before Sri Radha and Krsna and then happily went to his own abode. After Brahma's departure, smiling Goddess Radha gazed again and again with crooked eyes at Lord Krsna's face.  Then She shyly covered Her own face.

Wounded by Kamadeva's arrows, She bowed before Lord Krsna and affectionately approached His couch. Then She anointed Lord Krsna's forehead and chest with tilaka markings of sandal, aguru, musk, and kunkuma. Then She affectionately offered Lord Krsna a beautiful jewel cup of nectar and honey.  Lord Krsna, the master of the universes, drank it. Then Radha respectfully offered Lord Krsna delicious betelnuts scented with camphor and spices.  Lord Krsna chewed them. As Lord Krsna watched, Smiling Radha drank the nectar Lord Krsna offered Her and chewed the betelnuts He offered Her.

Lord Krsna happily offered Her the betelnuts He had chewed.  She chewed them with great respect.  She drank the nectar of His lotus face. Lord Krsna begged for the betelnuts Radha had chewed.  Radha refused, smiled, and cheerfully said, "Please forgive Me." Then Lord Krsna anointed all of Radha's limbs with sandal, aguru, and kunkuma. Kamadeva eternally meditates on Lord Krsna's lotus feet.  Still, to please Sri Radha, Lord Krsna voluntarily placed Himself under Kamadeva's control. O sage, the servants of Lord Krsna's servants defeat Kamadeva at every moment.  Still, Lord Krsna, who is the supremely independent Personality of Godhead whose desires are always fulfilled, happily accepted defeat at Kamadeva's hands.

Then Lord Krsna took Radha's hand, placed Her on His chest, loosened Her garments, and kissed Her in four ways. In Their amorous battle Her tinkling ornaments, the red ointment on Her lips, and the pictures and designs drawn with perfumes on Her limbs were all broken. O sage, as They enjoyed amorous pastimes Her sindura tilaka and marks of red lac were all wiped away. Filled with pleasure, Radha did not know whether it was day or night. Pressing Her limbs against His, Lord Krsna, the most learned scholar of the Kama-sastra, enjoyed eight kinds of amorous pastimes with Radha. Pulling smiling, crooked-eyed Radha to Him, Lord Krsna scratched and bit all Her limbs.

As They enjoyed amorous pastimes there was a beautiful sound from the tinkling of Radha's bracelets, anklets, and tinkling ornaments. In a secluded place Lord Krsna, the most learned scholar of the Kama-sastra, untied Radha's braids and removed Her ornaments and garments.

Then Radha untied Krsna's hair and removed His ornaments and garments.  They were both expert in these pastimes.  Neither was unhappy at this. Then Lord Krsna forcibly took a jewel mirror from Radha's hand.  Radha responded by forcibly taking the flute from Krsna's hand.

Lord Krsna sweetly stole Radha's heart and mind, and Radha sweetly stole Lord Krsna's heart and mind. O great sage, when the amorous battle ended, smiling, crooked-eyed Radha lovingly returned the flute to Lord Krsna. Then Lord Krsna returned Her mirror, gave Her a splendid pastime-lotus, made Her braids again beautiful, and marked Her again with sindura tilaka.

Lord Krsna dressed Her and decorated Her with ornaments and with wonderful and colourful pictures and designs drawn in perfume.  Neither Visvakarma, nor even Radha's gopi friends know how to make such graceful and beautiful decorations.  How can they be described here? As Radha was about to dress and decorate Him, Lord Krsna suddenly abandoned His form of Her youthful lover and suddenly became an infant again. Seeing that the infallible Supreme Personality of Godhead had again become the crying, frightened, hungry infant that Nanda gave Her, Radha sighed.  Her heart was shaken.  Overcome with the grief of separation, She looked for Her lover here and there.

This was all Maya which was imagined by her. She earned for his love. She earned a life with him. She longed to be with him. Even though that was not possible Radharani always was with Krishna only because for her it was only unconditional love for him and that she continued to had with or without him. They were connected through one heart and they were eternal lovers. His relationship with Radha, His Divine consort, actually constitutes the private life of Krishna. In this relationship, Love reigns supreme as Krishna surrenders to Radha. Krishna is lovestruck while Radha has taken over control. He has surrendered to the Power of Love

Today Khushi told him all that Radharani imagined for Krishna. Khushi wanted to marry Arnav with all the procedures and at the end wanted to become one. In Arnav Khushi I can see both Madhura Bhava and Kanta Bhava.

