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Arhi FF: Are you my soulmate?? part 7 pg 37 (Page 14)

Kurup IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 1:25pm | IP Logged
Nice one.  The way u showed the bond btwn the business tycoon and the orphans were just awesome.  Gud to c a flirty Arnav towards the end.
Thnx 4 D PM.

vandana.sagar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 2:31pm | IP Logged
Loved it...very interesting concept...please add me and pm me when you update, thaks
ThanuAditya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 September 2012 at 3:49pm | IP Logged
Plzz do continue soon !! Just finished reading all the parts ! IT woxx awesome !! Plzz do add me in ur PM list and PM me in future! Thankzz
titanichomeless Senior Member

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Posted: 11 September 2012 at 7:48pm | IP Logged
waiting for next part, pls upload soon
arshifan2012 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 September 2012 at 2:26pm | IP Logged
hi guys...sorry for the late update...hope you all enjoy this part too!!!!!!!
Arnav wiped her eyes as he saw tears forming in them. Her kajal got smudged and he whispered that in her ear. Khushi understood and headed for the washroom. As arnav let go of khushi , he felt as if sumthing had gone missing from his life...
Shashi , anurag and anjali were literally awstruck to see arnav and khushi dance like that. "So thats why naniji suggested this marriage!!!!!" thought shashi. He understood that arnav did feel sumthing for khushi and it was not just the feeling he has while flirting...He hoped khushi would say 'Yes' to this marriage as he was totally convinced that arnav is the best SOULMATE khushi could ever get...
"What's up with this girl???" thought arnav as he saw her running towards the bathroom. "Did i hurt her???" he questioned himself. He didn't know why he felt a wierd pain in his heart , as if somebody was stabbing it. He was about to go when he saw aakash was escorting someone towards him. As he saw the face , arnav was too happy. "You!!!!" he exclaimed.
In the bathroom , khushi cried her heart out. "Am i not worth anybody??? am i so bad...that everybody just flirts with me???" she thought this and cried. She remembered what Jay had told her in the office after that his revelation...
"Khushi!!!!!!! Hi!!!!" jay called. Khushi was literally disgusted. "How dare you even talk to me after all this jay???" asked khushi. She was literally fuming. Jay held her by the shoulders tightly and brought her face near his. "You know what sweetheart...dont worry maybe one day you will get a boy who will make you sleep with him and pleasure you too!!!!!!" he said this and winked.
Khushi slapped him in front of the whole office. After that day , she resigned from her job. She decided that she will work with her dad only. Jay's words were had left a deep scare on her heart and it pricked everytime she saw him...
(End of flashback)
She splashed some more water on her face and applied kajal. She didn't want to stop becoz of a person who never cared for her feelings. But then she remembered arnav. "why is he flirting with me????" she thought. She didn't like the thought of arnav being a flirt. She liked him as a sweet human being who had a charmness in his nature. She was pursed her lips and went out of the washroom. She soon joined the party.
"Hey arnav!!!!" exclaimed the person. "Hey...Jay!!!" arnav hugged him. Yes , jay was arnav's childhood frend. "So , where's bhabhi ji????' asked aakash. "She's know...pregnancy and all!!!!!!!" jay exclaimed proudly. Arnav and jay went on chatting when suddenly jay received a call from neha. His wife. He excused himself and went away. As arnav was go , he felt a light breeze caressing his face. He turned around to catch the glimpse of the most beautiful women in the world. "Khushi!!!" he exclaimed.
As if khushi had heard him , she turned around and saw arnav looking at her dreamily. She smiled. But arnav was too lost in her beauty. He started walking towards her. But anjali came up and asked him about payal. "Di , she is with dad!!!!" exclaimed arnav and saw anjali retiring. But when he saw at khushi's direction , she was gone. "Where is she????" he thought.
Khushi was feeling thirsty. She moved towards the buffet and asked for some water. But as soon as she was going to drink it , a rough hand pulled her towards a corner and pinned her to the wall. "How dare you khushi????" asked Jay. She opened her eyes and saw the horrible standing in front of her. "How dare you touch me jay!!!!" she growled. "Woah calm down khushi!!!! What are you doing in Arnav Singh Raizada's party???" he asked as if amused. Khushi's eyes filled with tears. But did jay care??? No.
Arnav was searching for khushi everywhere. But couldn't find her. "I think i should check the rooftop!!!!" he thought. The buffet was located at the rooftop only. He headed towards the rooftop.
"LEAVE ME YOU BAS****!!!!!" she screamed but jay just gave a wicked smile. "You know what are not worth anybody's loyalty. You use everybody with your beauty...anybody will like to take advantage of you and knowing you...i know you gladly give that guy the oppurtunity to spend his night with you!!!!!!!!!!!" he smirked and left her shoulders with full force. Her shoulders were red and khushi , started crying.Jay left the place , fearing that anybody might see him.
