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Spice Girls Hangout:Meet the new Mr. and Mrs. ASR! (Page 4)

-Pallavi- Goldie

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 6:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by joenet1234

Execution/What was shown:

1. I might be the only one here to say this, I was underwhelmed by the night scene. The song portion was good but the minor meltdown left me wanting more. Something was amiss, it was either too short or the song was a distraction. The scene should have worked, it had plenty of words, perfect reasoning but it didn't click. Friday's scene with the pearls touched me more, not even two words were said between the two and I was able to connect with the writer's message. ASR's middle-in-the-road breakdown during the wedding was more powerful. I can play the devil's advocate and argue that what ASR felt at that time was completely different than what he felt today but than I shouldn't have to justify or explain what he must be going through, it should be shown on the screen, no? I am a sucker for angst, anguish and pain. Seeing both of them in pain and tears should have compelled me to whip a few couplets but the moment was fleeting, it went by and didn't leave an impression. Both Sanaya and Barun can emote so well, so this one resides with Mr. Khan. An opportunity while not completely lost but not fully availed either. Am I missing something here?

2. What is this ramanchi with these morning scenes? This is the second time this has happened. I wouldn't be surprised if the deed is done and the CVs have brushed it under the carpet. Be it a TRP gold or not, the self-indulgent attitude is dominant enough to do whatever they want. I know I sound like a shallow, romance-deprived, hormonal teenager stuck in the body of a grown up but this is what I signed up for, M&B romance! I have lost way too many bets, brain cells and arguments over 'did they' or 'didn't they' and I want answers. Mujhe farak padta hai dammit kiyon kay bohat badi ego hai meri! Bigger than the four lions combined!!

3. Romance lacked intensity. I am not asking for a daily dose of rabba veys but if they choose to show romance it has to be intense. Yesterday was a mind blowing episode and no romance per se... Today the stair blocking thing was cute but not lingering. It seems they both have already settled into the comfort zone as husband and wife which is fine but than what about the contract if it is brought up again? Wouldn't it be counter to the understanding and comfort they have developed? Again, devil's advocate - he is wooing her by giving her the rightful status in his family and in his home which seems to be strengthening their relationship and marriage, but than the contract should never be brought up between these two.

4. Dadi seems a bit theatrical. Does she have to have a strong disgust on her face all the time? It is off-putting.

Briefly touching on other points:

1. Nani's constant questioning hasn't been successful yet. Dadi has a hidden agenda but the face of it seems to be against Khush. Dadi 'sees' someone or something in Khushi, what/who is it?
2. Khushi's moment of ponder while looking at Sr. Malik's picture. Does it trigger a memory?
3. Anjali's suspicious happiness. Why is she so happy? Her behavior towards Khushi and a proud look to ASR for standing up. Is she fine with Khushi because her life might be coming back on track? Why a sudden change? The mention of her mother does not bring tears in her eyes like it does to Arnav. Why?
4. Dadi asking about Shyam just when Anjali went away. Why?
5. W*F moment of the episode: Mention of twins: laddoo and rajkumari. I mean seriously, with those abs??
6. Way too much symbolism in the episode that mind boggles.


Though it is 100% sure that they didn't do it & it looks normal given ASR's present condition, as you mentioned here, there are other things which surely need to be fine-tuned. Especially twins coming out from size-zero figure and Anjali's current thought process. 

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-Pallavi- Goldie

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 6:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ipkbs

Was it Shyam? LOL

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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 7:04pm | IP Logged
Sari, fab post I love the title the new Mr. and Mrs. ASR so apt for this track!

I hope they make NK a permanent character too, you are right about both him and Payal. I'm so glad they brought back the protective sister who looks out for Khushi instead of reducing her to one who was so wrapped up in her own life to not notice her sister's turmoil.
Riya, Khushi continues to accomplish what no one else could not even those very dear to his heart she has changed him completely and for her, he is doing things that Nani and Anjali found impossible to do.
Aashi, the scene worked for me but I agree I was expecting more from it. I guess for me it is all about the baby steps these two continue to take as a couple so the little that was shown was a big step for them. Arnav who never let one in suddenly let his guard down for Khushi.
Meens, I'm loving this side of Arnav too he is right why hide the truth from Dadi? Nani is going to regret this
Tee, I noticed the difference and I have to wonder what the CVs were thinking here. Did they not notice the man on the top of the staircase that looks like Shyam?? It was one of their biggest flaws next to Daljeet's BD, who is worse than Khushi's with the hair. Note to CVs, do not make it that obvious that the BD is there!!

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-Maggie- Goldie

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 7:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by reguser

Originally posted by ipkbs

Was it Shyam? LOL

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-Vee05- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 7:12pm | IP Logged
Ok 4 pages too late but here...sorry had my going away dinner to attend and lets just say some big beers later this Talli is trying to write her take...itl take some time but itl be good i promise!

P.S. Sari lovely take! Love it! Big smile

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sama50 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 7:13pm | IP Logged
beautiful post sari, loved the episode
and all the SG post r  also really awesome beautiful potray of arnav emotions

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DiyaS IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 7:15pm | IP Logged
Res ... Will try to update today, but in the meantime, again hats off Sari, simply beautiful post again! Don't know how you do it every single day!
Joey, I agree with you on the execution of the night scene ... will be back later with my gripes

Running short of time time today, so just a couple of points ...
One - Arnav bitwa is clocking up those miles on his RTRW at rapidly increasing pace day by day Clap Yesterday it was a statement - I stand with my wife all the time, and she stands with me ... we are one. Directed to Dadi alone.

