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Spice Girls Hangout:Meet the new Mr. and Mrs. ASR!

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 5:48pm | IP Logged
This week has been promising so far.....Don't let the length of the post deter you from reading it... A fabulous near perfect episode needs to be appreciated, I tried to cut corners but it's still lengthy....Sorry...Khushi's Mr. Right has come thru big time this week....For all the heartbreak she has been through, this is indeed was sweet justice. We have wanted to see the budding romance for months....We had a bonus tonight, increasing understanding and support for each other...

eet the new Mr & Mrs ASR...

He dragged her to the mandir that night to marry her;  she was humiliated then; he dragged her back that night into RM, subjected her to more humiliation; he dragged her again when Anji tried to kill her baby; he caused more humiliation, accusing her of being the other woman in his sister's life....He has threatened her on multiple occasions to stay back with him...

Today was the first time he actually dragged her to save her from further humiliation...Today was the first time he was dragging her with her consent...

He was angry all those times at her but today he was angry at himself for subjecting her to such humiliation....Today she willingly accompanied him; she had the love and respect for him like a wife would for a husband....Tonight as he was walking through that pathway, he was redeeming himself. He was trying to rectify all the wrongs....

NK and Payal were a witness, his brother and her sister. The day they found out about Shyamu, Payal and NK have been like angels watching over Khushi....Tonight it was a reinforcement of that thought....Their concern was evident and they were proud of Arnav when he defended her and gave her the rightful place in the family and in their home....I hope they make NK a permanent feature in RM...

Aaja piya tohe pyar dun...

I love a good romantic scene but a meaningful dialogue between a couple supersedes a romantic scene by far... Arnav is a tortured soul, the tragic death seems to have taken over his life... A disgruntled Dadi managed to rake up the past by mentioning his father.....He hasn't had the chance to grieve over the loss of his mother, it has been 14 long years....He was the provider for his family and he needed to be strong...He couldn't shed tears...

Hum aapka dard kum karna chahte hai lekin aap apna dard kiskike saath banthe bhi tho nahi hai...

Khushi has a gift, true to her name she spreads joy....She is determined to find out what haunts him....The question that has nagged her ... "aap aise kyun hai....."  she knows there is more to this mysterious man she loves.....She wants to make an effort to relieve him of his pain...

Khushi tries her cute antics... He isn't amused by her, he simply walks away...

The hurt is deeper than what she saw on the surface.....She tells him she doesn't want to know  his past or wants to change him....A man who never shared any of his emotions turns around & tells her

"14 saal ka tha jab meri maa ne suicide kiya tha, My mother committed suicide..."

A stunned Khushi doesn't react at first....But she could relate to his pain, she was there too....She lost her parents in a tragic car accident, she knows exactly what to do....He needs her unconditional love & support...The questions can wait...He needs her....

She just embraces him in a hug silently assuring him she will be his support, they will heal their wounds together, he just needs to trust her...Trust he did....He slowly raises his arms & hugs her back...beautiful quiet moments of understanding,  soothing a restless soul who has been battling this all alone since the age of 14...

He was his sisters soul support and her rock but deep down he always needed someone to hug him & say it's going to be alright....Finally the tears just flowed.....I simply wanted to applaud the girl....She just has this gift to make those around her feel special. She was able to change this man forever...A man who never believed in displaying any emotions had learned to love, to smile, to be playful, to confide, to cry.....She is special....

Next morning, she once again reassures him she will be there for him...The contract, a thing of the past....She knows he needs her....Roll reversal this time she is watching a sleeping Arnav & he wakes up to see her watching him, but she was not about to admit it....She gets playful, watching him & pretending not to when he makes eye contact....

When she is cornered, Sanka surfaces... "Haan tho, Arnav Singh Raizada ko bhi dekhne ka tax lagta hai kya".....Only a Sankadevi would think that....Psst...maybe a Ragini would too...

The girl never fails to amaze me....Her interaction with Anjali was beautiful. She never questioned Anjali's rude behavior, she has accepted her explanation to forget the past at face value....Today she reaches out to her and gives her hug, the conversation from the previous night still fresh in her mind, she just wanted to show her support....deep down she knew Anji was suffering just like her husband....Arnav proudly watching from a distance...This was his Khushi, pure at heart....


