Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

Dinner with Kunal Karan Kapoor <3 <3 <3

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If you wish to directly read about my meeting with Kunal, please jump to "Mission Spiderman ki meeting Monica se". Otherwise, continue reading. Mind you this is a very lengthy and never ending post! Smile

My feelings about winning the Colors' Friendship Day: Before meeting Kunal

06 August 2012 at 2:39pm This was the IF post which I got through an acquaintance "Komal" on facebook, which told me that I have won Colors' Friendship Day contest & have got a chance to meet Kunal Karan Kapoor & tie a friendship band to him. My reaction: My heart started beating so fast that I thought it's going to pump out of my body now, hands and feet started shivering and became cold, my pulse rate went higher than what I could handle, my breath almost stopped. Everything had come to a halt. As if the blood in my hands had frozen and I did not have the energy to even press a key on my keyboard. I felt giddy and that I will faint and fall down now! I just wanted to become unconscious, lose control over my mind and body and leave myself free in the thoughts of meeting KKK. It was and still is unbelievable for me. I wished someone could come and pinch me. I wanted to wake up my parents and tell them the news, but they were fast asleep. I needed to compose myself'.


I drank a whole bottle of water and tried to come back to my senses that this is the truth. I asked on the IF forum, where is this news from, is there any official announcement, because I had not received any email from Colors about this. My heart wanted to believe this was true, but my mind was so afraid of losing this opportunity that I wanted an official assurance from Colors themselves, to stop the Yes/No game that was going on in my brain. Being a rare user of twitter, it didn't click me where this news is from. After a couple of more minutes, I realized this is from @ColorsTV. I logged in to twitter; fortunately the login ID and password was saved on my browser, otherwise I was not in a condition to recall and type it. I was only following KKK on twitter, nothing else. I went to @ColorsTV and there was my name. And that's it! I WAS THE ONE!!! I replied to them, asking what do I need to do further to meet KKK. But my brain was still playing the game, as I had not received any email yet. Unknowingly, involuntarily this was the song that my heart started singing "Meri adhuri kahani, lo dastan ban gayi'"


I recalled I had posted two comments on Colors' site, early morning of August 5th,  at around 4:00AM but it was not approved by the moderator and was not showing up till evening of August 6th. But I had seen my answers in the evening. There are hundred and thousand of females out here, who love KKK like crazy and everyone says I am his biggest fan. The competition to be KKK's biggest fan, which is nothing less than a war between girls, continues. So why was I chosen? Just because I am from Mumbai and others from other part of the country/world and cannot come to Mumbai to meet KKK??? Yes, very much. I keep thinking of him 24x7, and I mean it. So I asked myself, am I KKK's biggest fan? To answer my own questions, I tried finding the Colors contest website in the History of my browser, as I wanted to see my answer again. When I read the answer, I cried.


After a few more minutes, I posted on my facebook groups that I have been chosen as the winner. Reply comments with good wishes started pouring on FB as well as IF. You are the lucky girl, I am so jealous of you, etc. Then there was "Demand Time" : Give my love to KKK, give kisses and hugs to KKK, tell him to accept my friend request, tell him to reply to my posts, tell him to join our group, tell Akanksha that we love her, give love to Nanhi, tell KKK to do bollywood movies with certain named directors and producers, tell him this, tell him that and it went on. Many people asked me, what was your answer, which made you win. I told them, KKK means a lot for me and I will share my entire experience about this with all of you soon. During this time, a newly found friend on FB NBT group-Sanjida Sarwar was the one with whom I could connect really well and share my feelings. She was so happy for my happiness that she said she was feeling as if she is going to meet KKK. She called me up as she wanted to hear my voice and feel what I am feeling. I am thankful to her for it :)


I went back to the Colors site couple of times and re-read my comments. My answers were:


"If it would not have been for KKK, I would not have been alive today. Unknowingly he has saved my life. If some day, I meet KKK I want to touch his feet. I can give my life to him, if he asks for it. On his upcoming birthday, I desire to write a happy birthday note to him with my blood. There are no words in which I can thank him for what he has done for me."


