Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Dont let ur past ruin ur future...But..Aug 9th

Fazila~ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 10:04am | IP Logged

Dont let ur past ruin ur future...But do take heed from it...

Awesome epi...cvs... love u...hats off n Sarun...u guys are just gr8...Clap... everyday its better better n better... if the TRPS dont go high now...then it means something is not right...hmm...

Im dazzled what an epi...hahahaha...Arnav is so naughty n khushi is so naive...n Arna knows that n is loving it...EmbarrassedWink n so am i...

Epi starts with Anjali going over their childhood album...Arnav walks in and finds her crying n tells her that u always advised me that we should let go of the past...or it might ruin our future...So they both agreed upon it n hugged...One must let go of the past...but never forget what it taught u... They r trying to forget their past...does that mean its round the corner coming to strike again???

Khushi n Payal are getting things ready for the puja... Khuhsi i m worried u willl cut ur hand with that... Khushi is worried that dadi is very upset with her... Payal condoles her n says...its not ur fault...n says that dadi is over doing it with u... Khuhsi says dadi is after me... Payal says...u overlooked how Arnav was protecting u...I have never seen him like this...N said ur so he stood up for u n said ur his wife...And payal is very happy about it all... Thanks a lot payal...i also liked how ur happy for ur sister...This makes khuhsi smile and me too...hai..wanted to hear that for so long now...Dazed khuhshi walks up...beautiful song in the background...goes up and stands behind Arnav...he turns n asks...kiya it the way he says it...what happened... n she hugs Arnav from behind...aww... I love them so cute... Arnav is shocked too... Turns n Khuhsi moves back n says plz forgive me...

Arnav says u dont need to again hes clearing her of all faults...that she has nothing to be sorry for...for anything that happened or is happening...Good job... Khushi is in another mood... says im apologizing cause I saw u without ur clothes hahahahha... Well Arnavji...u seriously looked shocked...So this again proved nothing happened the pearly night...Happy??? Khuhsi shows him his baby pic...naked n taking a bath... Arnav asks for it...Khushi runs with it..chasing n ducking him...climbs the bed n he jumps on her n they both landed on the bed n it broke hahahahahha... Both laughed...i laughed tooo... Khuhsi said I have never seen u laugh like neither...but then ur in love n r happy Mr.ASR :)))... He grabs the pic n runs away...

Oh man... do I have to write about dadi...ok here goes... shes pacing...spoiling the flooring '.deep in thoughs...mamiji...yes... mamiji...the only reason I like or can like dadi is that she takes the wind out of mami ji sails hahahah... mamiji dancing n with earphones in her ears comes and gets stuck in dadis web...questions are fired about son in law... Mamaiji prays for a ghost to come n save her...n poor darling NK comes to the rescue...N hes even scared of dadi n says it..UR SO SCARY... love u for that NK...thanks u from all of us in IF...hahahahahha...Nk drives dadi nuts n she quits on them n goes away...

Everyone is sitting and talking about Radha n Kishan and that they never got married the proper way...meaning going round the fire 7 times... This worries khuhsi...n pharas... means no marriage... Naniji confirms it that a marriage is not valid till pharas r done... Just then a new mattress and a new base says what did they do that it broke... Khushi is embarrassed...everyone else is blushing... Anjalis phone rings and she disappears... hmm...mystery call...note she looked at Arnav n left... WHY???

Arnav is busy but listening to the conversation around him..sees khushi coming towards the stairs...with a smirks winks at her...hahahaha I was screaming my os my os hahahahah...cvs im loving it all... Khushi is shocked...embarrassed looks here n there n runs up to her room... The bed has changed...remember who had spread roses on it on their wedding night??? Yes Shyam n he had jinxed the bed has what that means...i dont need to say... lol...LOLEmbarrassed

Arnav is busy talking to Aman when he sees a shadow outside his room...he ran out to see who it was... He found his di there...but he was sure he saw someone else there...WHo?? Shyam... shes hiding him in the house? this woman...Arnav turned n looked back at her...this time im sure he didnt believe her...but let it go...Arnav be warned plz...Ouch

Arnav is busy with Aman...sigh... now I can say Aman is khuhsi's sautan...(second wife)hahahah..comes n taps him on the their small gestures...he waves it off...hes busy...Shes babbling ...he sees shes worried...disconnects the call n says kiya howa... (What happened?) This kiya howa will be the death of me one day...Embarrassed

She says ask me what Arnav so obediently asks what khushi ask what hasnt happened...So arnav asked ok...what hasnt happened... babbling...we r not married but living as one...Our marriage is incomplete and im worried about it...n naughty Arnav enjoying his innocent wife's dilemma...asks her whats n how a wedding is arranged...n she tells him from beginning to end...engagement..haldi, pharas n suhag raat..(wedding night).. the last part catches Arnavs attention n he says..lets start from the night...n teases her...she is mum n starts walking back...he moves forward...n she reaches the wall and Arnav puts his hand out near her face n night is our wedding night...Khushi is like what r u thinking...i was talking about pharas n where has ur mind gone...runs away...hahahahha...

