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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

How things change... - SS updated pg 20 (Page 15)

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Posted: 28 November 2012 at 2:42pm | IP Logged
New part coming soon this is so I don't forget to post it.

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Posted: 29 November 2012 at 4:04am | IP Logged
awesomeee...read all the parts in one shot!!!!! phew!!!! amazing and well wriitten...great going... do continuee soonn n pls PM me..thnkzzz

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forever_young IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 November 2012 at 11:45am | IP Logged
This is just AMAZING!!! i have no words to describe it right now!

Read all the parts in one go and totally LOVE it!!
The way you describe everything, the emotions, it is just PERFECT!!!

Do PM me whenever you update :')

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-Pj- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 November 2012 at 1:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by avni_19

awesomeee...read all the parts in one shot!!!!! phew!!!! amazing and well wriitten...great going... do continuee soonn n pls PM me..thnkzzz

One go! Wow I'm very surprised as it is quite long. I haven't updated in about month and a half should be soon though hopefully. Will try and send out all PMs.

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Posted: 30 November 2012 at 1:53pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by forever_young

This is just AMAZING!!! i have no words to describe it right now!

Read all the parts in one go and totally LOVE it!!
The way you describe everything, the emotions, it is just PERFECT!!!

Do PM me whenever you update :')

Thanks so much. I should be updating soon so I'll be sure to Pm you. Still can't believe you read it in one go Big smile

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Ok I'm kind of back with my next update. I know it's been a while, but I really struggled writing it. Came up and even wrote different scenarios but ended up going with this. Forgive all the grammatical errors, as I haven't really been able to edit properly. I've written two extra parts which I will post in separated posts for you all as it might be a tad long otherwise. 

Part 7


Since Jeevika and Maanvi's split, Jeevika had been trying to make up with her sister. She often used Daabu as a way in, calling him up every day just find out the happenings of the house. However, soon Swamini Bua found out, she was fuming because of her dislike to Jeevika's maternal home, especially her sister. Swamini was pleased with the current discord between the sisters, as this was the only way Jeevika could be free from her antics. 

However, since this rift, Jeevika was not the same person she once was. Something in her had changed and this was something Swamini had not noticed, leaving her blindsided when things began heating up. It started off as little things: missing to check household supplies, forgetting to help Sholk, not getting to the table on time and even being a bit blunt sometimes. After a while, something was beginning to click. 

Viren had been summoned to the office of interrogation. 

"Come Viren, I need to speak to you," Swamini spoke in a serious tone. Viren slowly entered the room and thought of sitting but suddenly changed his mind. 

"Viren, I am noticing a slight difference in Jeevika's behaviour recently. She doesn't seem herself, being late for the table is not something that should be taken lightly." Viren could sense where this was heading and honestly he didn't want to stick around for it. He knew about Jeevika and her feelings more than anyone else and didn't need to hear it from Swamini. He peered down at his watch. 

"Badi Ma, actually I have a very important meeting to head to." Swamini was trying to stop him, "The client is one of Dadaji top clients. Sorry Badi Ma..." Viren quickly dashed out of there, he wasn't lying about the meeting, but he didn't have to leave so early. 

Swamini Vadhera was a big name in the city of Chandighar. People always respected her and the causes that she supported. One special cause in everyone's hearts is the education of children, all children within the country. Swamini had formed a new organisation to improve the state of schools and education. 

Jeevika also became part of this. For the first time since her separation, she was willing to give her all into something. Especially to something linked to education, after all she was once a teacher. However, after finding out more about Swamini's plans, the more she disagreed with it. The aim of the organisation was to provide better facilities to local school to help develop children progress. This was not something she objected, but knew there were more pressuring issues in the education system. 

There was a knock on the door, "Buaji, could I speak to you?" 

"Yes, Jeevika come in. I'm just sorting out some organisation paperwork. You will not believe the mountain." 

Jeevika walked it into the room prepared with what she was going to say. 

"Actually (pause) Buaji," she pauses once again.

"Jeevika would you spit it out, I'm a bit busy." 

"Buaji, it's about the organisation. I think we need to focus on something different. I mean there is something a lot more pressuring than simply providing the upper middle class with new gadgets. I know from working in Rishikesh that there needs to be investment on quality teaching and getting..." 