Arnav reached the rooftop in no time and heard a sobbing sound. "Khushi!!!!" he exclaimed as he saw her crying and hugging her knees.Arnav felt as if his heart stopped beating. As khushi saw arnav , she looked away.
 Arnav tried to touch her shoulders to calm her down but khushi flinched in pain and jerked his hands away. Arnav noticed the red marks on her shoulders and was shocked. "Khushi...khushi please tell me who did this????" he asked worriedly. "Why would you care??? Why would anybody care???" she screamed.
Arnav knew something was wrong with khushi. But he couldn't figure out what. He saw her as she was trying to get up on her own but falied. So without wasting much time , he grabbed her by the waist and craddled her in his arms. Instantly , khushi's hand went to his collar and held it tightly for support.
 She looked up in his eyes. "Why are you doing this???" she asked him , but now calmly. "I think thats my question...why are you behaving like this????" arnav asked.
Khushi looked down. She couldn't meet his eyes. But still , she looked up to him. His hazel orbs were driving her crazy. They were fiesty yet gentle. His eyes were shimmering in the lights of the little party lights. "Lets take you to your that you can change!!!!!" she heard him say. "Is he like the other guys who take advantage of a girl in this state???" khushi thought to herself.
As they reached her room , she quickly went inside the washroom to change. Arnav was waiting for her outside her room. After sometime , she opened the door. Arnav was mesmerized by her beauty. She was wearing a green saree and small green blouse. But he liked the most was her black silkly hair which justifying her skin complextion. But then he saw her trying to tie the dori of her blouse. He looked to other side and helped her to tie it. Khushi could see in the mirror , how arnav had his face on the other side.
She understood that whatever she was thinking of arnav , was wrong. She understood how naive and gentle he is. She knew that arnav was not like other men , who doesn't understand anybodys feelings. She gave him a smile and whispered "Thank You!!!" to him. And they headed downstairs.
As khushi was talking to other guests , arnav was staring at her. "Why doesn't her smile reach upto her eyes???" he thought.His heart pricked everytime he saw her eyes. Becoz they told him about her real feelings. He knew something was there in khushi's head. "Maybe she is like this...but the question is , why??? Why is she like this???" he thought and without noticing , bumped into Jay. "Oh sorry ASR!!!!" exclaimed Jay. Khushi , who was busy talking with the guests , now spotted Jay with Arnav. She was shocked. She never expected Jay to be here becoz of Arnav. "You see khushi , that''s chottey's best frend...Jay!!!" exclaimed anjali , who was not standing far from her.
Arnav saw how the color of khushi's face drained out. He excused himself from Jay and went upto khushi. "Whats wrong now???" he asked pouting his lips. But when khushi lifted her eyes to arnav , he could see the rage in them. But moreover , he could also see the hurt in them. Khushi was about to leave but suddenly arnav grabbed her wrist and she landed straight on his chest. "This time im not letting you go!!!!" whispered arnav angrily.
The music started.
                                                         (Tujhe Mil Ke Laga Hai Ye
                                                 Tujhe Dhoondh Raha Tha Main) – 2
                                                   Tujh Mein Hai Kuch Aisi Subah Sa
                                                     Jiski Khaatir Main Tha Jaga Sa
                                                    Aa Tu Mere Khwaab Sajaa Ja Re..
                                                      Maahi Aaja Re Maahi Aaja Re
                                                  Tujh Mein Hai Kuch Aisi Subah Sa
                                                     Jiski Khaatir Main Tha Jaga Sa
                                                   Aa Tu Mere Khwaab Sajaa Ja Re…
                                            (Dil Roye Aa Elaahi Tu Aaja Mere Maahi) – 3
                                            Mere Maahi Mere Maahi, Tu Aaja Mere Maahi
Arnav took khushi's hand twirled her round and round. He had a mike fit to his mouth becoz he was singing. And arnav only sang when he was very angry. Khushi couldn't understand what he was doing and soon she found herself in arnav's chest. "What are you doing???" she whispered but arnav's eyes calmed her down yet again. But the question was , who will calm down arnav.
                                                    (Tujhe Mil Ke Laga Hai Ye
                                            Tujhe Dhoondh Raha Tha Main) – 2
                                              Tujh Mein Hai Kuch Aisi Subah Sa
                                                Jiski Khaatir Main Tha Jaga Sa
                                              Aa Tu Mere Khwaab Sajaa Ja Re…
                                  (Dil Roye Aa Elaahi, Tu Aaja Mere Maahi) – 3
                                 Mere Maahi Mere Maahi, Tu Aaja Mere Maahi, OO…
Khushi noticed how Jay was scanning them. But she soon felt arnav's warm hands against her cold stomach. She shivered at his touch. His nose was digging in her ears and his breath was fanning her collarbones. She closed her eyes in sheer torture and pleasure. Arnav looked at khushi's face and her closed eyes. He gave a small kiss on each of them. And khushi , slowly opened them to look upto the hazel orbs which always managed to hypnotise her.

