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Coldplay : big fan here!And Brits,i have a sweet tooth for them too LOL

Other bands,goo goo dolls,Radiohead,Foo fighters,Avenged Sevenfold,Lifehouse,Plain white t's,collective soul,blur,arctic monkeys,florence and the machine,red,metallica,queensryche,trading yesterday, to name a few.

Loved Maroon 5 a lot at a time :D they have now taken the pop way and left rock behind..but anyway..i do listen to their new stuffsometimes(big adam levine fan,so :P) 

Soloists-i quite like david cook actually.

Pop-adele!Bruno mars also to a certian extent.Ed sheeran i love!Oh and there is this new band,FUN. they are pretty cool too.Oh and yes, foster the people,quite amazing!

But you know,the ones i love the most..are the unconventional bands..lots included btw :p  i am all ears for the not-so-famous ones..it is a co-incidence,but it is  so weird..the sort of bands i have liked over the years,havent gained that much fame :/ sigh!

I have surely forgotten to name many of my favourites :D but anyway,that's enough i guess :p 

HP FF-yes,gotta follow that one!Will read it soon-ish,surely!

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Originally posted by disha15

Coldplay : big fan here!And Brits,i have a sweet tooth for them too LOL

Other bands,goo goo dolls,Radiohead,Foo fighters,Avenged Sevenfold,Lifehouse,Plain white t's,collective soul,blur,arctic monkeys,florence and the machine,red,metallica,queensryche,trading yesterday, to name a few.

Loved Maroon 5 a lot at a time :D they have now taken the pop way and left rock behind..but anyway..i do listen to their new stuffsometimes(big adam levine fan,so :P) 

Soloists-i quite like david cook actually.

Pop-adele!Bruno mars also to a certian extent.Ed sheeran i love!Oh and there is this new band,FUN. they are pretty cool too.Oh and yes, foster the people,quite amazing!

But you know,the ones i love the most..are the unconventional bands..lots included btw :p  i am all ears for the not-so-famous ones..it is a co-incidence,but it is  so weird..the sort of bands i have liked over the years,havent gained that much fame :/ sigh!

I have surely forgotten to name many of my favourites :D but anyway,that's enough i guess :p 

HP FF-yes,gotta follow that one!Will read it soon-ish,surely!

Love the foo fighters ang goo goo dolls. I like (ish) arctic monkeys and lifehouse. But what are you talking about? Arctic monkeys are super famous. So are the foo fighters and goo goo dolls. 
I was absolutely in LOVE with Maroon 5. I thought the lead singer's voice was the sexiest ever. But then I grew up :P 

Love David Cook, he's amazing. And Adele, but I hear her too much on the radio so she's getting on my nerves. I sort of like Jason Mraz, but I'm more of a band girl. Have you heard Onerepublic? Some of their old stuff is good. I love love love Bon Iver and the Fray. And Bryan Adams. In Indian I like Sonu Nigam and Kailash Kher. And I love classical music as well, coz I play the piano myself. 

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A/N: I was going to post this yesterday, but I got sick, so I couldn't. Sorry for the delay, but here it is! :) Its a long chapter, but please do read all of it, its an important chapter. Not the most important in my opinion, but that's just my opinion. Oh, and I miscounted. There are eight chapters. So two more to go! Read, enjoy and tell me what you thought! :D 
Also, I apologize if there are formatting issues. Computers don't like me. 

Chapter 6- A day at the Bose house

"Hey Al…" 

Sandhya greeted her little sister with some caution. She wasn't sure if Alya was still upset with her or not. For the past two days her sister had religiously ignored Sandhya. Judging from the frown on Alya's face, it didn't seem likely that Sandhya was going to be acknowledged any time soon.

"What?" Alya asked moodily, snatching a bottle of water from the fridge, her back to her sister now. Acknowledgement! Sandhya sighed in relief, and cautiously placed the bag of groceries on the wooden countertop.

"How are you?" Sandhya asked, waiting with bated breath for her sister's reply. Alya turned around, and eyebrows cocked, looked at her sister as if she was the weirdest creature on earth. 

"Why?" Alya asked her sister, the suspicion hard to keep out of her voice. After the fiasco two days ago, Sandhya wasn't entirely trustworthy in Alya's books. 

"Why? As your sister don't I have a right to ask you?" 

Sandhya attempted to feign being offended. Unfortunately for her, she had not taken drama in high school like her sister; therefore her feigned offense wasn't very convincing. Alya raised her eyebrows incredulously at her sister, as if asking 'do you really think you can fool me?'

"Alright fine...we have a few guests coming over tonight." Sandhya replied, biting her lip nervously, desperately hoping that her sister would not ask for details.

"Who are these guests?" Alya asked, her eyes narrowed, as she hoped dearly that her sister had not planned what she thought she had planned. 

"Sam, Kabir and new boy..." Her voice came out as a mumbled whisper, and she hoped that her incoherence would be enough to confuse her sister. Unfortunately, her sister knew her too well, and could understand her even if she was speaking under water. Which she wasn't, so comprehension really wasn't an issue.

