Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Ab iss journey ko main kiya naam doon??? (Page 10)

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Posted: 10 August 2012 at 1:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by velangini

Originally posted by Fazila~

Originally posted by velangini

awsome post fuzzy
arnav went to visit dadi many times but she didn't let him
maybe dadi did know khushi's past connecting with maliks(arnav's papa)
or it is a plan of shyamili
she is constantly asking for damaad
so must be shyam's plan
that's why she immediately started hating khushi
but good thing is that she made arnav and khushi's bond stronger
and they are standing with eachother red...thats the best dadi has done till now...lets see how shyam wa n she plan together for Arshi n it back fires hahahha Shyam always looses...Wink

dadi's character is somewhat mysterious
i mean she wants arnav to use his father's name when arnav clearly hates him
she seems more loving towards anjali than arnav
she surely s hiding something
either she is here beacause of shaym or she knew khushi and arnav's past
either way she is here to create problems
hmmm... shes a typical desi woman...who loves theri a daughter...its ok if im loved... but when it comes to their daughter in laws...they have this fear...that they will loose their sons to them...n cause of their this behavior they do loose their sons...funny...

Fazila~ IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by Punkin22

Originally posted by Fazila~

Originally posted by highonshows

res Smile
1. Agreed Anjali hasnt seen her for 14 years, but When dadi left Anjali was atleast 18(legal age to be married since it was HER wedding that was happening. Hence when one is that old, one remembers ppl and recognise them even after so long. Pls Anjali reacted as if she recognised the voice and when she came in she saw Dadi and then the recognition set it and she reacted. Not at the door.

Wow...what memoryClap...unless she knew dadi was coming????
Anjali grew up with Dadi everyday for 18-20 years, she would remember her voice.
hmmm... ok...Embarrassed

2 Anjali couldnt have gone to her to call her cuz she said she didnt know where she was all this time.

How do u know that?? how can u be sure of that???
Anjali sent a letter to Dadi and ask for help because family was in trouble. Want to guess who did checking out and fround where Dadi was.  Shyam added his 2 cents and poison to the pot.

Arnav knew where dadi was? He said i came to get u u refuse to meet Anjali knew where she was????

Shyam on the other hand could have since Anjali may have told him about dadi and him being a lawyer can dig out info.
secondly since the day of the first phone call to Anjali, shes has been slowly changing to being he old self. Is shyam feeding her brain with nonsense and giving her ideas to get Arnav and Khushi on her side and has also sent Dadi so he can make his way back into RM???   POSSIBLE.

Hmmm...with shyam anything is possible...but rem his plans always fail...
Anjali is acting like herself because Shyam is in picture and Arnav is now back to normal relations.  Her bubble is being rebuilt around her again.
3. Dadi calling Khushi a servant was a mistake albait not intentional.

From where di khushi look like a maid...when i was in Karachi i had a maid n when ppl use to come to visit they always took her as a family member...thats y im saying this...
This is what happened symbolism wise. Khushi didn't look like a maid she hated her because Khushi threw dirty water on her clean spotless/pure sarees.  When Khushi threw dirty water on Dadi it exposed her spotted/sin past.  Khushi exposed her because Dadi is the person that has caused ALL trouble from past.  Her one decision. Read below for continuing answers.
Nemesis: could be cuz She's Arnav wife, the wedding no one knew about. In her defence is a marriage without anyone's blessing or consent.

So she knew she was Arnav wife before she entered RM??
Dadi is furious with Arnav because he has done the same thing as his father.  It had a temple wedding with Shyam's sister.  History is repeating itself and Dadi wants to make sure that Khushi leaves before she breaks up family.  She is the other woman in her eyes because of her relationship to Shyam and now Arnav.  See the connection?

Me faints wa... will it ever get simpler??? lol

Shyam ratting: that seems like a possibility...lets see
Not ratting...sneaking n poisoning...
Never forget girls Shyam is a psychopath.  He is brilliant with his evil.  If he believe it then it is reality to him.


Carbon copy of her mom: then it would have been Dadi, who would have had a FB of the night as soon as she set her eyes on Khushi. Also if that was the case, Garima who is her aunt, would have said many times that ur just like ur mother, or look just like ur mother. so i have my doubt on that.

Remeber this is NOT a normal SP serial... or i wont be here...its a complex... full of mystery and a mum one talks much...
Dadi did not recognized Khushi because Khushi parents are not involved the way you think.
Good... one less headache...
4. hmmm i'll have to go back to yesterday's episode to see Dadi looking at her while she took the stuff out of the chest. I was under the impression Dadi came in when she was looking at the album and Khushi reacted to noise. Dadi was not there...

Dadi said...i aw her going through the stuff n had her eyes on the horn n then she went for the album...check it ...Tongue
Once again symbolism comes into play.  Everything Khushi took out of that chest has ties to the future. Remember the scene with Khushi. She picks on the silver objects... Silver possessed with the unique ability to ward off negative energy !! .. She finds red colored cloth, the color red, mark of suhagan, the mark of life, of love, of passion ... then slowly comes the conch in the purest white, the whiteness suggesting at the innocence , the restoration of love, Conch which symbolizes purity.  Also the conch is the horn that blows to signal war.  And Khushi didn't know but it blew!!!  For why  read below.

War???? War of the titans or the siblings???

