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IP REDUX ; Nhat Khat Kaanha !! (Page 105)

Nina90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 1:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Doodle

Originally posted by Nina90

Originally posted by Doodle

Originally posted by Nina90

Doods, watching yesterday's epi and all the talk about Krishna-Radha... I had the weirdest of ideas. Tanths asked a few days ago that what if Arnav's Dad was actually the gem and was wronged... I wondered; what if it was Chachaji who was wronged and did this all for revenge? And what if the Krishna-radha prem that remained without name was actually Chachaji and Shyam's sister?

Am I overthinking it?

You are over thinking Hon ... don't ... We are good ...

As per as Krishna and Radha are concerned they are soul mates but never united on earth and they couldn't give a name as their relationship was above physical union ... they were never mortally united ... they couldn't because Society wouldn't accept then ... but they both were righteous ... 

Who did Nani mean then, Doods? I didn't quite understand the need for bringing them up right now; I mean, last Janmashtami we had the story of how Krishna was born, which was relevant because it was Janmashtami. But this time over, why the story of Krishna-Radha?

Aren't Radha and Krishna are "Star Crossed" lovers???  why will no wedding and yet the love saga come up ??? 

It can't relate to Arnav_khushi... the only people in the past I can think of are... Arnav's Dad and Shyam's sister?

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riyya6 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 1:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by bs_si

This chotu sa post is specially dedicated to my dear friend Jhals as it was requested by her. Also special mention to Riyya jaan for always encouraging me. Hug Really wasn't gonna write if not for you girls. Turns out some people do like my ramblings, rantings and whatever else I write.Ermm Look what IPK has done to us all. But Jhals I will keep it clean, I solemnly promise. I'm trying to detox myself from guttery thoughts.Stern Smile


Before I start, my manager today decided that it's an opportune moment to explain to me what happens to brake pipes of trains when the weather is too cold.Ouch Arre Gadhe, there's a reason I didn't study mechanical engineering and today the only brake/break I care about is the "Breaking Bed" (random thought: does anyone watch the serial "Breaking Bad"''s awesome). So I'm keeping an interested face (I hope) and nodding politely and saying "Oh Really" and "That's Interesting" at regular intervals while typing away here.


Now the BIG question in all our minds is will the elusive "Suhag Raat" actually happen?Ermm It's obvious from the episode that Arnav is messing with Khushi and enjoying it. These two lovebirds couldn't even get to 2nd base for all their staring contests, numerous attempts and what not'.so what chance have they (and we) got now?


So here's a list of why the Suhaag Raat might not happen:Broken Heart


    This is Arnav- Khushi we are talking about'enough said. Dadi Ji hasn't visited Arnav's room yet. Considering that Arnav's bedroom is the Grand Central Station of RM and everyone barges in and out it's unacceptable that she hasn't done it yet. My suspicion is Dadi Ji might take a liking to Arnav's favourite recliner and decide to perch herself there to do some heart to heart chat about why he's changed his surname. Anji hasn't pumped Chotte with Kheer in a while, and for some reason she loves to cook kheer in the middle of the night. I am confident now that it's the only thing she can cook and might just decide to cook some kheer to compensate for her lying to him earlier. We all think that Anji was meeting Shyamu chori chori-chupke chupke, so Shyamu might come in for a secret night rendezvous with Anji and mistakenly enter Arnav's bedroom. Well Shyamu hasn't been there in a while and lets face it, we all know it's the same bedroom. HP might decide to deliver water/milk/juice or some laundry service to them. Laxmi Ji who got stuck in the store room in one of her solitary adventures (Yes that's where she's been all this time), finally comes out of there because the door was opened and might decide to visit het best friend Khushi. Payal might just decide to share her SR experiences with her sister (Shivers) 'although they really had a SR? Mama finally turns up and tells everyone how he was kidnapped by some random guy and we get to hear his kidnapping saga. Shashi babua might get miraculously recovered and Garima/ Buaji calls to deliver this good news. I know it's a bit extreme but Anji suddenly goes into labour? It will definitely not be in tonight's episode. We will be left hanging with some tantalising precap and weekend ka Satyanash will happen. So what's new? My theory about Arnie being a morning person still stands until I see otherwise. So we might get a Suhaag Subha rather than a Suhaag Raat.Embarrassed
  1. Lastly, they just got a new bed after breaking the first one in the morning. They might be a bit apprehensive to test it out? Although you don't really need the bed to ermmm you know what I mean. And I have faith in my ASR, something like a pesky broken bed will not hold him back. Blushing


On that note I'll stop. This is just to get my expectations low. If the deed actually happens I might just jump up and down on my own bed and break it.Big smile OK manager has finally figured out that the look on my face has turned too spaced out and decided to give me some work. Take care all.

