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wednesday August 1, 2012 updt
Sudha is talking and teasing Gayu with Paro looking on affectionately.  Chithu, Ranju and Lakshmi walk in laden with food. They ask for Krishna who is super busy upstairs and they invite Gayu for thalaivaazhai ilai saappadu. They go upstairs and pray before the prayer room and Gayu comes down. Krishnan comes and they ask him to eat with her and Chithu teases him.  He gets a call and goes out.

They all ask for Gayu's wishes and Ranjani says at this time, they have to fulfill all her wishes and to come out with them. Gayu says she has one and cries and says she wishes to see her parents. Krishnan hears this, is thoughtful and goes out not eating.

He comes back with a blown up picture of Thanikachalam and Gayu's mom and gifts her that and tells her that he overheard her wish and though he cannot bring her parents back, he can get their pic and that  she can hang it anywhere in this house which is all hers. She is choked and says husbands usually do not allow their in-laws pictures in the house but here you have given me carte blanche…. I am touched to get a purushothaman like you.  Krishnan gives a lop-sided smile.

Next morning, the stupid Gayu is standing on a stool banging a nail into the wall to hang the pic.  Paro chides her and asks her to get down and to get someone else to do the job and not stand on stools during her third trimester.  Krishnan comes and offers his services and she gets permission to at least place the garland on her parents picture. She does so and Paro stands in front and prays to her parents to bless their daughter as she is going to deliver their grandkid. Gayu is touched and and just as they move to sit on the sofa, they heard a chileer, bang, the pic falls down and shatters.


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Friday  3rd Aug updates
Episode 808

Kris asking Sudha Mil for her permission to take care Gayu fior 3 months, she whole heartily accept Gayu and tells that Gayu is her DIL and is punniyam to serve pregnant lady. Kris is very happy and tells that he will discuss with mother and bring Gayu over. Vishnu advice Kris not to follow blindly jathagam and josiyam at this IT era, but Kris said his mum once told him that he will have a very diff life and will success after few failures. That's happened in his life, so he believes in all this stuff nowadays. Confused

At Mugs house, Az uncle asking Chitra about Mugs condition and how is he doing with job hunts. Chitra asking them why not talk to Mugs direct but both parents say that they worry that Mug will misunderstand their intention, that's why they reduce talking to Mugs. At the same time Mugs returns home happily and tells Chitra that he got a job as officer with 20K salary. All of them are happy to hear that.

At Gayu house, both husband wife have heart to heart talk about their unborn baby and future. Gayu is happy that Kris is taking care of her so much but she is unable to leave him for 3 months. Kris also says the same but they need to do that for the sake of their baby. Kris tells her about Sudha family are happy to receive her. They ask him to send Gayu immediately.

Mugs at his new office, waiting for new manager arrival. The peon there offer Mugs cash with interest and he explain how he managing his salary and expenses by doing small vatty business.Dead

They come Swetha, the new manager amma , all the staffs greet her and Mugs is shocked and happy to see Swetha. But swetha is very angry with Mugs and ignore him. Mugs calls her swetha, all other staffs are puzzled. Swetha in return asking him, who are you?  Makes Mugs speechless...Ouch

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Thursday 2 / 8/12  Episode No 807

VVI Krish is in a new house?? his own?? Whateverrr... Another azugaachi scene - Thanni and Raji photo damaal...Gayu crying...shocked faces...usual samathanam happens but Paro aunty decides to call the Aasthana Josiyar !!! ( nobody is worried about the glass pieces !! Enga veet le padam odainja marupadi glass fix pannuvOm, serial le josiyar varuvaarO?? )  Vantha josiyar gundu podaraar - Gayu pregnant  aana time sari illiyaam ( athu sari Wink) Also, when some one is preggy , no house shifting aam !!! ( Vayya Mr.Roja, vaa, innikki irukki di yooy unakku , you made me shift house while I was pregnant with our second child !! Ayyo, antha kOdumai yai yen kekkaringa?? Veedu shifting annikki namba Aal kaname pOiduvar!!! Shifting mudinji , things ellam settle pannina apram..medhuvaa...late night le..." all over?? so soon?? thought of giving a hand nnu...oru phone varum , offie le irunthu !!! Vayya va...innikki Diwali Roja veetle ) Finally Josiyar says that both VVI Krish and Gayu should live separately for 3 months -" no phone, no cootchi cooing ..nothing, ok?? " I miss Eljay now - she is the only one who can kill romance like Roja ..ippo antha list le intha josiyar !!! 5 rs kku nadichuttu josiyar leaves. veet le Ore sOgam.

Ranjini says that she will take Gayu with her - " I will take care of every thing until the delivery, say what? " VVI Krish vetoes that suggestion. Says that Gayu will be happy only with Sudha - Gayu "aye aye " s that idea. Life le inimel orutharai Oruthar paarthukka ve maattanga pOle oru BG - Roja kku mudiyalai ppa .

VVI Krish goes to Sudha's place and keeps them in the loop. Wants their concurrence and all say 'Aye aye " in unison - including Villishnu !!


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rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Tuesday  7 / 8 / 12 Episode No 810

Ore sOgam - yen yuir ennai vittu pOguthe range le oru BG song - Gayu leaves, VVI Krish
cries. Mudiyalai da sammy.

Vexed Mugs comes back home and announces " Swetha the  boss ..insulted me to the
core... guess no job " Visa aunty jumps as usual " yenna thimir?? Find the address...
Tongue pulling  four  Q s kette aaganum " ( athu sari neenga thaan Oru 1000 tharam
tongue pull panna vaichuttingale, apram yethu tongue??!!
) Anyways, no one is game
 for that fire work.

