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IP REDUX ; Ksheera Sagar !! (Page 5)

droopy_asleep Goldie

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
My first post on Redux :) Please excuse any inaccuracies people :) Just started watching the saga and certainly not as analytical as some awesome posts here :)

First on the title of the Redux today:
Very apt; considering that the churning of the ocean of the past in this case has begun. One cannot escape from the past, and really Arnav, Anjali and Dadi have clearly not moved on. They need to confront the demons (read asuras) and drink the amrit that comes from the churn; however, they must also encounter the poison coming forth from the churn. Interestingly, Arnav means ocean; so literally this whole saga is his churn, his journey to producing the "amrit" in his soul, which he has slowly started to bring out :)
Now is Shyam that snake that was used to churn the ocean? That spewed all the poison? The snake actually was useful in the real ocean not completely convinced Shyam is totally evil; he must have have some larger motive; which based on Dood's someone related to him that is involved in this?
Who will drink the poison and continue to let the ocean churn? I think Khushi has already done this more than once...taking Shyam's machinations and also rescuing there more?
What else is the churn bringing out?

Episode Thoughts:
The past few episodes have been very intriguing and although I felt like some of the scenes lacked finishing and seemed abrupt at times; call it poor editing if you will...all in all the impact did register.
When Arnav tells Khushi about his mother...I felt like the dialogues could have been delivered a bit slower than how it came out...I understand that he was trying to get it out of his system...just that it came as a jolt from the blue...and I might have registered it better had it been maybe said differently or slowly...all the same, wonderful execution and expressions!

One other piece I noticed was with Janmashtami around the corner; Arnav was teasing Khushi as Krishna way-laid Radha :) nice touch from the CVs there :)

Poor Khushi is being made a bashing target with Dadi...somehow I feel that there is some preconceived notion there or she has been brain does not make sense that she is nice to Payal and not to Khushi...feels a bit weird.

Chalo...thats it from me :) Hope to post more this time...:)

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areeba_blossom IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 2:18pm | IP Logged

Love is an alchemist that can transmute poison into food.

The past is never dead. It's not even past.
I just had a glimpse of episode today. Unfortunately, getting a new connection has its own perks, so yes i have little to say.
Dadi seemed more like a reflection of Arnav to me. Arnav has been cured from the arrogance and pride that subdided in him by the gentle flow of love by Khushi. He is slowly and gradually transforming into the person he is from inside, not hiding behind a iron mask. A year ago, Arnav would have reduly jerked Khushi away for her solution of getting him to smile, but today he accepted it and allowed himself to heal. He trusted her enough to let out what was eating him up from inside.
A confirmation that Mrs. Malik had suicide. Always said so. Now, one shouldn't be questioning Arnav's personality now. The feeling of abandonemnet had been buried deep in both the siblings. The feeling was evoked in Arnav when he had found 'his' Khushi in Shyam's arms and the same had evoked in Anjali when Shyam's truth was revealed and her brother had chosen his wife over her husband.
I see the past coming out. The pictures of little Arnav were certainly cute. Dadi with her had brought along the memoires that were buried deep by both and those memories are starting to haunt.
is shank some kind of trumpet? Because it sounded one and it's a guess that Khushi will be the to open the lid to Pandora's Box this time!
Btw, Bitwa was really angry today! Dadi has that fascinating ability to get him angry in a second. Clash of egos!!  It all runs in the family!

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areeba_blossom IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 2:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by tanthya

Shwetha's Wishlist ;


Arnav and Nani Scene:

Nani comes and sits besides Arnav.

Nani: Don't worry, Dadi will accept Khushi, give her time.

Arnav: I dont care really Nani, I just want her to be atleast civil to her.

Nani: Well I did give a hard time to Lavanaya when you brought her.

Arnav: (Small smile) What is it with you two best friends, you guys have some issue or the other with the ones I bring home.

Nani: Well, I didn't have that much problem with Lavanya.

Arnav(rolls eyes): Oh come on Nani.

Nani: Well ofcourse Khushi played a part in softening me up.

Arnav: (sarcastically): I think I should Request La to come and Train Dadi to be more modern, think that will help?

Nani: (Laughs): It is really good to see you like this you know, Chotay.

Arnav: (Simply nods)

Nani: Besides, Now that I think about it, I guess my problem with La was not her, it was you. I guess I never saw in your eyes the love or that sort of affection you claimed you had for La. The one I am seeing in your eyes for Khushi, one that keeps getting stronger.

Arnav: (after a moment's silece): Is that why you created such a ruckus when we got married.

