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How things change... - SS updated pg 20 (Page 19)

Amii90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 December 2012 at 2:49pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Pj-

 You don't have to apologise, life is busy I know that. I love reading your comments otherwise I wouldn't ask. (Just being selfish) Glad the whole story worked for you, as I said I had a hard time writing that as I never planned it out. Which is also the large delay in the update. As long as it worked! I kinda of wanted to tell that part and be done with it. Not dwell on the past issue but simply explain. 

I remember us saying we dislike the names, Chutku and Chutki and I hated it as well. Plus it reminded me of Krystle and Nia's interview about baby names - well the baby names in the show. Viren didn't use the words either? Uh I'm confused?

Did you read it all again this time? God. It's long. I am aiming to update over Xmas, I may ask you to pm for me if you would be so kind.

Aww thank you for saying that!!!! Like I wasn't  even that busy but just forgot lol- need something to fix that issue! I know what you mean- writers block- disables you to write for months! Happens to me too but more than that my laziness is reason behind my delays to update my SS; I know the plot in my head, just can't sit and type all that! But despite the delay, your plot worked perfectly fine and I liked how you said you just wanted to explain the issue behind the problem but not dwell on it too much. 

Yea those names lol- For Viren's comment I meant that in one of the scene, he tells Jeevika to take care of the "baby", he didn't use the words like "chutku or chutki" and we were happy about that! 

No, I didn't read it all, just last 2 parts to make sense of it- again my memory is the issue lol! Yea sure update it if you can easily manage to do so during your vacation and sure I wouldn't mind sending PMs, lemme know :)

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-Pj- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 December 2012 at 2:06am | IP Logged

Thank you for offering :). Don't worry about forgetting I am constantly doing that. I put something down and forget where I have put it. True you need the time to write and have those ideas. Sometimes they do, sometimes they just don't. This part needed explaining, I couldn't end it without explain why as it was asked after the very first part.

You mean in the show right for Viren. Thinking about it, he always asked to care for the baby and herself never Chutki etc.

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nobo IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 December 2012 at 6:08am | IP Logged
  That was amazing pj...Lovvved itt
But did i missed any part in between.Confused when did mannu got pregnant

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-Pj- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 December 2012 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by nobo

That was amazing pj...Lovvved itt
But did i missed any part in between.Confused when did mannu got pregnant

Glad you liked it Priya. You haven't missed a part Maanvi and Jeevika were pregrant from the last part. Not before. The previous update was them going back to Vadera house. I have a tendency just to add details like that in one sentence and not dwelling in it.

Ps. The title of this SS is annoying me as I put the wrong page, but I can't change it unless I'm on my laptop.

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girl97 Goldie

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Posted: 18 December 2012 at 10:23am | IP Logged

thats so nice
i so got into the mood of the sotry
ur an amazing writer
do update soon and PM me plz 
..Amrita.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 December 2012 at 1:16am | IP Logged
plz continue soon
-Pj- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 December 2012 at 12:23pm | IP Logged
Final part guys. To all of those who have enjoyed it after month and months. I know I have kept you all waiting with this SS as I could not update regularly due to work and also coming up with ideas. But I would like to thank you all for taking the time to read by crazy story. I don't know if I will write another SS again. (Already written two) but I have an OS most likely on the way sometime soon. May just stick with those for a while. 

Hopefully this does not seemed rushed at all, but I didn't want to drag it out. Please forgive all errors. Not enough time for editing. ENJOY. 

Virat was alone in his room, looking at baby things on the Internet, when suddenly Jeevika walked in. She is now 35 weeks pregnant. Virat rushed over to her, thinking something might be wrong as Viren was out for the morning. 

"Virat, I need a favour," 
"Bhabhi sure, what is it?" 
"I wanted to get something for Virenji, can you take me to the shopping centre." He had a sigh of relief.  
"Sure Bhabhi, that's actually perfect. I wanted to buy something special for Maanvi as well. It's our anniversary soon plus I saw some cute baby things," Virat started to blushed, Jeevika began teasing him to which he went red in the face. 

In the baby shop, Jeevika began looking at some accessories. Virat wondered over to the clothes section, he put down the shopping bags, which he wouldn't let Jeevika carry. He picked up a green baby grow, which had a little Winnie the Pooh on it catching some butterflies. He popped it against himself, and though how could someone be that small and fit into this. 

