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Spice Girls Hangout:Meet the new Mr. and Mrs. ASR! (Page 17)

Newbiesoapfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 9:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ipkbs

Another Great Episode. These are the type of episodes we have been craving for Cvs. The feel good ones with enough drama, suspense, romance and fluffiness.

So we start from yesterday when Arnav defends Khushi in front of dadi dearest. He walks away, only to realise Khushi still stands there. So he pulls her along. Great move.Clap He would not leave her there to be insulted further. Khushi doesn't question and he doesn't explain.

Next Nani asks Dadi, what is her issue. Why does she not like Khushi? Haan Hume bhi batao? aapki problem kya hai Dadiji?? And Dadi puts on her thinking face and camera zooms out.

Later on at Night ASR wakes up from a nightmare, the same Maa FB. Khushi questions and he walks away and stands at the poolside. His thinking spot.

Khushi realises he is upset about something and attempts to cheer him up, in her typical bollywood ways.

Whattay cuteness.Day Dreaming

He walks away she pulls him back. He turns away, she turns him back.

Ippy's symbolism for Khushi being in ASR's face all the time. No more poolside ponderings anymore.Geek

ASR gets annoyed and walks away again and poor Khushi probably expecting a berating, launches into a rambling monologue explaining that she didn't mean to annoy him and doesn't want to know anything about his past or anything.

But ASR is a changed man. He opens up and tells her. 14 years earlier his Amma committed suicide.Cry

Khushi probably didn't expect Arnav carrying this kind of pain gets shocked. She knows now a major part of Arnav's history that makes him who he his.

And the hug that follows was just pure Aww.Embarrassed

Next morning, Khushi watches Arnav. The same way he watches her. Only he gets weirded out. But Khushi is allowed to watch innit?Wink

Since she pays tax to see Arnav Singh Raizada's bootha.LOL

Later janamashti tayari's in full swing. Khushi goes to the store room to pick up a conch shell is it?

And comes across family pics of the Maliks. Where there is a picture, you would look. Its a rule of nature. Simple. 

Somebody teach dadi that. And she was only looking at pictures, kissi ka khoon shoon toh nahi kiya??D'oh

And dadi, that's Mrs Raizada you are talking to. The lady who has a right to all that stuff. She has the himmat Okay!

Like ASR says. "So what?" exactly. So what dadi? She is allowed. Patni hai uski, haq banta hai uska.

If she wants she can peel paint of the RM walls with a nail file.

Great Stuff. ASR is the man! Now we know that patni ko respect karna lecture he gave some months back, that he got bashed for proper, wasn't just words. ASR means them.

Oh Anjali could possible have two pies behind the oven?? Like seriously?? Shockedchalo koi gal nai. Sanoo ki.Sleepy

Here is a little puzzle for you guys.

Spot the difference.Wink

Ippy -- who is the guy on the stairs? Senior Malik? Gul?

.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 9:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by veeps

Originally posted by .Mandy.

Originally posted by bobop

loved nk payal jugalbandi...payal shares a better chemistry with nk than akash...!!! Shockedshe looked suitably aggrieved if she did the correct thing by asking khushi to go up...reminds me of yest's discussions at the hangout...

They share chemistry of a different kind, one that is refreshing to watch. Its good to see Payal interacting more with the rest of the cast, they really used to keep her interaction with the rest of the cast limited but not anymore
I hate to say it, seeing that I actually like Akshay but the RM landscape is actually more cheerful without Akash around... Maybe it is Deepali's brilliant smile that shines a little bit more when he is not around...LOL

I've been wondering why he has been seen less lately, I know he was on vacation before but since his return he hasn't been seen much. Its odd.

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Pr1yanka IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 9:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by --Sari--

 My mom says, never trust a man who sheds tears....ROFL  

sari…pl do tell y….i always thought a man who has the guts 2 shed tears can always be trusted coz there is nothing too evil/hidden about him

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docgirl IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 9:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by bobop

he he he doc'maafi de do 4 sheron ko..naadan hain kuchch samajhte nahi..Smile

good point on visual metaphor

my view exactly on khushi n dadi's behaviour with khushi'i so feel this is not the work of shyam'the roots lie deep in the past

n wow'i wrote the exact same thing after watching today's episode'that if such a selfless unconditional love giving khushi exists in real worls'today was her day of triumphlong overdue

Bop, haven't had a chance to catch up with all the posts yet but  the systematic torture of medical practice is driving us to telepathy - SG docs unite! Hug

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Vistaa IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 9:04pm | IP Logged
Happy Wednesday KudiyozHug
Updated on page 1...
Aur kya taaza naya?

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Hriju321 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 9:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by docgirl

Rabba  Ve Ladeej   Hug    . Last night after the TRP khulaasa, I asked for Wenesday Dhamaka and we got it. Clap

First things first... an anguished and tortured cry from a paagal fan to the powers-that-be on the show. On this one I have been (even if I say so myself! Tongue) the most reasonable, accommodating and pliant of fans. You tell me Anjali is 8 months pregnant, I believe you. No evidence in the form of baby bump or "acting" like a pregnant woman required. You tell me there are 2 babies not just one in there, I say Thumbs UpThumbs Up. This error is one of magnitude not of type, so go for broke and get two little tadpoles in there. Wink

BUT NK drops hints about twins and everyone acts all surprised???? Shocked . Does Anjali Jha make numerous visits to her doctor to play gilli-dandaa? Confused That DVD she wanted to watch with Chottey --was it Baby Einstein? Confused Confused  Medicine --- and the practice of it provides rozi roti, barkath to a bunch of us here. How much will you subvert it? *PRIMAL SCREAM* 

To my mind this part of the story is all about the righting of wrongs. We'll see what the past holds but for now it's Arnav's turn to make amends for his sins. Six months ago he dragged his contract wife by the hand and tossed her into the fire to face the fury of his family and hers. They ripped into her, physically and emotionally. Today, he leads her firmly but gently by the hand away from the fury of his daadi. He will not have her insulted or hurt, she deserves and gets his protection. Naani stands witness to both scenes. 

