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Arhi SS: A Crack in the Mirror Chp 8 Updated (Page 12)

Dalmuthuya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 August 2012 at 1:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by claireDD

Originally posted by Dalmuthuya

Originally posted by claireDD

i love this...i freaking love thisss...
ahhh arnie...mwahhh...
and y is khushi jumping at his throat every single time..
but hez enjoying this
update ASAP..
and make the updates longer..please pretty please..
when will u update again?
this week !!Big smile????(its sunday already..u better hurry upBig smile

Lol Well Khushi didn't have a very dandy past so that would be it. And well.. I am updating Innocence in her Eyes this week ;) And I will make the updates longer :) <3 

arnav z trying to break the walls she has put up..
but getting on her nerves isn't the way i guess..i love this duo..tom  n jerry..hehe

does england have a place called highlands.?
i've never been to england.but my cousin lives there.never heard about highlands from him...hhmmm..
u reminded me of Harry's first day at hogwarts.
this is different.but still this reminded me of dat..

i loved the way she glued to tami's words for control..
the begining was kinda confusing..
khushiz dad was a drunkard..he killed her mother n then committed suicide...
did i get it right?
I know I felt like it was HP moment when I wrote that. xD I cannot help it. Hp is always on my mind so maybe that's why. And no High Lands is a place I made up, just like the university Victoria. lol I should probably tell that in the next update so people won't be confused. :)

And yes you got it right. That's exactly what happened. Although I still haven't gone through her past deeply. I will in the coming chapters so everyone will understand her better. :) 

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Mini17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 August 2012 at 1:56am | IP Logged
Wow!!! That was one nice and awesome post.
I very very rarely read a FF but the title, 'A crack in the mirror' made me curious and I decided to give it a try.
I have to tell you it was a thousand times worthSmile
You, seriously, are a damn good writer.
Good work, keep it up and please update soonSmile

Thank you.

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Dalmuthuya IF-Dazzler

Joined: 09 March 2012
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Posted: 19 August 2012 at 1:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mini17

Wow!!! That was one nice and awesome post.
I very very rarely read a FF but the title, 'A crack in the mirror' made me curious and I decided to give it a try.
I have to tell you it was a thousand times worthSmile
You, seriously, are a damn good writer.
Good work, keep it up and please update soonSmile

Thank you.

Whoa, THANK YOU!!! :) I am speechless. lol. 

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vkp1989 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 August 2012 at 2:22am | IP Logged
Nice one.

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Dalmuthuya IF-Dazzler

Joined: 09 March 2012
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Posted: 21 August 2012 at 3:14am | IP Logged
Chapter 4 finally written. I didn't expect to write this, but my mind works in weird ways when it comes to my stories. :P Anyways, hope you guys enjoy this update! Likes and comments please if did so. This isn't much Arhi.. well, I don't know, when I write I feel like there isn't much Arhi. You guys decide on that one. lol. 

Some facts you guys need to know: High Lands isn't a real place in England. I made it up. Also University of Victoria isn't a real uni there either. Made all that up. :) 

Also Tami is not literally talking to Khushi inside her head. :P You guys know how it is when we talk to ourselves.. Well I sure hope so since I do that... a lot... lol. 
Chapter 4

1 hour has already passed and we were still on our journey to the University. Surprisingly the annoying stranger hasn't said one word since we got in the car. It was almost a miracle. I sat far away from as possible trying hard not to breathe in his scent. Slowly my eyes closed blurring the sceneries that were passed by… 

Chole and I stared at the wrecked house in front of us. The gates were chained and the bare trees creaked to the furious wind. Oddly enough, the creepy sight did not frighten me, but at the corner of my eye I saw Chole's teeth chattering. 

"It's creepy isn't it..?" 

I shrugged, honestly speaking this wasn't scary. No, what's scary is when your own father points a knife to your chest, threatening to kill you. 

"Not really…" I replied 

''What? Are you seriously, telling me, that isn't scary?! Do you know it's haunted?" 

Chole said frantically, pointing at the wreck. 

"I am more afraid of the living than the dead…" 

The dream evaporated and I heard a faintish voice in the distance. 

"Wake up sleepy head." 

The husky voice whispered down to my ears. 

Shivers travelled down my spine at the voice. 

Startled at the flashback I jumped up slightly from my seat and gulped down the bile that was rising up from my throat. 'Don't worry Khushi it was just a flashback. Calm your nerves and take deep breaths.'  

