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9/8 Dragon Club: Joru ka Ghulam, Finally!

Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 10:38am | IP Logged

Credit for this gorgeous alternate banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!


As much as I would love to dedicate my whole take today to that bangle scene, there are some things that have to be mentioned because they were so well executed. The first was the curiosity factor aroused for this Lakhan character and his history with Yash. More than what Lakhan can do for Yash now, I am curious to know what their history is, that Yash almost left him dead the last time they met, but he is not in jail. Yash seems to be the kind of person who would send a criminal to jail and do things strictly by the law, so why is he dealing with this goon by himself and not calling the police like he should? It is all very mysterious and I am dying for a glimpse into Yash's past that does not revolve solely around Arpita. The pottery was the first sign that there is more to him, and now we go deeper, it seems.

The second scene that totally deserves applause is the one between Paridhi and the Sr. Scindias. I thought that was beautifully done, without showing anyone at fault, per say but sort of making it clear to Paridhi that she was being unfair to some extent. And yet from her perspective, it is easy to see why she doesn't think she is being unfair. This is the risk that Prateek took when he married her, a risk that he didn't calculate. Adjustments that are going out on a limb for Paridhi are things that the Scindias take for granted, like wearing only sarees, asking before going out and having to be answerable to so many people. Similarly, things that are totally out of the question for the Scindias, like working women and wanting to do something other than stay at home and cook, are things that Paridhi takes for granted. Each side feels like they are giving more than they are getting because what they do get, they have already taken for granted.

Paridhi crossed a line today though by comparing herself with Aarti because the difference between her requests and Aarti's are pretty clear to anyone. Aarti asks for the sake of the family, never for herself, and Paridhi asks only for herself, not for the family. SP, being the smart administrator that he is, sees the need of the hour, the need to eliminate even that seed of doubt in Paridhi that she is being treated unfairly or unequally. He is responsible for the unity of this family and he knows where the risks lie. However, he comes true to Paridhi's false declaration of them being her parents by his advice. Be aware of what you have given before you demand, and you won't have to demand at all. But unfortunately, this is very idealistic of SP. Paridhi has been doing just that. She has given a lot of herself to this family, but they don't see it simply because that is the minimum they expect. On a side note, I loved the detail of Pankaj's expression when Paridhi asked Vidhi if she wouldn't mind taking over the work. He did not look happy with the idea... I would love to see him fight for his wife's rights here.

And now to the bangle scene. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways! What a sweet, funny, adorable, intriguing and wondrous scene this was, with Aarti and Yash clashing in a hilarious battle of the egos! I love that among the other benefits of being in love, Aarti is beginning to read Yash like a book simply because she is now so invested in him and his happiness. She sees Chagan buying Bhavri bangles and the explanation behind it, and immediately turns to her own husband. Yash, though being polite is still feeling the sting from the morning and tries to throw a little attitude of his own. I loved his clipped responses to her here where he kept cutting her off as though urging her to get to the point already so he can go. He ends up doing a classic Yash and jumping to conclusions before Aarti is finished: the ritual of the monsoon is to push on the swing...I did that. It is as though Yash is answering Aarti's plea to come alive for the kids...I did that. But now she is asking for more, she is asking for a bit of him for herself in the name of another ritual.

But Yash, though tempted, does not let go of this opportunity to throw around some attitude, little knowing that Aarti is on to him. Notice he sticks around despite the fact that he claims to be disinterested, just to see what Aarti will do without him and she takes him by surprise once again. On this trip because of the pottery, and before while working with him, she has discovered the deeply artistic side of Yash, the one who is averse to anything that is not beautiful and picturesque. This coupled with his OCD tendencies make him outraged at the idea that she would buy bangles that were not only ugly, but didn't match what she was wearing. He knows that he will have to look at those bangles all day if she buys them and can't fathom why the Aartiji of exquisite taste is committing such a faux pas!

