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9/8 Dragon Club: Joru ka Ghulam, Finally! (Page 25)

angake IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 7:05pm | IP Logged

As much as I enjoyed the bangles scene, what fascinated me was Pari's conversation with the Scindia elders. 

Wow! SP! Just like how a true business man knows how to keep his employee happy he dealt with Pari's situation very effectively. He tells her she should do her duties and know her responsibilities before she demands her right. Can it be as simple as that? How does one define duty and responsibility? SP and Gayatri points out about how much Aarti has been doing for the family. Yet Aarti paid in sweat and tears and indignity to achieve the support she has now. Is that what they expect from Pari? Have they ever spelled out what was Pari's requirement apart from the cooking and cleaning. As far as Pari was concerned she was doing all that yet getting nothing in return. As far as the Scindia's were concerned she was not doing enough. The one person who could have acted as the bridge between the two vastly different ideologies is a coward. I was appalled today when I saw Pratik sitting like a lamb through the entire conversation. Either he be a man and let Pari know that he is 100% with his parents or he stand behind Pari and go and talk about her issues with his parents. He has done neither. There is going to be a backlash that is for sure. The idiots that Pari and Pratik are, do they not realize that Pari anchoring a show on TV in Bhopal will not come under the radar of the Scindias. 

What to do with a problem like Yash Scindia? He is so taken in by Aarti. Aarti gets her first gift from Yash.Day Dreaming I think both actors did such a fantastic job. Aarti asks Yash politely to get her some bangles. He refuses, mildly stomps his feet and says no. Few minutes later, he comes in and does exactly what Aarti had requested him to do so. ROFLHe has absolutely no idea that he always ends up doing the very thing she wants him to.  Kratika was absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't take my eyes off her. Her poise while sitting down, with a straight back and her beautiful hair to the side was breathtaking. Her playfulness with her bangles and the looks she gave Yash remind me of an old song tir-e-nazar from the movie Pakeezah: 

Aaj ham apni duaaon ka asar dekhenge

Tir-e nazar dekhenge, zakham-e-jigar dekhenge

Aap to aankh milaate hue sharmaate hain

Aap to dil dhadakanein se bhi dar jaate hain

Phir bhi yeh zid hai ki ham zakham-e-jigr dekhenge

Tir-e-nazar dekhenge

I am now extremely curious about how the CVs are going to bring about Yash's realization. Does Lakhan Munna Bhai have a role in it? It is also interesting to note that Yash too has a secret that he hasn't divulged with Aarti. 

Random thought: 

Something about Vidhi and Aarti's conversation touched my heart. It felt like for the first time in her life, Aarti was enjoying the joys of sharing her secret, her happiness with a sister. How special that must feel for an orphan who probably never had that before. 

Happy Day, folks. Big smile

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..CountingStars IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 7:34pm | IP Logged

Sadiie's Analysis
Gunda - What A Wimp
Sindhiya Family Is Cracked
Vidhi - Look After Pankhu Will Ya
Prateik - Sleepy
Paridhi - You Wanna Get into trouble again? Stern Smile Fine then, Lie all you want.Sleepy
Gayatri - Teach me how to cook please Stern Smile
Mr.Sindhiya - Shut Up
Bua - Go Die
Pathetic Family. Period.
Aarti Is Happy for no reason
Yash is doing whatever she wants him to do.
Bangles scene was shit cuz it made no sense to me.
What Am I supposed to say except Yash looked Cute pulling all those faces? Stern Smile Oh wait -
Yash -
I was like this ready to blast but ended up myself cuz I was expecting something more.
I Guess I'm Odd.Tongue
Off to read everyone else's Takes cuz mine doesn't even count as one ROFL
Sadiie x

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InduG64 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 7:50pm | IP Logged
Well...there is a major difference between a mirage and an oasis, though both are outcomes of dreams and beget happiness...one is an illusion and as such momentary, but the other one comes to a person after miles of walking through burning sands. Pari is obviously mistaking her mirage for the much-deserved oasis...one she achieved after just taking a few steps, because for her those few steps are akin to the miles of the other. On the other hand, Aarti has her oasis with her, but she is happy basking in the sunshine of its illusory brightness...simply because she is under the impression that its reality is her mirage!!!

If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only then you will realize how special you are to me.

Bangles have a language of their own...they can communicate with their silence as well as with the abundance of multi-hued melody they carry within them. They speak a language, which is not verbal, yet as expressive a woman's heart is...a married woman's faith is...A bangle signifies a wife's love...a love that has no beginning and no end, just as a bangle has neither...not really knowing  from where she ended and he began...!!!