A courier comes for Asr n he comes to receive it...its a suit case...whats in it??? ASR planning a surprise wedding for khushi??? Dadi finds out that Asr doesnt use his dads name...this woman...can someone remove this woman from here plz...Angry

Arnav goes to his room n bangs the suitcase on the floor waking khushi up and says good ur awake...n says I wanted to remind u that tonight is our wedding night...Hes enjoying her discomfort... Goes out n Akash comes to get papers signed...Arnav signs it... AGAIN u r signing without reading???? Akash sees the smile on ASRS face n asks...everything ok... ASR says all is fine... a good day...

Payal n Khuhsi are in the kitchen n khushi is asking her about wedding night n pharas...n payal says hush...not so loud... and says why u asking about it...pharas first n then wedding night n says she was afraid of hers... Making khushi more worried... hahahah... Khushi is so worried n afraid of it all...Embarrassed

Precap... Dadi is asking naniji where is my son in law, n why hasnt he come to meet me...bleach woman...get a life or get out... Arnav comes n says he wont be coming to meet u...Ya I m sure tomorrow Arnav marries khushi...again...Clap

Ab iss journey ko main kiya naam doon???

Enjoy...Plz like n to hear ur views ..Silent like n comment plz...thanks...Add me as buddy me if you like to get Pm for my further work...


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boreddamsel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 10:05am | IP Logged
I honestly don't know how I am going to comment.. 
Girl, stop blushing.. I'm telling myself.. 
It was not you who fell on the bed with ASR when it broke
It was not you he winked at
It's not with you he is going go celebrate his suhaag raat.. 
then why on earth can you not stop blushing.. 
this is what I'm telling myself for the past one hour! but does my brain listen.. no the smile comes back and there starts the blush! D'oh

Ok, first love you Fuzzy.. for bearing with me while I was begging you to update.. It's a torture for me from the moment I see the episode and wait for you to post.. lol.. love you babe for the special pm.. Dont hate me for bugging you..  my boyfriend was telling me yesterday that sometimes I am creepy LOL.. 

Anyways, what an episode.. !!!! Today happy episode means tomorrow is going to be terrible! CVs love turning tables on us dont they!

Ok, lets start from the beginning.. I loved Anjali-Arnav scene.. Arnav reminding his sister that she used to tell him to forget the past.. they are thinking about their childhood, she is thinking about their childhood, I'm thinking.. hint.. hint.. what happened with Shyam.. forget that.. and move on.. but has she? no.. what the? Is she hiding him in the house now? How will Arnav react to that when he finds out??? Angry 

Now for Khushi-Payal scene.. when Payal said you are so lucky.. I was like.. dont!! dont!!! Don't jinx it you stupid female! D'oh And Khushi, that was so cute, that smile when she walked up the stairs and the song.. you know I have an issue with the female singer.. somehow the male singer is so much better.. was this female singer the same one who sang Didi Tere.. 'coz that song was good.. but nevertheless, back to Khushi's smile.. sigh! What I wouldn't do to see that smile again.. oops wait.. I can't do anything.. it's all up to Arnie.. and yes, what he wouldn't do to see that smile!!! Honestly Khushi, no matter what happens, its when you are happy that I'm truly happy and today, I was truly happy!

She goes and hugs him.. and I was like awww.. thne suddenly she says I saw you naked.. what the? my mind goes on an overdrive.. when? when? Did I miss any scene? Was he in the shower? did he sleep naked.. and then she takes out the baby picture.. and I'm like that's not Arnav! and the way they ran around the bed was so cute.. and I was giggling and the bed broke.. that was bound to happen! Arnav, now you know.. money doesn't give you quality! Buaji's bed lasted for 50 years.. but then agian you both haven't played "cricket" there yet LOL Fuzzy babe, good point.. Shyam had jinxed the other bed.. so maybe this is a good thing it broke!! 

And their laughter.. was so sweet.. I think I teared up.. seeing them laugh.. genuine happiness.. I know how it feels.. even with all the problems in your life.. when you are with your loved one and something funny happens.. you forget al your troubles and you laugh whole-heartedly! You both deserve this happiness .. May CVs always bless you both with happiness! I know, too much to ask!

and today's scene with Dadi was hilarious.. I was laughing so much my new labmate was like what's wrong.. she hasn't seen me watch teh show yet.. now she got the dose, now she will be used to it! NK you are a doll! The way you said Dadi you are scary.. I'm not chotte.. and the beech.. no beach in Delhi was classic! and the best part.. Dadi corrected him this time.. basha not bashan.. see only NK can control Dadi.. he doesn't care what she thinks about him.. loved him.. PH, please let NK stay .. make him a permanent role!