Nani: No, I guess I really wanted to be part of my Naati's Wedding to the girl I really liked and approved for him. You did deprive me of that you know.

Think about it, what will you do when your niece or nephew asks, Mama & Mami where is your wedding album?

Arnav: Nani you know the circumstance under which we got married.

Nani (gets up): I do, rest of them don't.

Arnav: What if we have a small wedding at home with just both the families, would that be okay say within 7 days?

Nani: Chotay, You don't have to do this for us (unable to hide her happiness)

Arnav: Naah, Guess I owe it to Khushi.

* I KNOW I KNOW, won't happen*

But thought of something sweet to write for the occasion.

Have a blast at the party everyone, we deserve it.Party

Gosh, where is Shwetha! now only if that happens!! LOL
and there's a party? Where is my invitation!

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RajPreet_Preeto Senior Member

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 2:39pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Doodle


For you Doods and Tanthya. Can not wait to read your analysis tomorrow :)

Trumpet Voluntaire Collection


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Sanayam Senior Member

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 3:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by cutebarun

Whats my Post doing in d first page again? Tongue hmm... Perhaps, a 'postwa' to evade all the 'buri nazar' that might come to Tants n reduxwa...hehehe...LOL


Diplomacy n I hav no 'pastwa' connection...Wink so i Lovd the episode... As its peeling more layers of Arnav's past...

To be honest, "aaja piya' didnt do any wonder to me and I'm glad that Arnav too didnt fall for dat. He fell for d 'emotional hug' n me too...

'Kushi finds her Arnav, jerked out of a nightmare n lost in his thoughts completly'... She knows 'the situation is grave'... Though she is unaware of d reason.. So far...nice..Tongue Bt, the next moment, I saw a 'High school Girl' who wants to make her 'roota hua' lover Happy...Unhappy

i wud hav appreciatd the Song n Kushi's act, if Arnav was 'upset' with her for 'not wearing his favrit Saree'... Bt, no Kushi, not when You see a man haunted out of his sleep n brimming with pain...
Kushi jaan, did u realy think, he saw 'Rocky' in his sleepwa n dats y, he is upset...?Wink

Cvs... I thought, you were Establishing 'Arnav's Past'... Bt, why do the 'Sing tell, action songwa by Kushi' made me think that You were Laying Plots to suggest that 'King Nero who played Violin while Rome Burned' is connectd to 'Kushi bitiya' in Lucknow... Really... Cvs... Atleast u knew dat, Arnav isnt crying bcz he wanted his wife to woo him at 2 o'clock in d night...!

Then, the 'hug'... The Moment 'Arnav' said 'Mom and Suicide'... I felt his tears...

Bt, Kushi had 'glycerine'... Or my 'unintelligent mindwa' could catch that much only.

The 'run up of Bitiya' to the Hug was fine, though i felt, her emotion lackd depth. Bt, thats fine. Which ordinary viewer Searches for such nuances. Kushi was matured enough to cradle him in a hug, n thats wat all matters in a Daily Sop...

Between 'the Song' n 'the hug', there were some dialogs by Kushi... 'naahi hum aapko change karna chahthe hai, aur naahi hum...' that reminded me where does 'Dekhna hai tho Dekho' come frm. The same haste...Wink

The morning bedroom scene... 'Kushi' was looking at 'Arnav' for d first few seconds, bt then 'JERRY' took over...Wink no complaintwa, 'Tom Bituwa' stil lookd 'Arnav'...

The hug dat Anjali n Kushi shared was good, n the 'content' smile on Arnav's face was Priceless. Dont knw whether he got his priorities right there..?

Daadi has a deeper prblm with Kushi... Now, i dont mind changing the name of our show into
"3 WOMEN AND ARNAV" ( starring kushi, daadi n Anjali)

bt, then there is a 'UF0' called 'woh Aurat' waiting naa...

Arnav, 'thaare dekh ke dekhe ke'... You have become the planet 'PLUTO' man... Dont knw... When dat 'UF0' enters n you break out frm RM system...

BARUN Sobti... 'i actually Pay 'tax' for watching you... In the form of various bills... And I must say 'any amount of Tax' is worth paying to see a 'Genuine Actor, like you emote with your Eyes...Clap

Likd Daadi n 'Nanheliya' too... Thats Nanhe +Payaliya...

Too funny. Loved it.

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S003 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 3:25pm | IP Logged

Without even wanting to know about his past she got the first glimpse very painful fact from Arnav's mouth itself that His mother committed Suicide. Who got to lay hands on Arnav and Anjali's parents things. What did dadi say to Arnav when he asked why dint she tell the truth about Shyam to Dadi. She said let the Jhanmasthami gets over then she will tell all the truth.