AZ uncle, the samathaana pura goes to meet Swetha - avarukkum insult thaan. He comes
back home and keeps his family in the loop. Some more jumping from Visa aunty ...but
PILS grad asks about the welfare of Sakkalathi ...AZ uncle sings PILS grad asthothram....
vidunga da deyyy


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wednesday, Aug 8th, Episode 811

Gayu sulkingO sulking at Sudha's place. Sudha requests Vishnu to sleep outside so Gayu can comfortably rest in their room/bed. Vishnu points to the mat and pillow resting near the sofa

And says he has already taken care of that. She is moved and so is Gayu.  When Sudha comes inside, Gayu says why and tells that she can sleep with athai but sudha says she said she will take care to Krishnan and she will do so.  Gayu is touched. She can't sleep and thinks of Krishnan only.


There Paro waits for K who comes in late and while serving him food, he questions if Gayu ate and is she already sleeping. Paro gently informs him that K himself left Gayu at sudha's place. Avlo dhaan…paasa urugal…idli no going down throat…enakke paarkka kallaa dhaan irundhadhu. He goes upstairs and laments in his room, paces the room floor. Thalaiviyum ange sogamaa irukkaa.


Mugs is searching for other jobs in newspaper when Chithu comes and informs him to get ready and just go to that office and swetha does love him and she will give him the job. He has his own doubts and Chithu says she believes in her prayers and God Muruga who is the employment God…yaaruppaa adhu, employment exchange vaasalla irukkaravanga ellaarum, nEraa bus-ai pidichu thiruthanikko pazhanikko pOnga…. Lord Muruga has a job in hand for each one of you with trust in him.   Mugs is hesitant when he gets a call from SuruLi the peon who says Mugs appointment order is ready and he can come. Mugs says he will go immediately and Chithra says, see I told u that swetha likes you and Mugs goes, better than that, Murugan likes me..and chithu grins..



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Thursday, Aug 9th, Episode 812

update by atina

Mugs is in Swetha's office walking upo and down. A peon comes and tells him to go in," Sir you can go in...saami yai vendikittu ponga" Mugs goes in...Swetha screams," Mr...dont you have any manners...dont you know that you need to knock before you enter your superior's office?" Mugs immediatly asks "sorry but here goes Swetha," no...sorry business her..you may get out of nhere and come again after knocking on the door...g...ooo"

Mugs goes out and knock on the door and asks<" May I come in madam?" Swetha asks him to sit and with so mucha ttitude she hands ovwr his apoointment order and she calls one Ravi Varma in and tells," Mr Ravi Varma...he is just a raw handed person...he left his Govtment job and joned here...may he cound not get into nywhere else...? anyway you please train him like a school child...as he appears to be a yemaalee and appaavee" She asks Mugs to go with Ravi..." you should talk here only about office matter and not your personal problems...Mr Mugunthan...when are you planning to join?..Ravi varma Sir...ivar theruvaaraa?" Mugs says he would join tomorrow.

Mugs is in his bedroom...watching his abyand reading some book. Chittu calls him and asks," why are you looking so confused...here drink the milk" Mugs informs her about Swetha's insults to him. But Chittu supports Swetha and talks," you dont understand Swetha yet...she is still remember her paasam towards you..that is why she gave you that job...in fact she wants you to visit her at her place...find her address and go to her house" Mugs replies," because of me only they lost their house..then how can she still have paasam for me?" Chittu repeats ," you visit her ellaam sariyaa pogum paarunga" ( ???????????????????????)

Mugs reports to RaviVarma...who takes him to his seat. RV explains about the upcoming  new constructions projects...the peon comes and hands over some files. Here comes Madam Swetha...everyone gets up and syas "good morning madam" mugs was so engrossed in his work and misses to wish her...and nalaa vaangi kattifies from her. He asks sorry and wishes her"sorry...good mornong madam"
Rv leaves from there..Peon asks Mugs whther he knows the manager before itself..Mugs says no...but the peon jokingly said that he will soon find the truth.Mugs is called into Swetha's cabin. Swetha orders him," have you seen all those files? by 6 pm today you should finish all that work" Mugs gets worried and asks," madam I just joined today only...that work will take two das to finish..but..." Swetha immeidtaely calls RV.
She screams ..." what is this RV sir..? he is unable to finish his work  sir you better go and help him and get this work done by this evening...who selected him for this job?...hello...why are you still standing here...ponga sir...go and finish that work"
Some digil music with Swetha's close up
(thaangalai paaa...mudiyallai paa...luckily this is going to end...soon)

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Friday, Aug 10th,
Episode 813
Very sorry for the delayed updates... very brief one as no progress
Mugs retuen home sadly and angry as Swetha is torturing him at workplace. As ussual Chitra asks him to  be patient and follow the flows. Chits asks Mugs to go to swetha home and visits her, talk to her privately. She said Swetha loves him so much thats why she is doing all this,, sindirin him it seems..Both AZ and Visa also support Chitts predicts and ask Mugs to meet Swetha at her home.
The rest of the scene is about Gayu who is urugufy with her Kris. She is at her room thinking about about Kris. Start writing diary, pour out out her ekam and tavipu in her diary. She also wrote i love , i miss you, etc etc... Sudha comse there and read that diary, and start teasing her sis, that she is writing like 18 years old girl.
She asks Gayu to follow her to temple to divert her mind from Kris. At first Gayu refuse to follow but after Sudha tell her that Vishnu gave 10000 rupees and ask Sudha to take care Gayu, she agrees to go out.. Reach temple, Gayu reluctant to go inside, she had a feeling that Kris is in the temple. She asks Sudha to go and look for her mama. Sudha goes inside and starts looking for Kris and finally found Kris with Babu coming out from the temple.

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