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How things change... - SS updated pg 20 (Page 11)

romanticgurl070 Goldie

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Posted: 27 August 2012 at 7:38am | IP Logged
wow loved it
read all parts 
virika rutna manana n so on
viren caring for jeevika all time
plz pm me the next update

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*Eva* IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 August 2012 at 10:08pm | IP Logged
OMG, POOJA!!!!! Stern Smile This part truly defines M A G I C <3 Everything was PERFECT...from the Jeevika-Swamini-Vanshika meeting to her finding out about VM's marriage to her telling off Swamini to Jeevika thinking about Manvi to JM meeting again to Jeevika's questions to Manvi to Jeevika's immediate reaction to Manvi's illness to Jeevika's beautiful words to Manvi at the end...BRILLIANCE Heart Absolutely LOVED the amount of detail put into this along with the incorporation of Jeevika and Manvi's inner-thoughts...worded SO poignantly <3 I read this twice and I'm ready for a third time...simply can't get enough of this! Dude, I LOVE the length of this update...eeeks!! Hope it continues this way Tongue Keep up the amazing work...can't wait for the next update! :D

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NishuM IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 August 2012 at 7:04am | IP Logged
it was a gr8 story...read with so much  concentration..can't tell u
plzzz update the next part as soon as possible
the story..speechless .it had everything that is required to be a super dooper hit blockbuster
i have become a fan of ur writing after reading thisClap

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munnihyderabad Cool Viewbie

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Posted: 01 September 2012 at 11:42pm | IP Logged

My apologies Pooja for commenting so late... .. caught up with part 4 and part 5 ...wish I had few more parts to readWink

well what do I say .. I loved loved loved the way the story is unfolding with the subtle emotions Clap great great story and amazing writing skillsStar

so Viren and Jeevika met Virat and Maanvi in Hrishikesh (well i guessed itLOL ) VirMan married... part 5 brought many things to the fore.. I loved the way you made J tell off SB .. Dancing , but still the rift between Vadheras and Virika is yet to be opened up...

J's shock when she heard about VirMan's marriage was beautifully penned down.. J's utter disbelief that her sister married without informing her very well written...

you don't realize how much i loved these lines...

"Whenever I think you Di, I will always see you in front of me and you will know that I am thinking of you. Even if you are miles away, you will forever live in my heart. Tomorrow if I marry, he will never take your place. And when I think of you, you will know. After all khoon ka rishta hai humare"

so J's world crumbles when she knows about M's cancer and the whole thing of cancer revelation and J's reaction to it had my throat choked pooja... you have caught the right pulse of all characters..

The screenplay, the plot, the characters every is just so brilliant ,,,and I am so happy with part 5 and you know the reason. JeeMan ka milan...how can we be happy when JeeMan are separate.. even if they suffer ,, we want them to suffer together.,..rather than going through the pain for each other...

will wait for the next part Pooja,. update when you are free,,,Big smile

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-Pj- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 September 2012 at 10:09am | IP Logged

I'm back!!! Well I guess you're not that excited :D. Here comes the next part. I hope some questions are answers but not all of them. I have been a tad busy with schoolwork. (Even today, if I say that it doesn't sound right as I'm not studying anymore) Again, I don't know when I will update as I haven't written it. It will possible when we break up for half term (5 weeks!!) I know I don't reply to each of you indivually I will try this time to do so, but I truly appreciate all your comments. Anyway enough with my rambling ENJOY :D

PS. PMs are coming out soon 

Part six 

Once Jeevika and Viren found out the truth about Maanvi they brought her to their home. They set Virat and Maanvi up in their own room and were slowly becoming a family once again. Jeevika and Maanvi had always wished to live together forever and for now their wish had been granted. 

Maanvi had finished a three week cycle of chemo. The effects from her chemo were starting to ease. She was slowly beginning to feel better, she always did at the end of her cycles. After months of care and treatment, Maanvi was given green light. She was in remission. 

One evening Maanvi wondered into the kitchen looking for a bottle opener, as she opened the top drawer she saw that it was filled with junk. She looked through the drawer to try to find what she wanted. Under all the rubbish she found something - a picture. Even though it was burned she knew what it once was. 

She remembered that day just like it was yesterday. It was a day in Rishikesh, with her Di and her entire family. The picture was the Chaudary family sitting by ganga ghat, all her family together. As she looked at the image she knew why Jeevika wanted to burn that memory. 

'Maanvi! Maanvi! Where is this girl? Maanvi!?" Jeevika stumbled into the kitchen where she saw Maanvi holding the picture in her hand. She rushed up to Maanvi, snatched the picture from her, shut it in the drawer and left. Maanvi was left stunned, she wanted to finally talk about the past, but couldn't help to think that Jeevika wasn't ready. 

