Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Ab iss journey ko main kiya naam doon???

Fazila~ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 8:29am | IP Logged

Past, Present n Future...Are they connected?

Arshis Journey: From torture to Honor... From daughter in law to wife...

Hi friends...a lot is going on in IPK atm...lots of questions that need to be answered... Lets take n talk about them one by one...

Arnav n Anjalis long lost Dadi is here after 15 yrs... Arnav n Naniji says they tried to find her n talk to her...but they couldnt... Anjali on the other hand...heard her voice n knew it was her come??? Did she remember her voice for so long??? Or had she been meeting her secretly...All the trays of puja n all the excuses of going out from the house alone...If yes..why hide it from ppl who love n trust u???

Dadi is here...Who send for her? Or who called her here??? Shyam went to her n cried his crocodile tears...Hes penniless and homeless...needs wife's aid asap... Or is it Anjali who went to her asking for help to get her jerk back...She knows Dadi is stronger than Naniji... But under estimated her chotey...

Dadi is here... the min she sees Khushi...she has found her nemesis...Naniji said...ur not like that? So it proves shes not why bad behavior with khushi...calling her a servant...

Did shyam n Anjali tell her about Khushi?

Is khushi a carbon copy of her mom and Dadi knows them from Lucknow?

Dadi was observing khushi looking for something in the store...she watched her go though things...but didnt stop her...khushi touched the shell...Dadi didnt stop her... The min Khushi opened the album...Dadi pounced on her n actually snatched the album from her hand... Why?? If khuhsi saw old pics...will it bring back old memories??? Did khushi grew up visiting Arnavs famiy???

The other woman...whos she??? Shyams sister...or Khushis mom??? N their connection with Arnavs dad...

Phew...too many questions...cvs u have done a great us stuck in the jalebi...Time shall tell all and we will have to be patient...or im thinking too much...hehehe...

Now lets go to Arnavji... He rubbed the contract on khuhsis face...n she walked out...Did everything in his power to bring her he has limited time in which to make her realize and accept that shes his wife...remember she has said im NOT UR WIFE...

Khushi now knows about Arnavs pain n his mom...n she has promised herself that she will be by his side till he needs her...She might have forgotten the contract for now...

Arnav at every point has declared that shes my wife...first in front of dadi and naniji... n yesterday he said shes the daughter in law of this house... So dadi contradict it n to make her more powerful said... Im the grandmother of this house... I should be respected...Arnav agreed... BUT... he continued and said it loud to everyone... That khushi is my wife... What a wife is? I dont need to go in detail... Hes the man of the that made khushi the queen and the most important n powerful woman in that house... Love Arnav for this... So...Here Arnav is not only telling everyone shes my wife...hes also assuring khuhsi and of course to himself too...

I dont know about their happy for now with their present...Im sure the cvs will do a great job...they have done till now...Ya cvs... I know we somethings get a bit too harsh but u guys are the doubt...thats y we all r here :)))))

My Writing Index

Enjoy...Plz like n to hear ur views ..Silent like n comment plz...thanks...Add me as buddy me if you like to get Pm for my further work...


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Arshig8 IF-Rockerz

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Edited ... Wow loved your  analysis, Questions, questions so questions in  Our minds, but as you say cvs know their job n how to satisfy us ( fans). Clap Great Job  loved the way you wrote about Arnav's n Kushi's relationship. 

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lazylad8-FauZi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 8:56am | IP Logged

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garlic IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 8:58am | IP Logged
great postClap

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boreddamsel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 9:27am | IP Logged
I don't think Anjali used to visit Dadi. I still don't think Dadi's visit has anything to do with Shyam or Anjali, but it is indeed curious why she chose this time to visit RM. It will be interesting if Shyam did go meet her. Think about this, when Arnav says Shyam was cheating the family, what if Dadi says I know you are lying because you trusted your wife. I believe Damadji because he himself told me Khushi was lying etc etc.. and then she calls Damadji, come in.. and he enters the house.. Shyam had gone to the ashram and was living there or something.. I read Punkin's comment  below where she said Abhaas said he had shaved his head. It is a possiblity he was living at the ashram. Now that will be mindblowing!

As for Dadi's treatment with Khushi, I think Dadi just hates female maids because her son mistress might have been a maid at their house. So now everytime she sees a female maid, she remembers that woman. I think again, the store room incident also was the same. Maybe the mistress also used some secret to get to Arnav's father. So she fears that Khushi is also trying to uncover secrets to get to Arnav or something. Once she heard Khushi was Arnav's wife, she feels that Khushi has already gotten to Arnav.. that's why she hates her more and wants her to stay away from her family. 

But what you say about Khushi seeing the pictures, that's interesting. Did Khushi know the Maliks? Khushi doesn't know Arnav's last name is Malik. As far as she knows, his last name is Raizada. She has seen Arnav's parents' pictures before during the death anniversary puja. So if she remembered them, she would have remembered something then. So I don't know if the album has anything to do with Khushi's past. I think Dadi was just angry that Khushi was trying to get close to the family. She somehow still sees her as unworthy of Arnav because she is from a low class, just the way the Arnav's dad's mistress was. 