In Madhura Bhava the lover and the beloved become one through the intensity of love. This is the Radha experience. Kanta Bhava is the love of the wife for her Husband this is the rukmini experience. Till now what Arnav and Khushi were in was Madhura Bhava like Radha and Krishna but soon they will get into the Kanta Bhava like Rukmini and Krishna and when both forms meet it's a unique union indeed but now they have a war ahead. They have to enter the agni pariksha and clear themselves before they have a complete union. Even after Kamsa's numerous efforts Krishna was born likewise the truth will come out open on his special day. So I am eager to see what happens next. Thanks Sathu

Scenes I loved:

I cannot list any particular scene as the entire episode for Arhilicious for me. Loved it. Kudos to entire IPKKND team. Barun and Sanaya as usual the two rock and today that genuine smile made the day.

I know it's such a long long post. Sorry if I wrote too much today but what to do my love for the eternal lovers is like that. Pls do let me know if my writing doesn't gives you head or tail.

Thank you all for those wonderful comments and likes for my postsHug

diva u took us once agn on a joyride with IPK n mythology, Krishma the god of romance at its best with the better half,,,, kudos to u gal for sharing this with us...

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sunshine99 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 4:41pm | IP Logged
K2...  your post reminded me of the saying in dreams begin responsibilities...Tongue. Arnie's dream of Khushi accepting him as her better half got fulfilled but it also brought with  the responsibility of giving her the true status of a proper wife in the eyes of the world and in her mind  ..Sanka devi's pati is going to have his hands full in fulfilling this one...LOLLOLLOL A true delightfully lovable post on Arnav and Khushi.

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joyvg Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 4:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by .Ghausia.

Reduxians! Hola guys, how are we all doing today? All deep in the gutter, no doubt. My analysis won't be much of an analysis today guys because I'm short on time & all I can do is giggle when I revisit certain parts LOL

Ghausi... all again just had my smile on very wide  Big smileand it was cheesy !!!,I am loving it !!!Wink

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Jhalak29 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 4:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sunshine99

"Sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself to become a new person." --- Gerard Way  

The festivities of Janmasthami fill the air with gaiety, and  auspiciousness heralding new beginnings... The family gathers to enjoy its moments of light banter and togetherness which resound of laughter and merriment ... The echos of which had suddenly left  the halls of Shantivan as it was engulfed  in the blizzard of deceit,lies, treachery and unfaithfulness...

The rebirth of hope and moving past the shadows of the past is on everyone's mind...

Khushi wants to leave behind the painful memories of her dreams being shattered...she wants to to see the glass half full rather than half empty... the sham marriage needs to be grounded in solid rocks of rituals for  the promised beginning of a new life as husband and wife...The tears of pain, hurt and agony has been wiped out by her loving Laad Governor...He has given her back what he had destroyed...her Smile...

The Ardhangini of Arnav.. true to her inherent nature... gave Hope to her husband... The step towards a better future can be taken inspite of the black memories of the past if you let your love guide the way ...
The brother learnt from the husband and shared it with his sister...gave her the assurance and support like he had done innumerable times before but now it was about embracing the future  and not being a crutch to carry the present...  The memories of their parents need not be sad faces but of a smile as in their photograph...

As Arnav shared his painful past with Khushi... she showered him with love without any judgement,thought of abandonment or preconceived notion...The little boy who was caught in time where his mother had passed away... finally moved on to make way for the young prince Arnav who smiles and indulges in playfulness as "it is a Good Day".

Everyone is desirous to move ahead and not look back...hence destiny will give them a chance this Janmashtami to test their will and intent in rebirth of relationships and thoughts by opening the gateways of past which will come holding the hand of Dadi... to lay it to a peaceful rest for ever...

The birth of lord Krishna was in darkness on a stormy night...He had come in secrecy to this world for leading everyone to light...because evil had to be unaware of his intentions for it's eradication...
Last Janmastami.. Arnav was the shaitan..."kans mama" as Khushi had pointed the past one year the healer in her had successfully brought to fore the "rajkumar".. now they resided in Arnav side by side... but to be a true deliverer of good from evil... the "shaitan" needs to be ripped completely from the personna of Arnav Singh Raizada...this Jamashtami will start the process of removing the kans from the mama...the pangs of new birth will be painful but will bring  happiness in the end...

Greetings on Janmashtami to everyone!!!Smile
@Koel; Wow!!! u are one of the most sensitive writers of Redux, the way u bring out the nuances   is simply applause worthy ..I specially liked it when u brought Ma & Amma.