Now what Jhanmasthami is celebrated for??  It marks the birth of beloved god Lord Krishna. What is prominently done on that day? First Aari will take place, Conch will be blown and rocking cradle of lord will be done. Khushi who has the Conch and Arnav who wants the truth to come out. That truth which will bring so many other truth out. So what is awaiting at the end when everything is blown. Lets wait and watch the interesting story ahead.

Wow!!!! This was Brillant!!! Well done Girl! Such a beautiful melange of what is to come.

I'm Sheila by the by!!!

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S003 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 3:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by vasiraju

Hola girls Hug Hug..

Just wrote a Poem on ASR feelings Today Tongue..not in a mood to write a post Big smile...have a look on it Embarrassed

The vessel's memories haunt the gloom of the night,
I survey its changed shape since days of yore,
As I stumble, tremble and fumble to the fore,
They are visibly stricken and shaken to the core
Wake from the nightmare! Look and see  for someone 
who brings out of the the darkess from which i am fighting

Than gentle brush of her fingers,
Sending shivers down my spine.
The love I can see in her eyes,
Is a love that equals mine.

she greets me with a smile,
And leaves me with a kiss.
If she were to ever leave me,
i can fight with any all burdens i go throgh

Maybe it's her touch,her hug
Or the way she makes me feel.
i share and tear in front of her 
which makes me feel that i am not alone
her presence creates the feel of togetherness  
But whatever it is,
I'm head over heels in love with her

AS I love her enough to fight for her,
Compromise for her, and sacrifice 
Myself for her if need be.
Enough to miss her incredibly when 
We're apart, no matter what length
Of time it's for and regardless of 
the distance.

Enough to believe in our relationship, 
To stand by it through the worse 
Of times, to have faith in our
Strength as couple, and to never 
Give up on us.

Enough to spend the rest of my life 
With her, be here for her when she
Need or want me, and never, ever 
Want to leave her or live without her.
I feel small and juvenile in front of a talent like yours...

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S003 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 3:35pm | IP Logged
Teri Meri Baatoin ka Lamha Sabse Anjaana...A journey traveled together in loneliness, pain, anger,sorrow and hatred by two souls who were connected by divine destiny.  They knew not what was the bond that tied them so deep that inevitably forced them to seek out the other in times of despair and sadness...It was an intense attraction that drew them to each other on the surface which later bloomed into love but deep down it was  was the unwavering loving care and affection that Khushi had stopped receiving from her Amma... and Arnav from his Mom that tied them inseparably...
Their mothers were no more except in their memories which they cherished like the most treasured possession in their lives... No one was privy to the fact that they had learnt the art of giving to the one's who had held their hand when they needed it most but had forgotten to demand  love for their sole sake...They accepted happily what ever care and concern came their way.. never spelling it out what they would have loved to hear...They could not exercise their haq on unconditional love as the person who would loving allow them to do that was dazzling bright like a star on the far horizon.. out of their reach...

The night Arnav returned the payal to Khushi he unknowingly acknowledged the bond they shared...he had held onto it for her memories but gave it up to her when he learnt what they meant to Khushi...He accepted the need for them was greater in her then his need for it...         

On another day when he remarked to her admiring the anklet "they are beautiful'" he put words to his thoughts for her he wanted acceptance like those cherished memories in her heart for his love... He wanted his love to be coveted,unconditional and demanding just like it was for her Amma...He also wanted her to do the same..." tum mujhe bata saki ho... " "tum meri biwi ho tuhara haq hai mujh pe"... 

She hesitated.. it had been very long since she had done that... she needed to trust and understand him before embarking on it... he realized it and tried to prove what he said through his gestures... of remembering what brought a smile to her face, of wishing to fulfill her dreams, of showing to the world what she meant to him... She understood and started to share with her husband Arnav her innermost thoughts and desires without pretenses as it was her haq...She spoke to him about sharing his pain... didnot relent on his stoic persona like others but forced him to share his troubles and he acquiesced.. shared the deepest sorrow- his mother's suicide because he wanted to be comforted in his misery. It was his right that he could exercise on his love- his wife...Khushi.. The girl who had promised to herself that she would always be there for him as he had done for her. 

It was coming full circle for two lonely souls of learning to demand what was rightfully theirs- a wish to be loved as they are by their soulmate... Today their mothers would be happy as their  children had finally found solace in each other instead of the stars...

   shreya  welcome back buddy... missed u...Hug
My God Sunshine, with what words should I describe how your post touched my heart... very very well done. Do continue.

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