I don't think it occurred to the dunce even once that he was being played by wifey. He genuinely thought she needed him to rescue her from a fashion disaster and he rose to the occasion. I just loved that he wanted to choose the "right" bangles and give them to her while standing. But she is not having any of his beneficence any more, he is her husband, her equal and so she makes him come down to her level before accepting his gift. And even though Yash seemed irritated and exasperated, he enjoyed that very feeling. Scoffing at Aarti's insanity makes him feel all manly and rational, which in turn draws him further towards her to try and figure out her irrational actions. It is a beautiful cycle that Aarti is creating, simply by being herself. She challenges Yash to solve the puzzle that she is every moment, and he is getting addicted to her.

Today he stuck around even though he claimed not to believe in the rivaz, he just sat there after he put the bangles on her, waiting for to give him a sign of what was next, and then when he got up, it was he who turned around and looked at Aarti playing with her bangles, which made her hide her face with a jerk. On the one hand, she stared at him fixedly after getting the bangles, with her hands on either side, and then a moment later when he turned back, she covered her face with the same bangles, and he took a few steps back to see just what she was doing. She is throwing challenge after challenge in his path and he is starting to go along for the ride, inhibitions falling away.

Finally, Aarti got her own bangles! Big smile At this point they are just glass, fragile and inexpensive, but they are her own, and given to her by Yash. This is the symbol of his beginning to think of her as his wife in her own right and the best part is that nobody understands the value but Aarti herself.

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 10:39am | IP Logged
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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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So now Yash knows Aarti bought all this, what if he teases her and asks her to put them on at night!  what will Aarti do next, oh yes I can see
Yash Scindia taking  full advantage of his wife
here, well he has to take revenge


Watched  yesterday's episode at home, loved the last part...oh man how many times did Yash reverse back and the look Aarti gave to him, poor guy just went and she laughed,LOL Aarti knows her husband and exactly how to handle him, u see only a wife knows these bits and pieces and when she plays her cards right he will only submit to her and she's doing it quite well!

Also, Aarti knows Arpita is just an excuse to Yash, at times people are scared to step into another relationship and they only find excuses and that's Yash, he will open up soon, hopefully that's what the CVs plan for!  Fear nothing else cause when u submit, u not that strong person that u present urself as, u become a melting pot ROFLROFLTrust me I know this one personally! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed It's worse when other party  knows ur weakness, trust me its used to full capacity LOL

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Zetter IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 10:44am | IP Logged
Hey All...sorry I'm late...My PC crashed so was really having a hard time keeping up today let's just say phone service isn't as fast as I would like it to be Ouch LOL

Okay on to my take It's gonna be a short one Unhappy

AarYa reaches home while 2 goons are there waiting for Yash with a knife...Yash senses that someone is following him he gives Aarti the bags saying she forgot them Aarti I think still mad at him tell him that she didn't forgot them, she was gonna get them after she coming out of the car Tongue

Yahs gets the upper hand on the two goons and asked them if they didn't leaned anything from their previous encounter? He even warned them that if any harm comes to his family since they r here with him in Mumbai then...They pleaded w/ Yash to let them go & he did...I think things are about to get back for AarYa & fam   

So Paridhi got permission from SP to finish her mass_communication course which she used as an excuse to go and shoot the serial in Mumbai...I love what SP said to hear when she was complaining about how all the limitations are on her *RME*

The best bangles scene ever...I loved how Aarti got Yash to buy & put on her first pair of bangles given by him Big smile Embarrassed Embarrassed GC's expressions were friken adorable Heart He was the star of today's epy   Star Star
And how cute was KS/Aarti today when she was looking at her bangles & the way she was looking at Yash poor guy must has thought she has gone mad ROFL

Precap: I'm with you all who say that the something wrong is gonna happen tomorrow there's no way the Mumbai track would come to an end already plus Gayatri was too happy we all know what happens when someone in PV gets overconfident or too happy...TROUBLE!!! Wink

EDIT: I liked the phone convo between Aarti & Vidhi they were acting like sisters Smile

P.S My take came out longer than expected...Hope u guys enjoy it!

