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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

What I LOVED: 8th August 2012

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What I LOVED: 8th August 2012


Brilliant work, once again!



Day 8 ended.

Day 7 begins.




Barun is ROCKING as Arnav Singh Raizada, as usual.



Progress Points


1. Arnav chooses his place with Khushi

2. Khushi manages to get across to Arnav; he shares his pain; Arnav leans in to Khushi for comfort

3. Khushi and Anjali hug each other

4. Janamashtami preparations in progress



Favorite Scene


Arnav pulling Khushi from Nani ji's room to their own

Arnav's world complete when Khushi hugs Anjali


Arnav & Khushi


Love & Peril


Though Arnav is still showing off all his fiery colors, the hues have gone from cold to warm. Especially the color Red burns bright at the slightest notion of anything black coming against his vibrant Khushi. If Red spells love for Khushi, it sure spells danger to anyone who dares to stand against her.


Having refused to enter the room where Khushi was not allowed, Arnav did not push Dadi ji to complete whatever she had to say. Why? Simply because she refused to complete saying it because he chose to stand outside with his wife, rather than inside without her, and if Dadi Ji chose to not speak with him because she didn't accept his preference, then she could have it her way, but he would not leave Khushi's side to hear what she had to say.


When he leaves and sees Khushi still stood outside the room, he didn't leave her there.


Strangely, there is a bit of anger on his face when he finds Khushi stayed and didn't follow him. He could have told her to follow him, or gestured. For a brief second, he seemed to look a bit incredulous that Khushi didn't turn with him. He seems to be aware that if Khushi would stay, she'd get insulted some more and get hurt some more. He takes her hand and pulls her along - right back to their room.


He does no explaining and Khushi does no asking. The mind is as set as a jam - he is not leaving Khushi.


Arnav has his own way of accepting his mistake. He proves yet again that he does not sit and cry over it. He does not run from it. He does not deny responsibility. He takes action to fix it. It's not only about Dadi Ji insulting Khushi. It's more of getting Khushi the place that is rightfully hers as his wife and the daughter-in-law of the Raizadas. He makes it crystal clear that he would not stand for anything less than what his wife deserves.


When Dadi ji raises hell over Khushi looking at some old photos, stating she was messing with family's personal belongings, it is a direct attack on Khushi's identity as a member of the family - let alone Arnav's wife. Arnav totally gets the point of what Dadi ji is saying. He responds to that very thought when he states and then states again that Khushi is his wife and she is free to pick up and look at anything.


When Dadi ji counters him using her position as the elder of the family, Arnav's response was very calculated. He accepts she is elder and that everyone respects her. Then, he follows up with clarifying that as an elder she also ought to respect the position of those in her family - her grandson's wife.


It is clear what he states.


Arnav has stated the rules of 'his' house to Dadi ji:

1. He would not clarify any of his decisions to her.

2. He doesn't like anyone mentioning his father.

3. He doesn't accept a place, if his wife is not accepted there.

4. He would not leave his wife for being insulted. He demands respect for her.

5. He has given his wife a free hand over his house.

6. He respects the elders, but in no way he'd stand for disrespect for his wife.

Though Arnav has supported her through and through, Khushi perhaps finds herself a bit torn between husband and family. Hope she stands by Arnav, as he's gonna need her.



Fortress Open


WIL: 6th August 2012

"8th day ongoing.

Within this day, a change must take place in their relationship, or a milestone must be reached."


Before this moment, Khushi had very effectively breached the security of Arnav's fortress. Today, Arnav opened the doors himself.


Arnav woke up to a nightmare and shut himself out. Khushi's insistent knocking didn't open the doors. Arnav is so used to staying alone indoors that anyone attempting to join him in his shadows is alien to him. Khushi's attempts are full of love, support, and care for him. He gets it totally, it seems, but somehow, cannot let her reach out to him.


Yet, when opens her heart, Arnav reveals his heartache as though he'd been longing to share it with her. For the first time, perhaps, Arnav's opened himself to receive care.


Arnav is not used to anyone following him in order to care for him. Most people take it for granted that when he says he wants to be alone, he wants it that way. Khushi alone has been the one to not take it for granted. She had always been the one to break through to him; initially, for bicker-banter sessions, then for love-hate sessions, and now, for some time, it is to care for him.


She alone thought of staying up for him to eat with him, even if to irritate him. He did finally give in to her trick. She alone followed him around the city when he was captured. She never rested till he was rescued, even if it meant endangering her life and her honor, getting kidnapped herself, or even nearly dying. She didn't leave him when he was back home. She supported him through and through.


