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Director's Cut - ASR B'day Special - 09 Aug, 2012 (Page 8)

twisted_beenz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 10:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Lizzy2012

Originally posted by amarb

Go, go, go, go, go, go
Go shawty, it's your birthday
We gonna party like it's your birthday
We gon' sip Bacardi like it's your birthday
And you know we don't give a f*** it's not your birthday

You can find me in the club, bottle full of bub
Look mami, I got the X if you into takin' dadi's rub...

My Gift to ASR is UP,Bihar, Delhi aur Punjaab hai...

note to ASR -

aapko business business khelna acha lagta hai na...
so aayiye apne b'day I mean business suit mein aur
ek chumma tu mujhko UDHAAR dai de
aur badle mein UP Bihaar lai le...
meri chamiya tu haan mein jawab dai de
aur badle mein Delhi Punjaab lai le
Beenu how do  u do this ..maintain the sense of humour everyday..haha hisss.what the..maha naari.hahaha..funcilious post
Thank you chechi... I try to laugh and let laugh

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Lizzy2012 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 10:18pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by paayaal

Oye Arnie ki kitta tussi...maar daala rey, maar daala...Heart

Ik gal dass tu menu, kal tak to tu apni dadi se badi ladaiyaan shadaiyaan kar raha tha, aaj kya ho gya, hain, bol...biwi ne peeche se jhappi kya le li...tere to pank hi lag gaye...kaise udta hua gaya, biwi samet (of course), palang pe...idhar palang ki ply tooti, udhar tumhari hasi chooti...LOL!!!

O chal koi nahi, haq banta hai tera...Big smile

Oye by the way...Happy Birthday Rey!!!!!Big smile

Maine na bada socha, kya doon, itne bade business tycoon ko, phir mujhe yeh dikha, terey liye perfect laga, isliye...Wink

Aaj to tera bed play dekh key, by God, itne saare 'khatiya' waley gaaney dimaag mei download ho gaye ki bas...isliye main chali, tu yeh replay dekh...Wink

and continue the good work...Wink

Haaai maara  daala.arnav baaba ke wajahse Sab in comatose state..Sweet post with good pics

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twisted_beenz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 10:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Krishyy808

Originally posted by amarb

Originally posted by Krishyy808

WOW wht lovlly postss...
@Saru--kishne mere saru ko dekha kya,jhan gayi wo...Unhappy...hayeee re ram kishan ye kya hui gawa saru ko...Ouch...
Lovllyy posttt...hugsss
@Sam-loved ur quote...nd lovd ur post too,,,Indeed ASR is an EPIC character made by GUL...!!
@Beena--missed u a usual u r hillarious like the episode...ROFL...!!
@ritzz--lovllyy post...i lovd it...Smile
@payal-- kya start mara hai aaj...i flatten from thr...awsmm
@megha--WOW...wht an awsmmm convo b/w arnav nd khushi...!!...lovd ur humor...!!
@RUBY...lovd seeing GIFs in ur post too...hugsss...i alwayss miss ur for today's episode i donn wanna pause lets play play play...lovd the songss dear...lovlyySmile
@getta...Lovvllly POST dear...awsmmm...i was waiting for ur 7th day of christmaas...lovd it...Smile
@rapunzaul(priya)...lovlly poem...!!!
@Aditi...WOW...kya gifat diye ho arnav babua ko...lovd ur short post...Smile
Lovd evryone's Here...Smile

I had the same question about saru... well she will be back soon...
Thank you for my post

come come was too gud...haaha...
Yhee saru cant simplyy keep her vampness in her too long...she will back at nytime nydsec...:p
Saru... apni chudailgiri wapas le aa... meri bhootni

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Lizzy2012 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 10:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by meghavn

WISHING "Whatness Shri Arnav Singh Raizada" A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Here's my thoughts/ways on making Mr. ASR understand the importance of bday... since he understands only in terms of deals & business lets see on which all ways WE can WISH & Mr. ASR can understand... ok? So here we go...

1) Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.

2) Inside every older person is a younger person - wondering what the hell happened.

