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How things change... - SS updated pg 20 (Page 9)

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Sorry wrong post !!

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Thank you so much for the pm Big smile
Just feeling so bad for the two sisters..after so many years..CryCry
You always do this to me with your updates...but that's what I love about it. 
Please update soon...

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Simply outstanding...u r a brilliant,brilliant writer...

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Ok Guys this is going to be a long part, as I don't know when I can update next, I haven't written the next part and school starts up soon. Hopefully it is not too long. Thank you for all your comments and I hope that the story is finally making sense.

Part 5

It had been weeks since they had returned from Rishikesh, Jeevika was gradually returning to her old self. She was smiling and laughing and was not a quiet as she had become. Going to her home in Rishikesh had opened her up and she finally got some closure. Life was going well, Viren's practice was buzzing, and he was attracting bigger clients and getting more intriguing cases. Jeevika's job as a teacher was also well, that's only if you forget the children. Overall, their lives were back on track.

After a huge success in court, Viren rushed home to take Jeevika out for the evening. Jeevika got dressed up and Viren was wearing one of his best suit, they went to one of the finest restaurant for dinner not before heading to the city for a romantic drive. 

On the other side in Rishikesh, Maanvi health had taken a turn for the worse. Doctors had advised Virat to take Maanvi to Chandigarh for better facilities, as the their capabilities were falling short. For the last few months, the side effects of her treatment were getting the better of her. Her pain that increased to an extraordinary level. Virat and her family watched as she was slowly disappearing. The girl, who filled the house with her zest, could enter a room without anyone even noticing. Without any questions, Virat took Maanvi to Chandigarh.        

One morning on the way to work, Jeevika noticed Virat catching a taxi from opposite her house. She wondered what Virat could be doing there. However, she did not have the time to think about that. There was a big presentation at school this afternoon as she had many things to prepare. An influential person from the community was to honour some of the children. Many preparations need to be carried out even before the event could start.

"No! That doesn't go there. It has to go at the front. They are going to present the awards from here. Don't put those there!" Rushing around like a headless chicken, Jeevika was trying her best to make sure the event went ahead without a hitch.

It was three o'clock, the ceremony was about to start. Suddenly Jeevika remembered she forgot to put the drinks that the guests of honour had requested. Quickly she asked her TA to arrange refreshment.

On the loudspeaker, the head teacher began to speak "Welcome ladies and gentlemen, teachers and children. We are gathered here today to honour some children who have made this school proud. Here to honour these pupils is Ms Swamini and Vanshika Vadhera."

Hearing those two names, Jeevika felt numb. The rest of the head's speech was a blur, Jeevika could not hear anything, she stared at her mother in law and aunt in-law who were praising the efforts of the school and children.     

"Would Mrs Jeevika Vadhera, like to bring her student up so that they can receive their award."

As Jeevika stood, Swamini and Vanshika were shocked to see their daughter in law. Professional Jeevika took her students on stage as they received their award from the hands of Vanshisha and Swamini. The children gracefully accepted their awards and the ceremony continued without a hitch. Once the ceremony was over, Swamini and Vanshika wished to speak to Jeevika, after talking to the head. They headed towards Jeevika who was crowded by parents and students. Jeevika noticed her in laws coming towards her, as if a lioness hunting for her prey. She knew should would not get out of this predicament. After all the parents left, Jeevika took Swamini and Vanshika to her classroom, as it was more private than the hall. 

Nervously she began cleaning the room as she offered them a seat. She wanted to give her mother in law a hug, but with Swamini inches away she felt uncomfortable. With her back to them, she pretended to sort the papers on her desk. 

"I see that you are working as a teacher." Swamini quite observantly pointed out. Jeevika rolled her eyes with Swamini's sarcastic remark. 

"You seemed to have a lovely classroom, if you don't mind the inefficient lighting in this room. I guess you finally decided to work and not be a burden on Viren. The poor boy must be working do hard so that you can live the way you want. But that what happens when you separate, you need to fend for yourselves. " 

Jeevika wanted to shut her up, but she couldn't bring herself to be rude to Buaji in her school and a place where she has honour. Sly fully Jeevika replied, "the lights fine in here, there is no problem during the day. Were good, honestly. We are able to care for ourselves. We both work hard to provide us with what we need, we don't need any support from anyone. Today seems to be the day of consciences. First I see Virat roaming the streets and then both of you are here,' 

"Virat's, in Chandigarh?" Vanshika almost leapt with joy. "Jeevika, you saw Virat? How is he? Did he say why he's here?" Confused by their reaction she began to them for Virat not being in Chandigarh. She hadn't spoken to him but had assumed he was simply out. 

"Jeevika you are not that naive that you don't know that Virat lives in Rishikesh with his wife," Swamini casually said. 

"Wife, in Rishikesh?!" Jeevika was gobsmacked, her brother in law had married, and she didn't know. Even Viren was unaware otherwise, he would have shared that minor detail with her. 

"Yes, Virat married Maanvi against our wishes and lives in Rishikesh with her and her family" Swamini spoke harshly. 

