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Spice Girls Hangout:Meet the new Mr. and Mrs. ASR! (Page 2)

premparbat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 5:53pm | IP Logged

Hello ladies,

Sari a very nice post as good if not better than the episode itself
A well balanced epiosde and steadfast in its intentions of Mr. ASR inducting Mrs ASR into the Raizada family. 
Starts with Arnie making it clear to his dadi that he will not tolerate her slighting his wife and begins to walk away.  Khushi  remains unsure of the reason for such censure does not follow her husband. Duly noted by Arnie he turns to take her hand and marches off leaving behind a proud nani and  an angered dadi.
"Sumi what's up ?  Why such an atitude towards a girl you do not know ? You are not like this at all ?"  questions nani of her friend .  Dadi who is here  at RM for a reason chooses not to answer.  Is it Shyam who has instigated her,  is she all of a sudden privy to some information that connects Khushi to her past or is she simply antagonistic to Khushi just like her grandson was... ?  Dadi has an agenda. what she is not well prepared for is Arnie stance who will thrawt all  her attempts to show Khushi down.
Arnie's dream of that fateful day plays in his mind at the slighest mention of his parents . The image stuck in his head , the pain of the event and threafter never leaving him and never having the chance or courage to exorcise them.  Wakes up with a start  with the haunting memories  to find Khushi questioning him " Kya buraa sapna dekha ? "   Response " Nahin I  am fine.."  ... How many times has he been left alone after assuring his family - I am fine - and has there been anyone who has ever cared enough or dared to take a closer look ?
Khushi recognnizes her man in pain  only if he would let her in . The least she could do is cheer him up and let him know that she is there for him.  "Aaja piya tohe pyaar doon...kiss liye tu inta udaas..."   Khushi the filmy girl prances around him to be pushed back gently .  This is new territory for her as she continues to tip toe around her husbands thoughts and feelings.  Is she allowed to question him does she have the haque to do so . will he shun her as he did in the past   "Arnavji I did not mena to pry in your past or try to change you ..I just saw you the future I will never ..."  
"I was 14 when my mother committed suicide ..."  blurts out Arnie a  statement that he may never have voiced to any living soul was out there in the open now.  Khushi stunend for a few seconds at the enormity of the statement,  of what it would have done to a young boy to the fact that he trusts her enough to have said it   rushes to embrace her man no questions asked .  An embrace that meant to comfort, to share his pain, to assure him that it is ok .  Arnie in need of this hug hesitantly gives in to her and lets his tears flow.  A huge step for a man who has spent an eternity gaurding his heart.
My thoughts on the entire scene at night  -  I was happy that they played the original song . It had a retro feel and fit the situation perfectly.  Sanaya did a perfect job with her expressions .  The hugs and Arnie blurting out about his mother was very impactful  though i really wished they had not rushed the entire sequence.  I would have loved to see them break away from the hug and Khushi simply holding on to him while he slept or something for continuity. Also felt like kicking myself fo watchin SBS which kind of spolied the song for me... I never learn do i ?
Morning after Khushi makes a promise to Arnie and herself that she will be there for him whenever he needs her and  cannot stop looking at him.  "Why are you looking at me that way ? "  "Why can't I ..Is there a tax to watch Arnav Singh Raizada ? "   True to form Khushi ...that is why you are so loved.   Anji too who was upset with her a few days ago lets Khsuhi hug her not knowing the reason that all she is trying to do is assure her of her undertsnding.
Arnie is watching  them is very pleased to see Khushi making the effort with Anji .  The beauty of their relation has always been that they never say what they mean and never mean what they say - yet their love is understod by the other  . Arnie as his expression of love and thankyou  playfully stops her at the stairwell ...that too in his blue shirt ...and  with his unshaven look Dead   Khushi blushes and so does half the population of women who watch him.
Dadi living in her ashram seems to have lost touch with the realities of the world.  when chidlren grow up they are alllowed to live their lives as they choose and the era of feaudal  lords is gone.  "I am the Dadi of this house and I  demand respect ..." .   "Indeed dadi you are so as long as you give respect you will get it as well '  Loved Arnie for this , a respectful statement with a right message.
What i was left with in the end was , is Khushi undesrtanding the efforts that Arnie ia making in her behalf ?  Will she take up the rights that she is being granted or will she back off ?  Will she undesratnd what it is to be Mrs ASR ? Is she commitetd enought to her husband to be able to stand along side him going ahead.   Khushi is strong and intelligent and her journey to womenhood continues...the girl will eventually grow up. Will she ? 
Will wait and watch along with you all ... Till later ladies.

