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AnSh SS- Mumbai adventures Note Page 22 (Page 16)

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Meetu is not Shivaniji. I already had plans to introduce Shivaniji into the story but later. LOL LOL LOL

How will she influence the storyline - you will have to wait and watch. Wink

I am beginning to feel like the poor CVs felt when Prats fell ill and they had to readjust the storyline. But in this case it is me who fell ill and is still recovering. Ouch

So updates will be a little slow until I am back to normal. Embarrassed

BTW this has turned into my ultimate nightmare - a FF Shocked

Anjana do not say "I told you so. I will keel you" Angry

Part- IX

The Shekars arrived at the Italian restaurant that Meetu had recommended. They had enlightened Anandi about how much the family loved her and how much she loved the family. Iravati told Anandi that Meetu and her husband Amar had been close friends. Amar was Alok's best friend and so the women had also become close. Then Meetu's husband had died in the line of duty. Meetu had gone through a very hard time and almost gone into a depression. The Shekars had forced her to come live with them for a while and eventually she had gotten back on her feet. She decided she needed a new purpose in life and decided to put her skills as a doctor to help the underprivileged.  She travelled abroad a lot getting involved in lots of humanitarian missions. Her passion was children and she worked a lot with them. She was one of the large reasons that Shiv decided not to go into the army but become a collector instead so that he could work on social reform.


Dadaji told Anandi that Meetu would like her because she was involved in social service plus the fact that Shiv had fallen in love with her would make sure she was a shoo in. Shiv glared at everyone as Anandi smiled and said "She seems nice. I am looking forward to meeting her.". The family settled down at the table. Meetu called in the mean time telling them that she was running late and asked them to order.  She told them what she wanted. There was much discussion about what to order and this lead to a lively debate about the dishes. As the rest of them were arguing Anandi told the waiter "Bhaiyya you may want to come back in a few minutes. I think it will take a little bit." The waiter smiled and left, but Anandi noticed he stayed close to the table. Eventually it was decided that they would order different dishes so that Anandi could taste everything. Anandi protested that was unnecessary and then Alok told her "Anandi Papaji is using you as an excuse so that he can eat all dishes he would normally not be allowed to eat. We all usually order different dishes so that we can all share but we like to give him a hard time, because all he gets to eat is salad. Iravati and Meenu watch his diet like a hawk. Dadaji chimed in "No problem. My new bahu will feed me tasty items." Anandi told him "Yes I will" and then winked at Irawati and Meenu and they shared a laugh. Irawati told him "Papaji I think your new bahu will feed you tasty but completely healthy food." Dadaji's face fell and everyone laughed at his plight. There was much teasing of dadaji as the order was placed. Anandi asked the waiter the directions to the bathroom and excused herself. The rest of the family chatted away while they waited for Meetu to arrive.


Meetu entered the restaurant and looked around to see the Shekars. Finding them she started proceeding towards them while talking to someone on the phone. She crashed into a waiter who was carrying a huge jug of water dropped it. Anandi who had just come out of the bathroom did not see the water. She slipped on the water, fell and got knocked to the floor. Shiv who had been watching Anandi was up in a flash and came running. The waiter got up and started apologizing to Meetu and Meetu was telling him that it was all her fault. Shiv was shaking Anandi. Then he realized she was out cold and started screaming "Anandi. Wake up." Everyone came running and there was chaos. The manager came running and started screaming for a doctor. Meetu told him she was a doctor. The manager offered his cabin so that she could examine Anandi in private.  Shiv carefully picked Anandi up and placed her on the couch in the manager's office.  Meetu examined Anandi and told them that she seemed fine but they would have to wait and see how long it took her to wake up. If she remained unconscious for some more time, they would have to take her to the hospital. The entire family was now stressed and Meetu apologized for her clumsiness.


It had been 20 minutes and Anandi had been out. Everyone was concerned. Meetu knew it was not good that Anandi had not woken up this far. Shiv had not left Anandi's side and sat there forlornly looking at her. Meenu sat next to Shiv comforting him while Iravati calmed Meetu who was feeling guilty. She saw Shiv and felt really bad that she was responsible for separating him from his newly wed life whom he obviously loved. She could not believe that she had caused his accident because of her own negligence. Iravati sat down next to her and told her not to worry but it was clear everyone was worried.

Shiv sat next to Anandi holding her hand and rememeberd all their times together. He remembered how he had saved her life and how he fell in love with her. He saw all the times he spent with Anandi flash before his eyes and he wondered about the possibility of her never waking up. It frightened him and he decided not to think about it and pray to god instead. He closed his eyes and sent a prayer heavenward. Everyone else saw this and closed their eyes too. It was then that he felt her move.


Anandi did not know what happened. All she remembered was coming back from the bathroom. Her head hurt. She felt someone stroking her head and opened her eyes to see Iravati stroking her head. Shiv was sitting by her looking really tensed. She tried to sit up and everything started to spin. So she lay back down. Everyone came running and dadaji asked her if she was fine and she nodded. Shiv had tears in his eyes and turned away to compose himself. Everyone heaved a huge sigh of relief. Then Anandi saw a woman who began to examine her. She told her she was fine except for a headache but the lady kept insisting on taking her to the hospital. Anandi said she was not going to any hospital. She told them that they should have dinner and then go back to the hotel.


