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My take on story!!Part 1, Part 2 Part 3 updated

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Hi all,

I am silent member of this forum. I read all the OS and FF of forum and couldn't stop me for writing now.

First of all please ignore the spelling an dgrammer mistake.. 

I want to story to proceed further like this----


Anandi ready for marriage and jagya get know this from her old friend in jetsar or anyone else, he will fell very sad and start thinking how anandi will marry someone else she is only mine ..She is only mine... He will go to bar and have couple of drinks. He will come to his so called ghar and gauri ask him why he drunk.. He is fully shattered & will tell her Anandi is getting remarried, how can she will remarry to anypne else, she is mine from childhood, how can she broke all ties of 18 years just in 3 years (don't know how many years they are married), he will also tell her that he want her in his life, he want her support any time in his life, where will he go if something wrong happened to him, she is only who can understand him. Please gauri please I don't want anandi to remarry...She is mine and I can't see she is loving someone else, guari tum samaj rahi ho na mein kya kah raha hu...gauri ..and shouts muze anandi chahiye...mein uski shadi nahi hone de sakta and will... . After hearing this all stuff from his mouth o fher saccha pyar she is crying on her fate..Kyun Kyun Kyun ...but then console hersef that he is drunk and felt sad hering this news and he will not go to anandi , will talk him in morning. She is trying to sleep but she is getting FB of his encounter with anandi of ( jagya aur mera risha 18 saal ka hain ...)


Here anandi is preaparing herself of new relationship. She is telling herself that no matter what she has to be adjusted in his new life. For shiv if she is unable to love him, atleast she has to be friendly with him and will not hurt him in anyway.


In mumbai, jagya get up in morning and he is like how to face his saccha pyar now? He searched for gauri in whole house but no one is there...He thinks now gauri also left him...

But gaur is in temple and asking god with all her Kyun Kyun Kyun''''.and cry.

Door bell rang and jagya hurriedly opened it and saw gauri but not able to make eye to eye contact with gauri . Gauri just ignored him and goes..He is following gauri ..I am sorry gauri ..I am sorry I was drunk please forgive me..please please''but gauri ignores him and goes to his work. He felt very sad.


In jetsar, shiv is thinking he is ready for marriage but still confused and worrying  for Anandi, thinking if this is correct or not? His mom noticed his confusion and asked him what the problem is? He told her everything in his mind. She suggests him that he has faith in his son... he wil make anandi to fall in his love. But advice him to take in slow & have patience, anandi will definitely love him but he has to give some time to anandi and also should try to express his feeling towards her. And also promise him that she is there for him if he needed anything. After hearing this shiv felt good.


In morning he goes to Haveli and asks for anandi ; dadisa told him that she is in school. He goes to school; anandi saw him and came forward to talk. He asked if she is having time and if yes he want to talk with her. She says yes but shiv ask her to come with him to other place. She is little hesitant but then agrees.

Both goes to some nice place like Hill station near jetsar. He stops jeep in one place where all mountains are covered by fog. Anandi felt blow of fresh air. Her eyes are seeing beauty of the place she is felt fresh.

Then she saw shiv who is seeing mountains before she ask anything, shiv tell her that if she knows why I brought you here? I want you to be forget all the past and want to move on with fresh life..I promise you your life will be as fresh as this Environment. I will be there for you for anything like this fresh air. I will not force you for anything..I just want to see you as ANANDI..TRUE ANANDI who is lost due her past. I want that anandi to see this fresh life is awaiting for her..Please anandi.

Mein ye nahi kahunga ke tum muze pyar karo , but atleast tum meri frined to ban sakti ho..Mein ye sahdi tumse sirf isliye kar raha hu..kyunki mein tumhe ..and stops..He tell her please give me one chance to be friend with you. I want to start our new life with fresh relationship. He extend his hand in front of her and ask if we can start new and  fresh friendship ?

She is in tears while hearing all this..she just put her hand in his palm and says . Yes.

He felt ovehelmed. He drove back to jetsar with happy mood.  Smile

Will wait for reply before continue futher...

Part 2:


At night anandi is thinking of promise made with shiv for friendship. She is thinks he is really good person. He understands her feelings.'