"Oh wonderful. Well, if you'll excuse me, I need to get out of this house to get away from the people I have no interest in seeing because of their betrayal. And FYI, that includes you." Alya's grip tightened on her water bottle, as she moved away from the fridge, towards the door. 

"I'm afraid that's not possible..." Sandhya ran to the door, blocking it with her arm, her lips pursed as she looked at her sister. 

"Excuse me? What are you going to do? Hold me hostage?" Alya's arms were folded across her chest now, in a manner quite similar to her sister's. Her brows were knitted together in the frustration she was trying not to show. She couldn't quite keep the hard edge out of her voice though.

"Something like that. Alright guys, you can come out now." Sandhya replied, tilting her head slightly to the right, moving so that her body could cover the doorway. She waited expectantly for signs of protest from her sister, and sure enough, there they were. 

"This is a violation of my rights! You cannot hold me hostage against my own will!" Alya exclaimed, trying to prod through her sister to the other side of the door. 

"Usually holding someone hostage implies that its done against their will." Jay piped up. God! He 'piped' up so much, it really got on Alya's nerves. And she'd barely known him for two weeks. Ignoring that irritating boy who managed to always be happy, she turned to her sister, and tried to emotionally blackmail Alya to let her go. Or better, throw the three boys out. 

"Di, why are you doing this? You're 
my sister. You're supposed to be on my side." She asked her sister, pouting in a manner that her sister found quite irresistible to say no to on many occasions. Today, unfortunately for Alya, was an exception. 

"I am on your side sweety." Sandhya smiled softly, taking her sister's hands in her own. 

Despite Alya's obvious use of emotional blackmail to get out of the situation, Sandhya knew that Alya was quite hurt. After all, Sandhya, as her older sister, was meant to protect her. Still…that didn't mean she was going to cave in to Alya's pleas. 

"Then why did you bring them here?" She asked, and sure enough, Sandhya could sense a hint of bitter betrayal in her voice. Sighing, she tried to explain the matter to her sister. 

"Look...I gave you one year to move on. I supported you by giving you space and time. But now, it's been long enough. You didn't move on, therefore, it's obvious you can't live without them."

"I can totally live without them, I mean-"

"No you cannot. You guys have been together since you were three years old. You did 
everything together. We even went on family holidays together, for god's sake! Are you really going to let a failed relationship come in the way of bonds that I know you don't want to break." She saw a flicker of a smile in her sister's eyes, but it vanished quickly. They turned cold again, as she glanced at the three boys leaning against the frame of the kitchen door, extremely uncomfortable.

"They're already broken di." She replied, in a voice as small as what appeared to be the remains of her spirit (at the moment). Her sister groaned in frustration, and cupped Alya's face in her hands. She stared straight into her eyes, demanding her attention.

"You haven't even tried talking to them. Do it...just 
once. For yourself." Her sister's expression didn't change from the stone cold detachment. For what seemed like the millionth time, Sandhya sighed and let go of her sister's face. 

"I'm good…" Alya replied, eyeing the back door, the big window on top of the sink and other escape routes available. A small smirk appeared on her face, and Sandhya's heart sank. She knew what that smirk meant- a plan was forming in her devious little brain.

"Al..." Alya looked at her sister again, still smirking. Sandhya sighed. She didn't want to have to resort to this, but…

"Alya, please just…please do this." She took her sister's hands in her own, heaving in a deep breath.

"For me…" She added softly, beseeching Alya with her almond shaped brown eyes. That typical Sandhya emotional blackmail gimmick, where she softened her eyes and managed to make her face so very vulnerable that you couldn't help but…

"Oh, alright!" Alya looked away from her sister's gaze. The one that could make Alya eat out of the palm of her sister's hand…If Sandhya wanted that. 

"You do realize that there's a back door that I can escape through. Or I could jump out the windows." Alya said matter-of-factly, as Sandhya let go off her hands and fished for something in her bag.

"You can't. I locked the back door, and closed all the windows and locked them from outside." Having finally found the keys she was looking for, Sandhya looked up at her sister.

"I'm doing this for you." Sandhya said, in a voice almost softer than a whisper. She kissed Alya on the forehead and made her way out of the kitchen door.

"Di, I can still run from the front door." Sandhya shouted across the three boys' shoulders.

"Yes, because the boys are going to stand there and let you go." Came her sister's sarcastic reply, as Alya tried to get past the boys, who were blocking the doorway. 

"I'll be back soon Al! Love you!" Came Sandhya's parting greeting, as the main door shut with a bang, the lock clicking loudly. 

"Al...I...I'm so-"

"Don't call me that." Alya snapped at Kabir, interrupting his attempt at an apology. Kabir dropped his head, fumbling with his fingers, as Jay frowned disapprovingly at her.

"Hey, that's not fair. At least let him speak." He said.

"Life's not fair." Alya replied, shrugging her shoulders nonchalantly. Jay groaned, and rolled his eyes in irritation.