His turn to be playful...He loves this girl to bits....her simplicity, her genuine love for all... her eagerness to be accepted and loved,  turns him on....


Another encounter with the Sherni. Mami was right sherni has vowed to make a kheema of this bhakri at every opportunity she gets. This time a petty thing like going through family pictures.....A woman who had abandoned her family for 14 long years suddenly seems very protective of memories from the past. Or is she just aggravated to find this girl who had some connection to their past? Or maybe she knows she is the other woman in Anjali's life? So many unanswered questions....

This time an even stronger defense from the new ASR - "Khushi meri patni hai...uska jo mann chaahe woh kar sakthi hai...woh iss ghar ki bahu hai.."

They will support each other, come what may... This will be the new Mr and Mrs ASR...

Pics - Joseph_A, Ippy, Mariam_Sultan


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An episode that had its flaws yet delivered the impact CVs set out for, mission accomplished for this viewer. The track has me hooked, so far so good with the cast continuing to shine

We continue to go full circle with Arnav, a man who in the past said what he had to and walked away while leaving Khushi behind today did the exact opposite. Arnav stood by Khushi and this time when Dadi wished not to proceed further, he made sure to take Khushi with him walking hand in hand which made Nani proud but concerned Payal and NK who realized something big went down and it was not a good idea encouraging Khushi after all. I am liking NK bonding with Payal, its cute.

The plot continues to thicken during Dadi and Nani's face off part 2, this time its about Khushi. Nani rightfully questioned why she is treating Khushi so harshly despite not knowing anything about her, what was interesting here is Nani pointed out Dadi was never like this nor could she ever be so what changed? One of two things came to my mind, either its whatever Shyam poisoned in her mind or Khushi reminds her of the aurat she desperately is trying to forget.

With the return of Dadi comes a part of Arnav's past he tries to keep buried, the FB of that tragic night haunt him bitterly and he's unable to sleep. Khushi reaches out to him, at first it seems like a failed attempt but it wasn't he does open up. Khushi is finally learning more about his troubled past and gives him the hug he needed at that moment. Progress continues to be made between the two, he lets her in which is something he never did for anyone before as tears burst out of a very tortured soul

Liked the morning scene, Khushi is finally starting to understand the side of Arnav she never could before and with that came a promise to always be there for him when needed. The stolen glances were adorable, especially the line about if looking at him is taxable

Preparations for Janmasthami are underway, Khushi offers to get the conch shell that belonged to Anjali's mom but before leaving hugs Anjali now realizing more about what her loved ones went through. It was a heartfelt scene between two women who were once close like sisters, a bond that has been strained but one that is not completely broken. Arnav watches from far, touched by what he sees knowing the true root for the hug. I liked the flirtatious side emerging which brought a smile to both their faces, it was short but cute.

Dadi continues her ill treatment of Khushi, she behaves like it was a crime that Khushi was in the storeroom and dared to touch family photographs. Arnav rightfully asked so what? Khushi is the Raizada bahu and can do whatever she pleases, because its her right! I fully expected him to walk off hand in hand with Khushi but he didn't, still he left an impact and seemed to silently have the support of both Anjali and Nani. This scene makes me wonder if she can react this way about photographs, how will she feel seeing Khushi with the kangans, could it be they make a reappearance since we've been coming full circle a lot lately??

There was no precap but I am sure the face off between Arnav and Dadi is far from over. I can see her stopping Khushi from taking part in Janmasthami and this will only anger Arnav more, he may even join her just so Dadi can't deprive her of her rights. There is also the fact she has not been told the truth about Shyam which is sure to work against them as many secrets have before.

Sorry for the lengthy post but I couldn't help it.

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Sugar's post...

Hello Ladies!!

What a start to the episode! Arnav Singh Raizada, you make me proud! Yes, I always find reasons to defend you but when you uphold it all and shine regardless, its just awesome and a good knockout on all those haters Wink

He was the protector and did not like her being humiliated and so walked away with her. A sign for things to come when too much happens? Maybe.

The entire scene of Khushi trying to pacify Arnav, very cute. Arnav finally for the first time in a very very long time, and we have to remember he always backs away when Anjali tries to talk to him, lets his guard down and opens up to Khushi. He lets her in on the darkest secret of his life, his mother committed suicide.