She heard the woman say "This is ridiculous" and looked at her. She was wearing jeans and a kurti and some kind of shawl. She had really short hair, as short as Shiv's. It was obvious she was a doctor so Anandi decided she had to be Meetuji that they were talking about. As she came out of her thoughts, she realized that they were Meetuji was still trying to convince them to take her to the hospital. Anandi told her "Suniye I am absolutely fine. I may look delicate but I am pretty strong. I am not going to the hospital. " Shiv tried to convince her otherwise and Anandi refused to budge saying she knew she was fine. Shiv and Anandi got into a war of words over it and the family watched fascinated. They had never seen either of them like this. Meetu who had stepped out came back and interceded and said "Shiv she should not take stress. " Shiv immediately felt guilty and apologized. Meetu said "There is one way I will not take you to the hospital." Anandi looked at her inquisitively and she said "You come home with me." Anandi started to protest and Meetu told her "I am the doctor, not you. You have had a head injury. I would be more comfortable with you in hospital. But since you refuse to go, you will go home with me and I will monitor you. " Before Anandi could say anything Iravati said "Anandi beta she is right. We would also feel better if you went to hospital and got checked out but since you do not want to go, please go stay with her tonight along with Shiv."


"Excuse me" said Meetu "what do you mean only Shiv and her are coming. You are all coming to my house. " Iravati went to say something and then dadaji said "Meetu beta tonight Anandi and Shiv will go with you right now. Our stuff is all at the hotel, we will tomorrow and take Anandi back." Meetu told them "I know you are thinking I will be inconvenienced but do not worry I have a maid now and she takes care of everything, including the cooking. So you will not be inconveniencing me. I am not taking no for an answer. You are all coming and that 's all. If you do not come I will never speak to you again. First you do not invite me to the wedding and then you are not coming home. You do not consider me a family member anymore. Hmmmph." Meetu turned away and dadaji shook his head saying "Abhi tak nautanki hai. Bilkul nahin badli." Iravati looked at her father-in-law and he blinked at her saying "I don't think we have any choice but to say yes otherwise Meetu will not disown us". Alok smiled and nodded and Iravati agreed. Meenu suggested "Didi why don't you go with Anandi and Shiv. I will pack everything and bring it." Iravati agreed.


While they were having this conversation Anandi decided to close her eyes. Suddenly she felt someone massaging her head. She looked up to see Shiv massaging her head. He said "I think I am doing it right based on what I remember except that I have no balm and I am not an expert like you." Anandi smiled at him and told him "Thank you. It is fine now." Shiv continued the massage though Anandi asked him to stop. Then the manager came into the room and apologized to Anandi. He told her that he had fired the waiter for his behavior. Anandi was appalled and told him that it was not the waiter's fault that she fell then how could he have fired the poor guy. The manager tried to argue and Anandi asked him what she would do it someone crashed into him. Meetu saw Anandi getting excited and stepped in to tell the manager that it was her fault because she was on the phone. She asked him to hire the waiter back. When the manager refused, Meetu told the manager that if he did not hire the waiter back she would tell everyone on twitter and facebook right now that they did not treat their employees right and so no one should eat there. She pulled out her phone to make the point and so the manager agreed to reinstate the waiter.He figured that was the only way to avoid bad publicity and agreed. He left to take care of things. Anandi was totally in awe of how well Meetuji handled the manager.


Everyone left leaving Shiv and Anandi alone. Shiv carefully helped Anandi sit up. When she attempted to stand up, she was still a little dizzy. So Shiv picked up Anandi but she told him to put her down. Shiv was not willing to let her walk but then she told him she could walk as long as he supported her. Shiv happily supported her and they made their way out. As they stepped out and joined the family and Meetu, the waiter came running to enquire how she was doing and apologized profusely. Anandi told him it was not his fault and told him to stop feeling guilty. She told him she was sorry that he lost his job even if it was for a short time. The waiter thanked her for saving his job saying "Thank you else my wife and kids would starve". Anandi told him to thank Meetu instead not her because Meetu was the one who saved his job. The waiter went off to thank Meetu.

The manager came running with some packages. He insisted that they take it as a way of restitution. The Shekars refused and said they would take the food as long as they were allowed to pay for it. The manager had no choice because he did not want a scene. As Alok went to pay for the food, Anandi noticed Shiv slip the waiter a note. The waiter refused and Shiv simply told him that it would have been his tip had he served them. Anandi also joined him and told him to take it as a gift to his kids if he did not want to take it as a tip. The man accepted and left gratefully.


Meetu told the Shekars that they could go to her place and eat. When they protested she reminded them that her place was closer than the hotel and Anandi could go to sleep soon after eating. She emphasized that Anandi needed rest. Then they could go back to the hotel to pack and come right back. Before anyone could formulate a protest Shiv said "can we please go. Anandi is getting tired."  Everyone looked at each other and smiled but chose not to tease him. Shiv was oblivious to this and picked up Anandi against her protests and carried her to the car. Iravati and Alok went with Meetu while the rest followed in the car they had hired for the duration of their stay.

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loved it...
plz continue soon

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Very interesting!  Thank you - looking forward for more!

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Interesting ! Very nice..plz continue soon Embarrassed

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Nice update...

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Awesome update dear...Thumbs Up beautifully written..loved ur SS...

thanks for sharing dear...Hug

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great update

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Toatally loved i m starving for more...contnue soon...

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