"Jeevika, please I know where this money should go and how we should head this organisation. Thank you for your suggestion." Swamini turned back round to her desk, and carried on with her own agenda. Jeevika left dishearten and returned to her room. She couldn't help to think that even though Swamini's vision is not corrupt there was will a better use of this infrastructure.     

Viren returned from home, and headed to his room where he saw Jeevika blankly staring at her laptop. He questioned her worries. Then she began to tell him her concern and views about. 

"Well Jeevika if that's the way Badi Ma wants to take it, and you have tried to share your views and she doesn't agree. Then want can you really do? You went to her and shared your views. You tried maybe you could try and another time." 

Jeevika couldn't help to still feel disheartened by the issue. An idea just popped into Viren's mind, "Or you share your views with another organisation, which focuses on that issue more. Maybe you could help them?" 

Jeevika took on Viren advice and began researching other organisations that follow what she had envisioned. She found a charity that did so and started to join to their views. 

A few weeks later

A fundraiser had been organised to celebrate the work done by Swamini organisation and other charities to improve the education system. 

"We would like to welcome you all to this very auspicious event. Where we have the opportunity to celebrate the work you all do to improve our countries future as well as carrying on supporting the cause. I would like to welcome on stage, someone who is closely linked to this charity. Mrs Jeevika Vadhera." Swamini was taken back; she almost dropped what was in her hand, when Jeevika name was spoken. 

"Thank you Mr Samani. I would like you thank you all for the support given to this charity. It was formed to improve the quality of teaching across social classes. By providing teachers with extra training to facilitate not only children's progress but there wellbeing within school. We are also trying to ensure that every child has the opportunity to get an education whether that be: in a city, town or village. This is our aim, to get children educated regardless of their circumstance or gender." Jeevika went on and explained what exactly the charity is doing. 

By the end of the fundraiser, Swamini had tolerated enough, she was going to speak to Jeevika about this whole situation. In front of the entire media, Jeevika was standing alongside another charity preaching something very different to their family organisation. However, before she could get speak to Jeevika. Journalists and media coverages wanted a quote about this conflict of interest. Swamini being her usual self brushed them off abruptly. This sparked media attention as after the event more attention was given to the two Vadhera women rather than the cause.  

Swamini stormed into the house like a whirlwind. She has never been so angry. A member of her family takes such a drastic decision and does not even have the curtsy to inform her. She was not going to stand for it. She picked up the newspaper and stormed off downstairs where the entire family minus Jeevika were waiting. 

"Badi Ma... I" started Viren. 

Swamini slammed the newspaper down, which had printed about the whole affair in great detail. 

"No Viren I'm sorry, today I don't want to hear from you. It is not your fault that we are in this position, with the entire world looking at us, what respect have we got left? The person who is to blame is not even here." Within this gap Viren tried to explain that he had somewhat encouraged Jeevika to join the charity as it fitted more with her perspective. 

"No Viren! This cannot happen. Today's your wife has crossed all limits. What did you think, we would praise you and Jeevika for your actions?! What does she think of herself! She..." Swamini voiced raised louder than it had ever been before. The echoes of her voice could her heard across the Vadhera mansion. Her anger was such that no one could tame her. Her trusted nephew was no longer at her disposal. He had formed a mind of his own, which did not only consider the wishes of Badi Ma. Before Swamini could even finish Viren had heard enough.

"Enough! If you think I will stand here whist you degrade my wife in my presence, then you are mistaken. I respect you and you are older than me, but to insult my wife in front it me, I will not accept. I admit..." 

"Wow? This is all that we had to see. Viren you are raising you voice to me? Your Badi Ma, today Jeevika has shown her true colours. She has turned our own son against his family, never mind her own faults. Where is she now? We're all here because of her actions and she sits comfortably in her room. How shameless can one be?" 

Viren stormed off in a fit of anger, he could not listen anymore. He headed towards his room, moments later he emerged with Jeevika in one hand and a suitcase in other. He silently left the Vadhera house without a word, in front of his entire family. 