In Mumbai gauri yet to come home, Jagya is waiting for her. He cooked her favorite dish. But after so much wait he called her, but gauri disconnect the call, he again called her for 3-4 times lastly she picked up and told him she is coming late as she is having emergency operation to be handled. Jagya is allover sad and little angry for gauri's behavior.  But consoled himself that she is angry with him , he really wondered why he spoked all in previous night. Again he remembered anandi and becomes restless. But consoles himself if he is moving ahead she also has right to move on. She is correct. I will just try to forget anandi. But suddenly a thought came in his mins to whom she is going marry. Who is ready to marry her. Is heanyone is taking advantage of her. No No I will not let anyone to take advantage of anandi's condition. She is good person atleast he can confirm that whom she is marrying is good person for humanity sake & for all the years of he spent with her. He determined to get to know more about this.


Here in hospital gauri is sad thinking why she is avoiding going home, because to this type of behavior Jagat will go back to anandi. She just picked up her bag and moved from work. She opened the door and saw jagat as asleep. She thinks how can person is so selfish..he has taken away my sleep an dnow he is sleeping so nicely. He shot at jagat and say jagya what is this mess in kitchen . I am coming now an dhad to do all this cleaning work. Please jagat , please muze irritate karna band kardo.. Mein tag aa gayi hu tumare iss behavour se, hospital jao waha kam karo, yaha par aao to bhi kam karo..Please stip this jagya.

After saying all this she angrily starts cleaning all kitchen. She noticed her favorite dish. Jagya is behind her, and seeing her He says I cooked this for you. I am sorry gauri. Please forgive me. I am just out of my sence. Please gauri try to understand. Actually tum mere baarein mein bhi socho 'maine itne saal anandi ke sath gujare to achanak se ye baat hajam nahi kar paya.. Please gauri samjo meri halat. BHul jao wo sab maine kaha , mein to janata bhi nahi acchse ke maine kal kya kaha tha..please'

Gauri asks him ' which is the truth jagat todays or yesterdays. Yesterday I really felt sad how can anandi creates such magic that till now you are unable to forget her..Jagat cuts her sentence and says please gauri please dekho meri akhon mein ..kiska chehara dikhta hain tumhara hi na..please believe karo mus par mein tumse saccha pyar karta hu..please. And feeds dish to her.She also melts in his words. And both goes to bed.


Next day - In jetsar haveli all preparations are going on for Enagagement. All singhs are busy in preaparations. Gehana I sputting mehandi on anandis hand. And in circuit house all are preaparing to go to haveli . Shiv is little nervous. His daddu comments ' abhi ye bakra fasne wala hain.All laughs. He takes blessing from his mom. His mom looks him and bless him. She says my son is looking too handsome. Anandi will just fall for you. He blushes. Her mom thinks in mind please god please keep my son happy whole life.

All includinh his chotu ma, daddu, papa, mummy an dshiv come to haveli. Gehana welcomes shiv with aarti . All gather in hall. From upstares phooli brings anandi down. Shiv just staring anandi . Thinking she is really beautifull. Now onwards she wil be mine. Only mine. But he notices sad face too. He promises himself that he will make her life as beautiful as her face. And will make her smile all the life.

She came forward and sits besides shiv. All comments that JODi is really looking nice. Then ceremony starts. Dadisa tell anandi to put ring in shivs finger. She took the ring and looks at shiv..shiv is giving her promisefull looks. She then put ring in his fingers, now its turn of shiv, Her mom take anandis plam and extends towards shiv Shiv holds her hand. She felt something , and he puts the ring. All are happy.

They both take blessings from all. Dadisa is having tears in her eyes, when shiv and anandi take blessing from dadisa. Dadisa in tears tell shiv that Anandi has got all the pain in this house, now its his duty to make her haapy. Bahot dukh diye iss haveli ne anandi ko..please shivji aap mere anandi ke jeevan phirse khushiyonse bhar dena..Anandi and shiv are also in tears. Anandi says don't talk like this dadisa. Shiv promises dadisa to take care of anandi for whole life. Ceremony overed.


Anandi and shiv goes to there respective rooms in respective houses and remembers the Enagement ceremony. Shiv is just more than happy. Anandi is also feeling something but still not happy as such and closes her eyes.


In Mumbai, Jagya calls his friend for more information on anandi's to be husband. He got to know that he is none other than SHIVRAJ SHEKAR- collector of jetsar. His eyes goes red and he remember his fight with him. He is shocked that anandi is marrying to that man because of whom he in jail for that night. He thinking himself that anandi didn't know that man is not good. He is not at all good for anandi. He promises that he will not let anandi to marry shiv. He has to take revenge of his jail visit also.