"Dear god woman, you were dumped by your best friends, you didn't come back from the Vietnam War! Keep it down with the bitterness." He exclaimed, letting out the frustration he had been feeling for quite some time on what seemed to be the histrionics of a dramatic Alya. Alya raised her eyebrows and stared long and hard at Jay. Then, clearing her throat, and moving closer to him in an incredibly menacing manner, she spoke again.

"You try being abandoned by the friends you thought were your family and getting your heart broken while being financially insecure and the fear of losing your sister constantly nagging you. 
Then come talk to me." 

"You have a fear of losing your sister?" Sam spoke up for the first time, his tone deeply worried. His worry did not affect his ex-girlfriend, as she rolled her eyes, annoyed.

"Whatever. I'm going up to my room, because there is no way I'm going to be in the same three meter radius as you three." 

"You can't go." Jay said, making Alya stop in her tracks, and glare ferociously at the effervescent ball of sunshine.

Excuse me? This is my house, and I will do whatever the f**k I want to do."

"No. You physically can't access your room. Your sister locked it. She locked all the doors leading to rooms other than the living room and the kitchen." Jay explained, and moaning, Alya cursed under her breath. 

"Fine." She sighed in defeat, stomping towards the living room. She could distinctly hear three pairs of feet following her, and rolled her eyes. 


"I am not going to talk to you if you have anything stupidly emotional to say like you miss my company or now you truly value my friendship. I know you'll be talking b******t." 

She plopped down on a deep, sea green sofa, folding her legs against her chest. Sam took a seat on what used to be his favorite chair- a sunken, battered old leather armchair with a curved back. Kabir sat down next to him on a black sofa chair with plush cushions, which also used to be Kabir's favorite. Jay sat down next to Kabir in a sofa chair identical to Kabir's. They were all facing Alya, who was desperately trying to avoid their gaze. 

"So Al, I was-"

"I told you, don't 
call me that. I'm Al only to people I like. And I don't-"

"Okay, I get it, you don't like us. Anyway, I was thinking we should work on our drama project, since we have so much time and you won't talk to Sam or Kabir anyway." 

Alya shrugged and nodded her head, agreeing with Jay's proposal. It seemed harmless enough…Oh…if only she knew what Jay's genius little mind was plotting…

"Okay...so, what do you want to know about me?"

"Um...I guess...for starters, what's you're favorite color?"

"Her favorite color's red." Sam piped up, before Alya could reply to Jay's question. Alya narrowed her eyes, and glared at Sam, who was smirking quite arrogantly at her. Kabir looked at the exchange with a growing sense of panic. He remembered all too well, that this was exactly how their fights used to start. Sam tried to annoy Al, and soon it would turn into a fully blown argument. 

"Interesting...and is there a particular reason you like the colour red?" Jay asked, trying to keep the laughter out of his voice. Once again, Sam spoke up before Alya could. 

"Its the colour of roses, her favorite flower; the colour of strawberries, her favorite fruit; the colour of love, which is her-"

"That's not true!" Alya interrupted, nearly screaming in frustration, as she uncurled her self and glowered at the boys. Sam ignored Alya's proclamation of vexation, and continued, as if he hadn't been interrupted at all.

"Its also the most passionate of colors according to her. It not only conveys love, but also anger, violence, passion of any kind. So basically-"

"Don't listen to him. He's an idiot. My favourite color's black, because that's what life is. Dark, and filled with no hope. People walk all over you, and no one really gives a s**t about you. All they care about is-"

"For god's sake Al! Why are you acting so bitter and battered?!" Sam exclaimed, now deeply irritated himself. Kabir sighed, shaking his head in disbelief, as he counted down the seconds till Alya and Sam would begin shouting.

"This coming from the guy who broke my heart, jumped all over it and kicked it in the trashcan." She replied, sarcasm dripping from every word; syllable; 
letter of her speech. Sam groaned loudly, looking as if he was ready to pull his hair out.

"For the millionth time, you're not the only one who got hurt. And we mutually agreed to breakup. Plus Kabir and I were both-"

"Last time I checked, Kabir didn't abandon you." At Alya's statement, Kabir felt obliged to speak up. 


"KEEP OUT OF THIS KABIR!" Sam and Alya both shouted, feeling a sense of deja vu slithering up from their stomachs. Kabir sighed, and wearily got up from his seat, as Sam and Alya jumped out of theirs. 

"I'm going to go to the kitchen and try to make dinner..." He mumbled incoherently, which really didn't matter because the only person paying attention to him was Jay. 

YOU STOPPED HANGING OUT WITH US!" Screamed Sam, as Kabir walked out of the living room.  

"BECAUSE I COULDN'T BARE TO SEE YOUR FACE!" Alya shouted back, taking two steps closer to Sam.  

"WHY?!" He half exclaimed, half shouted, the curiosity evident in his voice. He saw her lips move, but couldn't hear any sound coming out. He frowned, moving closer to try to decipher exactly why she couldn't bare to see his face. Sighing, Alya spoke again.

