Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Director's Cut - ASR B'day Special - 09 Aug, 2012

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 10:23am | IP Logged

     Welcome to a very special          

       edition of Director's Cut for a very   

          Special Birthday Boy

                                ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA


the cake is ready!! candles are lit!!! are you guys ready to party??      



So if you could give one thing to Arnav Singh Raizada on his Birthday - what would it be? and Why?

Tell us all about it at the top of your post or paste it or... Whatever you want.. Haq banta hai..!!

Hang out with us as we kick it up DC Style!!!!

p.s.- PH might ve forgotten but "hum hain na."..Embarrassed
proof :

before i enter the party.. i ll qucikly give the gift that i got for him today...

this might help him... come on he deserves some privacy atleast today
" My jigar da tukda...Haaye..
   My jigar da tukda
   You are my sona-sona mukhda...Haaye..
   My jigar da tukda aa"

vm for the grand evening ladies...

credit zoya

dedication time!!- beenz my soul sistaHug whoz making a guest appearance tonite

guys... excuse me just  for the day...
i ll be back with a bang tmrw!!Embarrassed i m sure my frns will take u through the episode.. Hug
Evil Smilevamp n Smileangel are in love with this both of them
want to say the same things today...
so they wont be analyzing the episode or finding any bloopers...

this is a special edition of DC dedicated to the Arnav singh Raizada...

we at ipkkland believe a lot in symbolism right...
so guys who said the production house forgot his birthday?
arent we celebrating his birthday?? dint u see the preprations??
accept it or not, he has all of us.. dancing at his finger tips...
              " we are his gopis and he is our kanha...
so today i want u guys to think ...

why we wait for him to smile...?

why we cry when he cries..?

why the romantic arnav makes r hearts flutter?

why his awkward dance melts our heart?

why when he laughs .. we feel happy?

why his smirk makes our day?

why his nightmares haunts us...?

why we even love him when he turns into angry asr?

why we love his attitude n oneliners?

why is shirtless arnav... too much to handle...?

why..when he winks.. v feel its for us...?

why when he flirts .. we get nervous?

why when he is upset..nothing feels right?

why?when he is in pain...we feel it

now did u understand why we are celebrating his birthday...?
 the answer to all those questions is  one n the same...
fictional or not we love him- period!!!

arnavji a.k.a. chottey also wants to say something to us  "chottey tera b'day"
 listen to this track guys" cr tumblr

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..mrinalini.. IF-Rockerz

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Poets often describe love as an emotion that we can't control, one that overwhelms logic and common sense. Thats what it's like for me. I didn't plan on falling in love with you, and I doubt that you planned on falling in love with me. But once we met, it was clear that neither of us could control what was happening to us. We fell in love, despite our differences, and once we did, something rare and beautiful was created. For me love like that has happened only once, and thats why every minute we spent together has been seared in my memory. I'll never forget a single moment of it.

- The Notebook..Nicholas Sparks


Tell me friends'is not life strange??!!Two people'with a hell-heaven difference in their socio-economic background'in their outlook'in their methods of dealing with adversities'.yet so alike'bound by sweet songs of destiny!!Embarrassed


Who would have thought a year back...the reticent young man'filled with festering wounds of the past,astuteness enshrouding his soft heart would one day burst out in an innocent laughter..with that ray of life'smiling with him'in his happiness and shedding a few pearls in his pain!!Fate indeed has a cruel but unique way of dealing with us!!


I for one'do not like to analyse an episode scene by scene'.Nah..That's not me!!I rather like to stand by the shore and enjoy the beauty of the montage of emotions that an episode brings with it!!


Today's episode'.was an out and out Arhilicious one!!It was one of those "in your face"episodes that can touch anyone's heart..You need not be an intellectual pundit reading Neruda or Coelho in your past time!!


For me every single Arhi scene today'Whether Khushi hugging Arnav from the back,the bed-jump,their innocent laughter,Arnav teasing and flirting with his Lady love'.redefined romance on Indian Television!!