Thank u TantsBig smile...You and Doods  deserve a standing ovation for giving us a platform to share our thoughts and ideas and make some wonderful friends...Hug Hug 
Heartfelt thanks for giving us Redux...Smile
Koel once agn a brilliant pc,,, the Janamshatami bringing the new aspects to Arnav n khushi

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sunshine99 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 4:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shastradhari

I loved how u linked..transfer of arnav's love from khushi to anji...
Yes he is kansmama..who has separated his father from kids...whose bump is invisibleLOL
thanks Shastra.Embarrassed @bold  brilliant...LOLLOLLOL.. I was hoping some one would refer to it...thank u

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Chani123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 4:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sunshine99

K2...  your post reminded me of the saying in dreams begin responsibilities...Tongue. Arnie's dream of Khushi accepting him as her better half got fulfilled but it also brought with  the responsibility of giving her the true status of a proper wife in the eyes of the world and in her mind  ..Sanka devi's pati is going to have his hands full in fulfilling this one...LOLLOLLOL A true delightfully lovable post on Arnav and Khushi.
He definitely has his work cut out for him... LOL

She will never make it easy... Neither will he.. That is why they are equals... Big smile

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Jhalak29 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 4:48pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Chani123

This is what dreams are made of...



Have you ever seen such a beautiful night?
I could almost kiss the stars for shining so bright..
When I see you smiling I go oh, oh, oh

I would never want to miss this..
'Cause in my heart I know what this is..

This is what dreams are made of.. 
This is what dreams are made of..

I've got somewhere I belong
I've got somebody to love
This is what dreams are made of..

Happiness is no mystery..Its here and now, its YOU and ME!

Khushi dreamed of Arnav gifting her the string of pearls which bound their past, present and futures together..

Arnav, sat desolate in the kidnapper's den.. He had a dream of Khushi with him.. Running towards him and embracing him.. He envisioned her walking towards him even at the times when he was not looking at her.. Hoping to find her with him always!

Today when Khushi came and hugged him from behind, one of his dreams came true..
Isn't this what love is about?? Fulfilling each others dreams.. Knowing, sensing and giving what your loved one wants without being asked.. Always bringing a smile on their face.. Dividing their sorrows and multiplying their happiness!

The episode today...

What an absolutely delightful episode!! An episode which was a mix of everything..
Romance, comedy, drama and the famous story telling..

Last year if it was Khushi who told the tale of the birth of Lord Krishna and banishment of Kans mama, to an ignorant Lavanya on the auspicious occasion of Janmashtmi...

This year we have Akash and Nani enlightening NK about the eternal love story of Radhe-Krishna... A nani telling Khushi about the importance of 7 pheras and the 7 promises a man and woman make to each other before they start their life as     

Relations are mending all around.. A brother and sister, helping each other to forget the past.. Promising to let go of things which sadden them.. Looking towards a brighter future.. Promising to be always there for each other..

2 sisters Khushi and Payal.. The elder sister consoling her younger sister that she was not at fault.. she should be happy that she has a life partner like Arnav who stood by her side against his dadi.. and told her in front of everyone that she is his WIFE and she has every RIGHT and FREEDOM to do whatever pleases her.. for she is the LADY of the House.. 

Khushi, the wife, basking in the love of her husband.. Cherishing his love and actions.. His love and protection surrounding her like an armour.. Feeling safe for the first time in their relationship.. Realising that this marriage is for keeps.. 

Khushi, an imp, trying to tease her husband.. Coming up to him an apologising to him for seeing him without clothes, shocking him for a minute.. Only to show him his childhood picture in his birthday suit!! LOL Running around like a couple of ratty kids, jumping on the bed and breaking it in the process.. Of all the things they could have done to break the bed, they chose this!! D'oh

Arnav and Khushi shared their first laughter together.. A laughter which took them to their own world.. A world where No One and Nothing existed except them! Nothing else mattered except that they had each other.. A laughter which echoed their happiness, their contentment, their love, their joy and their desires.. 
2 lost souls who found another kindred spirit and soul and were rejoicing at that UNION!

Arnav, well who could have imagined he was such a tease.. Embarrassed He never lost.. And even in this moment of bliss, he did not forget to snatch his picture from her grasp.. When he saw that Khushi was embarrassed and blushing by the discussion of how the bed broke down, he did not leave the opportunity to get his kick out of it! He gave his lovely wife a WINK!!! Not only Khushi, but millions of phangurls sat gasping at the screen open mouthed!!!  