"It hurt too much." She mumbled, a little louder this time, so Sam could actually hear it. 

Her eyes were glued to the ground, so she couldn't see the shock on Sam's face, as he registered the fact. What exactly was she implying? That she was still...It couldn't be, not after all that had happened...Yet, Sam's heart couldn't help but flutter in hope. 

"But we mutually agreed to break up..." The volume of his voice was lowered, as he waited, with bated breath, for her answer. 

She raised her head, and titling it to the side, looked at him speculatively. She was trying to deduce whether he was being sincere or not. Then, she remembered that this was the same person who left her, breaking every single promise he had made. There was not a bone; a muscle; a 
cell of sincerity in his body. 

"I don't have to answer any of your questions if I don't want to." Alya replied with a scowl, moving back towards the sofa.

"You do if it concerns me." He retorted, causing her to roll her eyes and mutter under her breath. Jay, who had been listening to the heated exchange in silence, snorted loudly as he caught Alya saying 'nimrod' under her breath. Fortunately for him, Sam and Alya were too preoccupied with their thoughts to hear him.

"Alya, you 
have to-" Sam's demand was punctured by an impatient groan from Alya. She changed paths and started making her way towards the kitchen, throwing a dirty look at Sam on the way.

"Al!" Alya didn't stop walking, her back now faced towards Sam and Jay. Panicking, Sam jogged after her, calling her name,

"Al!" She walked on, resilient as ever. 

"Al listen-" The loud tapping of her flats drowned out the rest of his speech,

"Al-!" He ran now, trying to catch up with her.


He grabbed her by the arm and pulling her closer, turned her around so she was facing him. Her eyes widened at the proximity between her and Sam. If she moved her head just a centimeter further, their noses would be touching. She could feel a light flush dust her cheeks, but couldn't bring herself to lower her gaze. 

"Tell me..." He whispered, his voice husky. 

He had an irrepressible urge to move forward, just a centimeter, and trap her delectable lips in his. And he knew what they tasted like as well...He could practically savor the taste in his mouth...

Old memories, of kisses in the rain, under the stairs, on the rooftop...flooded their minds. And then there was the fighting. The shouting, the hurtful words...Alya remembered all of it, while Sam was still enamored by her lips. She frowned, and tried to struggle to get out of his grip.

Go of me." She said, through gritted teeth. He smirked, shaking his head.

A sharp pain shot through her arm, and she winced. The smirk slipped off Sam's face to be replaced by worry. He realized that her arm had been twisted when he had turned her around. With an apologetic look, he let go of her arm. 

She tried to make a quick dash for the kitchen, but Sam's reflexes were quicker than hers. Before she could even step an inch back, he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her forward. If it were even physically possible, Alya's eyes widened even more, the fury evident in them.

"You can't do this!" She exclaimed, pushing at his chest to try and maintain a respectable distance. He cocked up an eyebrow flirtatiously, a smirk playing on his lips.

"Can't I?" He asked.

"No, you can't! Its a violation of my rights!" She sputtered, fighting to keep the heat from her cheeks.

"Well, it's a violation of 
my rights if you don't tell me why you couldn't bear to see me." Sam retorted, causing Alya to furrow her brows in confusion.

"Wh...wha...what?! That doesn't even make sense!" She said, exasperated, causing Sam to roll his eyes, irritated. Damn her and her unquestionable sense of logic.

"Just...tell me." He replied, his voice a little weak.

"No." She said flatly.

"Please..." His brown eyes softened, his lower lip jutted out slightly, pouting. Alya melted, just a little, at his great attempt at beseeching.

"No..." She only melted a little.

"Tell me!"


"Tell. Me!" 


Tell me!" 



"Fine...!" Once again, she moved her mouth, but no decipherable words came out.

"What...?" He asked, causing her to blush and lower her eyes.

"Its because I loved you...that's why I agreed to break up." His grip slackened on her waist, and he stared, unblinkingly at his ex-girlfriend. She didn't react, not even a flinch, as her ex-boyfriend gazed, shell-shocked, at her.

"You...loved me?" He finally spoke, after a long pause. She looked up, and could see the lost look on his face. 

"Yeah...I would have done almost anything to keep you happy...If breaking up was going to make you happy then..."She sighed, running a hand through her hair.

loved me?" He asked again. There was no mistaking the happy arrogance in his tone. Not to mention his patronizing, superior smirk.

"Don't flatter yourself. Yes, I loved you, but now I don't." She said, scowling. 

"I...I wasn't-" She smiled with satisfaction as the smirk was slapped off his face. 

"As a matter of fact, my sentiments towards you are the complete opposite now. I absolutely hate you." It was his turn to scowl darkly at her. He dropped his hand from her waist.

"Good. Because so do I!"




"Fine!" She exclaimed, and with a final huff, stormed to the kitchen. When she arrived there, she saw Kabir bent over the stove. 

"What the hell are you doing?" Kabir spun around, wincing as he whacked his head on the indoor chimney.