                                                         (Maahi Maahi, Maahi….) – 2
                                                         Dhadkano Mein, Maahi…
                                                      Saanson Mein Hai, Maahi…
                                               Mil Ke Ye Sab Kuch Tha Gam Tha
                                                  Bojh Tha Jeena Har Dam Tha
                                                 Mit Gaye Hum Tujh Ko Paakar
                                                    Khil Gaye Saare Hi Manzar
                                             Tu Hi Har Pal Mujh Mein Basa Tha
                                              Zarre Zarre Mein Tu Numaa Tha
                                           Aa Tu Mujh Mein Aake Samaa Ja Re..
                                     (Dil Roye Aa Elaahi, Tu Aaja Mere Maahi) – 3
                                     Mere Maahi Mere Maahi, Tu Aaja Mere Maahi

Khushi lifted her hand and placed it gently on arnav's shoulders. He calmed down a bit instantly. But then he remembered her state when they met at the rooftop. First , when she tried to suicide and second , when he found her crying. He thought who was causing all this. He slowly lifted khushi up in the air and gently placed her down. Thier lips , centimeters apart. They forgot that the whole room includint thier respective parents and cousins were shocked to see thier chemistry.

                                                      Tere Bina Har Din Tha Soona
                                                      Tere Bina Har Shab Thi Veeran
                                                    Tere Bina Thi Saansein Nashthar
                                                     Tere Bina Har Cheej Thi Banzar
                                                       Tujh Bin Jeena Ek Sajaa Tha
                                                    Saansein Lena Ek Gunaah Tha
                                                      Aaja Zehno Dil Par Chha Ja Re..
                                             (Dil Roye Aa Elaahi, Tu Aaja Mere Maahi) – 3
                                            Mere Maahi Mere Maahi, Tu Aaja Mere Maahi
                                                              (Maahi Maahi, Maahi….) – 2
                                        Bas Mera Tu Maahi, Saanson Mein Hai, Maahi
                                                              (Maahi Maahi, Maahi….) – 2
                                     Bas Mera Tu Maahi, Saanson Mein Hai, Maahi…, OO…

As arnav sang , he pulled khushi into a tight hug and even she reciprocated. They looked up to each other's eyes. Love shining in arnav's eyes but khushi was confused. She again spotted jay , who was giving deadly looks to arnav. She didn't want to be the reason behind thier fight so at the end of the music , she left the stage , leaving arnav all alone. Everybody came upto congratulate him , but his eyes were hooked onto khushi , who ran upstairs while wiping her tears.
As the guests left , Anurag and shashi decided to talk to children. Will they say yes??? Will Jay create problems for khushi arnav??
PRECAP: "Are you sure you want to get married to khushi???" asked anurag to arnav. Arnav nodded. "If she is in a dpression then i promise i will bring her out of it!!!!!" he thought.
"Khushi you want to get married to arnav???" asked sashi. "I think i will talk to arnav first!!!!" she exclaimed khushi and headed towards arnav's room.
THANK YOU FOR READING THIS...Big smileBig smileBig smile

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bhadraprasad IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 September 2012 at 2:39pm | IP Logged
Wonderful update...loved this Arnav...He is so caring...Thanks for the PM

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riafna IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 September 2012 at 2:41pm | IP Logged
Jay???? what will he do now???mu???
Waiting for next update.Thanks for PM

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flowers4u IF-Sizzlerz

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fantastic update...very well written...continue soon..

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