Viren and Virat had gone out got the night, leaving Maanvi and Jeevika home alone. After that incident Jeevika had not come out of her room. It has been hours and Maanvi was beginning to worry, so she decided to talk to her. She knocked on the door but there was no reply, she knocked again, but there was still no reply. She decided to go in. She saw Jeevika sitting the bed with a drink in her hand. Slowly she walked over to her and sat beside her. She took her sister's hand. 

"Di?" as Maanvi looked at Jeevika she knew something was wrong. 

"Di, what is this? Why have you shut yourself off? Di?" Maanvi tried nudging her only to spill her drink. 

"Di! What are you drinking? Di this is vodka, what the... Di we need to talk, we can't go on like this we need to get everything out. That picture..." 

"Maanvi" Jeevika spoke in a quiet voice. 

"Do you remember that day?" Maanvi nodded, how could she forget that day. 

"That day was so different to the ones after. The days when we used to roam the streets and talk about what our lives would be like. Did you think it would turn out like this? We went over year without talking to each other - over a year! Why!? Because we fought on a small issue, an issue that is irrelevant now. They is no use discussing the past, why should we dwell on something we cannot change." Jeevika stood to leave. 

"Forget the past? When you haven't forgotten the past, how can you tell others to? Burning that picture proves how much... "

"I burnt that months ago. It forgotten and is history. We can't change the past, but we can change the future - Maanu please leave it alone. Let the past stay buried."

"What happened to you Di? How did you change so much? You were never like this. You never thought like this?"

"A lot changes in a year Maanvi. Life changes in a mintue, you know that. It's been a year. Last year did you think you ever think that you would be married? That you would have battled cancer and be in remission. Just like that, I have changed, and you can't judge me for changing. The world has changed, can't I?" Jeevika who was slightly tipsy continued on about how things are so different. As Maanvi looked at her sister, it was hard to believe this is the same Jeevika she grew up with, these words seemed cold and distant as if Jeevika wasn't even saying it. The words did not seem real, nothing Jeevika said linked up, it was all vague as if she didn't want to acknowledge anything. 

"Enough Di. I know life has changed. I am not that naive to think otherwise. But to overcome the past you need to acknowledge it. Which I don't think you have, otherwise you wouldn't have reacted like this. Seeing that burnt picture shouldn't have sent you to your room to get drunk! Why is it so difficult for you to just talk about it. If we are truly past it then talking about it shouldn't create any issues, it can only solve them, right?" Maanvi could see that Jeevika was tense and was getting hard for her to handle.  She didn't want to push her but wanted her to release that pain buried inside her. Jeevika stormed out of the room and slammed the door behind her. However this time Maanvi wasn't going to give up. She follows Jeevika out who was staggering as she tried to leave. She holds into the table and calms herself down. 

With her back to Maanvi she began to talk "Why can't things be left alone? Why does talking things to death seem to make people think that you are over something. I don't need to talk about things to be over them. Yes I reacted badly seeing that picture. Maybe I should have had a drink or two. I'm sorry, I'm human, I make mistakes. Who said I had to be perfect. I lost so much over the last year, and each part took something from me. Something that I didn't even notice, not until it was all gone. I lost my family - Beeji, Dabbu, Chachu, Chachi, Badi Beeji, Maa. Virenji became my family, and we tried to create our own little world here without anyone, trying to fill the void. But in actual fact that void could never be filled especially since I lost my children. I lost you Maanvi and my own child. How could I function losing both? After I lost you and I found out I was pregnant I was ecstatic. Noone could take your place in my heart but there was a life growing inside me. You cannot describe that feeling, the joy of having a child that close, taking life inside you. Then in a flash I lost her as well. So I changed I..." suddenly Jeevika felt someone hugging her from behind. Maanvi held onto her as Jeevika turned and cuddled her. The matter was not discussed again, the past the left to rest.

A few months later. 

Even though Maanvi's was free from cancer her and Virat stayed in Chandighar with Jeevika and Viren. They had finally formed a small extended family. Virat decided to follow his dream of being a musician and Maanvi wanted to start a career in helping families suffering from cancer.   

Jeevika and Maanvi were back to their normal selves. Jeevika had finally let go of that darkness inside of her. She had her child back and she was never going to let her go. 

It was a Sunday afternoon, after weeks all four were at home at the same time. On the spur of the moment Viren suggested that they all go out for the afternoon. A picnic in a park as it was a beautiful day. They packed some food and drink and left for the afternoon. They found a spot of grass and set themselves up. They ate food, played games and simply enjoyed themselves. None of them had laughed his much in what had felt like years. Amid all this happiness there was someone watching. Someone who wanted to go up to them but they did not have the courage. As their wife nodded them on. They both walked up to four of them. 