When she told Arnav he could tell her what was eating him, for a moment, Arnav looked as though he was on the verge of it. Her offer and promise of being there for him seemed very inviting. But then, he turned and went away.


When Arnav refuses to give in to her affection, she clarifies her intent. Arnav it seems, by then, can no longer hold back. Why does he need to share it with Khushi? Is it only the need to share it with someone? Does he simply say it because she'd been following him around?


Perhaps, it was important for him - and he seemed to long to tell her - Perhaps, he's needed to someone with whom he could share it without feeling ashamed. Perhaps, someone whom he knows would not pity him, or think him any less, or love him less. Perhaps, someone who would not ask uncomfortable questions and would not give unending lectures on how he should feel or how he should not. Perhaps, someone who'd just sit with him through it. Perhaps, because it was Khushi.


Arnav looks her in the eye and says it - He was 14 when his mother committed suicide. His manner was nearly of blurting out the truth; as though saying to her, here's the truth. Now what!


Khushi knew just how to respond to Arnav. Whether it is her Khushi-ness, or whether it is that her love for Arnav shows her how to respond to his agony. She does not look away from his eyes, she does not behave awkward. She is shocked, but by no means she loses control or shows any weakness; only gentle understanding.


Something Arnav struggled to learn, when Khushi had fallen into his arms in the hospital when her father was unwell, was that the one who is in pain only needs something to comfort and console them, someone to tell them that all would be alright.


Khushi becomes that someone for Arnav when she quietly, but urgently, hugs him. Arnav probably may have hoped for it somewhere in his heart, but probably didn't expect it. He takes a moment to hold her and then Arnav breaks down. Perhaps, the only person (apart from his sister, who is herself a sufferer from that tragedy; and he doesn't share too much with her too; he runs from her too when it becomes overpowering) whom Arnav allowed in, stayed with and shared his grief.  He didn't run from Khushi after he broke down. He stayed.


Arnav revealed a part of his broken heart; Khushi very lovingly fitted right into it. Arnav has surrendered and shared, perhaps, one of the deepest hurts of his life - the one that only brought him pain, but also perhaps, shame and anger, helplessness and bitterness.  Their deep, deep bond, just got deeper.


Brilliant that this happened within the contract duration!

Arnav would have find it very hard to deal with the problems with Anjali and Shyam, and now Dadi Ji  without letting Khushi in - sharing the deepest comfort level with her. He would need to lean into Khushi for comfort.




Digging the Past


Khushi has gone digging in the ruins.

Not covering much right now. But this is interesting. Khushi is digging up buried memories.


Reverse Order


WIL: 31st July

"Something of this sort was more of less expected. The countdown has begun, and the events are playing out in reverse order, or so it seems for now.


Anyhow, even apart from that, the last time a similar sequence happened (on March 7th episode, as I noted in the WIL of 27th July 2012), Arnav had come up with fake divorce papers for Payal and Akash, though he really was getting Akash to sign a business deal. This time, he bought GH and is pretending to use it to throw the GH-ians out; he'd never really do that. He's just actually helped them and treated them as family."


As mentioned in the previous WIL, the events are playing out in reverse order. Every event carried a negative back then; it carries a positive now. Every event tore Arnav and Khushi apart back then; every event binds them together now.


In addition to the above events replayed in reverse, a few more have played out:


1. Arnav managed to bring Khushi to RM; Last time in misunderstanding, distrust, and disgust , now in complete understanding, trust, and respect.


2. Khushi was hurt, and Arnav gifted her bangles back then.

Khushi was hurt at being brought back again. Arnav gifted her all things she loves - including a pearl string.


3. Arnav remembered his mother's death on the Payash day and wept for her. His pain was intensified by what he thought was Khushi's betrayal. He found himself alone on the road.

Arnav remembers his mother's death again and weeps for her. Yet, this time, his pain is not only comforted by Khushi, but she's become a sharer, a fellow bearer with him. He found love and comfort in his own house, his own room, from the one person he loves.


4. Arnav and Khushi shared a beautiful understanding on the day of Payash wedding, especially when Khushi was preparing for lunch for some guests. They were no longer awkward, not hateful when they looked at one another. They shared responsibility. They acknowledged their feelings and when Arnav flirted, Khushi didn't mind.

Arnav and Khushi have shared a similar understanding today, after he saw her hugging Anjali. The way they looked at each other unabashed after the cute scene on the stairs, reminded me of the Payash wedding day, when they were pretty unabashed - Arnav visiting GH, Khushi feeding the pattals to the cow, Arnav helping Khushi choose a sari of his choice, rather discreetly.


The Reverse Gear is still on!