"Are you alright?" 

Mr. Annoying asked me concerned etched in his voice. 

I nodded silently and looked out the window again, trying to ignore his gaze upon me. The flashback disturbed me a bit. It has been a while since I even thought of her. Chole was an old friend of mine I knew years ago. We were probably in the 4th grade when I first met her. Sadly she moved to the U.S in grade 7. Things were a little pleasant when she was around, but nothing pleasant lasted in my life for too long. I never told her about my life, when I was with her, but at least for a little amount of time I forgot my pain. My heart hoped she was doing well. 

"So… since I gave you some peace for an hour… How about you tell me what your name is?" 

Sighing really loudly I turned to face him. He has to be the most annoying person I have ever come across. Hence the name Mr. annoying that I have given him. 

"It's none of your business." 

I replied back sharply. 

He rolled his eyes at me and chuckled. This ride had to end soon because if it went on for too long I know I would end up pushing him out the window. 

"Well, I am Arnav, Arnav Singh Razaida." 

Arnav..? That was such a beautiful name and I think it meant ocean… 

"If you haven't noticed I really don't care," 

He leaned in a little closer to my face. The molten brown eyes twinkled to the sunlight that was streaming through the windows. Tips of my fingers began to tremble. 

"What are you doing?" 

I asked trying quite hard to control the nervousness in my voice. 

He leaned back, but held his gaze and smirked at me.

"Nothing at all, just wanted see how you would react... So tell me, what's your name?" 

He wanted to see my reaction? Who did this man think he was! 'Let it go Khushi, just let it go' I heard Tami's wise voice chant inside my head. 'Fine, but I won't be happy about it!' I furiously whispered back to her voice. 

"Like I said Arnav it's none of your business!" 

"Say it again…" 

I looked at him confused. 


"Say my name again."

Arnav commanded in his sinful husky voice. 


The driver in the front looked at us from the front mirror. I looked down in embarrassment and cursed myself for yelling. 'This is why I told you to let it go.' Tami's annoying voice whispered back at me. 'Shut up Tami!' I replied back angrily. There was already one idiot bugging the hell out of me. I didn't need another annoying voice mocking me. 

"Do you get paid to get angry all the time or do you do it for free?"

"What's, making me angry is YOU. So I am asking you one more time, SHUT UP and LEAVE ME ALONE. Is that hard for you to understand? Do you want me to repeat it in HINDI TOO?" 

The corners of his mouth quirked up to form his famous crooked smirk. 

"Hm... I wouldn't mind to hear you speak in Hindi… It probably sounds even sexier." 

My jaw dropped at his comment. This man had no shame what so ever! But just as I was about to yell at him the driver interrupted us. 

"Um, excuse me, but we are here." 


Calling the University beautiful was an understatement. It was much more beyond beautiful. The architecture was unique and the outer exterior was carved in to beautiful designs, which had a historic significance. There was a blue dome like roof at the top, which glinted in the sunlight, but it was slowly blurring away as the fog sneaked in to the surroundings. Many people were seated outside in the grass, studying or hanging out with their friends, enjoying the beautiful day. This was my kind of place; old, beautiful, and probably with a huge History behind it. 

"This is cannot be a university…" 

Arnav exclaimed in awe. 

The driver smiled at us and nodded. 

"Yeah, it is beautiful isn't it? Now come along. I will take you both to the counselor and from there they will lead you to your dorms." 

We followed him inside trying to keep up with him. For a small man he was pretty fast. And to make matters worse Arnav kept walking closely next to me. Each time I moved to keep my distance, he came closer. The man was bold, I can give him that. 

Just ahead from us I saw a lady; she looked around the age of 40, with dark blonde hair flowing down to her shoulder. She was dressed in a white crisp dress shirt and a grey pencil skirt. Her expression looked stern, but when I looked in to her eyes I saw a hint of warmth. 

"Ah, finally, I was waiting for the arrivals. Thank you John I will take from here."

The lady exclaimed smiling slightly. 

The driver, who I now know has John, gave her a smile and left. Arnav and I were the only ones left. Oh joy, I am excited. 

"Hello there, I am Miss. Aurbern your counselor. I will be taking both of you to your separate dorms. And I will be the one any of you will come to when there is a problem, concern, or even to chat for any other purposes." 

Before I could respond to her, Arnav jumped to it.

"Nice to meet you Miss. Aurbern, I'm Arnav Razaida." 

Miss.Aubern shook hands with him and turned towards me. 