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purplenpink Goldie

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 5:54pm | IP Logged
Rabba Ve ladies! A well balanced epi that was thoda drama, thoda roothna, thoda manana, thodi flirting and full on entertainment. Only one not seen was Mamaji- is he ever going to make a comeback?CryLOL

The guy who once thought nothing of abandoning her in the middle of the road at night now makes sure she isn't left alone to face life's adversities or Dadi's dislike- he will be holding her hand every step of the way and will protect her from all things unpleasant.

Nani questions Dadi about her dislike for Khushi but only gets unrelenting silence in response. Her reactions appear unreasonable on the surface but the hurt and memories run deep. It's not going to be out quickly and I'm happy to wait as long as the unraveling is done well and piques interest.

Arnav is abruptly wrenched from his sleep by the sepia tented Di wedding FB. He now has Khushi by his side who immediately tries to comfort him but he isn't ready to share just yet.

The aaja piya sequence was cute but I didn't care much for the use of the song in the bg. I love the song but couldn't warm up to it's placement too much given the tone of the sequence although the words did fit well.

And when nothing works Khushi lets him know that she accepts him for what he is and never wants to change him. The quiet sincerity and growing trust that he can share some of his stresses with his jeevan saathi who will not judge him act as the catalyst and the pain comes rushing out in one quick spurt. His ma had committed suicide when he was barely a teenager. A difficult fact for anyone to have to accept and live with.

Khushi comforts him with a hug. No words spoken as she offers unconditional support which is accepted as he slowly hugs her back and lets his grief overpower him for a moment.

Love how they are showing that Khushi is slowly chiseling away at the reserve one tiny step at a time. He has insulated himself for so long but her support and understanding is allowing him to embrace her love and share his grief, insecurities slowly.

The next morning sequence was similar to the one couple days ago as this time she watches him sleeping and promises to always be there for him. That seems to have resolved the contract question too; this is her marriage hamesha vala.

The staircase flirting sequence was sweet. Arnav had just witnessed K's love and care for Anji and his heart seemed to swell with love for Khushi. The parting smiles as they go about their tasks awww

Dadi detests Khushi for reasons yet unknown so anything K does or doesn't do only vexes her further. And so she creates an issue out of K browsing through the family album.

Enter pati who is on a haq taking and giving spree for biwi and yet another granny grandson confrontation ensues. Love the steel and rebellion under the respect. Sure you're Dadi but she's my wife and a Raizada bahu so she has rights which you cannot deny. Pati sure is double, triple, quadruple delivering repentance on every insult he may have hurled at her through his actions.

Payal-NK: we have a new Jodi. This Bhabhi devar jodi has a level of comfort and connect that PayAsh doesn't.

Anji is expecting twins??!! WhateverConfused

ASR ko dekhne par koi tax hai kya? Hell no! Ogle away girl; hawty is hard to resistEmbarrassed

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Pr1yanka IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 5:54pm | IP Logged

*the one with the return of khushi's husband*

hello SGs...after today's episode ..this was me Big smile grinning unabashedly...of course it helps that noone was around...Tongue

the star of today's episode Starthe one and only ASR...who truly proved to be khushi's husband today and not a brother/son/others he is always ...the girl was truly and pleasantly shocked's to more of such shocks for khushi!! a husband who didnt wait for a second to speak up for his wife who was being made an unnecessary target by dadi maatey...who made it a point that he will always stand by and be with her by holding her hand n taking her away from the lioness?'s den...who rightfully spoke up that it is not a crime to look up old albums in one's own house...n reaffirmed that u r the dadi but she is my wife, the lady of the house (so better behave) who for the first time let his guard down n shared his tears with the wife dearestClap...who happens to be the sweetest soul ever offering her unconditional love...i loved the song sequence n i was glad lata's vocals were used...n they didnt mess with classics...but more than that i loved the scene that followed...asr blurts out the truth, the truth which is gnawing him  away since 14 long years...says a lot about the bond shared by these two...

a special mention to the dialogue writers for coming up with logical dialogues, a rare commodity in tellyworldThumbs Up

loved nk payal jugalbandi...payal shares a better chemistry with nk than akash...!!! Shockedshe looked suitably aggrieved if she did the correct thing by asking khushi to go up...reminds me of yest's discussions at the hangout...

loved the scene between khushi n anjali with asr watching from top n the sweet lil flirting that follows...aww..dont u wish they show more of it...these two r so so good at it...Day Dreaming

silly flimsy excuse by nani to keep up n float a new mU by not telling dadi about shyam *head desk*...D'oh

asr, u r truly commandeering the nayi soch of saas bahu channel...more power to you!!!Clap

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DiamondLife IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 5:58pm | IP Logged
again beautiful write up Sari..
i loved the words by khushi that she does not want to change ASR, she does not want to know the past..she just wants to make him happy..and give all the comfort, love and heal his pain

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maaloo IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 5:58pm | IP Logged
Thake hue in haathon ko
dede mere haath mein
Sukh mera lele, main dukh tere leloon
main bhi jiyoon, tu bhi jiye... 