But he thinks how he could stop this. '..

At this moment doorbell rings it's the account closure report from bank and also the bank statement. This is the same bank of  bade papa and gauri's joint account. He opened the envelope and saw bade papas phone no. He gets FBs of gauris behavior when the first courier has came and also on phone call. He just dials the bade papa no. and says him

Jagaya- hello bade papa wo gauri aur apke bank account ka closure confirmation aa gaya hain.

 Bade papa from other end  - just says isme call karke batane ki jarurat nahi thi, muze bhi same confirmation mil chukka hain.

He noticed the rudeness in voice.

Jagya : AAp musase aise jyun baat kar rahe ho bade papa. Muzase koi mistake ho gayi hain kya?


Bade papa-  Tum ye baat apni patni se hi kyun puch nahi lete.


Jagya:  Maine bahot baar pucha lekin wo bhi nahi batati please bade papa aap bade ho hamse. Humase kuch mistake ho gayi hain to batao . Mein usko correct karne ki jarur koshish karunga.


Bade papa ' shouts on him 'anjan hoke gar kuch karo to usko mistake kahte hian jagdish singh, but sab kuch janate hue agar kuch karo to to galat nahi  galat paap hota hain.


Jagya is just trying sence what bade papa is saying..


Jagya: Bade papa aap ye kaisi baat kar rah eho, kaunsi galti  ki maine?


Bade papa: Tumne nahi tum donodo..ek nishpap ladki ki jindagi barbaad kardi aur muh utake muze puchte ho ke kya galti ki maine'are shram ani chahiye tum jaise logooko. Par mein ye tumse kyun kah raha hu'muze to khud pe sharam ati hain jis gusir pe unko itna viswaas tha wo aisa kuch karegi.

Are use to usne to us inssan ki bhi izzat nahi ki jiske wajah se wo aaj doctor hain.


Jagya: Bade papa apko koi galatpahmi ho gayi hain . Gauri apki bahot izzat karti hain


Bade papa cuts his sentence..shouts - ki maine gauri ko koi help nahi ki..and told him all the truth. Also about his visit to his palce and behavior a=of gauri and his parents towards him.

Jagya just drops the phone when he learnt that all the funding to gauirs education was done by his bapusa. He gets the FB when gauri is shouting ke mein aaj jahapar hu mere dam par hu. He also gets the falsh back when without his knowledge gauri went to his friends home and that ticket to jetsar..

Now all picture is quite clear to him. He talks himself that this means gauri and her parent lied to him . She went to Jetsar without his knowledge.

He hurridly calls anandi to confirm this, but anandi just cuts the call. He tried several times but she cuts the call.

Jagya really feeling lost now. He is unable to believe all'He just calls gauri shouts on her for all this and ask him to say the truth that she visited jetsar at that time. She says yes and keep blaming his family members for relieving truth to him. He just shout STOP and disconnect the call.


Next Day: -  Jagya in Jetsar haveli all sad.


Jagya calling bapusa….barion singh come and give him disgusting looks. He says why is here now? Anything is remaining to do with us? Jagya with tears in his eyes..bapusa apne gauri ko supportkiya shadi ke baad bhi…? Ye muze pahle kyun nahi bataya bapusa??


Gehana in picture tells him kya hota tumhe pata chalta to kyat um bhi ata tumare wife ke sath yahapar bapusa ka apamaan karne?

Jagya: Kya Gauri ne apka apaman kiya iske baad bhi ..yaha par akar.?


Gahna tells him all the story and his challenge to sumitra he is in shock. He on the sopt calls gauri and told her that his big mistake is marrying her he is breaking all the ties with her. Now onwards he will not be coming to Mumbai. Mein abhi meri family ko pahchan gaya hu aur tumhe bhi..and just end the call.


Jagya cried in front of dadisa, gahana and bapusa to forgive him. He was wrong. Maine jo kiya sab gauri ke kahne pe kiya please muze maaf kardo.

Bapusa is no no mood to take him back. But dadisa melted. Just then anandi along with shiv comes to haveli.


He looks both of them and get angry on Shiv. He told bapusa,,bapusa ye ladka accha nahi hain , bahot nich hai ye, iske sath anandi ki shadi kaise kar sakte hain aap. Mein isse bahot acchse janta hu.