"KKK has saved me frm DEATH.I m a psychiatric patient(Bipolar Disorder) coz i lost my BF frm 5 yrs reltnshp.I tried suicide mny times.No Doc/No med wrkd on me.I used 2 b sad,cry,scream,pull my hair,cut myslf with blade.KKK gave me hope.His voice,face,body features,dressing,hobbies,real life facts, evrythg exctly matched my BF.I m alive only coz of KKK coz I see him in KKK.KKK has givn me new life."


Flashback...I was in a good relationship for 5 long years. We both loved each other a lot. Like any other girl, he meant everything to me. May 2011, I was diagnosed with severe depression and bipolar disorder because of problems in the relationship, personal and professional life. My boyfriend, who meant the world to me for 5 long years, left me because he did not have the courage to convince his parents for our inter-religion marriage. He relocated to another city for better job opportunity. Before leaving my city, he said to me that he will return. But he never did. He changed his number and broke all contact. And here I was, in such a terrible condition that I used to cry all day. When I would get panic &  agitation attacks atleast once a week, I would scream, pull my hair, cut myself with blade, tried suicide several times. But each time, my parents saved me. This continued for several months. Despite taking treatment from renowned doctor/hospital from the city, there was no improvement in my condition. I knew that "he" did not cheat on me, because he had told me clearly that he cannot give commitment for marriage. Unfortunately, he said that after being with me for 5 years. I felt that my story was incomplete and "he" would return some day to complete the chapter. But I had lost hope for life. No medication would work for me. My financial state worsened because I was jobless. AND yes, I do have the guts to accept all this on a public forum, knowing very well what people might talk about me. But what I believe is that, one can easily say that I had an accident and fractured my hand. I fell down and broke my knee. So then why is it difficult to accept the fact that there is some "chemical locha" (as Munna bhai had said) going on in ur brain? In India, atleast 1 out of 4 people suffer from depression. Simply accept it.


January 2012 came. Just as any normal TV serial, my family started watching NBTNMKK. The show was good and we started watching it regularly. I was in the same condition for few more months. However the thought that we are no longer together, was killing me. With time, I realized that Kunal/Mohan has great resemblance to my boyfriend. I checked out KKK's photos and interviews on the entire internet. His voice and way of speaking was the biggest resemblance, his face was almost exactly similar, his hair, his body features and language were same, his way of dressing in real life, his hobbies of traveling and books, his way of looking at life and dealing with problems in life, his childhood, his life in Mumbai, even the fact that his parents have been living in Gulf, each and everything resembled and matched with my boyfriend. I started seeing my boyfriend in KKK. Every night at 10:30pm, when I used to watch NBT, I used to feel that my boyfriend is close to me. He is somewhere around me. I stopped taking medicines. With time, my screaming and panic attacks slowed down. It's been almost 7 months that I am rigorously following KKK. In the past few months, I have never felt suicidal. I still don't feel energetic and enthusiastic about life. However I feel KKK has given me a new life, by helping me overcome the scariest part of my life, the suicidal tendency and panic/anger attacks. It's been almost a year that boyfriend left Mumbai. I still miss him and have not been able to overcome the end of the relationship and move on. But KKK lit a hope in my heart that things will become ok for me. I literally keep thinking of KKK every second of my life and I mean it. If seeing my boyfriend in KKK and being under wrong impression he is still close to me is craziness, then I am happy with it. Because atleast it is helping me and is keeping my parents at peace that their daughter is alive. At this point, I don't know whether I will ever meet my boyfriend again, will I ever move on in life? But all I know is that today, if it would not have been for KKK, I would not have been alive today. If some day, I meet KKK I want to touch his feet. I can give my life to him, if he asks for it. On his upcoming birthday, I desire to write a happy birthday note to him with my blood. There are no words in which I can thank him for what he has done for me.


August 07, 2012 9:58 AM: Got an email from Colors that I have won the contest.


August 07, 2012 6:50pm : My post on FB: "Got a call from Colors...Mostly going to meet KKK tomorrow evening..not going on sets, but somewhere else..They said Kunal is planning to take me out for dinner date (Unfortunately some ppl from Colors will be with us!!) ..Someone pls call up a Cardiologist, i need one!"


