Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Applause & Thumbs up to the Creative Team .

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Applause & Thumbs up to the Creative Team


Madhubala Shamsher Malik ' Helpless beyond help.

Rishabh Kundra ' Damaged beyond repair .

Madhubala Rishabh Kundra / Rishabh Kundra Madhubala ' a union of a septic (Rishabh ) and an antiseptic in a closed box ( Madhubala).

After today's episode, a lot of jokes that we cracked, judgments we made on Rishbala, the enthusiastic revenge track that either Maddy fans or Rishabh fans are waiting for ' all this , suddenly , seems under a dicey question mark.

Is Maddy in a state and mindset to even seek revenge on Rishabh? Does she even want any kind of revenge on him? Does she even hate him the way we think she does? 

Is Rishabh marrying Maddy because he 'hates' her?  Does he himself even know why he went to her in a drunken state , showed his vulnerability and asked for her hand in marriage?  In fact, does Rishabh know at all that why he is tying Maddy's destiny to his own?


Today, while Maddy was shocked at her own tigress trance that made her beat the crap out of Rishabh, looking at her hands in disbelief outside the studio ' Rishabh , on  the other hand was locked up in his apartment , watching the Slap-O-than in a loop . Rewind, play , rewind , play ' pause on Maddy's aggressive face and a bottle of liquor to drown whatever was going on inside him.

Maddy could not believe that she had been a tigress. Rishabh was no longer in control himself ' the dormant obsession with the doe eyed beauty was now out in the open ' raw, painful, dark, self destructive and in many ways, pathological.

We don't know Rishabh's story as such but Maddy's attack and her hatred and disgust for him raked  up something inside him ' something painful, vulnerable, angry , something that needed healing once upon a time but  now is a septic.   So, when he freezes the TV frame on Maddy's face and covers her face with his hand , you know exactly why he wants to join his destiny with her.

Maddy has brought something into his life that makes him feel, makes him angry, makes him weak , makes him go through the pathways that the Rishabh inside the megalomaniac superstar misses. Owing to his passionate and obsessive nature , he has found someone whom he can make the center of his existence ' a reason to live beyond the beautiful empty house, an empty heart , a lonely  gloomy existence and friends of seasons. Because he is full of thorns , hatred, negativity and bitterness, this feeling which could have been a beautiful feeling of love ' it is expressed as an emotional hatred and destructive obsession. Madhubala could have been the love of his life but what can a dark fused heart give anyone? Darkness.

When he went  to see Maddy at the hospital , his mind was not  in its senses but his heart was. If Maddy would have known Rishabh's story, she would have known that when he came to see her in the ICU, he was not being the villain that he hides behind ' he was just being Rishabh and he was in his most vulnerable state.He was drunk, he was honest, he was weak but he had understood the union of their destinies.

And its not like this momentary loosening of reins in Rishabh escaped Maddy's notice. She saw that he was drunk, she was confused and diverted when he told her that he was a human being too- when he told her that he understands loss better than her ' when he pointed to his forehead's cut like a child , making Maddy lower her eyes in a fleeting spasm of guilt- when he told her with sheer honesty that it doesn't matter how much they hate each-other , they are meant to be together. Maddy saw a side of him  that was vulnerable and honest ' a vulnerability and an unsaid story she will want to know later on.

The marriage proposal? You may not agree with me but I think it was brutally honest. Rishabh told her exactly what he felt- " I have never loved you but nobody will ever hate you the way I do. Marry me. Its going to be a beautiful death for you because I have nothing to give. Still, marry me."  What do you make of it? Hate Rishabh for his apparent heartlessness or  get confused that this man has a heart that is desperate to skip a beat but he is not letting it do so?

And Maddy? She cannot even fathom Rishabh and his new  characters everyday, then, how will she hate him? What Maddy feels for Rishabh is something passionate ' and no, its not hatred. She can get angry at him , slap him, whack him, beat him but she does not hate him the way he 'thinks' he hates  her.

Friends , family , loved ones have mostly been like 'guest appearance' in Maddy's life. She has loved , she has cared,, she has committed, she has sacrificed. And returns? A fiance who backed out , a sister and an aunt whose love is seasonal, a mother who now needs support instead of being a support system , and a father who is not there for her by a twisted twist of fate. Everyone wants Maddy to be a soldier, to be a savior ,  to be a magic worker ' but what about her , hmmm? Its such a cranky joke but amidst all this, at least Rishabh's hatred and obsession with her is honest and transparent. Even in this disguised hatred , he will never leave her alone.

