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Arhi FF: Are you my soulmate?? part 7 pg 37 (Page 22)

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Originally posted by arshifan2012

hi...this update is for MARIAJAMAL...hope you all enjoy goes nothing...
 Hi Nice update... liked them together...kind of cute...
As arnav sang , he pulled khushi into a tight hug and even she reciprocated. They looked up to each other's eyes. Love shining in arnav's eyes but khushi was confused. She again spotted jay , who was giving deadly looks to arnav. She didn't want to be the reason behind thier fight so at the end of the music , she left the stage , leaving arnav all alone. Everybody came upto congratulate him , but his eyes were hooked onto khushi , who ran upstairs while wiping her tears.
As the guests left , Anurag and shashi decided to talk to children.
Khushi went up to her room crying. She even closed the door behind her. She was in no mood to talk, She was not upset that she was a having a close dance with arnav but she was simply upset to see Jay and arnav's frendship. She feared that even arnav turn into Jay. She didn't want arnav to have the same characteristics as Jay. She barely knew arnav. And trusting a complete stranger like this was not her character. She did it before , and was backstabbed by jay. She didn't want to take another risk. She went near the window and thought of these. Her trance was broken when she a soft knock on her door. Quickly wiping away her tears , she opened the door. "Dad??" she exclaimed.
"What???? You want me to get married...that to with khushi??? but why???" asked a perplexed arnav. "Chottey , please say yes...we promised sashi uncle..." but anjali was cut short by arnav. "Di , how could you even take such a drastic decision without even consulting me???" asked an enraged arnav. Yes , he was very angry. He thought of it a bit. "Are you sure you want to get married to khushi???" asked anurag to arnav. Arnav nodded. "If she is in a dpression then i promise i will bring her out of it!!!!!" he thought.  But then he heard his nani's soothing words. "So , should we take that as a no for khushi bitya????". "I want to talk to khushi!!!!" he said.
"What...but dad...!!!" khushi whispered. Just now she was thinking of how to trust him and now his rishta his coming for her so openly. She thought of considering her father's decision. And she had made up her mind.
"Khushi you want to get married to arnav???" asked sashi. "I think i will talk to arnav first!!!!" she exclaimed khushi and headed towards arnav's room.
As the raizada's left arnav's room , they saw khushi approaching his room. They prayed mentally that they would come on agreed terms and would consider thier dream. As khushi entered the room she saw arnav in a deep thought. Arnav was thinking how could a girl , whom he barely knew from 34-36 hours , become a part of his life so quickly. He didn't want her to feel uncomfortable due to this as he knew her tempartment and her wierd behavior. He then noticed khushi standing outside the door  when he saw her reflection on the mirror. He jestured her to come in.
" mean...our parents..." arnav coudn't complete the sentence as she herself did it. "Wants us to get married.!!!!" she whispered. They sat down near the poolside. " does arrange marriage work??? I mean , isn't it hard to accept a stranger like to one's life???" she asked. Arnav was overwhelmed by her question. "Why do you think so???" he asked. "I mean , arrange marriages does work!!!!" he said. "Well ya they do...but its very tacky...I mean if its a love marriage then one would not feel uncomfortable by the other one's won't be akward for them to act like a couple and so on..." she said. "So...your suggesting to have a love marriage with me???" arnav said in his husky voice.
" mean...that its easy for lovers to get married not total strangers!!!!" she could barely whisper as arnav's gaze was making her feel drowsy again. "Don't worry...we won't be like two complete strangers!!!!" he whispered into her ear and she blushed. "But that's not the problem...the problem is are we ready to take the vows of the marriage and fullfill them to the whole life...are we ready to take each other's responsibility???" she again cried. "Your one tough nut to crack do you know that???" he said. "And don't worry...becoz i think its much more exciting with a stranger than an old lover..." he whispered and winked at her and she rolled her eyes and groaned.
                       Woh Ajnabee Woh Woh Woh Woh Ajanabee, Woh Ajanabee...
                                            ( Aisa Koi Mujhko Mil Gaya Hai Saathiya
                                       Jise Dekhakar Main Bhulu Saari Duniya )' (2)
                          ( Woh Woh Woh Ajanabee, Woh Ajanabee Jo Dekhe Dur Se
                   Dekhu Main Usako Hi, Ho Usako Hi, Abb Sab Kuchh Bhul Ke )' (2)
                                              Dhadkan Dhadkan Ya Saanson Mein
                                                Raatein Raatein Ya Khaabon Mein
                         Sab Mein Sab Mein Wahi Toh Hai, Ke Bata Doon Main Use
                                              Shaame Shaame Ya Subaho Mein
                                            Shaamil Shaamil Woh Har Pal Mein
        Har Dum Har Dum Woh Baaton Mein, Mere Rahi Hai Kahin Woh Woh Woh...
                          Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee
                             Woh Woh Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee...