"I was just...trying to figure out your stove. Its new." He explained, rubbing the back of his head, which had started to throb. 

"Yeah...things change." Said Alya, and Kabir knew the underlined message of that statement. 
Things sure did change.

"Move aside, let me...AAH!" Her speech was ruptured by her cry. She jumped up, onto Kabir's back, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, tight.

"What's the matter?" He sputtered, holding onto her legs so she wouldn't fall. Jay and Sam ran into the room. Alya extended a shaking hand in the direction of the stove, pointing at a small black bug.

"C...co...cockroach...!" She squealed, burying her head in Kabir's neck.

'Whatever..." Sam muttered moodily, leaving the kitchen.

Jay burst into laughter, causing Kabir (with Al) to spin around and look incredulously at him. To be fair to them, Jay did look quite manic when laughing.
"Dude! What's your problem?!" Kabir asked, slightly irritated.

"The great...Alya Bose is afraid of a...a cockroach!" He burst into laughter again, as Kabir tightened his grip on Alya's legs protectively. 

"Shut up man. Everyone has phobias. Cockroaches are Al's." Kabir replied moodily, causing (much to Al's relief) Jay's laughter to stop.

"Right...I'm sorry Alya." Alya acknowledged his apology with a slight tilt of her head. 

Kabir glanced back and saw a high countertop. Slowly, he walked backwards, keeping an eye out in order to not step on the cockroach. Once he reached the countertop, he raised the soles of his feet, lifted Alya from her legs and placed her on it.

'Hold on, I'll get the cockroach out." He said to her, crouching down next to the bug.

"Wait a minute...all the windows and doors are locked, how are you going to get the cockroach to go out?" Asked Jay.

"I have a flap in my back door. It was for my dog.." Alya explained, tearing her eyes from Kabir, who was coaxing the cockroach to step onto his hand.

'Oh..." Was all Jay managed to say before Alya redirected her eyes towards Kabir, fascinated. 

Somehow, Kabir managed to cajole the cockroach to step onto his hand. He cried in triumph when it did, and with great care, got up. Keeping his eye on the black bug, he walked to the back door (which was just in the kitchen) and bending down, he pushed open the door flap and placed the cockroach on the ground outside. He waited for the bug to scurry away, and then dropped his hand, causing the flap to snap shut.

"Nice job man!" Jay complimented his band mate, as he walked across to the kitchen sink.

"But why didn't you just kill the cockroach?" 

'Because Kabir can't kill anything, not even a cockroach." Alya blurted out, before Kabir could answer Jay's question. Kabir froze mid-way while washing his hands, and turned his head to stare, bewildered at Alya. She blushed, and lowered her eyes, staring religiously at the tiled kitchen floor.

'I...I..." She faltered, biting her lip nervously, fumbling with her fingers. 

Her discomfort hit Kabir, who returned to washing his hands, without a word. After he finished, he wiped his hands on a kitchen towel. Then, ignoring Jay's snickers, he walked up to Alya and offered her his hands. She looked at them, and then at her own, and hesitantly placed her hands in his. 

A small smile played on Kabir's lips, as he gently helped Alya off the countertop, making sure that she stepped on his feet. He lifted his feet, walking sideways. Alya looked down, and was surprised to see that her feet were on his (as she hadn't realized it before) .She looked up at him, and he smiled, a fully-fledged, proper 
Kabir smile (with the corners of his eyes creased and everything). 

Her heart warmed at the genuine smile and the innate kindness of her ex-best friend. She couldn't believe he was still willing to take care of her to...the extent that he would let her step on his feet if it meant that her feet wouldn't sting from the fall. 
(A/N: You know when you jump from a tall height and the soles of your feet feel like needles are attacking them? Yeah...that feeling) He had always been like that...incredibly over-protective and caring.

"Thank you…" She couldn't keep the gratitude from seeping into her voice, as she truly felt thankful.

"Aw...isn't that a sweet friendship moment." Jay cooed, interrupting said 'sweet friendship moment'.

"Can I help you?" Alya and Kabir asked him at the same time. Jay chuckled, as Kabir and Alya grinned at each other.

'No, seriously man, what are you doing here?" Asked Kabir, as Alya stepped off his feet, retreating from his grasp on her hands.

"Well...I figured I could get to know more about Alya by just observing her." Jay replied, shrugging as if what he had just said was not unsettling in the least.

"That's not creepy at all..." Alya replied, and Jay held up his hands in defense. 

"Okay...okay...I'll leave!" He exclaimed, turning around with a dramatic huff. Alya laughed loudly.

"Hold up, I'll come too." 

"Yeah, I need to get my recipe." Kabir, Alya and Jay walked back to the living room, in much higher spirits than before. Unfortunately for them, Sam was still in a gloomy mood.

'Ran away from the cockroach, did you?" He asked Alya, who rolled her eyes, ignoring his comment.

