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new ArHi ff khwaish Part 2 on Page 6 (15/08/2012) (Page 6)

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The new life
The college life begins
First day in the college , as usual I am so nervous , well actually not that much actually I am more curious , curious to see the college the life there , curiosity to meet new peoples today
Since one week after all that rishta and rokka and all stuff , I was just waiting for the day , and making arrangements for this
The first and the most important think today is to decide , yes I need to decide what to wear for my first day ,
I cant ask mom her first answer would be salwar suit , shyam ji will also be there so I should wear good clothes , god since one whole week I am just listening to this one line only , shyam and his family this ,and that, god as if mom has no other think to talk about anymore
Soo dropping the idea of asking mom , no salwar suit at all , it will get so bhenji types , moreover I never get to knew that why all suit wearing girls are said bhenji , comeon yaar suit do have style and classy and trendy looks , ok now I think I am talking like some designer or something , get back here khushi , you are going to a business school and not to any fashion designing house  that I am here writing these on different style of suit , ok coming back what was I thinking ,yes about what to wear , hmm , I think the best will be to choose something in which I will feel comfortable finally decided a stylish kurti with legging will go for the day , yes that is really a comfortable clothing
God my habit of getting out of main topics is really increasing , I think I need to get back to the main topic and that is going to college , I need to leave now else I will get late and I really don't want to be late on the first day , as the college is a bit away from here , I need to rush for the metro station now
This is nice that I have direct metro to the university and hence no need to change the metro again and again , and it will take me like 30 minutes to reach the college everyday
Ok finally , finally here I am the college , wow , this is soo great I love this building , the college looks osm , I would love to be here and spend the next two years here , two well , I am not sure for that , but that's no big deal at least  one year is confirmed soo why not enjoy that and as for the rest we will see when the time comes
This premises looks like to big , now I am confused where to go and what to do , well I can see where all the freshers are going , but they all are first year students and I am not a fresher I am a second year student , god khushi its better to ask the reception rather then using my own mind
I have to go direct to my class , will get the schedule card there  , oh no shyam in the corridor  , damm this is not done out of soo many students here I didn't wanted to meet his the first , he is with few friends of him , should I meet him or shall I not talk with him , this is to confusing what to do now , he is there with her friends and I think I should not disturb him with them , what would I say him we have not talked with each other at all till now how will I talk with him and about what , should I say him hi or I should pass by , god he is coming towards me and oh no he stopped and he said me hi first ,
He asked me how I found the college what kind of question is that,  I love it , I was soo dying to be here for soo long
Shyam is introducing me with his friends , god he said that I am a family friend , what just a family friend ! , he didn't introduced me as his fiance , that means he don't want to disclose our relation to his friends here yet , its ok , I mean its better for me as well , in this way I can be free and not as being tagged to him as his fiance all the time
I think shyam is having the same thinking like me , I mean he cleared this with me when his friends left that its just that till they are in the college they should stay and be as friends and better let each other enjoy there freedom here , great he said that all which I really wished to say him
Everything is going soo great ,and everything is getting sorted out soo well till now , so this was what I can say a good start to the first day here
[Note : ok guys till now what you all were reading was just khushi's thoughts what she is thinking and how she feels for the life , hope this helped you a lot in knowing her character well , now I am going to write ahead in the narrator form so that the ff will get more clear to you ]
Khushi in her new class room , still ten minutes to her first lecture few students were sitting there but they all were busy with each other and no one noticing the new person entering the hall, and she found one empty bench in the middle and sat there
Slowly slowly the students started coming in and soon the professor also came there , and started with his introductory speech the class was almost full now even the next seat to khushi were occupied by other students
"welcome students finally here I can see all the new faces , I knew you all have passed the first year here but now in this second year you are going to get a new batch of teachers teaching you , so let me introduce you to my self I am your new economics teacher navin gupta , and here I can see all new faces except for some exceptions , hello Maan , its good to see you again" said the professor pointing towards a guy sitting at khushi's back bench
He was Maan Khurana , the dude for the college , but very nice and cute person at heart , Maan has a good record for clearing every year twice, as in studied two years in first year and then after failing once he cleared the second time , and recently he failed for the first time in second year and so was repeating the class , Maan got up as professor acknowledged him
"good morning sir , and its nice to meet you again as well" said maan smiling
"so Mr Maan ,hope you will clear this time atleast , going by your past record , tell me one think is there any fun in sitting in the same class twice" said professor sarcastically
"yes sir , I mean , now you knew how precious is the college life and its memories , and we get only three years to stay in that , not so fare sir, I mean now what will a student do , enjoy and study both and that to in just three years , really not possible , so I found this osm way , one year I completely enjoy the college life and in the next year I study , that's why it take me two years to clear sir , now see I enjoyed a lot last year so this year I am going to study and clear , so be happy sir I am going to study in your class this time" said Maan smiling leaving everyone in the class laugh as if he cracked some joke