That is what Khushi is all about. Someone who cannot see her beloved ones in pain. So she goes on to ease their pain .. anything to lessens theirs.
What a beautiful picturization .. and the actors nailed it with their emotions.

When Arnav not comforted walks away.. she hurries in and tells him.. "I dont want to change you or know your dark secrets". She just wanted to console him the only way she  knows. She makes a silent promise  from her side to stand by him through thick and thin, a promise of acceptance.
Arnav all these years has been the one standing tall, always hiding his emotions from everybody and wearing a mask of toughness, but he broke down hearing his wife's
loving words.. and he tells her about his mother's suicide. Khushi who knows the pain of having lost her parents runs to him and consoles him not with words.. but with actions.. a beautiful moment of sharing grief .. and Arnav takes consolation in her arms.

The next day, the moment she hears Anjali is looking for something that belonged to her mom, Khushi promises to bring it for her so that it will be with Anjali for the puja. The girl who wears her mom's payal, knows the sense of belonging it gives to hold on to something thats precious.  

She knows that the next best thing to having her mom with her is to hold on to something that belonged to her. 
And just as she leaves, she turns back and gives a hug to anjali.. she tells her that its just bcos she felt like hugging her.. but actually she just wanted to 
ease her pain especially now that she is aware of the trauma the siblings went through.. she again in her way consoles her.. Its actually a 360 of the scene
wherein Anjali hugs and consoles Khushi when she learns of Khushi's parents death. A beautiful scene of love, of acceptance of no ill feelings. .a promise just to be there. Day Dreaming

From Anjali's expression, it seems as if she is ready to let bygones be bygones and has decided to move on. She doesn't show any animosity towards Khushi.

ASR who watches this from the stairs, once again stands enthralled, a look of smile and understanding why Khushi hugged his sis. He teases her as she comes up the stairs a silent play of love and emotions. Day Dreaming

Seems like Dadi has decided to hate Khushi and is finding reasons to do so. She picks one of the flimsiest of reasons, that Khushi was going through their family album,
to scream and shout at Khushi. When the rest of the family know that her ranting is uncalled for, they are not brave enough to say anything against her and fall prey to her wrath.Ouch

Until Arnav steps in and reiterates in no uncertain terms whatever he told Dadi yesterday, that yes, they all respect her, but she needs to accept that Khushi is his wife and is part of the family and has every right to do whatever she likes in his home. Loved ASR in this scene. Slowly but surely he is telling the world... "dont  mess with my wife" . Embarrassed

The look on mami's face at his juncture was comical. Probably she will think twice before she calls he phati sadi.. and the look on Payal's face was kind of wistful.. LOL

Dadi's character as of now, seems to be someone who demands respect which is in contrast to nani's character who has gained respect. And the only one who can stand up to dadi at this point of the game seems to be Arnav. Dadi sure acts weird for someone who spent 14 years in an ashram. Confused. Ashram life doesn't seem to have worked its charm on her. She seems to have taken an inherent dislike towards Khushi.

Would love to know the reasons..  Would be interesting to see how this whole drama unfolds.. Is Shyam behind Dadi's entry? What are the secrets that Dadi will sprout forth? And how will ASR-Khushi face adversities? Would surely be an interesting watchDay Dreaming

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-Maggie- Goldie

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 6:03pm | IP Logged

Loved the epi!  Please excuse any fawning gonna try to keep it tolerable Smile

Episode opened with Arnavji drawing a line in the not mess with my wife and life!  Loved his exit from Dadiji's room...confidently drawing his wife to him and away with him.  Is this a sign of things to come?  BS was just awesome encapsulates ASR/Arnav!

We pan back to Nani and Dadi, and learn that Dadi normally does not display such behaviour..don't really know if I believe this, as Arnav thinks Dadi is quick to judge.  Anyways, from this scene I believe Kushi does remind Dadi of someone in her past.  Any guesses who?

Night falls, and our couple are sleeping (love seeing them sleeping in the bed together!).  Arnav jolts awake after having his FB yet again.  What follows was beautiful and cute!  Kushi trying to give him comfort was so sweet.  Loved it when she kept pushing him back in the chair, and the head hug was precious! Embarrassed  Arnav finally opens up and tells her that his mother committed suicide!  My mouth was hanging agape!  I didn't think he would be so forthright so soon!  Track is moving!  The pain and sadness in Arnav's eyes was breathtaking, and the hug they shared was perfect..such a husband/wife moment!

In the morning, Kushi keeps sneaking glances at Arnav while thinking.  She is surprised that he is hiding such pain.  I think she keeps looking at him because she is "seeing him in a new light."  Dunnoh..was confused in this scene.  But loved the "taxable" dig... I would never complain about paying that tax!