As for the mistress, I doubt it's Khushi's mom. That will be terrible. Then Arnav will hate her. I hope Arnav's father did cause the accident in which Khushi's parents died. I like that better. But I hope Shyam is still linked to the past, because that means Abhaas can stick around for one more year .. and I like Abhaas.. he's an awesome actor.. and I miss him! 

As for Arnav and the contract, the re-marriage is coming soon, because Arnav knows Khushi is worried, and he will do anything to make her happy.. awww.. I love him! Embarrassed .. yes, yes.. I know I say that a little too much nowadays.. LOL

Awesome post, dear.. and yes, let's just wait and watch what the CVs do.. they never show what we predict.. and they are awesome.. so we will just trust them and enjoy the ride! If you are worried ever, you know I am here.. just a Skype away Hug

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highonshows IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 10:03am | IP Logged
res Smile
1. Agreed Anjali hasnt seen her for 14 years, but When dadi left Anjali was atleast 18(legal age to be married since it was HER wedding that was happening. Hence when one is that old, one remembers ppl and recognise them even after so long. Pls Anjali reacted as if she recognised the voice and when she came in she saw Dadi and then the recognition set it and she reacted. Not at the door.
2 Anjali couldnt have gone to her to call her cuz she said she didnt know where she was all this time.
Shyam on the other hand could have since Anjali may have told him about dadi and him being a lawyer can dig out info.
secondly since the day of the first phone call to Anjali, shes has been slowly changing to being he old self. Is shyam feeding her brain with nonsense and giving her ideas to get Arnav and Khushi on her side and has also sent Dadi so he can make his way back into RM???   POSSIBLE.
3. Dadi calling Khushi a servant was a mistake albait not intentional.
Nemesis: could be cuz She's Arnav wife, the wedding no one knew about. In her defence is a marriage without anyone's blessing or consent.
Shyam ratting: that seems like a possibility...lets see
Carbon copy of her mom: then it would have been Dadi, who would have had a FB of the night as soon as she set her eyes on Khushi. Also if that was the case, Garima who is her aunt, would have said many times that ur just like ur mother, or look just like ur mother. so i have my doubt on that.
4. hmmm i'll have to go back to yesterday's episode to see Dadi looking at her while she took the stuff out of the chest. I was under the impression Dadi came in when she was looking at the album and Khushi reacted to noise. Dadi was not there...
Secondly Dadi didnt want her looking thru the treasured memories cuz for Dadi she is still n outsider. Dadi has not yet accepted her as the Daughter in law of Mallick Family.
Today we see Dadi found out that Arnav is not even using his paternal name. Which she will  react to 2moro for sure.
last 3 days will cause a majot dhamaka 2moro...
5. *Woh Aurat* I dont know why but i have a feeling its neither. Dont have anything to back up my guess but its my gut telling me its neither,  I'll wait a couple more epis to see if what im thinking could be correct and if i end up getting any proof for it...then would dfntly share.
Darling they were not kidding when they said IPK will be back,...n its back with a Bang.
U have yet to see Shyam, either short hair or bald...cant wait to see his new look. Very excited.
Khushi ke dimaag mein Shaadi nahi hui ka beej tou CV's ne plant kardiya hai...abh Arnav ke bhi ghanti baj gayi hai...tou Shaadi abhi dur nahi hai...n this time Khushi's dream wedding... Shes going to herdhak dhak, and khayalo mein khoyi hue smile is back...
Redemption at a very mature level. This is called knowing what n where u've wronged and not crying about it, but fixing it with n right intention in place. Thats exactly what Arnav is doing. The self respect, dignity, self worth that he took away from her, he is instilling it back with right n true intentions. Couldnt have asked for a better redemption track. No teenage/immature love here. This goes way beyond that, this is true love, Connection of SOUL MATE at a Devine level. They are not 2 indiviadual any more. They are ONE. Unless they are together, they are incomplete.
Their future does look murky but, the faith, love, caring, understanding, and trust foundation they are building right now will carry them thru it. Even thou the journey may be rocky, they shall make it.
ThnQ for that post fuzzy,...took me a while to type that up but it finally did it...
Lately i dont know why but i tend to write a lot...hmmm find out karega padi...
Avni  Embarrassed

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Punkin22 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 10:16am | IP Logged
As always Fuzzy, loved your post and your gift of writing plus asking the right questions. Thank you truly. There are alot of questions and you are certainly asking the right ones.
Did Anjali and Shyam bring Dadi here?? I think Anjali wants her husband back and she KNOWS he coming back and that why in the last weeks she is all happy again. Her bubble is being formed around her again. But I believe Shyam and Dadi have there own plan. To throw out Khushi.   Because of Shyam's lies, Dadi thinks Khushi is the "other woman" and wants her thrown out of family...
Did you see Abhaas tweet he has shaved head!! Is there anything special about that in Indian cultures? I believe he will turn up all humble and please forgive me I made mistake and now I see the light. He says I only wants my wife and our children back. The devil knows how to masqueade himself as an angel of light...
Lots more past will be coming out Fuzzy, don't have near all answers but your post really brought out some of best possibilities. You crystal ball is working outstandinglly...ClapClapClap

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amazing epi it was
totally loved it
Check out this post too
1+2+3+4+5 tracks at a time

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