Khushi watched arnav as he was ordering some pizza and some coffee on the phone. "Don't worry...i know you haven't eaten i ordered the pizza!!!!!" she heard him say. She noticed one thing in his eyes. One thing that was always missing in Jay's eyes. Honesty. Arnav was very honest and she knew that he would never ever hurt her intentionally. "How did you know that im still hungry???" she asked. "Well...becoz you look like a worn out chicken!!!!!!" saying this he started to laugh. Khushi's lips became a perfect 'O' shape and she threw the nearest pillow towards him.
                                                 ( Abb Usase Aisa Jud Gaya Hai Silsila
                                             Wohi Woh Nazar Aaye Mujhko Har Jagah )' (2)
                                   Yeh Yeh Yeh Jindagi Roshan Huyi Hai Usake Noor Se
                                     Dil Ko Sachchi Khushi Haasil Huyi Hai Usake Ishq Se
                              Mujhko Abb Har Ghadi, Woh Har Ghadi, Usakaa Hi Suroor Hai
                                    De De Woh Usako Haan Usako Hi Aankhen Majboor Hai
                                                       Dhadkan Dhadkan Ya Saanson Mein
                                                         Raatein Raatein Ya Khaabon Mein
                               Sab Mein Sab Mein Wahi Toh Hai, Ke Bata Doon Main Use
                                                       Shaame Shaame Ya Subaho Mein
                                                     Shaamil Shaamil Woh Har Pal Mein
               Har Dum Har Dum Woh Baaton Mein, Mere Rahi Hai Kahin Woh Woh Woh...
                                   Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee
                                  Woh Woh Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee...

They laughed thier lungs out when they saw themselves fighting over a stupid piece of pizza. As khushi looked at her coffee , she found a smiley drawn on the foam. "How did you know i like cappuchino????" she asked again. "Di told me!!!!" he exclaimed while looking at the sky. "What are you looking at arnav???" she asked. "My mom!!!!" he whispered. Khushi looked at him. "Look...that big star is my mom and that star near it is my grandpa!!!!!" he exclaimed. "Do you really think that the one's who are dead...they become stars???" she asked as her eyes welled up too , remembering her own mother. "Its not the fact about truth or false...its the matter of faith!!!!!!!" he sighed. "But where is the ASR is saw that day in the office...screaming at everyone???" she asked him , thus changing the topic as she didn't him to feel upset becoz of her.
                                             ( Usako Paake Paaya Maine Saara Jahaan
                                                Rab Usako Karana Na Kabhi Bhi Juda )' (2)
                                         Woh Woh Abb Bandagi Shaamil Huyi, Hai Meri Mein
                                       Dil Ko Sachchi Khushi Haasil Huyi Hai Usake Ishq Se
                             Mujhko Abb Har Ghadi, Woh Har Ghadi, Usakaa Hi Suroor Hai
                                   De De Woh Usako Ho Usako Hi Aankhen Majboor Hai
                                                     Dhadkan Dhadkan Ya Saanson Mein
                                                        Raatein Raatein Ya Khaabon Mein
                                Sab Mein Sab Mein Wahi Toh Hai, Ke Bata Doon Main Use
                                                      Shaame Shaame Ya Subaho Mein
                                                      Shaamil Shaamil Woh Har Pal Mein
        Har Dum Har Dum Woh Baaton Mein, Mere Rahi Hai Kahin Woh Woh Woh...
                                Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee
                                    Woh Woh Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee...