3) Men are like wine: some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.
Is this not so true Mr. ASR... ur being delicious errmm... handsome & handsome day by day...year by year Wink

Now moving on lets see how the FAMILY wishes Mr ASR - 

Anjali Di (with her pooja ki taal, lamp lit, puts tika on his forehead)Chotte Live today, forget the past. Happy birthday! Tum hamesha khush raho... (BG - meri aakho me tu muskuraaye)

Naani - Chotte ... tohar .. janamwa dinwa ke liye ... humri shubh iccha!

Dadi - Janam din ke pawan awsar par aapko hardik shubh kamnaye Arnav...

Maami - HELLO HI BYE BYE Arnav bitwa... Happys Birthdays... aapki janam dinwa ke kathir hame ISPA jana he... HELLO HI BYE BYE

NK - Naanav, Happy Birthday Dude... Janeman (Janam) din Mubarak ho! 

Akash - Bhai everything fine with u... kafi Khush lag rahe ho.. anything special anything we should know... oh haan HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bhai!

Payal -  As usual doesn't open her mouth Confused


khushi goes to arnav to wish him for his bday ..
arnav wants a gift .. a KISS .. hindi mein bole toh Chumma 

K - hum sirf aapko janam din ki badhai dene aaye the...
A - haan tho main kab mana kar raha hoon?
K - par... par aap...
A - main kya Khushi... main sirf mere birthday ka gift pooch raha hoon...
K - (looks at him) .. aap aaj kal bahut sapne dekhne lag gaye hai .. hmmph Chotte..(turns to walk away)
A - OYE ...then sings...

Arnav : Kya Bolti TUM

Khushi : Kya Mein BOLUN

Arnav: Sun

Khushi : Suna

Arnav : Chal karen kya hum CHUMMA

Khushi : Kyun Karen HUM CHUMMA

Arnav : Oye CHUMMA nahi karenge .. LOVE nahi badhayenge .. toh KHAAK HOGA humara BACCHA

THANKS TO DEAR RUBY for helping me out... That's why I call u a SWEETHEART Big smile
Hahaha..super post megha..khushi arnav convo..Hahaha.happy happy banadiya

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Lizzy2012 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 10:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by amarb

Rupunzale's (Priya) Poem

Happy Birthday Arnie Boy
My Dearest Beloved Khushi,

You invaded my private world with your beautiful smile and understanding heart,
And I wondered to myself that you were different right from the very start.
You listened without judgment to what I had about me to say,
And even after I was done with the good, the bad, the ugly you still didn't run away.
We developed a relationship, with no walls to build or guard,
We decided to leave the past behind and step into the good that could be no matter our discomfort or how hard.
I've grown to love you with no hidden agenda or false pretense but with only the real me,
Letting you get to know about me what most people never see.
I'm writing this to you for you to understand,
That spending time with you is so precious I never want to let go your hand.
The time that we spent apart cannot equal when we are together,
I missed you oh too much but when we met at last it was like a dream,
Our time apart for me helped me see that you are what I have for many years been missing in my life,
A person that is beautiful, and kind, and understanding, and loving, you are the one I wished I would have met and been together long ago, and made you my own.
But the past is the past, and the future is what we do with each moment now,
Let's make each moment we are together count and overshadow the past,
And love like never before because that will be what will forever last.
I love you.

Yours Forever

Give me a big hug.. From  geetu Di to her sunshine girl Pri..know u always write from the heart ..loved it

