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Arnav-Khushi FF: ASR Decrypted - Part 5 on pg9 (Page 9)

-Ishana- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 August 2012 at 9:45pm | IP Logged
Update soon plz !
The story is going awesome :)

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sun_shine_girl IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 September 2012 at 1:48am | IP Logged
Read all the four parts together and I am hooked.
This is a totally new take on the Arnav Khushi story.
Your write beautifully, it captures one's imagination so well.
I could just see the cell, the hopelessness, the despair of Arnav.
Would love to read further.
Would you PM me please?

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errrm Groupbie

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 8:51am | IP Logged
- Reserved for individual replies to all of your wonderful comments. Thank you all, so, so, so much! Updating now -


Edit: My comments in bold.

Originally posted by dorindakate

Thanks for the pm...

So relieved that Arnav had a change of heart and tried to help Khushi...

She really is something else...

Love the story and am anxious to see what happened in the past and where it will all lead...

I know--slowly, slowly the twists and turns of the plot will unravel...

Thank you for your detailed comment! I really like how you engage with the story! Big smile I will try not to make the unravelling too slow Embarrassed

Originally posted by Suni


Thank you! Big smile

Originally posted by onetwothree

AMAZINGGG...awesome updateee...Thumbs UpHugHug...continueee...Hug 

Thanks, will do! Big smile

Originally posted by tsultana

Wat an update!!! Great work!! Am soo glad that arnav didnt run off leavin khushi. He tended to her, the human in is there. Theres a break through with arnav which khushi has just believed but will he play emotional games with her??? Curious!! Lol thanku for the pm

Thanks for the lovely comment! I'm glad you liked it!! Big smile

Originally posted by vishnudaughter

awesomeee updateTongue
thanks for the pm

Thanks! Big smile

Originally posted by AneesahJabeen

Ok i just read alll 4 in one go n i absolutley LOVE IT. The whole story is just puree amazing, its different frum the others so it amazes me LOL! Thx for the pm x

Aww, thanks a lot! Big smile

Originally posted by jen_x

Loved it! Khushi defended him.. even though he try to kill her..

Thanks you... Plz PM me too :)

Yup. Just a little bit deewani, like the show Khushi Wink Thanks for comment!

Originally posted by Auroni.92

That ws just beautiful dear...its getting interesting with each update...:))
Loved it..
Cont soon...

Aww, thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! Big smile

Originally posted by -Tintin.

 Lovely Part Embarrassed


Originally posted by What_the

He stayedback for her...this is going to be intense...really looking fwd to more!!

I hope it will be as intense as you expect! Thanks for commenting! Big smile

Originally posted by -Ishana-

Update soon plz !
The story is going awesome :)

Glad you think so! Thanks Big smile

Originally posted by sun_shine_girl

Read all the four parts together and I am hooked.
This is a totally new take on the Arnav Khushi story.
Your write beautifully, it captures one's imagination so well.
I could just see the cell, the hopelessness, the despair of Arnav.
Would love to read further.
Would you PM me please?

Yayy, a new reader! Big smile Thanks so much for reading through everything, and for the lovely compliments. I'm glad you were able to visualise everything!

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What_the Goldie

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 9:18am | IP Logged
Oops i reserved a post above your update...what a booboo!!!

It was a nice update...they are bonding...i know he is going to use her as his escape route but i hope he will not do wrong by her...

Edited by What_the - 10 September 2012 at 9:48am

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errrm Groupbie

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 9:26am | IP Logged

Part 5


Arnav Singh Raizada woke up in a jolt, his rib-cage heaving loudly with burdensome breaths. He felt streams of fiery liquid running across his grimy cheeks, mingling with the cold beads of sweat that had sprouted from his pores. If his Di was still there, she would have wiped away his tears and cradling his face in her soft hands, she would have told him that it was only a nightmare. If only. He convulsed involuntarily, and forced himself to confine his thoughts to the less torturous realm of the present. 