                                 Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee, Woh Ajnabee

"Well...thats one thing which my used to hate about me!!!!!!" he sighed. This time khushi couldn't control her emotions anymore and hugged arnav tightly. "Is she happy????" he asked. Khushi looked up to him. "Is my mother happy to see us together???" he cried. Khushi nodded her head. She wiped the lone tear which escaped his eyes. "Yes...she is happy to see her son happy!!!!!" she smiled. That smile was one of the brightest smile arnav had ever seen. He was not upset anymore. As khushi broke the hug and got up , he felt upset again. "FRENDS???" she asked him , extending her hand. He was happy. "So you want to start this from the base?? frendship?? Count me in khushi!!!!!" he smiled and took her hands in his. They stared at each other for a long time.
After sometime , arnav let her hand go and instructed her to go to sleep. She looked back one more time to arnav and smiled. She did felt a bit light than usual. She gradually went away , ovlious to the fact that the whole family had witnessed their discussion. " chottey is getting so excited!!!!!!" jumped anjali. Sashi , on the other hand , was thankful to arnav that becoz he had brought back the original khushi back. He was now sure that arnav would always take care of khushi whenever needed.
Next morning as khushi was coming down , she heard arnav talking to a doctor. "Is everything alright arnav???" she asked worriedly. Arnav was actually waiting to see her from the morning. "Oh ya...everything is just going for my monthly check ups!!!!" he smiled. He relief washing over her face. "Would like to join me???" he asked. "But...i would be an uneccesary company there and..." before she could complete her line , he took her hand and they made thier way to his car. He made her sit in the car very gently. "Lets go!!!! I do need moral support...especially when i have to deal with HER!!!!" he muttered under his breath the last words.
As they reached the hospital , khushi saw arnav walking towards a cabin. "Must be his doctor's cabin!!!!" she thought. She saw him asking the attendants about a doctor. "Is Dr. Saxena in the cabin???" he asked. The attendant nodded. As soon as they barged into the room , khushi saw a beautiful , young lady , maybe of 20 to 23 years of age , smiling at arnav. "Aaliya!!!" exclaimed arnav and she saw him hugging his doctor. "So how is my patient???" asked aaliya. "Im great!!!" exclaimed arnav. "But still...since its your date...i need to check upon your diabetes!!!" she said. "What??? diabetes!!!!!!!" exclaimed khushi. Aaliya turned to khushi. "Whose this???? another girl???" she asked amused. "NO...she is my fiance!!!!" exclaimed arnav.
"Wow...that great Arnav Singh Raizada is getting married!!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!" aaliya exclaimed. "Oh really?!" arnav huffed with a sarcastic tone.
Khushi could see that aaliya and arnav knew each other very well. She was about to leave when arnav grabbed her wrist and gently pulled her towards him. "Aaliya...this is khushi and khushi...this doctor!!!!!!" he smiled. Aaliya liked khushi at the bery first instance. "Hi!!!" she exclaimed and extended her hand.
PRECAP: Khushi starts to become jealous of aaliya...jay tries to poison arnav's mind about khushi...
THANK YOU FOR READING THIS...Big smileBig smileBig smile

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Creepy jay...
But nyc update
Thnx for d pm
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nice update

eagerly waiting for next updateSmile
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oooh my gosh!!!! loved it!!!!!!!!!
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It's beautifully. Next soon please
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loved it... =) 
pm me wen u write again =) 
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nice update..

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