How progressive was the whole scene today where ASR with his usual insouciance talks about Suhaag Raat'How realistic was the scene today where two sisters talk about the nervousness,the excited anxiety that Suhaag Raat brings with it!!And the best part of the whole Payal-Khushi scene was that a married elder sister discusses Suhaag raat with the younger sister'All young and virginal'basking in the happiness and affection of her new-found marital bliss!!Embarrassed


ASR'ASR..ASR'You proved once again..why you are and will always remain an iconic character on Indian television'Looks alone can't bring such chutzpah that you carry'.The non-chalance,those smirks,and a Harvard brain in the truest sense!!The way you read your wife's mind..the way you look at her'the way you always know what she's gonna tell'In a word the way you know your Khushi'no wonder she is all flummoxed!!You are the reason of her dhak-dhaks and you know that too well!!


But for me..the best part of the entire episode'was where the two lovers'leaving behind all perks of being "star-crossed" LAUGH'.Yes they both laugh'It's not a smile..not a sexy smirk..Just pure,honest laughter'The splenetic young man gone'The boy Arnav smiling with his sunshine!!Two orphans'deprived of that parental love'some way or the other'basks in and cherishes each other's warmth like no other!!The nat-khat  Krishna and Radha'enjoying their moment of bliss..far from the doom and gloom of the outside world!!Big smile


Another scene that stood out for me..was where Naani was talking about Pheras and describing the eternal love of Radha-Krishna!!That their love needed "No name"..I was stuck catatonic by this dialogue..For how it resembled our very own star-crossed lovers!!That their love needs no pheras,no vocal vachans,no extravagant wedding to show the world'.What they shared was LOVE'And what Arshi share and hold on to is LOVE..Nothing matters anymore..Two lovers have found solace in each other!!Can anything be more blissful??!!Day Dreaming


In the midst of all love talks let's not forget the Raizada..whoops!!The Malik Martinet'And let's also not forget how Khushi's "Sakha"..true to his name'saved Mami..and in turn saves  Khushi from another bout of her wrath!!And comedy at its rocked once again!!


The episode..for me..will always be etched in my memory!!Not because of flirtatious Arnav,not because of the uninterrupted Arhi romance..But due to the fact that desire and boldness can be shown on Indian Television without succumbing to hokey means of depicting it!!An "in your face" episode lined with those subtle strokes of screenplaythat has always defined IPK!!


And my Kudos to that one woman'who has surely found a fan in me..Thank You Gul Mam for sticking to your storyline'For creating a character that's so progressive in his thoughts that leaves us gaping with its uniqueness,thank You for maintaining a gripping storyline in spite of a new found saas,thank You for creating a love story in the first place that always leaves us wanting for more!!Clap

Barun...What can I say??!!EmbarrassedClap

Sanaya..You truly are the sunshine girl at IPKWinkClap

Jayashree T:Once again nailed it as the caring but sturdy Raizada Matriarch!!Clap

Swati ji:It's good to see you're slowly catching up!!Clap


We at India Forums..have surely been on the CVs' back several times'But as I have said earlier..Let's praise IPK for what it has given us'Let's criticize the characters..But also at the end of the day..Let us all accept that IPK is fiction at its best!!Remember IPK is created by the CV's but we,the viewers are responsible for making it or breaking it'So let's enjoy fiction..and channelise our wrath,our frustrations to some REAL causes'Causes that need our voice!!Big smile


I wrote a lot today..I am having a hearty laugh at myself for making a decision yesterday that I won't write for a few days!!And look at me today..Made such a long post!!LOL

And Happy Birthday to my dear Arnie BwoyParty

My one and only wish for him is..Be successful this timeBlushingDancing

Good NightBig smileand Cya at IPK...Hopefully at Arshi's BedroomEmbarrassed


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Go, go, go, go, go, go
Go shawty, it's your birthday
We gonna party like it's your birthday
We gon' sip Bacardi like it's your birthday
And you know we don't give a f*** it's not your birthday

You can find me in the club, bottle full of bub
Look mami, I got the X if you into takin' dadi's rub...

My Gift to ASR is UP,Bihar, Delhi aur Punjaab hai...

note to ASR -

aapko business business khelna acha lagta hai na...
so aayiye apne b'day I mean business suit mein aur
ek chumma tu mujhko UDHAAR dai de
aur badle mein UP Bihaar lai le...
meri chamiya tu haan mein jawab dai de
aur badle mein Delhi Punjaab lai le

Anji baby... tu to meri favorite hai... teri maine itni li hai to socha aaj teri taraf se shayari likh daaloon...