Secondly Dadi didnt want her looking thru the treasured memories cuz for Dadi she is still n outsider. Dadi has not yet accepted her as the Daughter in law of Mallick Family.

Its hate at first sight... rem naniji telling her...ur not like whats making her like this????
Also, Dadi does not want her going through storeroom because SHE HAS SECRETS and she does not want them exposed. That is why is was furious at Khushi. She wanted to make sure she NEVER went through family's past. But Arnav through her a curve. Her hate for Khushi now is at rage level. She will help Shyam throw Khushi out of family. Her goal girls is to hide her sin.

Now my faces is twitching...Angry  Will Arnav let this happen??? He cant live without...n what about khushi...Should have send dadi to mars...sad missed the ship...

Today we see Dadi found out that Arnav is not even using his paternal name. Which she will  react to 2moro for sure.

Now shes gonna hate

last 3 days will cause a majot dhamaka 2moro...

Lets see how Arnav completes his this deal... 
5. *Woh Aurat* I dont know why but i have a feeling its neither. Dont have anything to back up my guess but its my gut telling me its neither,  I'll wait a couple more epis to see if what im thinking could be correct and if i end up getting any proof for it...then would dfntly share.

Darling they were not kidding when they said IPK will be back,...n its back with a Bang.
Im ready my dear...Wink

U have yet to see Shyam, either short hair or bald...cant wait to see his new look. Very excited.

PUKE Dead...sigh limited viewing on tv ...
Khushi ke dimaag mein Shaadi nahi hui ka beej tou CV's ne plant kardiya hai...abh Arnav ke bhi ghanti baj gayi hai...tou Shaadi abhi dur nahi hai...n this time Khushi's dream wedding... Shes going to herdhak dhak, and khayalo mein khoyi hue smile is back...

I need to see it...but im not gonna wait for it...cvs r too unpredictable...ill wait patiently n enjoy it when it happens...
Redemption at a very mature level. This is called knowing what n where u've wronged and not crying about it, but fixing it with n right intention in place. Thats exactly what Arnav is doing. The self respect, dignity, self worth that he took away from her, he is instilling it back with right n true intentions. Couldnt have asked for a better redemption track. No teenage/immature love here. This goes way beyond that, this is true love, Connection of SOUL MATE at a Devine level. They are not 2 indiviadual any more. They are ONE. Unless they are together, they are incomplete.

Clap them both...see its different????
Their future does look murky but, the faith, love, caring, understanding, and trust foundation they are building right now will carry them thru it. Even thou the journey may be rocky, they shall make it.

HHopefully...n im so glad they r normal ppl...which is rare...Embarrassed
ThnQ for that post fuzzy,...took me a while to type that up but it finally did it...

thanks :) Hug
Lately i dont know why but i tend to write a lot...hmmm find out karega padi...
  Missing tia????

Im glad... Wink

Avni  Embarrassed
 thanks Punkin :))))
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Awesome post fuzzy  Clap

You just wrote down all questions and possibilities which are in every one's mind right now ... I and I am sure many others are stuck with these questions but I am happy with the way CVs are moving the story ahead Smile and hopefully they'll soon answer all of these questions Smile ...

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oh my... you've left me boggled with all these questions in one go...

Dadi - no I don't think Anjali called her... she herself said that she tried to search for her a lot... and you can recognize voices... Anjali was surely above 18 when she last saw her grandmother... And as for Shyam... if Anjali ever confided in him about having a Dadi who is in some part of the world... which she would have considering she is such a pati parmeshwar ideology woman... Shyam knew where to turn up to when he was left homeless and bankrupt... no one in the family would have believed him... but Dadi could've been fed any cock and bull story of his innocence and she would have believed it if Shyam's used Anjali's past of a woman trying to ruin the family against Khushi... would be interesting to see...

And as for dadi with Khushi, me and aaliya were discussing that maybe dadi recognized Khushi... Maybe their families knew each other... and then boreddamsel said maybe she's just finding resemblence to his Dad's mistress aka "woh aurat"... i think thats more plausible... I really hope Khushi's mom wasn't woh aurat... too much to handle... Arnav might hate Khushi... bit then i remember reading a statement from Gul that after their pasts unfold the withdrawl will be from Khushi's side... so was Arnav's dad responsible for the accident that killed Khushi's parents?? she doesn't know he's Arnav Mallik... for her he's Arnav Singh Raizada... but why would Khushi withdraw from Arnav if his dad was the defaulter??? that would be idiotic...

Who is Anjali meeting in secrecy?? Shyam or some detective she's paying to find Shyam... or someone whose acting as a communicator... Shyam would never risk coming near RM... he is too shrewd to commit that mistake... the risk of Arnav seeing him is too big... he wouldn't want to make an entry and complicate things for himself at a moment which is anything but not right!

CVs surely have got us hooked again... We love them for that! We can only wait and watch as the story unfolds... CVs always do the unpredicted!

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loved ur post Clap...thnks 4 the pmHug

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amazing post ClapClap  nd amazing epi...ClapClapDay Dreaming

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agree with you fuzzy!!!

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i gotta say..CVs have a lot up their sleeves ATM...though im loving it...Hitler Dadi is annoying as can be, but she's still good in the sense of making Arnav stand up for in LOVE with Arnav...he's just the most best husband there can be..and i love his flirtiness and teasing..hopefully more good stuff this coming week!!Smile

<3 Barun <3

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