One of the leitmotifs of the ArHi relationship has been the way they walk crossing paths away from each other --- usually in conflict. The other has been the gazes, usually Arnav looking down from a height often at the top of the stairs at Khushi below. Now we 're seeing Khushi at a height at the top of the stairs looking at Arnav below. We saw that the day he returned early to lay a bed of roses for her. Today again after their little raasta rokko game. Redressal of the power balance? He was usually in control, now she seems to hold the cards, perhaps? It's her time. If so, nice little  visual metaphor. 

I'd asked yesterday - will Arnav start to lay his burdens at Khushi's feet? It played out beautifully, his anguish and her empathy. Aaja Piya... quiet, sweet, melancholic, full of love, loss and longing. If that was a very private tribute to Rajesh Khanna, then Thumbs UpThumbs Up . What a wonderful way to acknowledge the passing of a legend. Clap 

Khushi starts to back off when she senses defeat in getting her saiyyan to drop his guard and Arnav just jumps in with the keys to the closed doors of his memories. The door has cracked open, with more to come. The next morning Khushi promises to be there for him by his side whenever he needs her. What contract, what 6 month clause? 'Nuff said! Tongue . 

The kostins are piling up thick and fast. Something about Khushi and the way in which daadi encountered her has triggered a blind and  unreasonable  prejudice towards her.  Stern and orthodox she may be, but we get the sense from naani that daadi's fair minded within the  parameters of her world. Daadi was splattered with dirty water, she recoiled from Khushi's touch and wanted to purify herself, she refuses to let Khushi enter her orbit or despoil sacred memories with her touch... this is not merely casteist or elitist prejudice --- although they may be lurking in the background too. This visceral rejection of Khushi has to have been triggered by some connection to the past. Seems fair to assume that somehow this is linked to "woh haadsaa" and woh aurath"  and that it involves a violation of moral purity, maybe? 

A nice episode, but what stayed with me the longest was the wonder that is Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada. I've often been annoyed at her capriciousness  and struggled to understand her swift changes in tone and mood... the show abuses her character abominably. Wink  With Diya and Sari's help, I've come to understand her core --- I think! But Vistaa's take really helped to bring it all together - thanks Visi, Diya and Sari. Khushi has no notion of distance between herself and those she loves. So she throws herself (literally and figuratively) recklessly into their lives and problems, she interferes, she hands out unsolicited advice, but above all she showers love whether it's welcome or not. 

After his bombshell from the past, Arnav gets one of her now famous, no holds barred hugs. She pours all of herself into it as if to absorb his pain. The next morning she sees Anjali and memories of the confession come flooding back. The pain that Arnav holds in him also holds Anjali captive. So another spontaneous fierce hug, this time for Di --- another demonstration of her immense,  limitless  ability to give and share of herself. How can one resist her? How can one not love a character like this to bits? ASR has been my fave character on the show from the start. He's been the best etched and most consistent character. We understand his motivations and thoughts best. But by the time the show ends I won't be surprised if KKGSR supplants him in my affections. Tongue Hat tip to Sanaya for bringing her to life. Star . 

We've had discussions on whether the show and the fanstasy duniya it embodies trumps asli duniya. Recently Rags made the point that going by wardrobe - certainly not! Today's velvet monstrosity on Khushi --- case in point. Angry

As I watched today's episode, I couldn't help but think of how unlikely it is that a KKGSR would last a day in asli duniya. She'd be chewed up and be spat out in moments. But in fantasy duniya she exists  - she fights, she laughs, she does sanak, she loves, she gives recklessly and unstintingly of herself and she triumphs... not without serving as an eternal punching bag though! She makes us believe  that maybe we'll come across her in asli duniya too. Is it then the triumph of hope over experience? The triumph of fantasy over asli duniya?  There's something to be said for that! Big smile
Being a medical person myself the mind boggles at the thought that Anjali's washboard abs carries twins???!!!!!.This is not IUGR, I think being Mrs Snake she is carrying eggsWinkWink.
Great post Doc and I agree in asli duniya person like Khushi would not last for a day...

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Pr1yanka IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 9:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Newbiesoapfan

Originally posted by ipkbs


Ippy -- who is the guy on the stairs? Senior Malik? Gul?

satyanaash ash..gul is a v pretty lady..not a guy

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howcome IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 9:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by docgirl

Awww... Sari, lovely post. Clap We're simpatico on this one, I think... picking up on the same key ideas. Thanks to you, I think the masala ladkis are becoming templatized... and it's your templateWink

You know doc i said the same thing to Tee today...she connected way too many dots across episodes ... But not to worry once anji does something silly ...we can go back to our teams and add in the masalas LOL

Btw loved your take and khushi will only last hours in our world. Uske hamre  sapnon ki duniya hi theek hai

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