Arz kiya hai...

Woh ishq to karta hai par junoon nahi karta.
Woh katal to karta hai par khoon nahi karta.
Is kadar kanjoos hai mera chahne wala
Miss call to karta hai par phone nahi karta'

Gaana time:

Bairi piya bada be dardi... HiSSS
oh ho Bairi piya bada bedardi...
Dil ka dard na jaane saudaai
Harjaai zulmi Saanp duhaai
Kaise kahoon kaase kahoon shiva shiva...
Dil ka dard na jaane
Na jaane, na jaane, na jaane jaane jaane haai
Bairi piya bada re bedardi

Dadi: Aap mahamaari nahi aap to mahanaari ho... Aap ke accent wali sudh hindi ka jawab nahi... Main to kaayal ho gayi.. Kis haq se.. main poochti hoon kis haq se aapne NK ko bewakoof kaha jabki aap do din se ek hi sawaal kiye jaa rahi hai... Jawab to aa raha tha...main yahan hoon yahan hoon yahan hoon yahaaannn...

Dadi.. sudh hindi mein baat karein... Yeh lijiye...
Hum aapse ek prasn poochna chahte hain... Kripa kar hume yeh batayein ki aapke kanth se jo vaani nikal rahi hai woh kaunse madusahala ka sikshan hai... Humari abla naari payal ko apne kanth hetu wahan jaane ki anumati dijiye...

(hindi mein bole to... I want an answer.. which pub gave you the education of using that drunk voice... can you give Our damsel in distress payal the permission to go there as well)

ASR ASR ASR... Jitna boloon kum hai... Aaj Pehli baar main ASR par likh rahi hoon... Kyon ASR Khushi ke saath suhaag raat manana hai... usne mana kar diya to AAj ASR Khushi se kya bolega??

ASR ka Nawabi Jawab...

Malikaye Raizadasthan... mat bhooliye hum aapke ke suhaag hain...

Gaana time: (Song from movie Dil bole Hadippa... Song Bhangra Bistar)

Ohh makya mana..
Sunlo ji sunlo
Bari bari barsi khatan gaya si khat ke liyandi shanni
Bari bari barsi khatan gaya si khat ke liyandi shanni
Jhappiyan di shaan tu na jaani
Pappiyan di kaddar tu na jaani
Kar le tu apni mann maani
Phir bhi banegi tu meri rani
Mar shaddppaa laknula le tudun tudun

Chalo Doston aaj bas itna hi... Mind too much in gutterwa... But aaj ka post dedication goes to - Saru (my soul sista), Rubs (My Mirror), Ritz (my friend), Megh (without your LU my head would explode... love you to bits), and Priya (My all in one)... Also would like to thank my amma and daddy for all this...

So bina dare sab post ko like karo and comment karo...

Jab start kiya to darna kya... jab start kiya to darna kiya
ispire huye koi chori nahi ki, inspire huye... Inspire huye koi chori nahi ki
chup chup post ko padna kiya
jab start kiya to darna kya??

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iritz IF-Dazzler

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Happy Birthday Arnie Boy !!!!!

Wish you all the "Khushi" in the world... for giving us, your fans, so much happiness - with one of your rare laughs today!!!!


Dear Readers... Welcome to the Special Edition of Director's Cut... Today we celebrate the birthday of our beloved... Arnav Singh Raizada... so hop in, and join the party !!!!!!Party


First of all... apologies from me for not writing for the past few days due to time constraints... but today's episode made me take a break from my break... as once again, the creatives made us fall in love with magic called Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon !!!

Today, I will try to do justice with words... when words are actually failing me to describe what a beautiful picture they showed us today... a broken bed, a laughing Arnav, an embarrassed Khushi --  a hint of a wedding... a promise full of love ! What else do we need in 20 minutes... and oh yeah... never to be forgotten, an ever smiling, ever shining... NK !!!

So, lets start with the roller coaster... from where it started today...

Sibling Bond

Scene 1

Anjali and Arnav

Arnav once again dons the role of the "elder" sibling for his disturbed sister... as he sees Anjali reminiscing the past and getting disturbed once again... He reminded her that it was her who had told him not to delve in the past, and now she is doing the same... he reminds her the past is over and done with and now we all need to look at the present and the future !   