Have I told u lately that I love ur post. there u go!!!!!...Thumbs Up No Sr if there is one, national holiday declared in all states & countries trinROFL... Wonderfull ur writing...Smile

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Cool_wonder Goldie

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 1:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nivedha84

Originally posted by Nareshkota

Originally posted by clarissajohn

Originally posted by riyya6

khusboo hint ;

Yar koi decode karoo


Flower path 'that means wedding  by pool side Big smile

they will be happy they will be married to each other again in a unique way...

but Dadi will hit the bull's eye.. and they will be sad in each other's embrace...

Happy or Sad Just stay together Arhi/Stick together like FEVICOLWink
Me too ...
Weather sad or happy..super sad or Super happy...
ArShi should be each others strength...Embarrassed..
I guess her hints say..
1. May be marriage ... ... Tha Arnav may prepare some surprise for the so called SRLOL...
But Dadi and the past will come haunting...thretning their relationship...
And I am also guessing Shyam's entry...
I hope that small sepration hint is not for ArShiOuch...

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cool_tweety IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 1:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cutebarun

Yaaron... Aa jao... N go crazy...!Wink

Gone crazy!!!!
Cute n Funny episode...LOL

Today, I'm on a 'Symbolism decoding' spree... Enter at your own 'riskwa'... Becoz the soul writing this is immune to 'any sort of damage to brain' this particular soul doesnt have a 'sense' to be out of sense...LOL

Here are my 'Channas' of Wisdom...

Smile the Symbolism of the 'Arnav Anjali' hug... Whenever this boy hugs a person, the other person immedietly starts hiding things frm him. This is called as d 'Hug Effect'... Ask, Anjali, Kushi or Daadi... They all hav got only this boy to play, 'hide n seekwa'...Wink

Very true Smile. Thats the universal phenomena of RM. Shyam babuwa was the inventor of 'hug effect'. He used to hug and lie to Anjali simultaneously !!!

Smile The 'back hug' by Kushi... Symbolism...hmm...hmmm... Yes! That was 'whirlwind coming frm the past n hitting the target'... (kya bole jaa rahi ho...scratches my head) Wink

Smile The 'cute Baby Pic'... That symbolises that, 'Arnav bituwa wasnt born with his 'Three Piece Suit'... That was a 'techniqui Kharaabi, he developd Later...Wink

And so is the bluetooth Wink

Smile 'Kushi's Rabbave n title song at the Stair case...' That is to tell us dat, these days 'she has removd Rabba ve, frm the 'I- pod' n is playing new songs...

Smile 'Her tent dress'... It symbolises dat, 'kyunki Tent bhi Kabhi Pom Pom thi'... Every1 angry with d tent, take a deep breath, think of d 'pom pom' n dont worry... 'you are already breathing out' with a deep helpless Sigh...' by the way, isnt it, 'Janmashtmi' they r celebrating... May be they r laying the track for 'Christmas'. Thats why the 'tentwa' rings 'jingle bells' in my head...Wink

My brainwa stops working after seeing that tent dress  so can't comment on that. Velvet!!!!!!!!!!! oops...
Smile Symbolism of 'Suhaag Raath'... That says... The Cvs roam around our Jurrasic and then, n they know that 'yeh dil bekaraar kitna...' aatmas r living here...Wink

Yeah, they have decided to give solace to atleast some of the bhatakti roohs over here !!
Smile the Symbolism of 'Broken Bed'... Thats a final warning for us... 'not to never ever call, 'Kushi as Petite and Arnav as Skinny'... Didnt we see what they did? Broke a 'king size' bed with a 'pole Vault'...!