Today repeated in front of the entire family ... including one overdressed glittery lady as well as afore-mentioned Dadi ... my wife has full rights in this house, she goes and does exactly what she pleases, and no one can stop her.

I'm waiting for one last sentence from him ... this is HER house as much as it is mine ... and he will, to my mind have redeemed his words on the day of the forced marriage pretty comprehensively Tongue

Also liked the way he took Khushi's hand and took her away from Dadi ... after their wedding, he made his announcement, and then walked off, leaving her alone to face the family, his and hers ... today, he took her with him ... another statement in itself ... he will not leave her alone to face his grandmother's ire for a fault which is not even hers ... Clap

Second - the song ... and more important, the aftermath.
REALLY, CV'S???!!! Thisis what your editing team comes up with???!!! THE single most important scene of the episode ...and you fell so woefully  short in execution? Don't you know when the commercial breaks are coming up? Don't you know which scenes need to be stretched, where you HAVE TO allow the emotions to seep in??? Show the expressions, the emotions ... and give them time to be absorbed ...

This was not just an ordinary hug ... this was the crux of the change in Arnav ... a defining moment after the first star gazing scene ...

Take a look at this scene - 17th Nov 2011

Watch the time the camera takes to linger on the expressions of Arnav and Khushi ... especially watch the last bit, as Khushi leaves, turns to look back and ask with concern 'are you all right?' ... watch as Arnav gives that barely perceptible nod, and then turns back to look at the stars ... his torment still there but noticeably lessened ... the comfort he has received registers in his eyes, his stance ... all there, the camera takes time to capture every single nuance ...

Today, the song worked for me ... mainly because I love all old songs Tongue My main apprehension was that they would use the remixed version. As long as the original was used, I knew it would work, because the lyrics are just so apt ...
I expected Arnav to get angry at the end ... but the way the scene played was far better ... the bursting out of raw emotion and pain ... a catharsis, or the beginning of one.
BUT ... that hug needed to be prolonged ... Arnav's expressions and their change needed to be focussed ... a man who has spent the last fourteen years locked in a shell, that shell was slowly cracking open with the advent of Khushi in his life... the first crack in the star gazing scene ... and today a huge hole was made, when he admitted his biggest sorrow, the source of his biggest vulnerability, to his wife, his soulmate ... I wanted to see a change in expression, the beginning of peace seeping in, as he finally puts his worst nightmare into words ... the comfort and the love in Khushi as she holds him close ... hence that scene left me very dissatisfied and wanting much more Confused

 Am loving NK-Payal's bonding! And loved the Khushi-Anjali hug ... and Arnav's reaction to it Embarrassed
Will come back with more if I can.

Edited by DiyaS - 08 August 2012 at 9:39pm

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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 7:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by purplenpink

The aaja piya sequence was cute but I didn't care much for the use of the song in the bg. I love the song but couldn't warm up to it's placement too much given the tone of the sequence although the words did fit well.

And when nothing works Khushi lets him know that she accepts him for what he is and never wants to change him. The quiet sincerity and growing trust that he can share some of his stresses with his jeevan saathi who will not judge him act as the catalyst and the pain comes rushing out in one quick spurt. His ma had committed suicide when he was barely a teenager. A difficult fact for anyone to have to accept and live with.

Khushi comforts him with a hug. No words spoken as she offers unconditional support which is accepted as he slowly hugs her back and lets his grief overpower him for a moment.

Love how they are showing that Khushi is slowly chiseling away at the reserve one tiny step at a time. He has insulated himself for so long but her support and understanding is allowing him to embrace her love and share his grief, insecurities slowly.

The next morning sequence was similar to the one couple days ago as this time she watches him sleeping and promises to always be there for him. That seems to have resolved the contract question too; this is her marriage hamesha vala.

Payal-NK: we have a new Jodi. This Bhabhi devar jodi has a level of comfort and connect that PayAsh doesn't.

Anji is expecting twins??!! WhateverConfused

ASR ko dekhne par koi tax hai kya? Hell no! Ogle away girl; hawty is hard to resistEmbarrassed

Payal Hug

I'm with you, though the lyrics fit beautifully with the scene the song didn't really do wonders for me as I originally thought it would, it was the scene that followed that delivered the impact. I love the way Khushi said she didn't mean to upset him nor does she want to change him, he understood her and let his guard down for its only her he can share his pain with.

I think the contract is over with too, Khushi is not going to be bringing up again given Dadi's entry and learning more about her husband's painful past. Khushi knows Arnav loves her, she has accepted the efforts he's made to win her back and now she intends to stand by him like he is doing for her. This is their fight together
Another reason for NK to stick around, he is just clicking with the cast. First it was his friendship with Khushi that was a hit, then his bromance with Nanav and now the bhabi devar jodi with Payal. I'm loving it!!

Anjali expecting twins, if only we could believe it by seeing the appearance of a bump! I really could care less if its budget issues or DB not wanting to sport one, create the illusion! Like in the last scene, an illusion like that does not hurt but the shots of her flat stomach need to stop until Anjali has her baby

LOL Well what to expect with Khushi she isn't as bold as Arnav so she felt the need to cover

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