He breaks down and lets her see it and lets her comfort him. He has come a long long way and she will always be there for him through thick and thin, in sickness and health, till death do them part. She will be the constant source of light and khushi in his life like she has promised to be :)

Dadi continues on her tyrannical regime.  But Arnav won't have any off it. "So What" and so well said. He's finally owning up to every vow Khushi once told him a married couple stands for.

Arnav has slowly and readily started owning up to those vows and is ready to declare it openly tp the world.

Does she or doesn't she remind her of "wo aurat", as cliched as it sounds or is it because she knows all about Shyam-Khushi? Execution is key and so I'll let it play out the way it has too with why Dadi hates Khushi so much.

The Khushi-Anjali hug and Arnav looking on, a further enhancement that its of just how much he loves and respects her more by the day :)

Overall a very good episode.

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Fab post Sari, for a fab episode. ClapClap
Will be back later...with my thoughts...
Hola Spice GirlsHug
Was too tired last night to post anything so this is going to be a twoferTongue...please bear with me.
In last night's epi, Dadi-Arnav showdown worked on so many levels that I almost did a happy jig (almost 'cause was too sleepy to do a real one). He is definitely a chip of the old block, even if in this case the block came in a sari. Who else found Dadi's hand stop to be a silent version of ASR's "Enough" LOL Poor Khushi, dazed as she was with the goings on, could not help do a double take at Dadi's "humari baat abhi poori nahin hui..."Big smile 
There was lot of fury but little sound in ODB's counter-questioning of his missing in inaction Dadi, and rightfully so. BS was marvelous in this scene...he was able to bring forth a 14 year old's  pain at the desertion by someone who he looked up to and loved, so wellClap. And steeped in this pain was the deep anger at oneself for being so needy of that love and support that was withdrawn so cruelly from him...
The other telling point vis-a-vis ODB and his Dadi was when he said "is ghar mein unka naam liya jaaye, mujhe pasand nahin..."   and not "mere ghar mein..."  To me his choice of words is signifies what was called "badon ka lihaz..." while it is universally understood that Shantivan is the house that ASR built, both literally and figuratively, and everyone else is dependent on his Dadi and Nani he refrains from rubbing it in. They are still the figureheads...and so while he still won't take any bs from them...but will not be deliberately rude with them either.
Dadi's khadi boli (pure, relatively unaccented Hindi) was another nice touch...while some words like bitwa etc are similar between her and Nani, the two speak two very different dialects. Goes with her almost-royalty-like background, while Nani appears to be of more humble origins. Yet the two are childhood friends...emmm, interesting. So had they decided the match between themselves when their kids were young and the Elder Malik grew up, went away to study and came back with girlfriend, but was forced to marry by his mother...while his heart remained with his love? I guess, we will know it all in good time...
Tonight's epi was a nice follow up to yesterday...the highlights being Khushi's hugs, "dekhne pe tax hai" line and the the staircase romance. It is so heartening to see these two take their relationship further by leaps and bounds in real terms, yet in such a subtle, almost underhanded, fashion. (Doc, hope you are liking the showing and not telling...Big smile)
The morning after yet another no-holds-barred Khushi brand hug, she promises silently to stay by his side "hamesha" with nary a thought to the 8 days remaining for the contract to end. And talking about the hug, Sanaya did it so well...all this time Khushi has had the orphan connection with her Arnavji that goes deep and is the source of empathy between them...she thought she felt his pain. But with the revelation that his mother had committed suicide, she suddenly realizes the gravity of his pain and it's magnitude, compared to her own. At least in her case, her parents were victims of fate and were together when they passed on...while his mother chose to end her life...and leave her children behind...Khushi then realizes that his pain is fraught with a deep sense of betrayal...and her delicate, loving heart bleeds for him... *sniff* She steps ahead to offer her condolences, her understanding and her love the only way she knows...hugs him tight. Awww...and finally ODB finds out that he is no longer alone.
Next morning, she extends her silent condolences to Anjali...much to the quiet delight of her husband. This girl truly is a treasure. SmileLoved the almost whimsical, subdued staircase romance...anything stronger would have felt out of place, in light of the recent events.
So tomorrow we celebrate the birth of Bal Gopal...will be interesting to see how many 360's if any, we get to enjoy.
Fairly disjointed post..sorry girls..had lots more to say but am running out of time...Smile
Side note: anyone else tempted to let their phones ring because of rabba vey rock version as their ringtone? EmbarrassedSmile

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Ok am here...Sari LOVELY take! Clap

Today I have a lot of toughts and this might get long. I Suggest a glass of milk, talliness, water, soda or hot tea to keep you company coz it might seriously take me a while to gather my thoughts because there are too many!