They should hav been our official entry into Olympics 'FLY WEIGHT BOXING'...Wink

One medal guaranteed.
A better quality wood was expected for the bed of Arnav Singh Raizada!!
Smile 'Arnav's wink...' it symbolises dat his poor 'chocolate eyes' hav decided to take a break frm the 'staring session'... The new deal is dat, when 'one eye stares, the other wil rest by winking'...Wink
Smile 'Kushi's Hair clip...' kya yaaron.. Ab yeh bi explain karne ki padi...

'thats the Soch nayi' by SP' yaar... Hum kisise kam nahi andolan for 'patni' log.

"if 'PATI' has a 'BLUE TOOTH'... Then 'PATNI' has a 'HAIR CLIP'...Wink

Smile was trying to Lengthen my even 'paagalpan' has limits naa...Wink

P.S... 'Thanx SATHYA dear'... Waiting for your update...
LOLLOLLOLLOL..loved it...esp the hug..

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shreya_l IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 1:08am | IP Logged
Interesting discussion going on but it's time to get some sleep. Enjoy everyone! Hug Catch you all some other time!

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vasiraju IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 1:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shreya_l

Hi ReduxiansHug, trying to get my fill for the day of redux...successfully read all the 4 pages LOL

Vasi dear girl loved your poem yesterday and had fun reading the analysis today and agree with NK (bhoot pret) and Arhi intimacy on the photo issue.

Shreya Hug Hug 

How are  you janu Big smile..You got grand welcome for your reentry Big smile..i felt so happy to see you back Tongue
felt like redux  poet came back Embarrassed..

Loved your poems Shreya Big smile..not even in dreams i can write such poems in hindi Big smile

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shivikrocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 1:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nivedha84

Originally posted by sarunrocks

Originally posted by nivedha84

Originally posted by sarunrocks

Originally posted by nivedha84

Originally posted by sarunrocks

Originally posted by ranjitha

Originally posted by sampin

no offense, but Khushi has always been a dumbo in this.. its always ASR who brings back her dhak dhak
Frankly speaking, I have never seen any SP hero being so straight forward about SR... baaki heroes toh sharmaate hain LOL

If any freaking thing is "Nayi Soch" about IPK...then it's the progressive nature of ASR...He's truly a Harvard Grad and his suaveness,non-chalance..proves that...He's miles ahead of any Television Hero at the moment!!Is principled but extremely progressive!!

Do you know kal ka episode is termed as 'MATURE CONTENT' by SP? Nayi soch

I will say ASR is the only nayi soch of SPThumbs Up

Yes yaar whats there to tag it as mature content?? Then when mature content will come what they will tag for thatWink

Divsy Matur content will only happen in ur DreamsLOLLOLLOL(i mean ARHI),we will most probably get a song seq,and 2 flowers kissing EO/Birds Kissing EO /better dark roomLOLLOL
Yaar SR ko chodo i want a RAIN SEQEmbarrassed

My dreams ah that is for sureLOLLOL But unakku daily oru aasai vardu...nalladukku illai...Mudhalla ivanga rendu perum edhavdu oru vishayatha urupadiya mudikka sollu aprom we can ask for rain fire and allEmbarrassed

Divsy the think is ennoda aasaigal ov vondrum niraiverik kondirikiradhu, i got Khushi kattipudi Arnav moment,i wished for it exact same way ,she should hug him from behind,i got it na, arnav in blue shirt,i wanted ASR to break the BED in their SR,he showed me the trailor,pictur abhi baaki hai meri dost.LOL
mmazhai romance,namikaye vazkai,Wink

Thats good nivi...You know this song mazhai varum arguri en vizhigalil theriyudeEmbarrassed..If it happens i too will be happy onlyWink Kanavu maipada vendum...Bharathiyara edekellam quote panren paaren

Divsy U like that Song too,i LOVE that  song,the mood,the lyrics,everything was perfect
remeber anal meley pani thuli from Varanam Aayiram and the scene b4 that song,i love that.

Yes that is another superb songDay Dreaming

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clarissajohn IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 1:08am | IP Logged
trin sorry I was not able to reply for ur pm and post last day. I read it via my mobile as I missed ur pm when I was at work. I loved it

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