As he raised his palms to his knead his burning, throbbing forehead, he thought he detected a whiff of perfume flit him by. Her name came back to him, in the way she had said it: Khushi. He stared at those fingers that had almost killed her earlier, and tentatively brought them closer to his nose. There was some kind of solace to be found in the lingering fragrance. It reminded him of happier times.


Something told him, persistently, that she was not necessarily like the others. She was possibly a good person, like his Di was. And like his Di, she too would put her trust in the wrong man, and she would suffer for it. A part of him seemed to shudder at what he was stooping down to become - that part which spoke in his Di's voice, which still beat with his Di's righteous heart.


But it could not be undone. Di was dead, and she would not come back. And he could not go back to the person he once was. If he could, and if he could have met Khushi under different circumstances, he would have probably treated her with the same compassion and respect that she seemed to have given him. But he needed to break free. And her heart, if ever she did manage to surrender it to someone like him, would have to be subject to his machinations. Collateral damage.


Khushi would learn, as he had, as his Di had, that there was nothing more foolish and futile than to be good. The smart thing was to be like Shyam had been. A mask. Even in death, he had won, because they all immortalised him as the hero that he never was.




Khushi Kumari Gupta leaned against the balcony railing, feeling its iciness burn against her hand, and drawing a strange comfort from the numbness budding in her fingertips. She held on tightly, as though hoping that the prickling insensitivity could spread to her heart and quell the sense of foreboding looming over it.


His haunting eyes never left her. They were saying something, something that lay far beyond the mundane ambit of words, something that filled her with an unsettling mixture of craving and dread. She felt like they were there just behind her, roving over her body, miserably, pleadingly, menacingly, arduously, scorchingly. And when she would look over her shoulder and find that she was alone after all, she felt, oddly, both relieved and disheartened.


But he was just an assignment. Arnav Singh Raizada was Prisoner number 5071, convicted for killing his brother-in-law, Shyam Manohar Jha no less. And she was just the psychologist who was to prepare his profiling report. Outside of their meetings, she had no business to be thinking of him. It was completely unprofessional of her to be smiling at the fact that he had resuscitated her when she had fainted although he could have tried to escape. She should not be reminiscing, with fondness, about when he had, betraying his former loathing towards her, asked her what her name was. And the angst she felt when she thought that he could not breathe in the white-flowered night air or see the veiled moonlit sky, was uncalled for.


He had admitted to killing another human being. He had tried to kill her too. It was not an accident or a mistake that such a man should find himself in jail. He had brought it upon himself.


She closed her eyes, shutting away the whispers gnawing at her heart, and conjured the image of Shashi Sir from the recesses of her rational mind. She could not let him down.




Arnav had planned his next move well. It was surely one of the advantages of being in prison, that one had time enough to brood and strategise, and pain enough to darken one's thoughts with unfeeling cruelty. At first, he said nothing at all. It would be unrealistic and inconsistent with what he had formerly projected, that he should start blabbing it all out at the first opportunity.


The next two sessions that they had, he did nothing but squint at her suspiciously and grunt his replies at her perfunctory questions. In truth, he was waiting for her to provoke him as she had done previously. It was frustrating that she did not. She seemed to be waiting as he was, perhaps scared, lest she drive him to attack her again.


Then, she did something that he could never have anticipated, deviating once again from textbook procedure. It did not seem premeditated though. She seemed to have lost herself momentarily.


"I had a sister too," Khushi said, in a pained whisper, the specks of light in her deep brown eyes misting over. She did not know why she did it. Maybe, somehow, she felt, that he would understand.


She continued, as though in a trance, "Her name was Payal. She got married, five - no, six years ago now. We did not have enough dowry to satiate her in-laws, to save her. I was against the whole thing from the start. I had wanted to talk to the groom, to get him to talk to his parents, and I was determined to not let the marriage go through if he turned out to be a spineless coward. But I got locked in Sheesh Mahal by some... some industrialist who thought I was someone sent by his rival to sabotage his fashion show. I had walked in there by mistake but nobody would listen."