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 10:45am | IP Logged

There were 3 Interesting Loop Closures in Yesterday's Episode ...Embarrassed

First Loop Closure : Yash had his awkward moment with cond**s during AarYa suhaagraat when he did the awkward dance with his leg to hide the cond** packet from Aarti which she already saw LOL...Today Aarti had her awkward moment with the lingerie packet when she had to do the awkward dance with her leg to hide the packet from Yash which he already saw LOLLOL...Perfect Loop Closure of Awkward moments LOL
Second Loop Closure : After the awkward moment on suhaagraat , Yash cleared Aarti's misunderstanding in a way by telling Pratik that he married for kids and so Aarti came to know that Yash is not characterless like she was thinking LOLBig smile ; Yesterday after the awkward lingerie moment , Aarti cleared Yash's misunderstanding in a way by telling him directly that she has no intention to become Arpita since she loves her Aarti identity and is happy with it Big smile and so Yash realised his mistake and apologised to her Embarrassed..Perfect loop closure of Misunderstandings resolved Big smile
Third Loop Closure : During their Suhaagraat , Yash and Aarti banged each other's head for the first time while fixing the bed together and so they touched their foreheads again for the second time as a symbol of good luck  Embarrassed  ; Yesterday both sort of almost banged each other's head while picking up that lingerie stuff at the same time but then they dint come forward to touch their foreheads again for the second time as a symbol of good luck which indicates a danger is awaiting outside (LakhanOuch) ..So a loop which was suppose to close dint really close .. interesting ...Ermm..
My Views on the Real Aarti as a Woman Embarrassed...
Aarti is a very complicated character .. she is unpredictable .. she does not plan her life ... she just loves to live in the moment ... she loves to b imperfect and do silly things because thats entertainment for her .. she wants a companion who can understand her and accept her the way she is rather than expect her to change according to his wishes ... EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...She is ready to give her 100% in a relationship but in return she expects her lifepartner to accept her with her imperfections Embarrassed

In Scindia mansion Aarti is sometimes a Mother and sometimes a Bahu .. The real Aarti got lost somewhere Ouch and so in Mumbai what we r getting to see is the real Aarti who is more fun and bindaas , might b a bit silly but she makes u laugh, a very positive ,strong and vibrant girl Embarrassed and mayb this is first time even Yash is getting to discover this real Aarti and so he too is surprised with her behaviour and actions but after yesterday's sudden outburst coming from real Aarti , now Yash knows her real side very well WinkLOLLOL
Today's Episode Analysis
Today's Episode was another pleasant watch since this week so far has been a really smooth ride with lots of OMG and Awww AarYa moments along with the family dose coming from Pratik and Paridi track ClapClapClapClap...Bangle Scene today finally closes the Arpita loop with Aarti getting her own set of bangles from Yash StarStarStarStar
Yash's possessiveness as a husband keeps increasing .. he makes sure Aarti wears bangles of his choice Embarrassed