"silence in the class , oh maan I am so obliged that you are going to study this year in my class, now you can please sit" said professor , sarcastically and then though its better to stop this conversation there , "ok lets start with our first lecture" and he started teaching
Khushi was listening to the lectures and were making there notes when her pen stopped working she again and again tried but it was not writing , and as she was searching was another pen in her bag , she found that the girl next to her offered her one pen , only then she realized that some girl was sitting on the right side of her  , with a mere smile she took the pen and started doing her work again , she in between the lecture looked towards the girl she looked a nice girl , she was also wearing kurti with jeans , it was clearly visible that she was getting bored with that lecture and was waiting for it to end soon
As the class ended , the professor left the hall and few
students started moving out while few others got in some chatting
khushi offer returning the pen to that girl "here your pen thanks" said khushi
"you are welcome , but I think you should keep this with you I mean your pen is not working and still few lectures are left and seeing your attention in the class I can bet that you would need this in other lectures for writing if you wish you can return this to me at the end of the day" said the other girl to khushi ,
"ya sure I will" said khushi 
"well you look new here, new admission" asked the girl but before khushi can say anything 
"what stupid question , offcourse you would be a new admission , but how come direct in second year some transfer case are you" asked the other girl
"yes I was a correspondence student" said khushi 
"oh cool then why you came here , correspondence is much better no lectures no regular studies ,no projects nothing  direct give your exam and you are pass rather then everyday getting bored in lectures here"  said the girl
"no I don't feel so if you don't come to college then how can you enjoy the college life then , other then attending lectures" said khushi
"yaa that is also a point , you sounds interesting hey hi I am Geet Oberoi  and you are" said geet 
Yes that was Geet , a bubbly , cute and a fun loving girl don't like studding much and love chatting and chatting''
"hi I am khushi gupta , its good to meet you" said khushi smiling
"gupta , just in case you sure are no relative to that professor navin gupta , you knew gupta gupta" said geet ahead
"no I am not, and moreover there is not only one gupta in this world" said khushi laughing
"but there is only one song here ,hey geet" said a voice from there back bench it was none other then maan
"oh hey maan so good to see you finally in my class" said geet meeting maan
"ya finally I think your batch is much cool yaar I can see huge range of beauty here" said maan winking
"you wont change at all you big time flirt" said geet smiling
"oh forget you there , khushi meet maan khurana he is a good friend of mine actually last year we both together use to bunk a lot" said geet
"still you passed and see me I failed again" said maan ,
"that's because you unlike me you never entered your class room and as for me atleast exams time I get some considerable amount of studies , well maan we were just having an introduction this is khushi gupta" said geet  
"and she is not at all a relative of professor gupta , ya I heard that" said maan completing that ahead
"hwww maan you were listening to our talks you knew that's a bad habbit" said geet
"anyways khushi don't mind him he is like this only" said geet
"offcourse I didn't  mind that at all, hi its nice to meet maan , and specially your introduction speech , really interesting you were absolutely right I agree with what you said" said khushi smiling
"oh that's soo sweet , finally there is someone who thinks the way I do" said maan smiling
"hey even I am in for that" said geet "ok but right now time for the next lecture and then the break" said geet ahead
Later as the next lecture ended , the teacher made one announcement that the Id cards will be renew in the break time
"geet , which Id cards they are talking about" asked khushi confused
"oh that , actually every students get there personal identity card its like a gate pass as you have to show that on the gate while entering and we all have that cards for first year now we getting have to renew the same for second year" said geet
"oh but I haven't been issued with that yet so I have to take a new one" said khushi
"yes but a new card is issued in the college office and I think for today the office is already closed ,so its better you get the card tomorrow morning , and ya try to be early cause after that there will be rush there as all first year students are getting the cards issued there" said geet "as for now I think I need to go to renew my card so maan are you coming" said geet
"what am I going to do there , I already have my second year card remember" said maan
"yes offcourse , good you repeat and then there is no need to stand in the queue to get cards renewed" said geet 
"see the advantages of being fail, anyways I am feeling hungry I am going to canteen , khushi as you are not going for cards soo you can come with me if you are hungry" said maan
"ya sure why not , I can get a chance to see the canteen like this as well" said khushi
"ok you go there I will catch you guys there" said geet and left from there
"ok then lets go this way to the right is canteen" said maan
"you must be having more friends here in this college I mean you needed a company for lunch soo asked" said khushi
"ya I use to have few but now they all have passed out to final year" said maan laughing
And they both entered the canteen ordered some snacks and found one empty table to settle
"that's funny you knew , failing once and then passing, your parents don't they have any problem with this,  I mean you must be getting really hard scolding from them" asked khushi curiously
"not much , I mean mom dad don't say anything much and moreover they don't stay here with me , I stay in a PG , dad send me expences all the time and they use to visit me sometime as well, but they also feel that this is my time to enjoy , that's why they never said me anything" said maan 
"oh wow, what cool parents you have , I wish I have such cool parents , I mean I also have nice understanding parents but not that cool" said khushi 
"hmm then you can say I am lucky in that case" said maan smiling
Later they both went back to their class and after that the day went so on
khushi went back home later she was happy really happy her first day at college was more good than expected and she even got two good friends there as well