Viren was finally able to see what he couldn't in all these years. He knew this Badi Ma could love endlessly but today he realised how she could hold a grudge and how her feelings of resentment would never be lifted. The venom in which she spoke will never be erased from Viren's mind. 

Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust. 

End of flashback 

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Part 8

The four of them returned home after leaving the Vadhera house for maybe the last time. Months past, Virat and Maanvi had permanently moved in with Viren and Jeevika in Chandigarh. 

"DI!" Maanvi rushed into the room. 

"Maanu what the matter?" Maanvi grabbed Jeevika by the hands and was trying to get her to move. 

"Come with me I have a surprise for you. Di come on!" She rushed Jeevika to the dark room. The room that was once empty. She made Jeevika close her eyes.  

"Three, two, one OPEN!" As Jeevika opened her eyes she saw a beautifully decorated room, it was yellow and purple their favourite colours. There sat two little cots, awaiting their arrival. One was for Jeevika's child and another for Maanvi's. Happiness had returned in the form of new life. Jeevika couldn't believe her eyes. Was this the same room she once used to come into to when no one was around? 

"Maanu did you do..."

"Don't be silly Di, do you think I would be allowed to? Even though it was my idea, and my hard work. No Jiju and Virat did all the heavy lifting, I just supervised." She smugly announced. 

Suddenly Virat arrived and grabbed his pregnant wife from behind. 

"What's happening here? Showing Bhabhi my beautiful work?!" He stated sarcastically. He took Jeevika away from Maanvi, "Over here Bhabhi will be your niece or nephew and here will be mine." 

"Oi, why are you taking all the credit! It was my idea..."

"But I executed it. They say it's the person who executes the plan is remembered, not the one that makes it."

"Well I would have if you would have let me!" 

Virat and Maanvi carried on with their argument without a care in the world. There Jeevika stood watching her sister and devar argue as they always did. She knew in about 10 minutes it would all be forgotten.

Quietly she tiptoed out of the room and headed back to hers. There they sat a box. A perfectly wrapped box, which was not there 20 minutes ago. As she opened it, something fell out. It contained a small teddy. Jeevika slowly bend now and picked it up. It looked very similar to one she had many years ago. A small little rabbit with floppy bunny ears, and a yellow bow around its neck. She had a hint of a smile and carefully placed it on the bedside table. 

As night fell Jeevika had fallen asleep waiting for Viren. She had hoped he would have come early, as that present couldn't be from anyone else. However he never came. Later that night, Viren crept into their room. Trying not to wake Jeevika up. He laid beside her and placed his hand over her belly. Jeevika was currently 6 months pregnant and this pregnancy did not currently have any complications such as her previous one. Viren was being extra carefully throughout this pregnancy, which was actually annoying Jeevika quite a bit. However, he couldn't help it. He wanted everything to go as smoothly as possible. He lightly kissed Jeevika on the cheek and went to sleep for the night. 

A few days later

It was still morning and Viren was getting ready for work. He took one end of the bed sheet and Jeevika took the other. 

"Jeevika, have you thought of any baby names? What about family names?" They lifted the sheet over and tucked back in. 

"If it's a boy, we could go for mine or your Dad's name. How does Mahesh or Vikram sound? Or even my Mom's name? Actually..." Jeevika paused for a second as she had an idea, "I wanna name our child Dimple." 

They picked up the duvet and began to fix it into position. 

"DIMPLE!" Viren stated fluffing his pillow. 

"Naming her after Maanvi's favourite doll!"

"Well I can't name her Maanvi, seeing as that is also a family name! But I could name her after Maanvi's favourite doll, that might be a start." 

"It doesn't matter what we call our child. Your sister will still only call it Chutku or Chutki"

"God how I hate those names!" Jeevika chucked the pillow down onto the bed. Jeevika straightened up the blanket. 

"Bhai!" Viren heard Virat calling him from outside. He kissed Jeevika and slightly messed up the blankets arrangement on purpose.  

This part was slightly shorter but I thought it might be too long in one post so I split it. 

Feel free to comment or slate it :D

Part 9 (final part) - page 20

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thnx for the pm
awesome update but wish it was longer :)
finally the mystery is over n love it that jeevs is pregnant
update soon n pm me

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