He jumped as he felt a tap on his shoulder, he turned  to see Jeevika smiling at him. He picked up the baby grow and his special gift and he and Jeevika headed home. 

'So this is what you meant

When you said that you were spent
And now it's time to build from the bottom of the pit
Right to the top
Don't hold back
Packing my bags and giving the academy a rain check' 

It's time by the Imagine Dragons, was playing on the radio. 
"Bhabhi, have you heard this song. It's beautiful, make you feel like you are alive," Virat turned up the music. 
"Virat! Virat!" Virat couldn't hear as he had tuned it up so loud. 
"Virat!!!!" She screamed. 

Without even realising, their car was turned on side. Another car had run into the back driver side at full speed after it skipped a red light. Jeevika tried calling and tapping tap Virat, to wake up him, but she couldn't reach him as she was stuck. 

Virat and Jeevika were rushed into hospital after being recused from the car. Viren and Maanvi reached the hospital just as they arrived, Virat was lower from the ambulance first, he was still unconscious. Maanvi rushed up to him, wanting him to open his eyes and tell her it was just a joke. She couldn't bear to see him like this. 

Viren rushed behind as Jeevika was lowered down. She tried asking about Virat and Maanvi, and was trying to explain to Viren what had happened. She had a slight cut on her head from where she hit the dash in the car. Viren tried to calm her down as she was taken to be checked out. Her cut was superficial, but her blood pressure was slightly higher than it should be. The doctors began checking the baby, they asked Jeevika if she had any pain or discomfort anywhere. She mentioned a small amount of pain. The baby seemed fine, however they kept her in, to observe her and the baby for the next few hours. 
"Virenji! Virat and Maanvi. Where are they? What happened?! Why am I here, where are they?" Viren looked at the doctor confused. Jeevika tried getting out of bed, he stopped her. 

"Virenji, where are Maanvi and Virat. We have to find them." She had began panicking the doctor was trying to reexamine her, slowly her blood pressure was climbing up again. The doctor asked him to step and check on Virat whilst they check Jeevika. This started to calm her down. 

As Viren left he didn't know what to think or do. Three lives were in the balance.  He saw Maanvi a few feet away outside the room where Virat was. He tapped her, she immediately fell into his arms and starting crying. He held her tight as they tried to comfort each other. He tried to get her to calm her down as she was now 20 weeks pregrant. 

Virat was wheeled out of the room. The doctor began speaking to Viren and Maanvi. He told them, that Virat is stable however, there is bleeding in his stomach to which they need to operate. Maanvi went up to him, took his hand and kissed him. She did not want to let go, but had to. 

They headed back to Jeevika's room, Maanvi went up to her and sat by her side as Viren spoke to the doctor. 
"How is she?" 
"She fine, it happens sometimes as she hit her head but we will keep a close eye on it. She has no signs of a concusion. It is most likely temporary, but as I said we will keep a close eye on her and the baby." Viren was slightly confused as he thought the baby was fine. The doctor explained how with accident such as these women can go into labour as their water can break or even their placenta can rupture.  

The doctor left Viren, and he joined Maanvi and Jeevika in the room. He took her hand and sat beside her. 

"Oh God," Jeevika sat up after a sharp pain. 
"What's the matter?" Viren and Maanvi spoke at the same time. 
"Can you get a nurse I think I just wet myself," they both sighed, thinking something else had happened. Viren stepped out to get someone. Before the nurse or Viren came back Jeevika felt something was wrong, the monitors she was attached to started to bleep and she began to feel weak. The nurse checked her and called for the doctor. Her water had not broken but her placenta had ruptured causing her to loose a lot of blood, she needed to be rushed for a cesarean immediately.  Viren and Maanvi were holding her hand as she was bring wheeled off only to let go at a certain point. 

Both Virat and Jeevika were in surgery whilst their partners anxiously waited outside. They could not feel any more helpless. Maanvi did not know what to do. Virat had been her rock for so long, he had always been her side. He was with her through her disease but never thought of him being in trouble. 

Viren and Jeevika's child was borm. She had delivered a healthy baby girl and Jeevika was recovering well. Luckily they had been no complications during the abruption and cesarean. The doctors were able to stabilise the bleeding. 