Dadi Ji's Issue with Khushi


Dadi ji is seriously miffed with Khushi.  Some interesting facts:


1. Dadi Ji apparently had a preconceived notion about Khushi. She either doesn't fit well with her idea of a servant (her apparent initial presumption about Khushi), or she reminds her of something or someone.


2. Dadi Ji holds herself back from Khushi with disgust. She is repulsive to having Khushi touch her; she steps back when Khushi even passes by her. She is all about purification - as though Khushi was something vile and nauseating.

It reminds me of the kind of disgust Arnav had for Khushi when he misunderstood her.


3. Dadi Ji did not show any surprise when Nani Ji mentioned that the family had two new additions; this, however, may be because she saw Payal and saw that Anjali was married and expecting.

However, when Nani ji mentioned Khushi (after introducing Payal), Dadi ji still did not show any surprise at Khushi being named as a family member.


Apparently, she did not know that Khushi was Arnav's wife, until Nani Ji asked Arnav to touch Dadi ji's feet with Khushi.


3. Even after 'officially' knowing that Khushi is Arnav's wife, she does not accept Arnav's marriage with Khushi. She held her hand and foot back when Khushi bent to touch her feet.


4. Arnav mentions that Dadi ji has her own sense of right and wrong; she views all things from her own perspective, and for her, her view is the correct one. She does not see the truth; she only sees what she wants to see.


5. Nani Ji mentioned something rather interesting today.

Dadi ji is not as she is behaving and she usually does not behave as she is with Khushi. Nani Ji argues that Dadi ji does not know Khushi, and questions what she saw in her that she's so angry with her.


6. When Nani ji asks Dadi ji about what she saw in Khushi that she'd treat Khushi the way she does, Dadi ji looks as though she'd rather not talk about it, or it is something that she is hesitating from sharing.


7. She brings up Damaad ji again the next morning.


Now, that's a nice, interesting little tidbit!


If Dadi ji is not usually treat people the way she is treating Khushi - then, points 1-4 are even more curious.


Something triggered Dadi ji to leave the Ashram one fine day and land in RM. She tells no one she is leaving, and she tells no one she is arriving. She has a preconcieved notion. She's home rather angry. She tells no one anything. Fishy!




1. Arnav wanted to tell Dadi Ji about Shyam. Nani postponed it for Anjali's sake.

Must Anjali be at the base of every wrong decision?

Must Khushi be at the base of every good action gone wrong?

Must Arnav be at the base of all



2. When Arnav stopped outside Nani ji's room, Dadi apparently thought that he'd stopped to speak with her. But Arnav, being Arnav, just took Khushi's hand and walked off, pulling her with him.



3. The man who was carrying the tray of Mithai; didn't we see this chap last on Payash wedding? If he is, ah, yes! Good portent!


4. It is an endearing how Nani and Anjali are proud of Arnav when he stands for Khushi.


5. Arnav's world is nearly complete: Khushi and Anjali shared a hug.

Khushi has finally manages to get across to Anjali.

What a trooper this girl is!


6. LOVED NK and Payal dosti. Cute!


7. Actually, NK is such an ingredient - you add him to whatever, he makes it like himself. You add him to Khushi, she is doubly cute. You add him to Arnav, Arnav becomes cute. You add him to Payal, wow! She was cute!


8. Aww! Payal looked SO happy when Arnav stood for Khushi.


9. Akash just appeared long enough to say 'hello', and didn't even say that! Just pointed Dadi ji to Pandit Ji and vanished.



On the Lighter Side


Arnav & Khushi


1. Khushi wearing red sure signals love for Arnav; but to those who are even imagining standing against these two, Khushi wearing red should signal 'DANGER! Keep Your Filthy Self Off!'

Dadi Ji should get the message by now.  

The girl is drowned in red for the past two days.


2. Speaking of which, Khushi you better bring out all your red dresses and use them till Dadi Ji plans to reign in RM.


3. Khushi returns Arnav's favor.

Last morning, Khushi woke up to find Arnav staring at her.

This morning, Arnav wakes up to find Khushi staring at him.

It freaks him out so much that he has to ask.

Arnav, now you what I was talking about? It is creepy!


By the way, Arnav, koi baat thi jo khatam nahi hui thi... actually, shuru bhi karni baaki thi.


4. Arnav, Buddy! You seem to have made some serious progress.

Dadi ji has been doing quite enough to get on your nerves. Yet, there have been no juicy examples of 'Gusse main dimaag band'. Have you lost that endearing quality of yours?


Dude, one kidnapping and rescue of the Knight in distress by the Damsel in Shining Armor has done LOADS of good to you!