August 08, 2012 12:22am: Had received a sms from Colors with confirmation. My FB status: "Monica Kulkarni will meet THE KUNAL KARAN KAPOOR tomorrow 8/8/2012 at 20:00Hrs IST."


August 08, 2012 2:49am : My FB post:  "Koi batao, main kal KKK ko kya kehke pukaru??? Sir, Kunal, Kunal ji...ya phir sidha "aji sunte ho?" hehehe :) ...I m afraid galati se Monu na bulau!"


It had been two days, I had not slept. My feelings, "Bhagwaan na kare aisa ho ke Kunal mujhse baat kare, aur main Megha ki tarah so jau!!!! Hehehe :D"


"Mission Spiderman ki meeting Monica se"

Sunrise of 8th August, 2012: Ho gaya "Mission Spiderman ki meeting Monica se" shuru.... Was waiting for this morning for several months...finally the day of my life has come. I am going to meet my HERO.


Made a list of things I need to carry along today...
1.Tissues coz I know I m going to cry.
2.Glucon C ..coz I  may shiver, faint n need energy.
3.Asprin as SOS to take if I get a heart attack.
4.A bag full of hugs n kisses from all the fans xoxoxox


My songs.. Dauda-dauda bhaaga bhaaga sa...just a few more hours left. So much to do! ...Mohobbat jise baksh de zindagani..nahi maut par khatm uski kahani...Pal pal pal, har pal, har pal, kaise katega pal, har pal, har pal...And it continued...


Shopping time!!! Did not have anything on mind. Just thought will buy what I like. Did know that I have to get a friendship band. Mommy dearest gave suggestion to buy chocolates. There were several more suggestions from FB group friends. Went out to Inorbit mall, Vashi to buy something for Mohan. Why am I mentioning the name of the place? Because now that mall is blessed coz their gift items were going to reach Kunal.


I was running from shops-to-shop and floors-to-floors, thinking what to buy for Kunal. Finally, bought a lovely Black T-Shirt for Kunal, a  friendship band which had a metallic piece with "FRIEND" written on it. It was more of what we see in Mohan's hand, a birthday greeting card and box of 'Ferrero Rocher' chocolates. I was extremely careful and selective while choosing the gifts, the wrapping papers and even the packing. The shop owners might have been frustrated at me for being so particular with each and everything! I decided to buy a bouquet before going to Colors office, so that it doesn't get spoil when I travel by train.


Back to home. As told by my friend Sanjida, I had to click pics of all the gifts, so that I can share with all of you. Click-Click-Click...Time to get ready. So am I going all decked up for my dinner date with Kunal? Not really. A simple churidaar, my usual hair-do, usual earrings & a chain around my neck. And I am ready! Dad said, go ahead and enjoy your day. Tell Kunal that we really like his work. We haven't seen an actor like him on Indian Television and many more things. Am I ready to leave the house now? Wait, mommy dearest wants to send something for her lovely Mohan Bhatnagar...What's that???..."Kaju Katli" (A sweet made from cashewnuts) packed in a very "gharelu" plastic wrap. And then two more Dairy Milks(which I was supposed to eat) came out from the fridge...for whom??? Nanhi and Addu!!! I thought, I will send these little chocolates for those two wonder kids of Megha and Mohan though Kunal. And I am off to meet Kunal.


After hopping a couple of trains, I reached the destination. Must have walked miles to find the perfect bouquet of flowers for Kunal. Finally, I reached Colors office.


@Colors Office: I was welcomed and greeted by a young lady Anuja, who is responsible for arranging the contests. She took me to the floor(working area) of Colors, introduced me to 4-5 colleagues of her. The ladies asked me for feedback for NBTNMKK along with other Colors shows. I told them how happy I was to be chosen as the one. But I have a few complaints for them from the fan club. The complaint is that NBTNMKK is not promoted on the channel as much as it deserves, we get to see very less trailers and scrolls of NBT . I told them what a fabulous show it is and it must get more promotion. I did tell them that arranging the contest was a good initiative for it. They told me that they can show trailers only when there is some special sequence happening, for example Meghan wedding. While I was discussing this with them further, someone said that, we must take her interview. Lets shoot her on camera and upload the video on the website! An OMG moment for me! Yes people, I have been interviewed by them and you will get to see it in 2-3 days on Colors website!