"Sheesh Mahal?" Arnav asked, remembering faintly. Six years ago, a petite girl trembling on the ramp, disrupting the choreography, the sniggers, his annoyance.


"In Lucknow," she continued, "They kept me there until the fashion show was over, until the wedding was over. My simple-minded family had pleaded with Jiji's in-laws so they would take her with the little money they had managed to collect, and they did, oh-so-graciously."


Her voice, a parched sob, was filled with bitterness.


His voice, a deafening gulp in his throat, barely managed to articulate, "Do you know who it was? The industrialist?"


"No. Never saw him. His bodyguards released me, and they just called him "the boss." And they all left Lucknow the next day. I never bothered finding out. What was the point? Jiji had been married already. I could only pray that my fears would not materialise, that she would be treated well... What I want to say, is that I understand what it's like to lose a sister. I was very close to mine too. I miss her, everyday."


Her words rang in his ears, shatteringly.


"I'm sorry," Arnav said softly. He tried to pour in those words all the regret that he felt, for having misunderstood her, for having attacked her, for having been responsible for her sister's death. But they were just words after all, and when had words ever been adequate to contain unbridled currents of emotion!


Khushi smiled faintly, unable to sense the torment, the self-loathing behind the words. Maybe it seemed like a hollow platitude to her. I'm sorry you're sad, I'm sorry your sister died, I'm sorry because that's just what people say to compensate for the fact that you feel pain that they can never truly understand.


Her innocence felt like a gash in his frozen heart. He got up from his chair and walked towards her, in a daze, until his shadow fell on her unsuspecting face, her moist eyes. Then allowing his knees to crash onto the floor, he said,

"I was the person who got you locked in Sheesh Mahal that day, six years ago. I was thoughtless and arrogant. I'm, I'm sorry."


For a long time, she said nothing. Her silence was more agonising to him that her words could have been. He remained there, kneeling before her, waiting, hoping for her to express the rage she surely felt. But she said nothing.


Khushi did not know what she could possibly have said. It all flashed before her. The body. The last rites. The helpless wailing around her. Her own dry tears. The anger. All she could think of was what could have been, had he not... Jiji would have been alive, Bauji would not have had that stroke and he would have been alive too. She would have a happy family to go home to everyday. She would not have to conceal so much anguish behind her smiles.


She looked at Arnav's arched back, at his bowed head, with all the anger that blazed through her heart. She wanted to shout at him, attack him. But what good would it do? Jiji would still be dead. They had won the court case, Jiji's in-laws and her husband were serving their time in prison, but Jiji was still dead, wasn't she? It could not be undone.


"I forgive you," she said, her voice shaking and her tears finally raining freely from her eyes, "In any case, how could you have known? They killed her, not you."


He looked up, enthralled, his eyes too filled with tears. Could a person like her truly exist?


In that moment, he knew that he could tell her everything, that he could bare to her, all his pain, all his soul.


In that moment, he knew that he could not break her heart for his selfish motives, that he could not pretend to have fallen for her. He had already fallen in love her, for reasons so numerous that his heart seemed to swell in a feeble attempt to enclose them all. She was the most beautiful person in the world, so beautiful that it made his eyes well with gratitude. He craved to hold her, enfold her in his arms jealously, to shield all that pain away from her, to protect her from all the ugliness in the world.


But she was not his to embrace; he was Prisoner number 5071.


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jen_x IF-Dazzler

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thanks you! Wow they meet again... After 6 years.. and he said sorry :) Poor Payal, she died...

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tsultana Senior Member

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Omgg beautiful update!! So emotional. I loved how arnav couldnt go ahead with wat he had planned. Wats more great was he apologised to her head down n she forgave him...
Thank u for the pm x

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..Raizada.. Senior Member

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Res. I know I have two RES's to edit but I've been a bit busy. Sorry! Will get them both done by tomorrow!

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