Viren entered the room to see his wife asleep on the bed. The nurse had just brought the baby in, she was about to leave with the child, when Viren stopped her. Slowly he picked up his daughter and kissed her on the cheek, he walked up to Jeevika and did the same. He placed her back down, only to continue staring at her. Their child was born, and she was perfect in every sense of the word. He had never felt anything like this before.   

A few days after returning home. It was Virat and Maanvi's anniversary. Virat was resting in his room, when Maanvi came in. She had brought in a tray full of food to serve to her husband. He made his favourite food hoping that he would eat something. Slowly she placed the tray on the bedside table as Virat was asleep. As she left, he grabbed her wrist. 

"Where are you off to? I thought you were going to serve me my food," he spoke in a cheeky way. Maanvi sat on the bed beside him and picked up the bowl and spoon from the tray and began feeding him.

"I'm sorry, actually I brought you a present but it got it the day if the accident so I don't have it anymore." Maanvi lend in and hugged him, she didn't need a present as she had him. Safe and well, that was all she needed. 

"Just wait I have got yours," she braced herself using the bed to stand when Virat grabbed her again. 
"I don't need a gift, you have already given me one," he rubs this hand on her belly. 

Months had passed and the house was filled with the laughter and cries of children. Jeevika and Viren's daughter was nine months old. Maanvi and Virat's son was seven months. 

Both sisters were in the living room, letting their children play with they toys while they tried to relax for a few moments. 
"Di!" Maanvi shouted at the top of her lungs, "Look she's standing up for the first time!" At the same moment Maanvi's son sat up by himself without wobbling for the first time as well. 

Jeevika ran to go and get the camera from her room as their phones did not have battery. She rushed in and took the camera out of the cupboard. It was under a pile of clothes, ae she pulled it out something else fell. It was her old phone. She picked it up and turned it on. Just to see whether it would. 

It has been said that we can find beauty all around us. In the flowers, the breeze, in everything God has created. How does that exist? How does one see the beauty in something that is not there. We all try to find little joys of happiness to escape the dark barrel of our lives. But why? We all know life isn't always full of happiness and that these barrels are always here, so why try to escape them? If this is life, then how is changing it possible. We search and search  for what? What are we searching for? 

As Jeevika closed these notes. She saw how far she had come.  She looked around the room as saw pictures of not just herself and Viren, but of Maanvi, Virat and their children. They had become one family. It was more than a house it had become a home, with laughter and cries and mess all over the place. 

The woman who wrote these notes was in a very different phase in her life, to the one reading them now. There was a time, when that darkness could have swallowed her whole. Darkness and light are a way of life, it comes and goes. However, it is up to us to embrace one or the other. 

Shuffling down through the notes, Jeevika realised that even though all those emotions were valid at the time. They have no place in her life now. She highlighted them all and pressed the delete button. It wasn't that, that part of her life was erased or that she had buried them, but that she had finally moved on from what has, to what is now.  

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Amii90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 December 2012 at 1:01pm | IP Logged
And thats a WRAP and what an interesting one!!! I quickly skimmed over the initial parts just to have a proper closure and reconnect those dots as the story completed the full circle! "How Things Change"- You took this concept and narrated it beautifully and the "change" was explicit in your writing and it progressed beautifully as each part was updated! Brilliantly executed cohesive story- never a dull moment!

The last part was unreal; the pace did seem a little fast; however, I also understand your part about not dragging it to extremes either but having said that, the pace didn't have an negative impact on the story! Again the suspense in the last part kept me on my toes as I thought you might be finishing this story on a serious note but glad to see it otherwise. Again your story maintains that balance of happiness and saddened emotions which works amazingly in totality!

The incorporation of the last note (Smiled at the 9th June part lol as that is my birth date- just had to mention that) was something that gave it a proper final touch- reconnecting dots, tying the ends, and thats really what shows how you have managed to make this theme work in a way it did!!! Jeevika reading and erasing those old messages- BEAUTIFUL scene and like you said, she deleted them but certainly didn't let them delete from her memory; they became invalid but that doesn't take away the fact that those messages were significant at one point of time! Person doesn't really forget their old thoughts, just learns to move on with them!!!

It was a pleasure reading this SS, Pj and its been a beautiful reading journey!!! Always awaiting your next :)

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