Cut 2

Arnav looks at a shadow lurking right outside his bedroom... when he looks out, he finds Anjali alone... he is worried, but she tells him all is well !!! It is clear she is hiding something... What? Or may I ask Who???

A beautiful bond between a brother and sister, joined together by birth, by love, by tragedy... one anchoring the other and changing the role of being the elder, the anchor... when needed by the other !!!
A beautiful bond... Will this bond be broken by lack of faith? By one hiding her ulterior plans, from the other... guess we'll have to wait and watch !!!

Scene 2

Khushi and Payal

Khushi is upset and worried about Daadi's dislike towards her... when Payal tells her that Daadi is just overreacting and little over the top with you... Khushi thinks Payal is being partial towards her, as they are sisters... but Payal
, the elder sister, reminds her that she remembers what Daadi said to her, but she forgot to see how Arnav stood up for her in front of Daadi ! Payal is happy that she got a husband, who not only loves her and respects her... but will make sure that she gets all the respect due to her from everyone around. 

Do we see / hear a little longing in Payal's voice... why can't Akash stand up for her in front of his mother !!!

Khushi is lost in trance... thinking about her Arnav ji !!! Day Dreaming

Tom and Jerry
I mean... U know what I mean...
Khushi and Arnav

She reaches the bedroom !!!

Hugs Arnav from behind... who is surprised... She apologizes to him... thinking that she is apologizing for Daadi, he tells her she doesn't need to apologize for anything... she did nothing wrong ! Once again, Mr. Raizada making her position clear... even to her !!!

But our dear old Khushi, has something else in mind... she tells him she is apologizing 'cos she saw him naked... Did we see a hint of smile there... bitwa's wet dreams coming true !!! LOL Khushi then shows his baby pic (I mean... really CVs... u couldn't get a pic of Indian baby??) playing in the water in all his manly glory !!!! Arnav embarrassed a little... yes sir... Arnav Singh Raizada, seemed embarrassed and tries to snatch the pic from her... starting the 100m Olympic style run in the bedroom making both of them fall on the bed... resulting in breaking it !!!

(Thanks Paayaal for this one)

What follows is rarer than a Blue Moon... Arnav Singh Raizada... laughing his heart out ! Awww... what a cutie he is !!!


Scene 3

The Family...

Daadi is roaming around like a wounded tigress, still reeling over the fact that Arnav stood up for that girl... he claims as his wife !!! Enters Mano Maami in her usual dramatic way... listening to music, with eyes SHUT... and even with Shut eyes... she could "see" Daadi's hand giving her the red signal to stop !!! Daadi once again asks her about Damad ji - Manorama fidgets... yet again, not wanting to give any answers...

Funny to see how the woman who wanted to bring out the whole truth in front of the family about Arnav's kidnapping, Khushi's situation and Shyam's lies... without thinking of the consequences just a few days ago... is so scared of Daadi's wrath... that she is shivering in fear !

Enters, my darling, Nand Kishore... as Lord Krishna's own avatar... to save his Massi from the angry tigress !!!

What do I say about NK... that I haven't said before... he always brings a smile to me... Thank you CVs for this character !!! Karan G... Absolutely brilliant !!! ClapClapClap

Cut 2

Ladies of the house preparing for Janamashtami...  when NK enquires of Radha-Krishna... when Nani explains that Radha and Krishna were eternal lovers... who never got married to each other as they never took the 7 Vachans, the 7 Pheras !!! As the talks continue... new wood planks are taken to Arnav's room when Maami asks what's going on... and the whole family comes to know about the broken bed !!!

Khushi is embarrassed as she knows what a dirty mind the whole family has !!! LOL Arnav... Day Dreaming He is ready to kill me... He knows what they are thinking too... and he ... wait for it... Arnav Singh Raizada... winks at his wife !!!!

I dunno what happened to Khushi... but me... I fainted !!! Big smile

Image of the Day !!!

Back to Bedroom !!!

Arnav is busy on his phone, when Khushi enters worried... She shares with him her worries... They have been living in sin for so long !!!!