I was taken to a different room, background, mic, table-chair, everything was arranged. They asked me several questions about NBT, my feedback about Colors, their other shows, do I like Shiv from Balika Vadhu, whether I like Mohan or Kunal, do I like Mohan as the lover boy or as the married man, and many more. They asked me to show what gifts I had got for Kunal. This was the first time I was facing a camera and being interviewed. Trust me there is much more that goes behind the camera than what I can write here. The biggest burden was that I was going to meet Kunal. Somehow I managed the interview. I did pretty well.


Wait time...Kunal will be late for dinner as he has had a hectic shoot. Every moment was passing by with such a difficulty!


Finally, Anuja, the camera guy and I got into a cab and off to the hotel to meet Kunal. We already knew that he will still be late. We reached Executive Enclave, Bandra. I was taken to a lovely roof top cafe on the 6th floor. Anuja and the camera guy told me how they are going to shoot me and Kunal. I was all dead! They are going to shoot me and Kunal together!!! I was told Kunal will be with me for half and hour. That's more than enough for me. Even a glimpse of him would be the biggest gift I would ever get and here I was going to be with him for 30 minutes! Heart ...They prepared the lights, camera and mic. The table was a square. They got the table rearranged so that Kunal and I would sit on adjoining sides of the table instead of opposite sides. What a feeling it was! I would be sitting a few inches away from Kunal!!! They asked me to have some mocktail until Kunal comes. They also insisted that I order food so that it doesn't get late, after he comes. I did not wish to even drink a sip of water until he comes. And I wished to have food as per his like. But they got me a fruit-punch until we waited, but I could only take a couple of sips of it. Anuja was receiving calls after every few minutes about Kunal's whereabouts. She told me, he is near Leelavati. Will reach the hotel in about 10 minutes..5 minutes...he has reached!!! They both went downstairs to receive and shoot him in the camera. I was sitting in a chair at our table.


And it was 11:30pm of August 8th 2012, when I saw my dream coming true. While I was sitting in the chair, here was the "KUNAL KARAN KAPOOR" aka Mohan aka Monu aka spiderman, walking towards me. I stood up and was in a total state of shock. As he came closer to me, I was losing control over my body. I covered my mouth with my hands. And as he came even more closer, he said "So, Monica'...(in the same way that he said "So, Miss Naviya Vyas" to Nanhi before tying the knot with Megha)...he said something further which I couldn't hear because until then...Yes I had fainted and almost collapsed! Almost lost my senses seeing him. I started crying because my dream had come true. The person who inspired me to live life again, was standing so close to me! As I was about to fall down, imagine what would have happened? Yes, Kunal held me and supported me. Gave me a nice hug and made me sit down and helped me relax and told me not to cry. Infact he joked around by saying itna melo-drama nahi honeka life me, just to make me laugh...Sounds too filmy? Watch it on Colors.