'Quit it Sam. You would have been the same if you'd seen a spider." Clearly, Kabir had been unable to ignore his comment Alya looked up, her mouth hanging open slightly as she stared at Kabir. Sam scowled, muttering darkly under his breath.

"You're afraid of spiders Sam?!" Jay asked, surprised. He didn't receive an answer. 

"Uh...Al, can you help me with the cooking?" Kabir asked, finally having found his recipe. After a contemplative pause, Alya nodded her head and jumped up, out of her seat.

'Hey, can I look around?" Jay asked, as Kabir and Al started walking towards the kitchen.

'Yeah...sure..." Alya replied, a bit weirded out by his question. 

"Why does 
he get to call her Al?" Sam asked, to no one in particular, as Al and Kabir walked out of the living room.

"Because he's being 
nice to her.' Jay offered an answer, that really, was quite unwanted. Sam scowled yet again, at Jay, and resumed sulking on the couch. Jay rolled his eyes, and moved seats to sit closer to Sam.

'By the way, what happened to the determined I'm going to apologize to her today, come what may?" Jay asked, causing Sam to look up, confused.

'What?" He asked, irritated to be interrupting during his 'sulking time'.

'You know, you said you were going to apologize to her for sure today. And then you blurted out that you hate her..." 

'It's not my fault!" Sam exclaimed, indignant and defensive.

'Oh really?! So its not you fault that you told Al you hate her?" Jay asked sarcastically.

"Don't call her that! She doesn't want you to." As soon as he said it, Sam realized its implications, and turned a wonderful shade of beetroot red. Jay snorted at the poor way Sam masked his feelings, and patted him on the back in a patronizing manner.

"So, why 
did you say you hate her, if me calling her Al bothers you so much just because she doesn't want me to?" Sam groaned, running a hand over his face. How could he describe the emotions Al invoked in him? It was just...

"Its just..." he sighed, groping for words that would best describe the situation.

"Its just...she makes me go crazy...mad...I...I can't help myself dude. She's just..." He faltered, looking over at Jay questioningly, hoping he got what he meant.

'Well...then you shouldn't be complaining. No matter how crazy Al makes Kabir, he's still nice to her." Jay said matter-of-factly. 

Of course Sam knew Jay was right…Partially. When Sam had said crazy, he meant it in a different way. It wasn't exactly anger, although that was a contributing factor. The sort of crazy Al made Sam was completely different from the crazy she made 

Damn Jay! He was 
always right, no thanks to his undefeatable logic. But was Sam going to admit that he was right? No way in hell!" 

"Shut up Jay." He mumbled and resumed sulking. 

"So what do you want help with?" Alya asked, as Kabir and her entered the kitchen. He frowned, and Alya knew he was trying to remember what exactly he needed help with.

"Uh...I don't quite remember. I guess you could just get out the ingredients I ask for..." 

'Okay..." Alya shrugged, as Kabir started calling out the ingredients from his list. She got them out one by one from her pantry and fridge.

'Do you want me to cut this stuff up as well?" 

"Yeah, dice the garlic and chop the rest of the vegetables. I'll start cooking the chicken." 

'Okay..." Kabir placed the chicken in a pan of oil, and Alya started cutting up the vegetables in 
silence. Well, silence apart from the sound of Alya chopping her vegetables.

"Al...can I tell you something?" Asked Kabir, breaking the silence.

"Hmm..." Al answered absent-mindedly, focusing on cutting the vegetables.

"The only reason I spent more time with Sam was because I thought he needed it..." 

"What do you mean?" Asked Al, still keeping her eyes on the vegetables she was cutting.

'I...I thought you were stronger than him." Alya's tight grip on the knife slackened, and it slipped from her hands, cutting her index finger. (
A/N: Highly unlikely possibility, but bleh! Its my story Tongue)

"Ouch!" Kabir turned around to see beads of blood on Alya's index finger.

"Oh s**t...s**t!" He left his chicken and rushed over to Alya. He reached for her finger, but stopped mid-air, thinking better of it. Maybe before, but not now...

'Does it hurt?" Kabir asked, his tone as if 
he was the one who had cut his finger, not her. Then again, he was paranoid, and too sensitive. 

'No, it feels freaking fantastic." Al replied sarcastically, as more blood oozed out of her cut."

'Right, sorry...stupid question. You...you need a band aid." He spun around, making his way to the cabinet, which he knew held the first-aid kit.

"Wait, first I need to wash it." 

'Right...wash it. There's a sink right here..." 

He turned around again, and taking Alya by the hand, led her to the sink. Alya wanted to say that she was perfectly capable of walking over to the sink in her kitchen on her own, but after seeing Kabir's harried expression, couldn't quite bring herself to do it. Kabir turned on the tap and stuck Alya's finger under the jet of water.

'Kabir, I can manage, can you look for a Band-Aid?" 

'Uh...yeah." He let go of her finger and went to get the first aid kit.

'Here you go..." 

He ran up to her, and peeled off the stickers from the bottom of the Band-Aid. Alya wiped her hand on a kitchen towel, and stuck out her index finger so Kabir could put the Band-Aid on.