Arnav confused, asks her to explain... and she said that they have been living as Husband and wife... but they are not married in the true sense... as they never took the 7 Pheras... the 7 Vachans ! Now she wants to go through all the ceremonies... Roka, Pooja, Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, Pheras, Munh Dikhayi... and Suhaag Raat !!!

Our Bitwa got his lead... so he promises to complete all the rituals... but in reverse gear ! He promises to her Tomorrow they'll celebrate their Suhaag Raat ! And then... ahh well... rest of it is a haze for me... as I fainted again... just then !!! LOLDay Dreaming

Morning After... or Ahem... Morning Before !

Morning, Arnav receives a courier, and he brings the suitcase in his room... as Khushi wakes up, he reminds her of his promise for tonight... their Suhaag Raat... as Khushi's *Dhak Dhak* returns... along with the million hearts of the phan gurls around the world... Arnav's in a good mood, as noticed by Akash... whereas Khushi bitiya is all tensed about the impending "deal" Big smile !


So... that's how it went today guys and girls... with a promise of love, some smiles, a little drama, some emotions... and loads and loads of romance in the upcoming episodes... Tighten your seat belts... and get ready for... MAGIC !!!

For Those who missed the previous threads... here's a link to The Director's Cut - Index !!!


Tally Ho !


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Hearts and flowers are for the weak

You, my dear, have a bed to break

Then you scare your little wifey away

A deal for a date is set the next day

You might hide the wink 

What a birthday gift! you think

You can't stop the grin

Cause the fun's about to begin

She's in a tizzy with a dhak-dhak heart

You're making deals when the day gets a start

Remember tonight, ah yes, tonight

Finally, finally you're gonna get it right

No HP, no Mami, no Nani, no Di

Oops! Did you perhaps forget Dadi?

She's prowling around now

She's wondering about how

Where's Shyam? And Who's ASR now?

Just a few more hours, eh ASR?

Before you finally, finally have that SR!

Its an ass-backwards wedding

We've known all along

So while you get set 

We can sing you this song

Happy Birthday, ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA!!!


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Oye Arnie ki kitta tussi...maar daala rey, maar daala...Heart

Ik gal dass tu menu, kal tak to tu apni dadi se badi ladaiyaan shadaiyaan kar raha tha, aaj kya ho gya, hain, bol...biwi ne peeche se jhappi kya le li...tere to pank hi lag gaye...kaise udta hua gaya, biwi samet (of course), palang pe...idhar palang ki ply tooti, udhar tumhari hasi chooti...LOL!!!

O chal koi nahi, haq banta hai tera...Big smile

Oye by the way...Happy Birthday Rey!!!!!Big smile

Maine na bada socha, kya doon, itne bade business tycoon ko, phir mujhe yeh dikha, terey liye perfect laga, isliye...Wink

Aaj to tera bed play dekh key, by God, itne saare 'khatiya' waley gaaney dimaag mei download ho gaye ki bas...isliye main chali, tu yeh replay dekh...Wink

and continue the good work...Wink

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--first thnk u ruby for reserving a place here,Hug

i was nt abt to write,bt saru told me to wish Happy Birthday to ASR...Smile...!!!!


Ajj kaal tere mere pyaar ke charche haar zawan par,


Sabko maloom hai aur sabko khabar ho gayi,

(to kya..!!)...SmileSmile

"Lov is nt about becoming somebody else's  perfect person.

Its abt finding someone who helps u become the best person u can be"Star

Wow wht a HILLARRIOUS episode'.I will nt touch ARSHI scene thy were sooo beautiful,,,,my all DC frnds will touch thos with thr lovlyy words, I don't wanna ruin it..Big smile

---Payal get ur hubby out of thos PINK land,thn may be some improvment in his Perfermance too...Wink...!!

---Akash "socho nahi, peheno wohi"...PINK...!!...LOL

---dadi asked mami jaan abt DamadJi...!!

Mami jaan "hello hay bye bye,koi humre pati ke bare bhi poocho,pata nahi kidhar go,went, gone hui gaye hai..."...Cry 

---Dadi ji "talii talii dedo, talii mujhe dedo koi"...Cry 


--NK,,,wow this guy stole me for today...ClapClapClap...karan u r awmazing as adorable adorable guy...