Barion tells him to behave properly , dadisa also tells him that he has no bond with anandi and not to comment on the shiv. Jagya again starts yeeling on shiv. Just then Barion slaps him ask who is he to comment which that shiv is not goo dfor anandi . he ask him that is he good for her? Usne tumhare liya kya kuch nahi kiya tumhari jaan bhi bachayi aur tumne kya kiya…uska hi ghar tod diya..atleast iske baad to tum anandi ke barrein mein mat socho.


Jagya goes to anandi says anandi please anandi muzpar belive karo ye collector accha nahi hain , ye tumhara fayda le raha hain …muze aaj sab pata chala hain ..mein wapas ayah u anandi plase muze maaf kardo please anandi please ..he is crying in front of anandi and says ye ladka sirf tumaraha use karega..mein bahot acchse janta hu in jaise post ke logonko..


Now anandi could not bare all this against shiv , her eyes became red she slapped him hard on his face..and says BUS karo jagya bas karo..tum mere honewale pati ke barrein mein bol rahe ho ye dhyan mein rakho..Muze ye bilkul pasand nahi hoga ke mere pati ke barrein mein koi bhi aisa bole..


Shiv is just looking at anandi , he is really Happy that she called him as her to be husband and also she got angry when jagya insulted her. He was just looking  at her face.

Dadisa suddenly grabbed jagya and take away from hall.

In hall Barion ask opologies to shiv. And also anandi says sorry.

He tells anandi not to be sorry he is really happy today that she called him as her husband. He thanks to her for that.


Jagya comes to anandis room, before he can speak something, she starts praising shiv..


Jagya jab tum nahi the na se shivji mere sath hain mere har kadam pe unhone mera sath diya hain mera gussa bhi jhela hain ..please jagya unke barrein mein ye sab mat kah ojagya please..

Jagya in crying tone, anandi muze pata hain maine tumhe bahot dukh diya hain par muze ek mouka do anandi ..

Anandi just stops him that point and says jagya please palat ke mat dekho aur nahi muze dikhane ki koshish karo mein job hi dekhungi tumne jo muze apamanit kiya hain wohi dekhungi..please jagya muze jane do ..please muze azad karo jagya..mein abhi tumse pyar nahi kar sakti aur nahi wo izzat de sakti jo pahle deti thi..koi matlab nahi jagya iss sabka please laut jao agya laut jao…


Jagya with cry face hold anandi and says anandi please ek baar kah do ke tum muze bhula chuki ho ..ek baar kahdo ke tumhe muzase pyar nahi hain..anandi shouts –HAAN JAGYA MEIN NAHI KARTI TUMSE PYAAR..MEIN SHIV SE PYAAR KARTI HU..SHIV SE….AUR SHIV KE SATH HI SHADI KARNA CHAHATI HU.

Anandi herself surprised for his confession.


Jagya looked in her eyes and moved back…and went to his room..and decide to not to interfere in anandis marriage. Just be in haveli and fulfill the kartavya of son of the house and forget anandi.

He goes to dadisa and cried her heart out and pleads her to take him back as his son and he will not interfere in anandis life now.


Part 3 : ANSH Marriage without Jagyas hinderance.

I have idea that ANSH will maary and after few weeks they come to stay in haveli itself as shiv has to do some changes in circuit house before move in there. Now all sequences will be there just like when jagya and gauri came to haveli and how anandi has suffered. Now its time for jagya to see all through his own eyes and suffer and unable to do anything…


Liked the idea for part 3??? This will be very interesting whats say?


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Piyuu_SRK IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 2:39am | IP Logged
wowww !! its really nice ! Smile hope everything happens like this only Embarrassed
ButterflyChaser IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 3:02am | IP Logged
It's nice... specially Shiv's part... so touching lines!!
vrinda9183 Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 5:14am | IP Logged
Everything is good but pls ansh marriage Se Pehele jaggu ko haveli mat bhejo
rituka7 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 6:42am | IP Logged
vrinda9183 Goldie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 7:34am | IP Logged
Yes part 3 idea would be too good, however I don't think Anandi or shiv would ever come to haveli if jaggu is there
ButterflyChaser IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 7:39am | IP Logged
Yup... idea for part 3 is nyc. please continue..
gomatidj Groupbie

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Posted: 09 August 2012 at 1:01pm | IP Logged

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