Anjali-Kushi scene was good too.  Loved the conch reference...a call to battle perhaps?  Blowing a conch often occurs before the start of war/battle.  Is this another reference to potential discord/separation?  I am excited to see!  Kushi was so sweet when she hugged Anjali...she always wants to absorb the pain of her loved ones.  Yesterday it was Arnav, today Anjali.  And Anjali hesitatingly returns the hug!  Thawing of relations?  Calm before the storm?

Now to one of my favourite parts of the episode...Arnav the playful hubby.  Could not stop smiling during his schoolboy flirting!  I half expected him to pinch her behind as she walked past...if he had done this, I would have died **thud**

Dadi-Payal-NK-Anjali scene was telling as well. Taking my cue from the other SG's who feel NK is the narrator/spoiler wala, I think Anjali may be having twins!  Two for the price (delivery) of one!  Exciting news...and I am not gonna say anything about tummy size here as everyone knows what I think about that!  And Dadi...don't you dare pick on my NK!  I saw the looks you were throwing his way...leave him be.  Arnav can defend himself, but NK is too sweet.

So, keeping Damadji's story a secret until after Janmasthami?  There has got to be some symbolism here as Krishna's birth was also kept a secret from his uncle Kansa.  I will leave it to the professionals to hash out. 

Lastly, my favourite part of the episode was when Dadi scolded Kushi for looking at pictures of her MIL/FIL.  "So what if she is looking at photos" Arnav said in response to this verbal attack. 

"So What."

 I have uttered these same words so many times when watching another Indian serial where the bahu is being scolded and belittled for doing something minor like burning dinner or forgetting to do some household task.  Often the husband/son is watching the scene silently and powerlessly.  I loved that Arnav took Dadi to task for being upset for such a stupid reason.  Arnav forever won my heart with his defense of Kushi here and for all SP bahus!!!  I loved that he is giving her haq as the bahu! 

Well, tried to do a write-up today.  The SG have inspired me to try...thanks for bearing with me! 

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Sahana2 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 6:03pm | IP Logged
Take a bow. Another gem of an update from you. 

Ladies - Brilliant takes from you all . Have'nt caught up with everything yet but your posts makes the episode even better. You guys manage to bring out the nuances that my naked eye misses at first watch. Kudos to all the SGs !!Clap

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The brilliance of IPK continues , nice tight script, screenplay, editing and of course brilliant acting . We have a winner in the name of Dadi (SC). Loving her acting although don't care too much about her soch and the way she's been treating Khushi. The episode was a good mix of romance, drama , humor , all packaged nicely. 

We are being given several hints that there is more to Dadi's dislike for KKG. Is it just maternal insecurity or is Shyam behind her return to RM? I guess we will find out very soon. Several other hints thrown around ,will leave it to the experts to decode :-)  What will happen on Janmashtami? Shyam enters or does Anjali go into labor? 

The Arhi scene was very touching.  Khushi and her love for BW wants to try and bring a smile on his face. Nice touch of playing the song from her phone rather than BG music. Beautiful choice of song and it blended very we'll with Khushi's thoughts. Arnie is too disturbed at the moment and turns around to leave. Khushi gets worried that she has intruded too much into his personal space and apologizes. Out comes his deepest and darkest secret that he has never discussed with anyone , probably not even Anjali. Again, loved the way he just blurts it out as if just wanting to get done with it as soon as possible. The hug was beautiful although a little too short. Loved Arnie as he slowly moves towards acceptance and returns the hug. Wow, huge progress...

The Khushi and Anji hug was my pick of the day. This girl has a golden heart, she now is starting to understand their pain and will do everything in her power to fix things for Anjali and Arnav. Big change in Anji's attitude, she does hug her back.

The next best scene was when he flirts with her on his way down. Very cute. Can they show more of these scenes? Itna to banta hain boss!!

Did not care too much about the storeroom drama, understand the CVs are trying to make a point here. Arnav does not disappoint and stands to be the pillar of support for Khushi . At the risk of sounding ridiculous , I don't mind Dadi being mean to Khushi. Khushi's pain brings out the best in Arnav.

CVs - Please don't disappoint us by bringing an end to this caring side of ASR. The viewers have been waiting patiently for love to bloom and trust me, it is only a matter of time that TRPs will sky-rocket again. 

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Mepharm IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 6:15pm | IP Logged
Whatay awesome post SariClap..I have fallen in love with the episode all over againBig smile

Not making a of you will do a swell job...I dont need to put down my two cents.Just want to say Dadi's entry in the serial and Arnav-Khushis life is SONE PE SUHAGATongue

Just one thing...the mind the boggles..Anjali has two babies in those six packs abs??? Shocked
A total W*F momentD'oh

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