You must do this more often. Excellent cleansing and toning agents for your grouchiness.





1. Dadi Ji seems to be a veteran at the game of Misunderstandings. She's already scored two goals since she's entered the field.


2. NK, twins? Really!? Ek mushkil lag raha hai ... Okay, I'll stop right here!


3. Her Grouchiness: Bade hain hum!

His ASRness: Yeah, whatever! She still be my wife! This still be her house! It still be rightful for her to look into, under, over, outer whatever.







Last seen walking after Arnav – peechhe peechhe!


On the Side


Cheer Up!


Khushi played/enacted a song for Arnav to cheer him up, and to persuade him to share his pain with her and to stop him worrying - 'Aaja Piya tohe pyaar doon...'

Just got me thinking, if Arnav had to do that same, what song would he play/enact for Khushi to share her pain and stop her worrying? And what about others?




What would they sing?


NK *to everyone*: Hakuna Matata, pyaari pyaari hai dhun

Fandom: OH YEAH!!

NK *to everyone*: Hakuna Matata, dil jo kahe sunn; suno zindagi ko yun hi khona nahi, hanste raho tum, rona nahi...


Anjali *to Shyam*:  Dil ke armaan aansuoon main beh gaye...

(Sorry buddies, but she is hard to console!)


Shyam *to himself*: baar baar haan, bolo yaar haan; apni jeet ho unki haar haan!

LIBs *to Shyam*: Goli maar bheje main, bheja shor karta hai! Bheje ki sunega to marega Kallu, tu karega doosra bharega Kallu...


Payal *to Akash*: roothe roothe piya, manaoon kaise..

Payal *to Mami Jaan*: Roothi roothi Maan ji, manaoon kaise..


Akash *to Payal - apparently*: umm... *scrolling playlist on the mobile* ... umm... *humming* Bubbly, Bubbly, Bubbly, mujhe log bolien; you are Bubbly, very Bubbly, kyun na bolien!

Payal: NAHI! Where is my tissue box!?

Fandom: Forget about the tissue box. Use duct tape! He said the 'B' word!


Khushi *to Dadi ji*: Aake seedhi lagi dil pe jaise katariya, O Dadi-ya, teri tirchhi najariaa


Mama Ji *to RM-waasis*: Teri galiyon main na rakhenge kadam, chaabi ke baad...

Fandom: Ever since, he's seen Shyam getting a key made, he's been lost. Are we sure that only Arnav was kidnapped?




I don't think Arnav will bother with romantically-wooing-Khushi nonsense!! He'd simply distract her by probably chivvying her. Yeah, even jealousy works well.

Arnav *to everyone but Khushi*:  Bachna Ae haseenon, lo main aa gaya! Husn ka aashiq, husn ka dushman, apni adaa hai yaaron se juda!

Fandom: Hey HO!

(Hey, Arnav's never tried jealousy on Khushi, has he? That might've worked sooner than birthday lights, candles, cake-wa, et al.)


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HI Shal. Loved ur update ClapStar

Here we go again dear, "... rescue of the Knight in distress by the Damsel in Shining Armor "...absolutely loved, loved that.

BTW another song for Anjali-Shyam--Koi saagar dil ko behala tha nahi...Big smile

ASR to Khushi--Hawa ke saath saath, ghata ke sung sung, O saati chal....Wink

Mami singing after ASR's last dialogue- Yeh kya hua, kaise hua, kab hua, kyoon hua? Embarrassed

Fandom singing for Shyam--Gumnaam hai koyi, badnaam hai koi...Tongue

Sorry Shal darling you got me going here...Wink

ASR to Khushi---Lets make it a night to remember. January through December...LOL

Anjali ---Jab dil hi tootu gaya, hum jeeke kya karein..

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Hi  Shalini, lovely post... the way you structure your post makes it an interesting read.

As you have mentioned, I also feel like Khushi might remind dadi of someone. And the way she resisted replying nani why she don't like Khushi without even knowing her, it looks as if Khushi reminds dadi of that other woman...the one she mentioned in yesterday's episode.

Well enough guessing game...but have to agree it's fun sometimes.

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Excellent post Shalini !!!
Always enjoy reading your analysis..
Last episode was full of woww moments..
Love ASR even more...this track is so intense
and intresting.. Cant wait for tonights epi

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Wow shalini what a lovely post...

The best part is arnav trying jealousy ... i doubt what khushi will react but i would love to see that...what an gr8 idea madamji!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Brilliant post, once again!

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loved the post as usual...
n im sorry to ask wat is ur proffsion??
u shld go for writting..
coz u r really good at it =]

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