Jeevika had not overcome the initial shock of Virat's marriage when she found out he married Maanvi, her very own sister. How was she deluded to the fact? Her baby sister was married and she had no clue. Suddenly things began to make sense, why Virat was in Rishikesh and why he seemed to be an integral part of the family. 

"Virat married Maanvi? He lives in Rishikesh? But then why did I see him in Chandigarh his morning?

Swamini was ready to pounce on her for being completely unaware. 

"Look Buaji, I have no intention on arguing with you here about us or Virat or even my marriage for that matter. If you wish to discuss the matter further, then ... " 

"Enough Jeevika! Stop pretending. First you turned Viren against us, then Virat ran to your sister. I don't know what spell you have cast on my family. Viren left his family because of your actions. Your poor judgement and inabilities caused us to lose our sons. You..." 

"Buaji you can blame me all you like, but your sons have minds of their own. They left of their own accord and no one can force them to do anything. I haven't spoken to Maanvi since that night. A night that you know very well, as well as the reason behind it. If you don't believe me then that is up to you. I'm not going to shower you with apologies that I do not mean because apologising for something that is right is not in my nature. Like I said I'm not discussing this here." as she picked up her bag  she came forward to Vanshika "It was nice to see you again Maa" she bowed down and touched her feet. As she shut the door behind her leaving Swamini and Vanshika standing in her classroom. 


Viren returned home after a long day at work, Jeevika who was pacing up and down the living room was unaware of this entrance. He was puzzled at seeing Jeevika in a state, muttering away incoherently. He rushed to her, where she narrated him the story. He was shocked to hear about Virat's marriage to Maanvi and even more surprised about his reappearance in Chandighar if his home is now in Rishikesh. 

That night Jeevika was unable to sleep. She had a feeling that something was wrong. Something was just not right, she couldn't shift this from her mind. As she laid in her bed, all she could think about was Maanvi. She remembered something that Maanvi had said to her, many years ago: 

"Whenever I think you Di, I will always see you in front of me and you will know that I am thinking of you. Even if you are miles away, you will forever live in my heart. Tomorrow if I marry, he will never take your place. And when I think of you, you will know. After all khoon ka rishta hai humare" 

Why did Jeevika have the feeling that Maanvi was thinking of her, just as she was thinking of her. 

It was Saturday morning and Jeevika was half-asleep whist making breakfast. She burnt the toast and almost spilt the tea. Viren entered the kitchen and handed Jeevika a piece of paper. Wondering what it was she opened up the folded paper and saw an address. "126 Thrust Street, Chandigarh" 

A random address on a piece of paper. She asked Viren about the address, she had figured it was his client's address, which he did not know how to get there. 

"It's Virat and Maanvi's address in Chandighar. I was able to get someone to find out where they are staying" 

Jeevika almost dropped the teacup on the floor. Was she ready to face Maanvi once again? Viren comforted her and explain that they need to go and find out things once and for all. 

As they approached the house in which Virat and Maanvi were staying. Jeevika couldn't help to sense that dread once again. Somehow she knew, once she entered that door, she was not going to return with good news. Slowly they walked up to the door and Viren pressed the doorbell. It felt as if it took a century of Virat to open the door. Although he was shocked, he happily welcomed his bhai and Bhabhi into his rental home. Just as Virat stepped out of the living room to get his guests a drink. Maanvi slowly walked into the room. She could barely walk, but struggled through it. Just as she was about to fall Jeevika caught her. Slowly she lifted her up and sat her down. Maanvi was shocked to see her Di but was in awe of her. She was speechless despite all that had happened, Jeevika showed the same affection as she once had.

Suddenly Maanvi felt a sharp pain. The pain was so severe that she couldn't even scream. She clutched her side and felt back into the sofa. Suddenly she let out a loud shriek. Jeevika tried to help, but she did not know what to do. Virat rushed in and picked her up. He tried to get her to swallow her medicines but she was unable to and simply vomited them back up. They rushed out took her to the hospital. 

Jeevika did not know how to react. Maanvi was constantly ill, even as a child, she regularly had a fever or would catch a virus. However she had never seen her in such a state before. As she and Viren stood outside her room, they did not know what to think. They had so many questions, to which only Virat and Maanvi had the answers.

Jeevika and Viren wondered towards Maanvi's room. Her door was open and she was talking with Virat.

In a quiet voice, she spoke "Virat, what are Di and Jiju doing here? How did they get here? Do you think they know? Virat..?" She tugged on Virat as she cried thinking that her sister knew the truth that she has been hiding from her.    

As Viren and Jeevika stood outside the door, they did not dare to enter. Holding Viren's hand tightly, Jeevika felt numb from inside. She knows Maanvi is keeping something from here, and feared for the worst.

He wiped her tears away. "They just came to your doorstep. I don't know why they are here. They haven't said anything. I don't think they know. But they will want some answers now. Maanvi it is time. We have to tell them the truth. They deserve at least that. For the few months, you have wanted to call Bhabhi up and tell her everything. You have forgotten everything, then why can't you just tell Bhabhi the truth now?"  