I was in such a terrible state that, I forgot I had to give the flowers to Kunal. I gave him the flowers and he was EXTREMELY HAPPY to have them. He thanked me. Camera and we settled down. Kunal was sitting in the chair next to me, very close to me! Oh those expressive eyes, that pointed nose, those two beauty spots on his face, those wavy-brown hair which I used to watch and observe like crazy for the past 7 months are right infront of me!!! I was feeling as if I am watching the dream sequence of some TV show. I told him how much I have desperately waited to meet him and how much it is unbelievable for me to have him by my side. I told him that I am feeling as if I am dreaming. And guess what???? KUNAL PINCHED ME!!!!!  OMG, his touch!! Heart ...He said that infact your face resembles someone. He thought for a while and then said that there was a girl in his school, probably her name was Chandani, he couldn't remember the name well. He said that my face matched her to a great extent. He said "Infact the moment I entered, I felt like I have seen her somewhere!" I said this is the biggest compliment I would ever get that he felt he has seen me somewhere! ...He started conversing with me by asking me what do I do, and why did I want to meet him. I told him how much I love him, respect him and crazy for him. I told him what importance he holds in my life. Before I could say further, he said that he has read all the messages I had sent to him on facebook and he knows my story. He still let me talk and finish. Then, I told him that there are thousands of fan who love him a lot. So many people had sent love, hugs and kisses for him. He was very touched. I told him that you, yourself might not know what you really are! Whatever you think of yourself, you are 300..400..500% of it. I told him that when I saw the sequence when he drinks and goes to Vyas house and later Megha's confession scene when Megha-Mohan hug for the first time, my response was "Kya kar raha hai yeh ladka!" I had posted this on FB too. I told him I have downloaded all his pics, episodes of NBT, watched all his interviews and that the hard disk of my computer is almost full now. I appreciated his work and entire NBT team's work. He was very surprised and touched knowing all this. I told him that I watch NBT at 10:30pm and again repeat at 3:30pm, without missing a single epi, even of the repeat telecast. And every night, after the epi ends at 11:00pm, our discussion starts on FB groups. He was surprised. He told me that he is very touched that we follow the serial and love him so much. Infact I felt that, Kunal did not know that he is being appreciated, loved and admired so much!


I told him how his arre yaar, sunna dialogues have become like "bhagwaan ka jaap" for us. And there it was! Those arre yaar, sunna which we have been hearing and rejoicing to on TV for past 7 months, I got to hear them live from Kunal...same style! No TV screen between me and Kunal. What a moment it was! WE TALKED A LOT!!!! Discussed that he shoots for 12 hours which sometimes goes to 15 hours. He said that once they had such a hectic shooting that it went on for 3 days. He slept in between on the sets when he got a chance. They have a terrible time when it comes to Maha-Episode, it becomes extremely difficult for them. Sometimes it so happens that they shoot till the morning and that episode is telecasted in the evening @10:30!!! ...I told him that his fans want him to reply or post a message on FB atleast once a while. He said that he does that when he gets a chance but usually he is so held up, that he reads fan messages, decides that he will reply later and this goes on. And by the time the later comes, he is all exhausted...Loved the exhausted expression that Kunal gave at this! But those were not expressions. It was real Kunal. He said that he is so busy that "nahane ka bhi time nahi milta hai!!!!" And his immediate response.."Poor Akanksha!" :D :D :D ..We cracked up at this Big smile


In the mean time, he asked me what do I want to have for dinner. Soup/starter? I said that I will have whatever he likes. He asked if I am vegetarian or non-vegetarian. I said I eat chicken but not mutton. His response, even I eat chicken, don't like mutton. OMG moment again, our choices matched! He order a veg hot n sour soup. In a few minutes, it was there. And it was more spicy than what I could handled. Kunal asked me if I like spicy food or no. I told him, honestly, no I cannot have spicy food. But I was on a date with Kunal, how could I refuse the soup which he had ordered for me? A few more sips down the throat and Kunal said that it is too spicy for him too. And he and I both left the soup. Our talks continued. I asked him with whom does he bond really well on the sets? Kunal's reply was I wish Nanhi was my daughter! Oh what a man he is to say this! Loved him two folds for this. He admired Nanhi for her work coz she spends 8 hours on the sets apart from going to school. He said that Nanhi's mom comes along and takes care of her studies. Kunal said that Akanksha is very hard working. She doesn't have a life here coz her family and friends are in Jaipur. He bonds well with Guru. When he, Induji and Guru are together in a room on set, it is like having 3 kids in one room, they do lots of masti together. Kunal told me that he was living in Chembur(which I knew already) but relocated to a new house close to the sets. And Renu Bhabhi aka Rinku helped him a lot with it. Kunal also bond well with Saroj and Jiji (Both have same name: Madhuri)..Saroj ji sometimes brings in Dosa in tiffin and Kunal eats it. I asked Kunal what kind of food he likes. Answer was Indian! Bindi, baigan ka bharta, palak paneer. We talked about movies, TV shows, music, books, and many more things. I asked Kunal if he has watched "The Secret". He said no. I told him that I believe in that theory and also that, that is how I got the opportunity to meet him. He asked me to explain what it is. I explained to him how we can get what we want in life, by following certain method.  He listened very carefully to me. I told him how I used to imagine myself with him, having a coffee and all. He said then we must have ordered coffee! I told him, it's really great of him but there was no need now, coz we had had the soup. After a few more question-answer session, I told Kunal that there are some people who want Akanksha and him to become real life couple. He laughed at it and said thank god, they have not watched "the secret"!! It was joke of the day for me and Kunal. We laughed it aloud! I asked him if he dances, he said he doesn't dance well. Infact he has never tried it. I told him he must give it a try. I asked if we will get to see him dancing or him and Megha dancing at some award function? His honest reply was unhone bulana to chahiye na Big smile ...I said we will send feedback to all award organizers that we want to see Kunal perform! We talked about "Jhalak.." and who are our favorite contestants...He said that he doesn't worship God a lot but when he reads and hears such loving messages from fans, he feels really good and this is what motivates him.