I lovedd the way Yash was feeling all possessive for Aarti when she was purchasing those bright coloured glossy bangles LOL .. GC's expression there was fantastic the way he made his face which clearly suggested how much particular he is when it comes to Aarti's choices and keeps a close watch on them even if he pretends that he does not care but he does WinkLOLEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...He almost got mini heart attacks everytime Aarti said 2 dozens , then 3 dozens and finally 4 dozens LOLLOLLOL ; Yash's expression was like no ways , my wife can hv such a bad choice LOLEmbarrassed ; He was a typical hubby there keeping a secret watch on his wife's choice EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Moment Aarti ordered almost 4 dozen of those ugly looking bangles for her , Yash became all possessive and screamed no ways LOLLOL... He almost rushed upto Aarti and asked her what sort of choice she is making ...awww Embarrassed ; And I must say Yash has quite a good choice Wink ,  he made sure he chooses matching blue bangles with her suit and I loved the way he so delicately puts them on her hand and she keeps looking at him with love EmbarrassedEmbarrassed... Even though Yash is still not affected much with her beauty but he is certainly affected with her choices and he makes sure he has his say in her choices like a typical hubby ...hmmm WinkTongue...
Bangle Scene Loop Closure StarStarStarStar
The whole Bangle scene was sort of a loop closure and symbolic too Embarrassed... So far Aarti is always given Arpita's bangles to wear by everyone in the family but today Aarti gets her own bangles from none other than her husband Yash who not only purchases those bangles for her but also puts them on both her hands EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Today Aarti wears her own bangles selected by her husband and that too from her husband's hand Embarrassed...
So in a way today she actually becomes Mrs.Aarti Yash Scindia with no shadow of Arpita behind her StarStarStarStar... No wonder after wearing those bangles she looked so happy and overwhelmed EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...She does those gestures with her hands like showing off her bangles to Yash and making those mudras with her hand in joy and excitement because she gets her first gift from her hubby today EmbarrassedEmbarrassed... It was overall a wonderful scene Embarrassed...GC and KS were super cute and complete natural in the scene ClapClapClap
Lakhan and Yash's enemity might take an interesting turn tomorrow Ermm
Precaps r misleading .. So mayb tomorrow in the start they will show few outdoor scenes and how 4-5 days r passing like that in Mumbai and then what we saw in precap might b the end scene where Gayatri says both r returning back Embarrassed
But on the way either Yash or Aarti or kids might get kidnapped or hurt by those Lakhan's goons and we might see more drama in Mumbai Big smile...I m hoping Aarti to get kidnapped or hurt because thats what will make Yash realise about her importance in his life since if Yash is hurt or kidnapped and Aarti again comes to his rescue ,it will b same like last time when Aarti walks on fire Ouch and Ansh kidnapping also we hv already seen  Ouch...So this time Aarti had to fall in trouble for Yash to get the scare of loosing her for the first time and thus realising her worth in his life Big smile
Apart from this ,I also believe Lakhan's enemity with Yash might open up some old chapters of Yash's life and might give a past picture of what had happened and we might get to see a different picture of Arpita as well .. u never know .. so I m quite excited to see who is this Lakhan and whats all this enemity about Ermm
Paridi's lie and manipulations continues Ouch
Ok we might say Gayatri's thinking is wrong when she said why Paridi needs to complete that Mass Communication coarse , instead she should help Vidhi in kitchen work Ouch ; We might say Gayatri is old fashioned typical saas who has different rules for  every Bahu , but all said and done , we cant deny the fact that Gayatri is honest about her views Smile... She is good or bad .. right or wrong .. she is always on your face Smile ; She will never lie to anyone about her views nor will she play games with anyone Approve
But what is Paridi doing ?? She lied about that so called coarse to persue her acting career ?? Ouch ; She almost manipulated the entire family by making a sob story of how she wants to finish her coarse by going to college OuchOuch...I blame Pratik for this who has no spine to control the situation and at the same time fulfill his wife's wishes Thumbs Down...
I loved Daddy Scindia the most the way he made his decision by giving permission to Paridi but at the same time reminding her that before comparing herself with Aarti , she should first look at herself in mirror , see whether she really fulfilled her responsibilities or not and then do all the comparisons or ask for her rights because someone who knows that she is right , will never need to compare herself with anyone ClapClapClapClap...Gayatri here was as usual a follower of her hubby LOLLOL...
Now tomorrow if Paridi's lie is caught and Daddy Scinida does not give any more permission to Paridi or get pissed off with both Pratik and Paridi , can we blame him ?? ..I guess No Ouch...In short I can soon see Paridi's revolt against the family for which only Pratik will b responsible Ouch
Overall it was a good episode with a wonderful AarYa bangle scene loop closure StarStarStarStar

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Pearl_27 IF-Dazzler

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I am already in love with the title.Big smile

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bbbccc IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 10:49am | IP Logged
@Sam, love the title..
Suits him the best, please Aartji don't loose your attitude it suits youWink

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cssudha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 11:01am | IP Logged
Were the updaters ready ??

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