A new life and a nice beginning
Next day
Again in the same way , khushi reached the college and then straight away went to the office to issue her id
There were two rows there for issuing cards , one for first year and the second for other case second or final year students
So she got in the other row , and it was less crowded as well , just 4 or 5 students were there
As usual as her being she started searching for someone to chat until her turn come
Luckily there was one boy next to her , he was soo busy in his form filling , the form now was already full and he was just checking it , he was wearing specks and with his dressing it looked that he don't have much of dressing sense , he was wearing a normal jeans , not to trendy with a shirt,  a normal plain light blue full sleeves shirt , some sort of shirts which riddhima think only men's after some age should wear , it was a high branded shirt for sure but definitely not made for a young boy to wear in college , definitely none of his clothing was suiting his personality , he was surely tall and can look handsome with perfect and appropriate dressing , and the speck , well the specks were not too bad like uncle types , they were normal thin specks , but he could look more better without them
After checking his complete dressing sense and then giving her own opinions on them , khushi thought to finally start the chat
"hey hi" said khushi normally "new admission "  she asked ahead
Only then the boy looked towards her , yes he surely had great eyes as khushi was thinking, he was even fair
"hi" he said meekly
"you knew I am also new in this college , this is my second year , but seriously I have been to college for the first time in my life and I love this place , I mean I am so excited to be here , and what about you , you also here in your second year" said khushi excited
"final year" he said
"oh so you are also a transfer case , so you also use to study through correspondence till now" she asked ahead
"no actually I have just shifted to this city and so I have to leave my old college" said the boy
"oh then you must be sad , I mean all your old friends must have been left back and you came here leaving them" said khushi 
"anyways hi my name is khushi and you are ?"
"arnav , I mean arnav singh raizada" said arnav
"oh that is a nice name" said khushi and then she saw that arnav again started looking in his form
"why are you checking it again and again , I am sure you must have filled it right soo why getting so tensed for this" said khushi , confused on his behaviour
"no I was just checking that I haven't done any mistake" said arnav
"in an entry form , you getting so tensed for such a small form , relax , and moreover if there would be any mistake then it can be corrected at the time of depositing it , cause the person there will cross check it with you , so just relax" said khushi making him normal
"you sure" asked arnav
"ofcourse" said khushi smiling "see here your turn"
After filling the form
"see that was soo simple , everything done" said khushi relaxing him
"ok now I will rush , I have to go to my class , and for you , I think you have to go to third year class room,  so bye it was nice meeting you see you later " said khushi ahead

And with that they both left for there respective classes
One meeting , one intro , how far can this goo ,
Lets see this new beginning
Ok that's all for the first part , I have made it pretty huge I think
Please comment , will be waiting for that

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Originally posted by Daspayel

Khushi's POV is quite frank & honest- me thought u were introducing ur self
I am not a follower of the serial Maaneet but still liked the idea of merging the two
thnx for the p.m.
thanks a lot for liking it , well as for the merging part then its solely an arhi ff first and then maneet
soo you gonaa have lots of arhi moments in this

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Originally posted by zmakh

nice really want to read furtherSmile
thanks a lot , will update ahead soon
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Originally posted by kamalapushpa

really nyc intro...
lukin forward to c d story...
tanx 4 d pm..
update soon
thanks as lot for your reply
will update ahead soon
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Originally posted by shukti_19

niceee Clap
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Originally posted by tomndjerry

thankd for your reply
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Originally posted by LaxshaLOVEArshi

Very interesting Storyline ! Plzz do add me in your PM list and PM me in future
thanks for the reply
yes i will pm you with the next update

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Awesome update!! Wonderful start yaar!! Want Khushi to c Arnav in Asr suit yaar!! Im sure she would surely faint lolzz!! Waiting for both couples to fall in love!! Thankzz for the pm

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