Today, Maddy is setting herself afire to save Maalik's  life and her family. She doesn't know the larger plan ' all this is happening with her so that she can be the antiseptic that Rishabh's septic needs. She is someone's daughter, sister, friend but the true calling of her life is to Rishabh's soulmate and the manifestation of his passionate dream as a future superstar. He needs her more than anyone else.

Nothing more to say on today's episode which was a wonderful piece of writing and execution.

Must watch scenes:

1.       Maddy and Rishabh's scene in the ICU. Especially the way, he opens his heart to her and joins her hand with his , telling her that their destinies are joined.

2.       Trishna telling Maddy that by fault or default, Maddy is the root cause of everything that has happened to them.

3.       Rishabh diving into alcohol, gazing at his and Maddy's picture , and refusing  to shoot or work until Maddy says yes  to him and puts an ointment on his forehead which she bruised. BittuG will need Plan B and I think Razaaji ( who perhaps is not Rishabh's biological father on-screen ) will step in to pull Rishabh's strings.

4.       Maddy taking Lord Ganesha's blessings before she calls up Rishabh to say 'yes'.  It was almost like she wanted an assurance and confidence that whatever happens in her life now with Rishabh, she will make it work.

5.       Maddy in spotlight , Rishabh in spotlight and the famous 'Aag ka dariyaa' in between.


Amazing job Mukul,Gautam, Jaanki and others in the writing team. Brilliant direction and camera work using DVD's eyes and their body language . Actors, like always were 10/10. 

Love and luck always to all,Heart

GOD bless everyone.Hug

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Yup episode deserves a thumbs up Clap but ye log bhi na important cheez dey leave always for the next day LOL shayaad dey have not read  Kal karein so aaj kar  theory TongueLOL

umm yup i loved two scenes the most the ICU room one and obviously the last mein i liked dat dialogue wen madhubala entered ond stood on th spotlight "
Ek Aag ka dariya hai aur doob ke jana hai ClapClap

btw was Rk cooking another story abt his father's death Confused i mean usne bola na dat he lost his father at 12 dat means Rk has step father yup phir ye banda apne zinda baap ko he aag laga diya ROFL

and btw i loved Rk did Dhazeeya of Mamu chemistry ...ROFL

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Awesome analysis. Poco. Made me cry.

Best episode for me so far in this show. This episode can be called a special episode.Clap

Each scene was fab tonight, camera, direction and most importantly DD & VD was awesome in every scene. One hour episode completely dedicated to RK & Madhu.

Confusing about RK's father. Maybe Raza Mjurad as RK's father is coming as only flashbacks???? or he is his step dad.?? Tonight we had a glimpse of RK's life in those few words of his. It definitely is not happy.

It seems RK has accepted destiny's plan. He knows he needs Madhu even if it is to hate her. Also he is not happy for Shamshu's condition. He seems to be guilty. But he doesn't want to admit it.

What Trishna said was in a away truth. Madhu has brought this thoofan into their life. Though her intentions was right, to whom she has done all this was the first person who ran away from everything.

Trishna blaming Madhu was important for Madhu's decision. She should feel guilty and responsible to make that kind of a decision. Felt bad how Trishna is treating Madhu. This is not the time to blame each other. But it seems Trishna is already worrying about her dream more than Mallick's condition.

Just a thought

DD said Madhu would be a puppet of RK. So I think first condition to her might be to break all relations with her family. Because this will hurt Madhu the most. And Madhu's family might not even know it was Madhu who got money. RK might arrange it in a way they think it came from film fraternity. RK might not even let her care for Shamshu or see him again in hospital. Madhu is accepting the marriage, but she doesn't know or imagine what could be the conditions of RK.
So Madhu's family is going to hate her when she marries her and might disown her.

Hats off to the dialogue writer. Good one about Madhu/Mukund chemistry.LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

Maybe CV's are stalking the forum.