Here is a song to begin it all:

Once again it begin's where it ended...he calmly makes stern eye contact with his Dadi and starts walking away only to notice Khushi just standing there...he stops turns back ...grabs her hand and walks with her hand in hand away from Dadi's eye. The best scene of it all probably was Nani looking on in sheer thrill and happiness that her Chote was being a loving dutiful husband and Dadi looking on in horror of what a total monster was her Grand son. Clap Arnav drags Khushi in a very loving and rightfull manner back to their room and a very concerned NK and Payal look on and have nice little side conversation of their own there.

Nani continues to question Dadi about why she is upset with Khushi...Dadi ki Narazgi...Dadi hi jaane...either that or her lord knows because for the life of me I dont know! AND I dont plan on speculating because pea sized brain refuses to indulge in this anymore. CV's bring it on just a slight warning make this GOOD because I just gave a TIME OUT to these awesome girl's today so they would give you folks to redeem yourself with a reasoning that is out of this world and worth the wait. DO.NOT.DISAPPOINT.ME. Just saying Wink

Arnav dreams of his past once again only to wake him up in pain...a pain so intense he woke his sweet si wife too and she asks if he is ok and he walks away from her again saying he is fine...this girl worries for this man...she knows his sorrow is large and deep and has scarred him but she wants to share his burden...his sukh and his dukh...his dard that he hasnt ever shared with anyone...she looks at him standing poolside in agony and plays a playful song to shower him with love and try and share his pain...Honestly this was a tad odd and off for me...lovely on its own ...very sweetly done but it was just randomly placed...the words fit but no wife in the real element would think of this...well but this is Khushi she isnt just ny girl...she is ASR's girl and her habbits are different than any ordinary girl so it might just fit her Smile It irritated him but hey she tried with all her heart and soul...and as he walked away she burst...she doesnt want to change him or know about his past all she wants to do is share his that so much to ask for? And he blurt's the truth he buried deep within himself out...his mother commited Suicide when he was 14...she killed herself...and that was enough for her to know not to question it anymore...A lot of it made sense for her...a lot more made sense to us...Arnav Singh Raizada's past is not so simple...his pain goes beyond his lays in his mother's ashses and one that cannot just be explained...she run's over to him and hugs him because words are of no use anymore...reminded me of the's only word's and word's are all I have to take your breath away...BUT tonight words feel short...her embrace is enough to let him know she feels him...her tears enough to tell him she knows his pain...he cries and hugs her back enough to say he appreciates her there ...he knows his Khushi will make it ok for him...and that from this day forward he is not alone...he is not alone in life, in his pain and his being. Khushi will always be by his side to share it all with him. Hug

This last sharing of information I can tell you is not easy...Suicide remains one of the world's biggest Taboo's...a topic of shame to families  across the world...people cover it up with excuses far and wide bt no one ever once thinks about what goes thru the loved ones of those that died. Their deed left their dear ones in pain who could never understand what really went wrong. Keeping it top level I've known plenty who have dealt with this on a personal level and this scene between Sobti Boy and Irani Girl were brilliant! His words her expressions flawless! Like i said before words at this point are useless...emotions count and execution of it all was Splendid and Flawless! Clap

Khushi wakes up before Arnav and watches him...sleep in peace after eons maybe...and re-plays the entire night's happenings...and promises shel be there was with him...he wakes up and feels her eyes watching him...he looks at her multiple times and she looks away...silly scene again but totally something only Khushi would do...finally he gets irritated and questions her and she denies watching him to which he tells her he clearly saw her looking at him weirdly...then she makes the funniest statement...again another Khushism...Arnav Singh Raizada ko Dekhne ka Tax Lagta hai kya...and runs away from there leaving him all stunned and confused! ROFL Nautanki...Namoone dono! LOL