He asked me what would I have in main course. I said anything of his choice. By now he knew, I cannot handle spicy food. He asked me Pasta or Pizza. Asked if I like Pasta? I said sachhi batau ya jhoot? He said "sachhi" ..How I love it when Kunal says "Sachhi"'..."Sachhai" is shabd ka matlab mere liye aur badh jata hai Big smile ...Here we go, he ordered a veg pizza for himself and a chicken one for me. He had a piece of pizza from his plate and I had from mine. Then he took a piece from my plate and asked me to take a piece from his plate!!!! OMG OMG OMG moment again. We shared food!!! ...He asked me about me and my family, I told him that my parents had sent him good wishes, love and blessings. He was touched. I got another hug from him. We discussed about my home-town, Lonavala, the current place where I live. Infact Kunal has been through the road near my house. He also said, Oh u live near that "particular landmark"! I asked him, if he gets time to come here these days. But because of hectic schedule he doesn't. We talked about his dog n where he is now. I asked Kunal if he would mind telling me about his family. He said that his father is abroad. Kunal lost his mother when he was very young. He has been living and did his schooling from Chembur. DID U GUYS KNOW Kunal has studied English Literature in college? I bet, no one knew this! Kunal said that this was he first time he was doing this(the interview) and opening up to someone so much! He said that he accumulates all the emotions and doesn't vent out. I am glad that I was the one with whom he opened up so much for the first time. We took breaks in between and were off camera. We stood up and walking around and Kunal, Anuja, Camera guy and I were chatting during break. While Anuja and camera guy were discussing their next plan of action, Kunal and I were standing away and he asked me my whole story again. He listened to it carefully and hugged me again and told me forget the past and move on in life. And said many more things...


Back on Camera...I asked him if he has a girl friend. His quick reply: No! Time kaha hai? 'I showed him his picture that was set as wallpaper on my cellphone. The pic where he is smoking, showing his tattoo. He was surprised to see it. The moment he looked at the screen it was 00:22hrs. He said hey, look at it, 22..that's my birth date. I replied I know it. I told him jokingly that kabhi kabhi jab shayari ka bhoot sawar hota hai, to yeh pic dekh ke me kehti hu..."Kaash main is tattoo ki saahi hoti...har pal iski baah se lipti rehti" ...we both laughed at it!!! :D ...We exchanged a few more questions and dinner was almost over. I was supposed to give him the gifts. He had not expected any gifts from me. I took out each gift one by one. Chocolates first. I asked him do u like black? Bingo! He had a spark in his eyes...He loves black. I gave the T-shirt. He opened it and showed at the camera and thanked me several times. Then the Birthday greeting card. He said hey, this is my first gift for this bday! Woo-Hoo I was the first one! :D ...He read it and smiled very sweetly on reading "God was in His best mood when he thought of making you" ...Then I showed him the heart which I had made from my blood. He kept staring at it and told me I must not do this. Why did I do it? I said because I love him so much! He said that he did not get anything for me as  he came directly from shooting and he did not know what was going to happen over dinner. I said that is absolutely fine. I got a chance to meet him and have dinner with him, that was more than enough. What else would I want? I then gave the friendship band and I tied it. HE LOVED IT! Especially coz it was black and metallic. Nice and classy it was looking on his hand. I asked him if he likes "Ferrero Rocher" ...His reply was YES! I gave him the kaju katli that my mom had sent for him and told him she has sent him love and blessings and he was really very very touched. He was actually shocked! He said how did u or ur mummy know that i love kaju katli??? This is the only sweet that i eat!!! He thanked a lot..I then gave the two dairy milks to him and asked if he could pls give it to Nanhi n Addu. He said he cannot assure me bcoz he might eat them!!! :) But he will try :) ...He felt bad that he did not get anything for me. He said let me check in my bag if there's anything and went and kept digging his  bag. I kept calling him back.." need, come back" ..No response...He continued digging...I said "Aji sunte ho?" And I get a smile from Kunal!!! But he continued his search. Then he picked up his camera from the bag and said NO...I am not going to give u my camera! I have nothing in my bag to give you. But I can click your pics in my camera and post them on Facebook and tag you. Yeh to OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG wala moment ho gaya!