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readingworms. IF-Rockerz

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so true poco. Clap about rk and madhu and everything. must watch episode definitely. Clap

When Madhu buried her wolf into the dungeons for 4 days ... the blood of his hands were smeared all over the clay body of Madhubaala's form. Today when she released and drawled out RK's  blood as a product of the wolf's  beautiful present of destruction ..the blood smeared and remained within her palms. Their blood , the mutual alms of destruction remains within each other's skins...The symbolism of hands furrows down further i think...the murderous glinting brunt pools of a deadly , and gory wolf lays agile within the a royal scarlet throne replaying the continuous smear of his lamb's HANDS. He precedes near the visual blurred version of the lamb's fragile pink ,bumpy mouth and the indefinite rage and substantiation within her hands on his rough , uncultivated dusky cheeks. Alcohol , rage and pure raw madness makes him howl : "These very  HANDS that you lovingly swept on me..are going to be the very HANDS  whose streaked lines will be unified with my fiery ones." As the mutual blood exchange drawn within both the lamb and the wolf's hands have evaporated within their bodies...the mutual bond of two boiling blood vessels being one DIRECTS to the mutual association of their lines within their hands to UNITE.  to MUTUALLY BECOME ONE.First the exchange through blood by making hands the medium..and now the destiny's plan to make them rattle against each makes their hands AGAIN  a medium that produces MARRIAGE and COURTSHIP.You feel it when he recites the relationship between their hands attaching it with Destiny's Destiny needed her to clash against his world..and how Destiny again initiated him to destroy hers in return..Destiny made them go through mutual destruction..and mutual drawing of abuse and shed of blood..and now Destiny is making the medium of their fates to condition each other and unite...

RK i feel now
has been through so much more than Madhu.The lamb has people around her who unconditionally care about her..but RK? From the young age of 11..ever since he had to burn his dad's dead body..what has he ever been to the outside world? A piece of commodity..a tag..a brand..a objective piece of tool..who the world uses for their own benefits and gets sold at his fame and wonder he feels that everything in this world is sold. Funnily..even Madhu..who doesn't sell in anything..sold herself for a father...but that makes her more respective in that prospect..not a single person  in this world other than Madhu who once said that she was not happy sending him to jail as he is human with emotions as well..screams out that Madhu reaped and dug out the essence of the human Rishabh Kundra which the tag and tool named RK had forgotten and unconsciously killed a long time ago...He lost his d the world made him a tool.They guy knew the pain of losing a father but tried to solve it in THE ONLY WAY THE WORLD HAS TAUGHT HIM : Through money , power and position cause he never had anything else to hold on to..he is a small boy in a big world who nobody loved but took him to be a branded chair instead. Everyone cheered on Madhu's slaps..but most people failed to see yesterday how he is helping a street untamed puppy from the entangled wires and making even sure that the puppy eats as well..i know so many good people who treat street dogs or puppies like viruses or a piece of trash..but look at RK..this guy is destroying one life and yet his sensitive spot takes  him to the extent of taking care of a stray animal lik you rightly mentioned yesterday Clap...this is what happens with such men..we can't see their goodness and instead of encouraging that goodness we brand them as villains and put discourage them more into drowning their goodness in ultimately..what does that make us?

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Reservation ki line.Hug

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first poco just wow wow i mean u today write sooo beautifully and and the way u exprsses them how they feel about each other wow i didn't watch epi yet but it seems that RK aj kuch kuch insaniyat dekha raha tha LOL from the frist day i had thought that RK's character is like a ruin church LOL he is good but ruin LOL becuz he had been alone in his whole life or maybe as u said RK said that "he know the pain of loosing someone "(something like that LOL) so maybe is past he had lost someone close maybe his mother whom he love a lot
great just great poco
" I have never loved you but nobody will ever hate you the way I do. Marry me. Its going to be a beautiful death for you because I have nothing to give. Still, marry me."
this dialogue is amazing Clap

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Awesom Analysis dear, Amazing epi i think the quality n execution of epi is improved alot wd the new director.. Coming to the epi, The hospital convo was the best part, Rk's dialogue amazing, Aaj usne fans ke dil ki baat bol di the chemistry dialogue... Now we know reason of Rk's cold nature, He surely has heart but deep down in aag ka dariya and Madhu hv to drown in it to find out n bring it up and gv it another life, Trish said Madhu is root cause was right but She choosing dreams in such conditions agn proved her selfish nature, One thing we all gonna witness is firey chemistry n very passionate love story...

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