Viren turned to see his Chacha and Chachi standing behind him. Virat, Maanvi and Jeevika stood as Chacha hugged Viren, and Chachi stood there teary eyed. They were both so happy to see their nephews together. They wanted them to come home. 

"Chachu you know we can't. We can't go back here. We're are happy, we would love to have our family back but that's not possible. But we have each other." Viren put his arm over Jeevika's shoulders. Inder and Kadambari sat with the four of them and chatted away. Catching up on their lives. How things have changed since they have spoken. They boys talked about work and sports. While the girls discussed work but really gossiped about celbs and films. 

*phone starts ringing.* 

Inder excuses himself and takes a call thinking it is linked to work. 

"What? How did that happen? Ok we will be there shortly" Inder cut the phone. 

"Come on Kadambari, we have to leave" 

"What happened chachu," Jeevika asked. 

"Bauji had a fall he's been taken to hospital" suddenly Viren, Jeevika, Maanvi and Virat all left with Chachu and Chachi to the hospital. 

The six of them rushed into the hospital and tried to find out which room Bauji was in. The hospital staff were less than helpful, after half an hour of searching round they were finally able to locate the family. As they all walked him, Vanshika couldn't help but to smile at the sight of her sons. She went up to them and hugged them tightly. She blessed her daughter in laws before wondering back into the room. As Inder left to see his father, Viren and Virat walked with him. Almost immediately both Jeevika and Maanvi took their hands. They walked with their husbands into Dadaji's room. As they opened the door, they saw Dadaji asleep on his bed and Swamini sitting by his side. As she glazed up, she was shocked to see the four of them gathered together. As she stood a nurse walked in informing them all that visiting hours are over and that they had to leave. Swamini insisted on staying with her father, but the nurse simply refused as it was against hospital policy. With this everyone left the hospital and in the hustle of everything Viren, Jeevika, Maanvi and Virat were headed to the Vadhera mansion. 

"Today the prodigal sons returned. You lost your way and now have returned home. Where you lived a life of ease and luxury. Where..." As Swamini was talking on her high horse, Virat and Viren looked at each other thinking who should cut in. 

"Badi Ma, we never left, but we haven't returned. We came to see Dadaji and now we have. We shall leave." Viren spoke.  

"Bua, the prodigal son lost his way and needed to return home to gain forgiveness and to be alive once again. We never lost our way, we just sought after a different path. A path that was not expected of us, but it was how we wished to live." Virat added

Swamini was fuming with anger. Her taunts on the boys didn't work in the way that she has wished, and now didn't know what to say. The rest of the family asked them to say as the four were about to leave. 

"So Jeevika I guess what you said that day at your school was a lie. You were well aware of Maanvi and Virat's marriage. Seeing you all together proves that much. I still cannot fathom how both of you have cast spells over our sons. They never spoke or acted like this before." Viren and Virat were about to blow but Jeevika and Maanvi held them back. 

"Buaji, if you have a problem or an issue, could you please stop beating round the bush and come to a point." Maanvi quipped. 

"That's all we needed another smart mouth in the family. Here we have one sister who has no respect for elders and another who disregards them entirely. Who did not have the decency to face up to her incompetency." 

"that matter had been over a year now Buaji. It..."

"It can not be forgotten Jeevika or ever forgiven. You chose to made a decision regardless of the consequences. Without even thinking about this family and our respect. Do you even remember what that decision cost us? We were left without shred of dignity."  

That's it for now guys, gotta think about the rest. I don't know why but I wanted to make Jeevika drunk. Sorry if you don't like that. 

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Neha.K. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 September 2012 at 10:12am | IP Logged
reserved :D
nobo IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 September 2012 at 10:25am | IP Logged
Cool update Pj...loved it, the way u brought the glint of past & then buried it was nicely penned out. Now as JM r together,past won't effect that much right ...Lol & I love swamz as usual !!

What I loved most is the realism in ur updates, it's more realistic than what we see & more convincing ...so lovely update
 & dude take ur time for the next one, I understand

PS - j drunk wasn't an issue man, I liked it. & just one glass vodka isn't exactly drunk, right.. Lol it was okay ( I always had that fantasy that sisters get drunk & do boxing with swamz Lolz ) 

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Fari_15 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 September 2012 at 10:47am | IP Logged
So finally u updated,I had been waiting for this since long.As usual,it was superb.Loved everything abt it,n now m inquisitive about the next update,Wht did jeevika do?why did they leave the house n all. Looking forward to the next part!!
Btw may I ask u a question.Have u shown tht jeevika can't conceive again?

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