Manoramam has her moment of silliness too...with the Prakash's gone wild here...every Prakash ever seem's to have appeared outta no where!!! PH did you win the Lotto??? I know the Mega Million and Power Ball winners were declared were you one of them??? FOr being deproved in extra's, clothing and set's all of a sudden all this over indulgence on our poor little show is leaving us in shock and awe as an audience and questioning your bank balance a lot these days. LOL

Finding Shankh-Impossible is on...Anjali worried she cant find Shankh...Khushi offers to Anjali beautifully describes ad remember's her deceased mother Khushi is full of emotions again and hugs her...lovely scene as Arnav watches from the landing above in amazement of how really sweet, innocent and caring is wife really is and how he chose the right girl and life partner for himself who doesnt judge him for his flaws but loves him for who he is.  As she walks away to the store room he flirts and teases her and makes my tummy go giddy because i love this mushy puppy love. It aint about doing it. It's about feeling it, embracing it...letting the other person know it is there and that these 2 do SO SO SO Well!!! Day Dreaming

I luurrvveee Flirty ASR...Have I mentioned it before? Embarrassed

Nani-Payal-Butter conversation...enter Dadi...Ladoo Gopal and all...God no offence here...Ladoo Gopal and Rajkumari comes out of it somehow...Twin's Double role idhar bhi udhar bhi...Confused All those Doctor's visit...non existent bump...Maybe those multiple sonography's cloned the baby form 1 to 2...who knows...Unless...there is an Arnav double role...A good one and a Bad one...Na...doubtfull...One ASR and one Arnav are hard enough to yeh Gul ka show hai...kisi aur ka nahin right? Wink

Arnav urges nani to tell Dadi about Shyam...Dadi this time decides to plead the 5th and hide it all until the time is right. Satyanash is all that goes thru the mind because you now Khushi will be blamed for all of this right? Angry Moving on...

Khushi Shankh imposisble mission continues in the store room which BTW looks just like the other bedrooms just with bedsheets on it...but what do i know..I am a dumb over involved viewer...anyhows...Khushi finds of photographs falls...innocent girl looks and Dadiji feels she's invading privacy fr her dead son and Daughter in law...Sleepy...Welcome to SP...enjoy the ride...we are typical we just like to tag ourselves with newness...Tongue

Dadi drags Khushi to the living room and accuses her of all this crap...more yawns from me...yell all you want old about a month you will be praising this chic...Anjali defends Khushi...Nani is with her...and after everything else fails a proper entery as always for ASR to clear all doubt's and questions in his Dadi's mind. Khushi is my wife...this is her house...she can do what she want's...touches what she want's...go wherever she want's and do whatever she pleases! If you didnt hear it before Dadi...clean your ear's and listen now and remmeber this you might be Dadi but Khushi is Arnav Singh Raizada's wife! Enough. Said. Clap

Why today was thought provoking and important you ask?

-We speculated Arnav's mother committing suicide but it was never clear today he spells it out for everyone that she indeed take her life. 

-When Khushi stood on that ledge trying to jump off it and taking her own life at many levels Arnav felt like he did on that fateful night. Then he couldnt do anything about it. But he could save Khushi and he did. He saved her told her the truth of why he married her and walked away not for her safety but for his sanity. Maybe his mother did not give his father the opportunity to reveal the truth. Maybe there is more to her death than what meets the eye. Time will tell but it changes the dynamics of it all today. Smile

- The blue shirt theory is alive again and I think this time the shirt brings them closer than drives them away. But this is me. I live in my SKD it's own independent bubble so I very well am wrong but umeed pe duniya kayam hai Big smile

- Today for me the past at many level's has ended and a new era has begun...not just in their story but in the character growth of Arnav Singh Raizada and Khushi Singh Raizada all over again. Today goes beyond love and defined their marriage...their understanding at an emotional level has gone up a few notches and this will make their bond stronger. 