Here it was, Mr. Perfectionist, the superstar of Indian Television was indeed CLICKING MY PICTURES IN HIS CAMERA!!! He was telling me where to look and give pose. But I was so overwhelmed that I couldn't give a proper smile also! Embarrassed


Time to call it a day...Packing time and thanking time...Kunal and I thanked each other as well as Colors of arranging this. And Kunal ran away with the bouquet!!! Camera was off. Kunal and I were standing aside and he started showing me my pics which he clicked along with all the pics already present in his camera. He told me, once he had an off so he simply went to Taj Hotel and showed me the pics he had clicked from the window, Gateway of India and views around. One of these has already been posted on his official FB page. He said that he will work on my pics, make them better and then post it. This was when Anuja clicked a few pics of me and Kunal in my cellphone..I am trying to post those pics here but having difficulty..will try again...We talked about how Kunal got into acting, how he got Remix show etc. Then he said let's click a few more pics. And I was standing again, trying to give pose as he instructs but totally embarrassed and shy! Off-camera we thanked each other yet again, I told him that so far I knew him only from the info that was available on internet. But the Kunal I have seen and met today, I have fallen for him. I love him more than Mohan Bhatnagar. He was touched and thanked me. And one more hug.


I took his autography in my personal diary's 8th August-2012's page. He wrote very beautifully "DEAR MONICA LOTS OF LOVE & LUCK...SHAKE YOUR BELIEF. GO TRAVEL." And his sign "K.Kapoor" ...I actually did not feel that I am with a star, celebrity or even that he is a stranger. I was totally comfortable as if I knew him for a very long time. We came downstairs. While going to the lift, I said to him that Kunal, mujhe bohot saari ladkiyo ne shraap diye honge ke tum hi kyu? Hum kyu nahi? He said "shraap and laughed out loud" ...Kunal was given a car and I was going in a different one. We said good bye, followed by another hug. This time, with his permission, I touched his hair and moved my hand in his wavy-brown hair for which I have been going crazy for months. He blushed Embarrassed...Even after getting into our individual cars, he called my name aloud "Monica'." and bid me good-bye by waving his hand. He car left the hotel followed by mine after a couple of minutes. It was around 1:30am. Kunal was supposed to be with me for 30 minutes and he was with me for 120 minutes!!! ...After driving 5-7 minutes ahead, there we go...Kunal's car surprisingly passes by my car!!!! And another sweet waving hand by Kunal from the window. THIS WAS DESTINY!

" Kunal came to CLOSE the old chapter of my life, which i was thinking was pending...He came to just help me move ahead in life. He is next to God for me"


There are many more things which we talked about, laughed about and since we became friends, we now have our little secrets Wink....Hope you get to see everything that has been captured on camera on Colors website in couple of days, without any cuts.