 "Yes, Maanvi. What is the truth? If you have forgiven everything in the past, then why do still treat me like an outsider. Why can't I be a part of your life? I wasn't even told about your marriage. Did I really become a stranger? I had always dreamed about your marriage. How I would give you away and do your Kanyadaan, and I wasn't there, for the biggest day of your life. You didn't see the need to tell me, either of you. And now you are hiding something else from me. Something that I know is huge, you don't understand what this last year had been like. And now to know that you have forgotten everything months ago...' 

"Di" she whispers. She wanted to reach her hand out but didn't have the courage. As Jeevika was about to leave she turned back at Maanvi. 

"Di, I'm sorry Di. I couldn't tell you anything before. I just couldn't bring myself to tell you the truth. I tried calling you a million times but hung up after the first ring. It wasn't something I could do on the phone, but I couldn't face you, not after what happened." 

Jeevika sat next to Maanvi and took get hand. She reassuranced her that she could handle the truth and that she wanted to know and that she could handle it. 

"Di, I married Virat because we love each other. After Badi Beeji died Virat stayed in Rishikesh, he helped around the house and helped us all cope with our loss. He was great support not only up me but to everyone. Then once we found out about me, we decided to marry" 

"Maanu want did you find out about yourself?" 

" I .. I  have leukaemia..." Jeevika's world crashed into a million pieces.

"... I'm fine though." she quickly said, "I'm having treatment and it seems to be working. The doctors ate hopefully that everything will be fine." 

Jeevika who was holding Maanvi's hand let go. She tried to make sense what she was just told, but it didn't, it couldn't. Silently she stood and walked out of the door. Leaving Viren and Virat shocked and Maanvi sobbing for her sister.

Viren rushed out and followed Jeevika. Jeevika was remembering all the moments she shared with Maanvi, all the times she wanted to call her, she wished she had plucked up the courage and made that call. Maybe then, she would have known sooner. Her world crumbled. As she walked, she had no sense of direction or awareness. Suddenly she felt a pull. Viren had grabbed her as she had walked out of the hospital and was headed towards oncoming traffic. He wrapped his arms around her. Jeevika who was still in shock was unable to react. She stood there lifeless.

Viren wanted to take Jeevika back to Maanvi's room as he knows that where she wants to be. However, he knew she needed time to process it all. He took her to family room. Where he sat her down and tried to talk to her. Viren was struggling seeing Jeevika in this state. He feared that she would slip backwards. Those words of hers that she had written flooded back to her. She was once in a dark place and hoped that she didn't return there. Without saying a word, Jeevika left and headed towards Maanvi's room. As she peered into the room, she looked on as Maanvi was quietly sobbing to Virat. A nurse brushed past her to check to Maanvi as she was being discharged. Jeevika wanted to enter the room but she didn't have the courage. How could she face her? What would she say?

"DI!" Maanvi saw Jeevika by the door she signalled Virat to bring Jeevika inside, slowly he pulled Jeevika in the room, before excusing himself. Jeevika took Maanvi by the hand and asked her to sit. She knelt on the floor in front of her and took her hand.

"So this was it. This is what you have been hiding from us. Why? Did you think your Di couldn't handle it. Or after everything that happened I simply wouldn't care. Pagal, ek rak ki dogi tujhe. You didn't tell me? The person who you shared all your secrets with, big or small and you didn't tell me something this huge.

I know your grown up now, why would you tell me everything. Who am I? Just your crazy elder sister. Tell me something ' you tried convincing me that your fine, your treatment is going well. Then why are you here in Chandigarh? Why are you not in Rishikesh? Maanu?"  

Hearing those words from Jeevika, made Maanvi realise what she had been missing. Her sister who would love and care for her as well as question her when she knew better. She sat their quietly. 

"Tell me Maanvi! If everything is fine why are you here?" She stood up to leave Manvi grabbed onto her hand. 

"Di..actually... I "she was stammering to get her words out. She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down. 

"Di, my treatment is going well. Honestly, it's just... Chandighar had better facilities compared to Rishikesh so we headed up here." she tried not meeting Jeevika glare, as she couldn't lie to her face anymore. 

"Ok, Maanu. If that's the truth I believe you, but can you say that again looking at me." a shiver ran down Maanvi spine. How could she say that again, half of it may have been true, however half wasn't and Maanvi could no longer lie. She broke down in front of Jeevika and sobbed in her lap. She told her the truth, the entire tale. How her cancer is spreading and they have come to Chandighar for better treatment, yet Maanvi is unsure if it will have any effect at all. Jeevika wiped her tears and sat her up. 

"Did you know that in this entire world there is only one Maanvi. My sister. Who I will not let anything happen to. You have always seen me weak and falling at the graces of others but you have never seen my strength, which is you. You Maanu are my strength. Together we can fight this." 

Told you it was a long update, I hope you didn't get too bored in the middle, sorry about the length

 Part 6- page 11

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loved it sooo much, thanks for the pm bbz and yes it was reallly long

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Thumbs Up wonderful. Clap waiting 4 next update.

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don't know what to say...feeling short of words...just wanna say it was PERFECT...

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awesome...thanks for pm

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