-Khushi Kumari Gupta is a term of the past...Arnavji will fade away too...Mr. & Mrs Raizada have emerged here and it is going to take more than this Khadoos Dadi to break em apart! Approve

Song of the evening...One of my all time fav's...Just for Khushi...From Arnav...Day Dreaming

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The Verdict...
It was a decent episode but I wasn't completely blown away. The story moved, maybe a little too much but noticeable execution issues. Not quite a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde day but the cynic in me was pleased a bit more today. It is a long one.. I don't know why.

Content/Writer's Intent:

Mr. and Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada:

ASR spoke and the silence that followed was deafening. He looked in the mirror and delivered the verdict - My wife and I are one. We belong together. If you don't acknowledge her, you relinquish your claim over me as well. Not only does he say the words but he acts - on their wedding night he had left Khushi alone to the wolves, this time he marches forward with her in tow and doesn't look back. A defining moment for Khushi. She is Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada.

A man haunted by his past even in the darkest hour of the night seeks solace in his solitude much to the despair of his wife. She helplessly looks at the stranger four feet away from her and is at a loss on what to do. A wife wanting to reach out to her husband but still confused on where she stands. Sensing his discomfort, she concludes his discontent is towards the events that unfolded earlier and tries to bring him out of the dark by doing what he did on Friday - bring a smile to his face. Playfully and silently she tells him I am here for you with all my love, with all I have to give. I am here, to have and to hold. Her efforts are thwarted by the dejected husband who is vehemently hiding his pain from her. His steps away from her jolt her back to reality where the fear creeps in that perhaps she has overstepped her boundaries once again. The fear of losing him again makes her confess that she doesn't want to change him, assures him that he can be recluse, she just doesn't want him to be hurt. When he turns around, she sees a broken man.. a man who finally lets out a cry, lets her in on the very secret that shakes his core. A defining moment for Arnav Singh Raizada - he was vulnerable in front of the only person who understands him, his wife.
The darkest hours pass and she concernedly  looks at him vowing to be by his side, hamesha. When she is caught off-guard, she coyly goes away but not without returning the slight smile on his face, his trademark smirk.

Last Friday: He brought a smile to her face along with an apology and her acceptance. He assured her he was there for her, always.
Today: She said I am sorry you are hurting but you don't have to hide. She brought a smile to his face and assured him, she was there for him, always.

Can two people be any more married than this?

The dutiful wife consoles the sister-in-law while the lovingly and proud husband looks on. A moment for both of them to cherish.

Subhadra Devi and Mr. and Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada:      

Dadi has a hidden agenda and she is not going to waste any opportunity to berate Khushi. Dadi only sees what she wants to and assumes that is the rightful truth. Not having learned her lesson just the day before Dadi goes on another mission to accuse Khushi and question her existence and presence in Shantivan. Right on time, the rajkumar rides in to save his princess yet again. 'So what?' two powerful words. ASR looks in the mirror and delivers another verdict in front of everyone this time. Another defining moment for Khushi. She is the Raizada Bahu. She is Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada.
This time he walks away alone because he declared it to the world. No more questions.
Important thing to note here is Khushi's reaction. She is the Raizada bahu but is she the Malik bahu? The look on her face, I have seen it before. It is the same look where she thought her husband was at crossroads in his life with his Di. Will she retreat again thinking she is the bone of contention between the Dadi and the Potha? Will she try to run again, Dadi kay liye? I certainly hope not. WWKD? (What Will Khushi Do?)

Execution/What was shown:

1. I might be the only one here to say this, I was underwhelmed by the night scene. The song portion was good but the minor meltdown left me wanting more. Something was amiss, it was either too short or the song was a distraction. The scene should have worked, it had plenty of words, perfect reasoning but it didn't click. Friday's scene with the pearls touched me more, not even two words were said between the two and I was able to connect with the writer's message. ASR's middle-in-the-road breakdown during the wedding was more powerful. I can play the devil's advocate and argue that what ASR felt at that time was completely different than what he felt today but than I shouldn't have to justify or explain what he must be going through, it should be shown on the screen, no? I am a sucker for angst, anguish and pain. Seeing both of them in pain and tears should have compelled me to whip a few couplets but the moment was fleeting, it went by and didn't leave an impression. Both Sanaya and Barun can emote so well, so this one resides with Mr. Khan. An opportunity while not completely lost but not fully availed either. Am I missing something here?