"i m NK,nt chotey;beej;bebafoof;vashan"...

I dont need nything NK,just stay thr...Big smile...

--anjili busy on Phone...Confused...

i will be so happy with her if she will bring shyamu back,with a news of BALD shyamu,i m getting pic of Kanchachinna evry nw nd thn...LOL...nd Give tht tummy to grow a bit...Angry

--ARSHI scenes...awww...Day Dreaming

lets play a GAME here...Wink 

(khushi)"aha, disco dibba aha aha,

golkka dibba aha aha,

khushi is my name name,

singh raizada is my fame fame,

jalebi is my choice choice,

CRICKET is our game game,

yahi hai right choice BABY aha.."...Wink...(arnav)

nw just njoyt some arshi pics...

     Their journy started...!!!!!!!!! ... SmileClapSmile
  Rabba ve...rabba ve...rabba ve...!!!!!!...Day Dreaming
    Smile teri meri meri teri prem kahani hai mushkil...!!!!!    
      mohabbat door jane na de,nafrat paas ane na de...!!
                                       Clap  thy again started their journey...!!!                                                        
                          ISS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DOON ?...SmileSmileSmile
  last bt nt the least ASR's birthday wish...
A-"khushi meri patni hai, i can stand with her,i can stay with her,i can scold her,i can KISS her,onlyy i can pinn her in the wall,do u understand,Khushi meri patni hai"
haan bhai tere hi patni hai,le rakh tu...Big smileLOL
"happy birthday to arnie boy"
i hope evry sec of life u get ur enough "KHUSHI"...Wink...!!..DancingParty

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meghavn Goldie

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WISHING "Whatness Shri Arnav Singh Raizada" A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Here's my thoughts/ways on making Mr. ASR understand the importance of bday... since he understands only in terms of deals & business lets see on which all ways WE can WISH & Mr. ASR can understand... ok? So here we go...

1) Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.

2) Inside every older person is a younger person - wondering what the hell happened.

3) Men are like wine: some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.
Is this not so true Mr. ASR... ur being delicious errmm... handsome & handsome day by day...year by year Wink

Now moving on lets see how the FAMILY wishes Mr ASR - 

Anjali Di (with her pooja ki taal, lamp lit, puts tika on his forehead)Chotte Live today, forget the past. Happy birthday! Tum hamesha khush raho... (BG - meri aakho me tu muskuraaye)

Naani - Chotte ... tohar .. janamwa dinwa ke liye ... humri shubh iccha!

Dadi - Janam din ke pawan awsar par aapko hardik shubh kamnaye Arnav...

Maami - HELLO HI BYE BYE Arnav bitwa... Happys Birthdays... aapki janam dinwa ke kathir hame ISPA jana he... HELLO HI BYE BYE

NK - Naanav, Happy Birthday Dude... Janeman (Janam) din Mubarak ho! 

Akash - Bhai everything fine with u... kafi Khush lag rahe ho.. anything special anything we should know... oh haan HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bhai!

Payal -  As usual doesn't open her mouth Confused


khushi goes to arnav to wish him for his bday ..
arnav wants a gift .. a KISS .. hindi mein bole toh Chumma 

K - hum sirf aapko janam din ki badhai dene aaye the...
A - haan tho main kab mana kar raha hoon?
K - par... par aap...
A - main kya Khushi... main sirf mere birthday ka gift pooch raha hoon...
K - (looks at him) .. aap aaj kal bahut sapne dekhne lag gaye hai .. hmmph Chotte..(turns to walk away)
A - OYE ...then sings...

Arnav : Kya Bolti TUM

Khushi : Kya Mein BOLUN

Arnav: Sun

Khushi : Suna

Arnav : Chal karen kya hum CHUMMA

Khushi : Kyun Karen HUM CHUMMA

Arnav : Oye CHUMMA nahi karenge .. LOVE nahi badhayenge .. toh KHAAK HOGA humara BACCHA

THANKS TO DEAR RUBY for helping me out... That's why I call u a SWEETHEART Big smile

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Happy Bday chiller fairy(Neetz) :)

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Vodkatiny's Bar-Happy Bday Frooti (Suvi)-Party On

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today is my bday

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directors, heres to you!!

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