"You thought I was strong enough to not need you?" Alya asked, somehow managing to keep the hurt of her voice.

"Yeah..." Kabir wrapped the Band-Aid around Alya's finger, and raised his eyes to meet hers.

'I guess I didn't realize that even though you were strong...you still needed my...support." 

Alya couldn't deny the apologetic look held in Kabir's eyes. She knew he was being sincere, but she wasn't sure whether she'd be able to forgive him or not. After all, how could she forget that he had abandoned her in a trying time? She did feel bad for him though...Just a little. He seemed genuinely sorry. 

"Yeah...I guess you didn't..." She said, her voice small, as she wriggled out of his grasp and returned to the vegetables. Kabir opened his mouth to say something, but closed it at finding no words. 
There was nothing he could say.

"Its dinner time!" Kabir said in a singsong voice, as he entered the living room carrying a chicken stir-fry. Al followed him in, holding plates, knives and forks. 

Kabir placed the dish on the glass table in the center of the living room, while Alya went around handing plates and cutlery. Much to her surprise, she received a disgruntled 'thank-you' from Sam. Jay thanked her by bowing and kissing her on her hand, which, quite frankly, creeped her out. They all settled down and began their meal.

'Hey Al, is this you guys?" Asked Jay, as Alya walked over to help herself to some of the chicken. 

She walked up to Jay, and bent down to see the picture. It was a picture of two boys and one girl. The girl was dressed up as Blossom from the Power puff girls. The taller of the boys was dressed up as Scooby doo, and the shorter one as Bob the Builder.

"Yeah...I think this was at one of our birthday parties. I can't remember whose, though..." Kabir moved up to see the picture and knitted his brows, racking his memory to try and remember.

"I think it was mine...my sixth birthday..." He said, chewing thoughtfully. 

"Are you sure? I though we dressed up as the three musketeers at your birthday party." Al replied, looking at the photo again.

"No, that was yours." Sam spoke up, and everyone turned to look at him. He walked up to the trio huddled near the photo, and bent down to see it himself.

'That's my birthday party. Remember how we had that water fight, and Al used the hose-"

"Yeah, and my Bob the Builder hat was knocked off."

"And it hit that cousin of Sam's that he really didn't like..." Al said, and the three burst out laughing, as the memory flashed before their eyes. 

"Ah...that was a good time..." The three immediately stopped laughing after Kabir's comment, as they realized they were laughing together. 
Together... after ages, and reminiscing about a happy time that could never be repeateed. Not after their fallout. Or…Could it? They stared awkwardly at each, suddenly at a loss for words.

"Hey, its almost ten!" Jay cried, trying to diffuse the tension in the room. It worked, as Alya's eyes lit up, and smiles appeared on Kabir and Sam's faces.

"Masterchef!" Al, Sam and Kabir exclaimed, as Al ran up to the TV and switched it on.

"Oh yeah...oh god, I'm really worried, I hope Christine doesn't go home..." Said Jay, as they all settled down to watch the show.

"Same, but I don't think it'll happen. Ramsay loves her too much..."

A loud beep deafened the sounds of the TV, and Alya, Kabir and Sam all turned to give a dirty look to Jay. 

"Sorry...I'll just check my phone..." He mumbled, before scampering away to his phone. 

Any progress? –Sandy

Jay looked over to the three teens assembled near the TV, watching the show intently. Alya 
had helped Kabir cook dinner, but then again, she was still upset with Sam. Sighing, he typed back his reply and pressed send.

Yes, but they need more time. –Jay

"There you go." Jay's sofa collapsed into a bed, and almost immediately, he plopped down on the bed.

"Thanks man!" 

"No problem...you want a blanket or a pillow?"

"No...but how do you know where they're kept?"

"I was Alya's best friend for fourteen years, her boyfriend for three of them. I think I'd remember where the blankets were kept."

"Fair point."

"Okay, if you're good then…" 

Sam started walking towards his couch, but stopped short at the sight of Al. She was sitting up, scrunched into the tiniest ball imaginable. Her eyes were squeezed shut, and she was shivering violently. Should he...Shouldn't he? He knew he was mad at her, but she was shivering...with frown lines on her forehead. 

He sighed, and walked to the linen closet in the hallway. Opening it, he grabbed a blanket and all but ran back to the living room. Alya had not ceased shivering, much to Sam's dismay. Very c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y Sam wrapped the blanket around her. Then, he got up to move to his own collapsible bed, but stopped when Alya's body lilted dangerously. Before it could hit the sofa, Sam dived and placed his hand on the sofa. Her head fell right where his hand was, cushioning her fall. 

Even under the bad lighting, he could see her face. Her beautiful...
beautiful face. He knew every bit of it, had explored every inch of it. Her red lips that he wanted to kiss so bad, her cute little nose that flared up every time she was angry. Her long, black eyelashes, which bordered her gorgeous, captivating eyes. Her high cheekbones, which made her all the more beautiful. Her cheeks, which flushed at the slightest inclination. 