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dramacrazy12 Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 10:27pm | IP Logged
Lovely episode. I can't seem to wipe smile off my face...This is what viewers cvs delivered itClapClapClapClap.
I will not write about the episode, everyone on this thread has already written amazing stuff. However I do have some random thoughts-
1) Who is Anjali meeting?
    I had always believed it was either Shyam or a go between them but somehow that does not make sense. Shyam would have instigated Anjali against Khushi and I doubt that Anjali would have been able to maintain the pretension of easy friendship/sisterhood she is showing towards Khushi. There is no way that Shyam would be bold enough to sneak into RM unless he has managed to turn another RMwasi to his side. His ego will demand that Arnav apologize and take him back. I noticed that calls started coming in soon after the episodes where she cries and asks Nani that she is unable to understand the truth.
   What if she hired a private investigator or someone trust worthy to investigate the matters and report back the truth. It will not be hard to verify parts of Khushi's story. She did not tell anybody because no one wants to discuss the truth with her and everyone coddles her. She might still want Shyam back either because she wants to forgive or because she wants some sort of revenge for betrayal
2)Why did Arhi not bring up CON until now?
      It is not that Arnav is not attracted to Khushi, infact he has tried to sneak a kiss or two several times but he realised something along the way-Khushi does not trust him. She feels that she is being manipulated or forced into loving him. In other words she might accept him, her husband due to duress/blackmail/manipulation/challenge but her heart will never truly accept thier love. She will always hide behind excuses. He forced her into marraige, forced her to stay back after the epic lashout, challenged her into accepting him as her husband and the manipulated the circumstances to win the challenge and blackmailed her into coming back to RM. Nothing in thier relationship until now was a result of her choice and free will. He could seduce her but she would never forgive him or herself and would always feel guilty about it. He could not afford to rock the boat yet given he was so close to deadline.
The only way to deal with the sword of contract hanging over thier relationship was to convince her of his feeling and then wait patiently for her to make a choice. The only way to keep this relationship alive was to trust her into accepting thier love when time came. He gave her gifts, gave her back her dignity, demanded respect for her, placed her on same pedestal as himself and best of all gave her freedom to make decisions. No longer did he want her to do what he wanted, she was his wife- she could do what she wanted, she could go where she wanted, touch and see what she wanted.
Khushi finally accepted thier relationship in yesterdays's episode- she behaved like wife when he was sad and he shared his pain. Today she gave him a back hug and laughed with him. Later in the day she demanded pheres implying that she wanted the relationship. This is the sign Arnav was waiting for- the minute she talked about pheras, he talked about suhag raat. I think the reason he continues to mention suhaag raat is not only because he enjoys flustering her (this is his primary reason) but also because he is making sure that he did not misread her intentions and she is still onboard with the plan.
3)Will we see pheras?
   I really wish that we see some growth and intimacy in Arhi relationship and that is not happening until we have a symbolic/private remarraige and consumation. This is long overdue. Another reason I want the consumation to happen before the past is revealed completely is that solves the current ambiguity in thier relationship. They will need each other to fight the evil and  dark past that surrounds them. However remarraige and consumation episodes are major TRP boosters and lack of any promos suggests that we will have another twist  or a roadblock in thier relationship. Besides Arnav laughing has never been a good sign on the show .

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Lizzy2012 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 10:28pm | IP Logged
[QUOTE=msin]LOLAaj to mujhe gutter se nikalna mushkil hi Nahi namumkin hai...Day Dreaming

Incredibly busy day today...but what a rockalicious episode..

My takeaway today is Arnav is planning a wedding but will he succeed or will Shyam make an is he planning to get married on janmastami night on the house...

We finally get the answer that they have not done anything yet... Though khushi has started initiating hugs with Arnav on her own..l great going girl... But Abhi tak kiss or SR stage me shy ho jaati hai...

Suhaag Raat has been discussed quite often between Arhi., 

Some that I remember are.. 
Khushi lavanya discussing Suhaag Raat. Khushi dressing up lavanya as a bride putting her on sej... Making Arnav ferociously angry..

Arnav khushi going for Suhaag Raat in nainital with he lifting her up in dhaaba..

Suhaag Raat sej being decorated by shyamu.. And khushi sitting on it after the wedding and the run up...

Then in the hut... Arnav finally being horny and trying to take initiative... But knock knock kidnappers...

Ab now let's see how long cvs will beat out a bush..

Arnie dear hurry up.. People starting later than you have already started producing kids.. Take a leaf out of

Happy birthday dear may you get the desired wish on your birthday...Censored

All the best khushi..
Kab tak bakre ki maa khair manayegi..LOL
Isn't everybody still in gutter.. And that stupid bed broke .. A new bed for all the nocturnal activities holds bar post

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Lizzy2012 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 10:32pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by redwine1

Gif courtesy : Payal



Well BitWA pinned his wife to the wall ... & told her .. 



ABHI .. LETS BREAK THE BED .. BUT .. TO OUR OWN TANGO .. Wink (  that was tango .. not tangled legs .. u guys .. gutter minds )






Video courtesy : CHOWNA 


Seriously u took us back in to heights of gutter..hahahah..kab nikhale the AB laut ne I mean the gutter..gutterlicious post..super pics..

Edited by Lizzy2012 - 09 August 2012 at 10:32pm

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