Kunal is a true gentleman. Everytime I would appreciate him, he would bow down (actually haan!!!) and say thank you very sweetly. And everytime I said thank you to him, with his sweetest passionate voice he would say "U' welcome" ...Aah I would never forget this voice. At the end I would like to say that there is much more to explore about Kunal Karan Kapoor. HE IS A PERSONALITY! And there is much more I have to tell you about Kunal but I haven't slept for 3 nights and I have no space and no words to tell you what an experience it was! I would actually write a book on it. This was the best day of my life. I do not want anything else in life now.

The date of my life! Memories for lifetime. Heart Heart Heart 

Youtube Video:
They have cut the 2 hours date to 9 minutes. But since u have read this post, I hope u got all the details n insights of the date Smile

This was after i tied him friendship band...we shook hands. And he said he will be my friend! My best pic ever...

This pic doesn't need a title :)

Kunal was showing me pics from his camera...He had an off, so he simply went to Taj Hotel...he clicked several pics of Gateway of India and the view from the window. One of them has been already posted on Kunal's official page.

Bday greeting card & Friendship band:

Inside of the greeting card:

Closer look of the friendship band i tied to had a metallic piece with "FRIEND" written on it. It was more of what we see in Mohan's hand. But it was looking nice n classy on Kunal's hand

My crazy for Kunal...This heart was not printed on the greeting. It is my blood.

T-Shirt i bought for Kunal, the band, greeting, and box of 'Ferrero Rocher' chocolates. Plus a bouquet.

All the stuff after packing...

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Dee_76 Goldie

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 9:09pm | IP Logged
Monica darling me 1st heee
Already FB pe toh batchit hui hai but yes you are lucky girl to spend time with him. Aur uske balo ko haath lagane ka chance mila Embarrassed
I know you will cherish this beautiful moments which you spent with him for your whole life. Eagerly waiting for Colours to update your interview and your chat with Kunal The Personality Smile and also Kunal to update your pictures.

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Rehana86 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 9:12pm | IP Logged
Congrats dear Smile... I wish he comes to Toronto & I get to meet him too...Smile


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Reena4kunal Goldie

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 9:17pm | IP Logged
   congrats Monica..HAPPY FOR U.TFS 
 But I think colors should give away six consolation prizes also.Not dinner but meet Kunal on the NBT sets for ten minutes ..or see a shoot..kind of a contest too..wot say guys??sirf  Ek kunal aur millions of deewaanis ..bohot nainsaafi hai re ek contest aur ek hi winner..more needed ,contests and winnersLOL

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_SilentSoul_ IF-Stunnerz

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Gonna read it! Haaye I wish he comes to Canada or I get a chance to go to Mumbai Embarrassed

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Simply-Nidhi Goldie

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Omg!!! Moni, u sooo lucky re! I read complete post and it felt like I have met KKK through ur meeting. So thanx a lot for making me feel close to real KKK. Thanx a lottt darling. Enjoy. Take care.

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_SilentSoul_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 9:51pm | IP Logged
Aww Monica! Hug I'm really out of words to read your thoughts! Through your write-up, I felt as if I'm witnessing it in reality! Really super glad to know him more and thanks to you for this! Also, truly happy for you from the core of my heart and I mean it! Actually I wanna give you a tight hug and thank ya for conveying our feelings to Kunal cause he needs to know how much he's loved by everyone! Anyways stay blessed and keep smiling! Big smile

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Originally posted by Reena4kunal

Edit Unreserved
  First of all tight hug to you for putting down aankho dekha haal..almost felt I MET Kunal.Had tears in my eyes reading ur reaction as he entered. Haha @ ur bhagwaan ke jaap descriptions?ok bhindi baingan bharta palak paneer lovely choicesLOL brilliant guy loved his joke on the secretLOL kaash main is tatoo ki syaahi hoti..too good monica! How did u know his t shirt size? God was in his best mood while making you.LOL
  But ur heart must have been so sad when he leftCry...Went out to Inorbit mall, Vashi to buy something for Mohan. Why am I mentioning the name of the place? Because now that mall is blessed coz their gift items were going to reach Kunal. I love the way you have written this Monica.Yeh hugs badey deta haiLOL u lucky girl

Edited by Reena4kunal - 08 August 2012 at 10:31pm

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