She moaned in her sleep, bringing him back to the real world. He figured a pillow would be more comfortable for her to sleep on, so leaned over her body, and stretched his hand out to get the pillow lying against the back of the sofa. Since the sofa was quite wide, he had a bit of struggle before finally snagging the pillow. Lifting it over her body, he brought it to his side. Gently, he wriggled his hand from under her head and replaced it with the pillow. 

Alya scrunched up her nose, and slapped the pillow away. Sam watched, bewildered, as she groaned in discomfort and grabbed his hand, placing it under her head. Sam chuckled softly, as Alya snuggled up against his hand. 
She was so weird...but that was one of the reasons that he loved her...

A stray strand of her hair fell on her face, and hesitantly, Sam lifted his free hand. Gently, he brushed it away from her cheek, tucking it behind her ear. At his touch, her eyes flew open, and she stared at his dark brown orbs. Her expression, for some apparent reason, was fearful.

"Hey...its okay...go back to sleep." Sam whispered soothingly, caressing her cheek.

'Don't leave me again." She whispered to him, nearly begging him with her voice.

"Al…I wouldn't dream of It." He said, the tone of his voice suggesting that the idea was utterly preposterous. She moved towards the back of the sofa to make room for him.

"Stay here...that way I'll know if you leave..." She patted the empty space next to her, looking with great expectation at Sam. Sam smiled, and climbing onto the sofa, lay down next to his ex-girlfriend. She buried her head in his chest, and he wrapped his arm around her waist protectively.

'I'm never going to leave you again." He whispered softly, kissing the top of her head.

"Okay." She mumbled through his shirt, before closing her eyes and entering the world of dreams. 

He sighed. He knew she was only acting this way because she was drunk with fatigue...but 
boy was he glad for it! With her arms wrapped around him, he closed his eyes and fell asleep, for once, absolutely ecstatic. 

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aamirkhanfan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 August 2012 at 10:22am | IP Logged
awesome update
their friendship is so sweet
.FemmeFatale. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 August 2012 at 12:18pm | IP Logged
reserved :D 

EDIT 1 :
read the update,and boy this was surreal man!Shit.I was like aww aww and aww Embarrassed and teenie bits of comedy here and there (dunno if the word comedy would be apt,but oh what the hell,you know what i mean :) )

I just HAVE TO post a long comment for this,but im afraid,that'll have to wait for a day or two.

I will post asap pakka :)

Edited by disha15 - 30 August 2012 at 8:13am
ridzzi Goldie

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Posted: 30 August 2012 at 2:43am | IP Logged
stupendo fantabulous...mindblowing...amazing...
what can i say more...
their fr8ship...fight...confession...n jay's continious interuption...sam's realisation...
the past memories...their caring nature...
all in all too good...
loved the last scene of alya n sam...day dreaming...
continue soon...
luv u...   :-)
Ameres IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 August 2012 at 5:25am | IP Logged
That was indeed a long chapter and usually I don't read such chapters in one go but your writing is so engaging that I ended up reading the whole thing in one sitting and no skipping. Brilliant work! Clap
You are amazing with words and your description of characters, actions and emotions is flawless. Just...amazing! 

Really liked Kabir in this chapter. He is the sweetest friend and lol Jay can be so annoying but find his character quite funny and adorable here. And very important too.  
Sam...he is so complicated yet relatable. Poor thing seemed clueless at one point but glad they are coming along now. At this point it feels like Alya is one lucky girl. She has got the best mates and family. 

Their friendship is sweet and believable. But still waiting to know what had happened to cause that rift between them. Too curious. Tongue

Eagerly waiting for the next part! :)

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sweetsanyo IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 August 2012 at 9:15pm | IP Logged
 i m late i noe..
 but better than neva is alwayz a punchline ready fr me...

okies, gussa tho mujhe bhi bhot ata h.. jab suspence ki baal ki khaal khicte h log./.

but, as a writer, u hav to know to hook up ur readers,
 telling u, u noe it damn hell well...

jay is bestest, . donno why i feel so,
 but may be he is cool ,, dats why...

bechara ka koi panga nhi sanga bhi nhi( sanga means mate, gf, .. else else)
phokatt ka entertainment liye jaa rha h...

jay, oops! sandy di se bhi panga l rhe ho..
 beta voh badi h, dhyan se...

sandy di is awesome wowsome..
i like her...

di di di.. sam ko kuch matt karna plz...
verna aapki sis ke bhi naseeb main kuch nhi hoga...

bachhe bhi tho mutaual contribution se hi tho aate h na...
sam ko kuch hoa tho , al ke bache kaise honge...

okies.. bhott hi jyada durr ki sochh rhi hun main...

 cnt hold it some time...
well unbelievingly dis ws d 1st thought in ma head, as soon as i read sandy di's regarded dialogue...

al is hurt.. badly hurt...
she doesn't luk gud while crying...
cutiee baby...

bagh kyun gye...
 tum logg jay n kabir...

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