"If your husband does not adorn you with bangles in the month of saavan, then the Gods get angry...tradition says so"...Bhanvri's words strike a chord and Aarti calls her Yashji to partake in the ritual...but nah...he is not interested.."I already did my part in participating in the saavan ritual by giving the push to the swing, didn't I?"  But Aarti wants him to choose bangles for her...and he would have nothing to do with it. Yet he doesn't move away...and stands within earshot. She smiles a knowing smile...oh, she knows her mauni baba...she reads him...she  senses his senses. She knows he is in his "I am my own master" mode because of the events of the morning...and she also knows that he won't be able to resist hideosity if he perceives it. So, she plays on some reverse psychology and demands for the most repugnant color available and which certainly did not match her clothing. And as she suspected, her artistic husband...who planned weddings and had a complete grip over his aesthetic senses and color combinations...found it offensive that she should have such a revolting taste. However, Yashji being Yashji...his ego won't let him intervene in a matter he himself had shirked away from moments earlier...so he does the next best thing by trying to convey indirectly his displeasure at her repulsive choice...fully unaware that she is pulling a fast one on him and is many steps ahead of him...and that he was being led on. When she continues to persist on buying such pieces of monstrosity by doubling her order, he can't stand no more...and stomps up to her..."What are you doing, Aartiji? These are not good."  "So, you choose for me." And he does... a set that matches her dress. He wants to put them on Aarti's wrists while standing...but Aarti won't have it. She wants him to sit with her...be on the same level with her...in every which way. The care with which he puts the bangles mesmerizes her...she can't help staring at this simple, wonderful, unpretentious man who is her husband...And so, finally, Aarti has her own bangles given by Yash...not a symbol, but very real, very own...hers and hers only!!!   He looks up to catch her gazing at him. He finishes and walks away, but can't help looking back...and there she is hiding her face with those wristful of bangles. He shakes his head quizzically...she sure is an enigma...as multicolored as the bangles there...and he is yet to point a finger at a particular color and say this is her. Yash is drawn...in the very circle of her aura...where there is no beginning...and certainly no end!!!!!

After all what is a lie? 'Tis but a truth in masquerade.

Ah, Pari...what tangled web we weave, when we decide to deceive...She is lying through her teeth to get what she wants, yet feels it is just the truth in disguise. Her inner turmoils, the injustice she feels she is being subjected to by being discriminated against, the restrictions she feels are only for her...are all causing her to perceive the matter subjectively...Whatever she is doing...howsoever she is behaving...in her mind is the right thing to do. She senses the wrong but overrides it by all the justifications she has ready in her defence. She approaches all the family members to let her pursue a lie. Gayatri refuses, Bua for obvious reasons pleads for her, Vidhi can't say no...though Pankaj seemed upset, Prateek's voice didn't matter at all, especially when he lets her play the field. SP acquiesces only because he did not want to be termed biased   but not before he gives her some reality check.

  • Is Lakhan a gateway to a past event sans Arpita? He came for the kill...and Yash didn't seem too condescending either...!!!
  • Did Vidhi misunderstand Aarti's words regarding her happiness? I feel they all are listening to the words that were not spoken...and Aarti's message will be construed and passed onto Gayatri...which might lead to a huge misunderstanding!!!

That's it friends. A heart-stopping episode for me...In the earlier days only the husband and the churiwallah could hold a married woman's hand...but what when the husband becomes the churiwallah...***sigh***

Have a nice day.Smile

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..CountingStars IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 7:54pm | IP Logged
Oh Boy.. O_o
I'm Misplaced, The Hell I am ROFL
How Come I never understand the episodes properly like everyone else here...sigh...
Awesome Takes Everyone Big smile
But I still found the episode Shit except GC's Cute expressions..

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..CountingStars IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 8:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by InduG64

  • Did Vidhi misunderstand Aarti's words regarding her happiness? I feel they all are listening to the words that were not spoken...and Aarti's message will be construed and passed onto Gayatri...which might lead to a huge misunderstanding!!!
@Bold - She probably did, her over-excited expressions told me LOL
I shall wait for that misunderstanding with my eyes wide shut
Lovely Take Big smile

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InduG64 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 8:15pm | IP Logged
@Sadii: Thank you.Smile
I love those monkeys...truly do. You seem to be a Pankhu fan...and that's cute, certainly not odd.TongueAlso, your take is very illustrative my friend...I find them real quaint...so there!Clap

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tarantulla_p Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 8:16pm | IP Logged
Don't have too much time, planning my baby's party this w.e. Few impressions:

- what kind of a useless gunda is lakhan, he needs to be expelled from the union. Any gunda who knows Yash should have known the only way to disarm Yash would be to wear an Arpita mask. Amateurs.

- Vidhi is seeking salacious details from Aarti..guess what Vidhi, there are tawdry novels in the market just to satisfy curiosity like this

- Prateik is the human ostrich, he thinks if he squeezes his eyes shut, no one can see him or realize he is married to Paridhi.

- Paridhi asked some pretty normal questions but the regressive Scindhias think basics are a privilege . Another case of completely missing homework before marrying...Clearly they have no common ground and the only patch they had (Prateik) is shrinking rapidly.

- the entire bangle scene was forced on Yash. Aarti decides to play wife husband and manipulates Yash into buying bangles for her and makes moony eyes non stop. Amazingly, she even tries the infamous bangles pose of Arpita's. Yash is dazed as usual. Aarti's dress was pretty. Also, what prevented her from buying a couple of pairs for the girls too? Not really romantic, seemed pushy.

- Gayatri is on an overdose of delirium inducing drugs.

SP played Paridhi well. Overall, better than yest but avg in general.

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bbbccc IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 8:32pm | IP Logged
@Aparna, I am not sure why they are making Paridhi and Prateek this demented..
Today you seem to be mad at Prateek, but in this case I am not with Paridhi either. How far does she think this lie take her, if she had guts for this why she didn't try honest approach just for once. The result could have been bad but whats coming is worse..
I feel is she used truth, Prateek might have strengthened himself and backed her like he did first time. But this will leave him in very bad taste..
They waited so long for the marriage and yet this outcomeOuch, just unexplanable..

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