After listening to all the talks of pheras and how the marriage is not complete without them, a positively agitated Khushi walks up to her husband, talking to him incoherently.. Making him fall in love with her further!! Her antics have always made his day! 

She mutters how they are living like husband and wife but are only half married.. They have not done the most important rituals.. They have not done anything that couples do! He saw his opening and pounced.. He fed her ego and fanning her heart's desire to prove that she is smarter than him, he asks her to tell what all things they have not completed.. Like a rattu tota she starts with roka and finishes with
Suhaag raat.. Arnav who has been desperately trying to take their relation to a new level of intimacy, seizes the moment and informs her that they will start working on them, but backwards!!LOL  Flustering Khushi further.. Reminding her at every opportune moment that their Suhaag Raat is coming nearer! 

The hilarious moments!!

Nk, Dadi and Mami.. who would have imagined after the introduction of dadi on Monday, that these 3 will turn out to be such a deadly combination.. Whose interaction would leave mortals like us in raptures of laughter!!

As Bush said, Dadi like a traffic police officer, stops mami lost in her sounds of music, with the stop hand signal!! The close up of mami's face was just LOL

Mami wishing for bhoot pret, of whom she is deadly scared of to come rescue her.. and there comes NK to the rescue of Masi ji!! irritating dadi beyond imagination.. In the end. Dadi had to leave the 2 to their own means.. giving up on the lovey dovey looks Nk was giving her.. asking her to teach him her sweet goli.. sorry boli.. LOL

The Ominous moments
It came as a surprise to me that dadi was not aware of the change of surname of her grandson!! Things are going to turn ugly and soon.. 

Well. there is still time for that.. till then let's enjoy these 2 notorious love birds!!



@ Kops; A refreshing view  from the hobbits land.. everywwhere ..Arhi it iin Potter land or the Hobbit one..Thank You !!

Tants, Thanks aap ko nahi humein bolna chchiye!

Redux is an addiction.. Impossible to break.. Not only participating but also writing!
I think daily.. that I will not write.. But here I am.. looking for it.. Waiting for you to come and give us the link.. Reserve our spots.. And I rush to do so..

Majboori hai! 

Aadat ban gayi hai!

PS: Thanks a lot to the like team.. 
Thanks for all the warm comments guys!
Kopal, u left me in wonderland today how beautifully hv u connected the dreams with the reality of love on Krishna janam, a occasion which binds A&KClap

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joyvg Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 4:49pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Jhalak29

A Very Happy Janmashtami to all of Us..

May We all be blessed with our Personal LadooGopals, Kanha & Krishna In our Lives,,,,
Let him Rejoices us with Motherhood, Love & Guide
"Those who have never known the deep intimacy and the intense companionship of happy mutual love have missed the best thing that life has to give."
-  Bertrand Russell
 Day 5 & Day 6 in continuation
After a hatrick of intense emotinal tugging at heart episodes, today was a short ball with light humor induced moments, A joyful journey Arnav & khushi, stealing moments of love, companionship & making them into memories...
Its day 6 day of THE Challenge Arnav took for himself, and he has already won Khushi in accepting the hum between them, they both hv accepted their love n marriage tooClapClapClapwhat is left is to make the hamesha possible in next 6 days...
The episode started with Arnav & Anjali, trying to move beyond the past , A past which they hv buried, for it seeps pain in their lives, but it holds happiness there too, A  itching with has not healed is burning with rot within, yet looks healed they hv decide to move ahead with holding hands n be each others support,,,,,,
Khushi & Payal discussing abt Arnavs action & how payal was happy that how dignified Arnav is behaving with Khushi, his pride in being with  Khushi is outshining and all feel bedazzled with it and she very nicely reminds Khushi abt the fact that indeed Khushi is a lucky gal with a partner like Arnav,
Khushi is too in confirmation with this and is soul searching abt the fact, when it happend how happned doesnt matter what matters is the soul depth with it touches the two of them, that the world stood witnessing it...
The next scene where she hugs him and tease him reminds me of the growing confort between them, there was a time when they both cudnt understand anything abt eachother just the pain but now even with outlining the intentions they are eager to soothe each other, Arnavs hurried response to khushi bought this and the teasing... one of the most poignant moments we got  they say life happiness lies in sharing small joys with ur partner, these small moments build a string of memorires which becomes your tresures,,, one when you look back, you relive the joy the happiness it bought,,,, its these small moment which u hold in you fist when u look arnd

Jhals as appu said an uncurably romantic take of yours beatifully unfolded as usualWink
and thank you for call me in...highlighted in purps...LOL (sorry bad joke Ouch)

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