I love how Arnav-Khushi were compared to Krishna-Radha.. last year lol.. Arnav was compared to Kans .. the CVs are amazing.. how they got the idea of incomplete marriage in Khushi's head.. but teh best part was the bed.. and lol.. Mami's dialogue.. what were you doing, playing cricket.. even after an hour, I'm still laughing thinking about it.. Payal, Akash, Nani and Anjali were blushing and Khushi was hiding her face.. lol.. and Arnav.. omg.. he winked!  LOL my reaction was the same as Khushi's.. what the?? 

Now comes the best part.. Khushi says we are living like a married couple.. and Arnav goes that's coz we are a married couple.. but then she says we are incomplete.. and I'm going ROFL and Barun's expressions.. lol.. and then no, she doesn't stop there.. we haven't done anything that a normal married couple would do and I go again.. LOL ROFL and of course, Arnav is having fun.. why dont you tell me.. she blabbers we haven't done anything.. roka, .. etc.. etc.. suhaag raat.. and I went like. .what the? Arnav stops her.. and even compliments her, you are so intelligent.. and I loved Sanaya's expression there.. that was so cute!! and her brain stops working, when he asks what did you say last, of course given that she is high from the compliment, without thinking she says suhaag raat and he says we should do all of it.. why dont we start from the last.. and I'm like.. whaaat??? Shocked checking my ears.. did I hear suhaag raat.. whaattt?? Shocked and Khushi also shocked.. and then Khushi starts moving back... and I go.. D'ohnot again, does she need another visit from the love guru Boreddamsel?? and Arnav says we will celebrate our suhaag raat tomorrow.. and I;m like.. no no.. dont wait.. do it now!!!!! Tomorrow Dadi will ruin it for you.. please dont wait.. 

But then again, of course Arnav is enjoying it.. he will torture her reminding her about the suhaag raat.. she will be worried all day tomorrow! 

She wakes up , Arnav says oh good you are awake.. Khushi smiles.. awww.. that smile again.. I wanted to remind you about our suhaag raat tonight.. mission accomplished... he is having fun seeing her scared.. Arnav is so happy .. aww my baby is in love, he can't hide that smile.. Arnie, even I'm in that state today.. I cannot stop smiling.. and again, why? its not my suhaag raat D'oh ok, my friends are right, I'm pathetic! Khushi goes and starts blabbering in front of Payal.. lol. that was cute.. I thought Payal might give her some tips, but then again Payal doesn't know what tonight is! 

I know what tonight is.. Dadi will bring up the fact that Arnav changed his last name, she will also make a fuss about Shyam.. I just hope Arnav will bring up the truth.. but then that means Dadi will hurt Khushi more.. 'coz she is the reason Shyam is out of the house. remember Dadi is orthodox that means she hates bahus.. they all love damadjis more, right.. the girl is always at fault!

Anyways, I don't care.. that's tomorrow.. today is a good day.. we are having Janmashtami celebrations in our college and I'm all dressed up in a mustard yellow saree with red and green border! last time when I went home, I searched everywhere for a mustard yellow saree after I fell in love with Khushi's teej saree.. so I was already in a good mood.. LOL and thanks to the episode, I cannot stop smiling! What an awesome day.. but yes, don't forget no expectations for tomorrow.. nothing good is going to happen.. it's going to be another war tomorrow.. !!!

and Avni, sorry hon.. I beat you again this time Wink where is she, btw.. she is going to be mad today.. the first page is almost full!

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garlic IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 10:05am | IP Logged
lovely postSmile

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lazylad8-FauZi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 10:21am | IP Logged
Thumbs Up Am speechless...was not expecting this to move so breathless...meri saansain ruk gaeen!!!!!!!
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHat an episode!!!!!!!!!Tongue
The wink, the hug from the back, breaking the bed, sharing a good laugh... talking about re-marriage!!!
Payal, Akash, Mami, Nk all back in full form!!!
ASR...he has a lot up his sleeves...waiting to see how he will amaze his wife.
He's ready to forget his past and move on and he told Anjali the same, let's move on!!!
Khushi is so naive, telling him in detail all events leading up to wedding nite...ASR being ASR...teasing her saying we will start with the last!!!!!!! sweet!!!!! What's int he suitcase, a especially designed wedding dress for them both?? That's what he was telling compromise on time or quality??????
New bed, a new beginning...hmmm...will be restless all day today and wont sleep tonight either!!!!!!!!!
WinkGreat post Fazi...sorry got carried cant blame me, can you????

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NestleToulouse IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 10:44am | IP Logged
Fuzzy great post sweetie !! Loved the episode today ! ASR was just wow !! Embarrassed Cant wait for tomorrow !!Big smile

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henamani IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 10:45am | IP Logged
loved barun to the hilt and sanaya take a bow - innocence personified. no wonder ASR can trap you
fazila thanks for the pm

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-SI- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 10:50am | IP Logged
Thank you for this beautiful post fuzzy!!!! My gutter mind is fully activated everything was so cute...Loved loved loved loved NK...This guy is awesome...Never thought  payal and Akash would be this advance.. OMG they have done  

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crazzyhrt IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 10:53am | IP Logged
i am dying of blushing n laughing today n also dying again waiting for tomorw..oh god i m goin nuts.. Silly

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