2. What is this ramanchi with these morning scenes? This is the second time this has happened. I wouldn't be surprised if the deed is done and the CVs have brushed it under the carpet. Be it a TRP gold or not, the self-indulgent attitude is dominant enough to do whatever they want. I know I sound like a shallow, romance-deprived, hormonal teenager stuck in the body of a grown up but this is what I signed up for, M&B romance! I have lost way too many bets, brain cells and arguments over 'did they' or 'didn't they' and I want answers. Mujhe farak padta hai dammit kiyon kay bohat badi ego hai meri! Bigger than the four lions combined!!

3. Romance lacked intensity. I am not asking for a daily dose of rabba veys but if they choose to show romance it has to be intense. Yesterday was a mind blowing episode and no romance per se... Today the stair blocking thing was cute but not lingering. It seems they both have already settled into the comfort zone as husband and wife which is fine but than what about the contract if it is brought up again? Wouldn't it be counter to the understanding and comfort they have developed? Again, devil's advocate - he is wooing her by giving her the rightful status in his family and in his home which seems to be strengthening their relationship and marriage, but than the contract should never be brought up between these two.

4. Dadi seems a bit theatrical. Does she have to have a strong disgust on her face all the time? It is off-putting.

Briefly touching on other points:

1. Nani's constant questioning hasn't been successful yet. Dadi has a hidden agenda but the face of it seems to be against Khush. Dadi 'sees' someone or something in Khushi, what/who is it?
2. Khushi's moment of ponder while looking at Sr. Malik's picture. Does it trigger a memory?
3. Anjali's suspicious happiness. Why is she so happy? Her behavior towards Khushi and a proud look to ASR for standing up. Is she fine with Khushi because her life might be coming back on track? Why a sudden change? The mention of her mother does not bring tears in her eyes like it does to Arnav. Why?
4. Dadi asking about Shyam just when Anjali went away. Why?
5. W*F moment of the episode: Mention of twins: laddoo and rajkumari. I mean seriously, with those abs??
6. Way too much symbolism in the episode that mind boggles.

Special mention: Way to pay a tribute to Kaka.. perfect song choice and I was so happy that last verse was chosen. I was keeping my fingers crossed for that. It was just perfect!

A cautionary note to CVs:
Both yesterday and today's episodes followed a similar pattern, Dadi's antics, Arnav-Khusi scenes and ended with Dadi-ASR standoff. I know it has been only two days but don't make this an everyday ritual. There are plenty of monotonous elements in the show, do not want the pace to become predictable as well.

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meens80 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 27 January 2012
Posts: 3728

Posted: 08 August 2012 at 5:52pm | IP Logged

Hi Sari and SG'sHug

Sari: You write beautifully; wonderful heart warming post once againClapClap. I should probably just write a paragraph in appreciation of your fantastic writing skills and use it as a prelude in every post going forwardLOLLOL

Dhamakedar episode once again; well paced and very well balanced with a perfect blend of romance, family drama and emotional bonding. Plus ASR's blue shirt made an appearanceBig smile

Good continuation from yesterday with Arnav reiterating the importance and place of his wife in his life. His "aap ki marzi" was perfectly respectful and rude at the same timeTongue; and then he walks away in true ASR style but not before he stops to hold his wife's hand tight and take her with himWink Of all the times he has dragged her behind him; I'm sure the audience was as proud of him this time as Khushi was.

Loved the night scene; Arnav recurring nightmare comes back to haunt him; but this time he is not alone. His love, his life, his soulmate is there for him to try and cheer him up, comfort him and support him. Loved the whole sequence: perfect song selection and the lyrics were very well synced to Khushi's moves. I loved what followed: Khushi realizes that Arnav is not amused by her antics and she assures him that she does not want to intrude on his space; she knows he does not share his dard with others and she was only trying to cheer him up and then Arnav shares the darkest deepest pain of his life with her; with tears in his eyes he spills out "When I was 14 my mother committed suicide", the biggest declaration of the love and trust he now has in her; to let her in on his deeply guarded secretHeart. She leaps forward and hugs him tight; providing all the love and comfort she can and he just finds peace and solace in her embrace. Beautiful scene! It took me back to the time when Khushi first sees Arnav upset about his mom and she shares the star connection with him. He so needed to be comforted that day too but he choose to shut everyone out and grieve alone; I'm so glad he has now found his Khushi who will guide him out of the darkness of his past and into a bright futureDay Dreaming

The morning staring session was classic ARHI; with Khushi realizing how much pain her Arnavji has suppressed in his heart and a promise to always be there for him Day Dreaming. Loved Arnav's expressions and Khushi's embarrassment at being caught looking at him reminded me of a teenager with a crush who cannot stop looking at her beloved and "ab ASR ko dekhne ka bhi tax lagta hai kya" was classic Khushi.