"And who might you be young lady?" 

"I'm Khushi Gupta." 

Miss.Aubern smiled at me and shook my hand. From the corner of my eyes I saw Arnav looking at me with a crooked smile present on his face. So he finally knows my name; wonderful, just what I wanted, and another excuse for him to tease me. 

"So you are both from India, but I don't hear the accents. I am guessing both of you were born here…?" 

"I migrated to England when I was 4." 

Arnav replied. 

Awkwardly I looked down not wanting to answer Miss. Aubern. Migrating to England wasn't a very pleasant memory. Even at the air port chaos erupted. But that wasn't new, especially when it involved my father. My childhood was tainted with bloody memories; literally and figuratively. 

"And did you migrate to England too Miss. Gupta?" 

"Yeah, I came when I was 3." 

I replied quietly, still not facing at her. 

"That's wonderful. Well, both of you I am really sorry, but we really need to get going. Come along." 

I nodded and followed her, while Arnav walked behind me, and all the way to our dorms I felt his intense gaze upon me. 


 Miss. Aubern dropped me off at the dorm and left with Arnav, leaving me behind with all my bags. The woman was in a serious hurry to get us in to our dorms. Grasping the entire luggage's I opened the door to my new room, in which I will be staying until the end of this year. The moment I entered I saw a girl around my age seated on one of the single size beds, at the right corner. She had strawberry blonde hair, with brown eyes and fair skin. The girl was beautiful indeed. 

"Hi… I am Khushi… I am your new roommate." 

The girl smiled widely at me and hugged me out of the blue. My body froze at the sudden contact and I stood still, waiting for her to let go. Only person I have properly hugged was Tami. 

"Sorry about that… it's just I am glad to have a roommate. My name is Kellie Fletcher." 

"That's alright, I understand. Um… can you help me with my luggages?" 

Kellie nodded and helped me to the second bed at the left corner. 

"So are you from India?" 

"Yeah, but I came to England when I was 3… So I have been here all my life." 

"That's so cool. I have always wanted to go to India. Don't you miss it? Anyways, well,  I was born and raised in England of course. You know you're really pretty… Sorry my best friend is a guy so that's why I am excited to have girl friend. Not a girl, girl friend, as in you know together, but like friendship… I am speaking too much aren't I? I am sorry; anyways my best friend's name is Skyler… "

Kellie ranted and spoke the entire night while I packed my things to the right places. She was really friendly, sometimes a little too friendly, but I guessed she was probably lonely. Finally after a quite a while of ranting she fell asleep and I crashed to my bed, letting the exhaustion take over my body from the journey. A new day was beginning tomorrow; brand new life. 

NOTE: For my Innocence In Her Eyes readers; I will update that one soon once I get my 15th rough draft properly written. Yes, I ended up with 14 rough copies since the rest were crap. :P lol. I hope I can update for this week. Cross my fingers. 

And I just want to thank my frequent readers for always commenting and liking me work. :) I don't get much likes and comments, but I always look forward to the readers that always do read my work. It means everything to me so thank you. Okay my mushy moment is done. lol. 

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Shweta1691 Goldie

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Posted: 21 August 2012 at 3:20am | IP Logged
Even before i received the PM!!!
Now thats called stalking * giving myself a pat on back*LOL

Arnav is finally introduced!!! And he has made it his mission in life to not leave the angey bird khushi alone!!!
 No complaints can irritate the hell out of her...we r here for full support
The way he tries to find out whether he affects her or not was soo cool ...lage raho!!!

For all the anger and irritation she is showing towards him...she still cant stop analysing his name!!! Loved it how he asked her to repeat his sexy!!!

And loved the new roommate...she seemed like a version of khushi from alternate universes!!! Wink

Waiting for inesa to surface...missing her

Thanks for the PM

C ya soon

P.S. Happy birthday Mr. Sobti!!!

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Dalmuthuya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 August 2012 at 3:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shweta1691


HAHAHAHA Okay now that is amazing stalking ;) I love you for that <3 

Edited by Dalmuthuya - 21 August 2012 at 3:39am
Mini17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 August 2012 at 3:39am | IP Logged
That was very goodSmileClap
They have now passed the first stage of getting to know each others names.
Now my guess is they both end up in the same classTongue

And it already affects her when he comes near her... Imagine what it would be in futureWink
Oh!! god, I am already imagining things!!!!LOLWink

Edited by Mini17 - 21 August 2012 at 3:43am

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