Another awww moment today was the Khushi-Anjali conversation and Khushi's spontaneous hug to Anjali as if to comfort, support and just be there for her. Khushi's wonderful gesture, Anjali's acceptance and Arnav's silent observation turning him into a complete mush bag with love for his wife was very nicely doneClapClap. The playful flirting smiling ASR on the stairs was a delight as always!

Liked the Payal-NK bonding and the family scene was good. Arnav is serious about his "no more games" and wants to reveal the truth about Shyam to Dadi but Nani stops him. I love this Arnav who is done with lies, is ready to bring out the truth and face the consequences if necessary. Dadi has taken on the role of the devil for now and Mami's expressions were just plain annoying but it is bringing out the protective hubby in ASR like never beforeWink. The dialogue of the day was "So what", short, simple and classic ASR and the message clearly conveyed to Dadi that yes Dadi is important and respected but Khushi is the bahu of the house, his wife and she has a right to do as she pleasesThumbs Up!


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ipkbs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 5:52pm | IP Logged

Another Great Episode. These are the type of episodes we have been craving for Cvs. The feel good ones with enough drama, suspense, romance and fluffiness.

So we start from yesterday when Arnav defends Khushi in front of dadi dearest. He walks away, only to realise Khushi still stands there. So he pulls her along. Great move.Clap He would not leave her there to be insulted further. Khushi doesn't question and he doesn't explain.

Next Nani asks Dadi, what is her issue. Why does she not like Khushi? Haan Hume bhi batao? aapki problem kya hai Dadiji?? And Dadi puts on her thinking face and camera zooms out.

Later on at Night ASR wakes up from a nightmare, the same Maa FB. Khushi questions and he walks away and stands at the poolside. His thinking spot.

Khushi realises he is upset about something and attempts to cheer him up, in her typical bollywood ways.

Whattay cuteness.Day Dreaming

He walks away she pulls him back. He turns away, she turns him back.

Ippy's symbolism for Khushi being in ASR's face all the time. No more poolside ponderings anymore.Geek

ASR gets annoyed and walks away again and poor Khushi probably expecting a berating, launches into a rambling monologue explaining that she didn't mean to annoy him and doesn't want to know anything about his past or anything.

But ASR is a changed man. He opens up and tells her. 14 years earlier his Amma committed suicide.Cry

Khushi probably didn't expect Arnav carrying this kind of pain gets shocked. She knows now a major part of Arnav's history that makes him who he his.

And the hug that follows was just pure Aww.Embarrassed

Next morning, Khushi watches Arnav. The same way he watches her. Only he gets weirded out. But Khushi is allowed to watch innit?Wink

Since she pays tax to see Arnav Singh Raizada's bootha.LOL

Later janamashti tayari's in full swing. Khushi goes to the store room to pick up a conch shell is it?

And comes across family pics of the Maliks. Where there is a picture, you would look. Its a rule of nature. Simple. 

Somebody teach dadi that. And she was only looking at pictures, kissi ka khoon shoon toh nahi kiya??D'oh

And dadi, that's Mrs Raizada you are talking to. The lady who has a right to all that stuff. She has the himmat Okay!

Like ASR says. "So what?" exactly. So what dadi? She is allowed. Patni hai uski, haq banta hai uska.

If she wants she can peel paint of the RM walls with a nail file.

Great Stuff. ASR is the man! Now we know that patni ko respect karna lecture he gave some months back, that he got bashed for proper, wasn't just words. ASR means them.

Oh Anjali could possible have two pies behind the oven?? Like seriously?? Shockedchalo koi gal nai. Sanoo ki.Sleepy

Here is a little puzzle for you guys.

Spot the difference.Wink

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