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IP REDUX ; Ksheera Sagar !! (Page 4)

riti4u IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 12:33pm | IP Logged

And then  he found his Khushi <3



Lets look back for a moment to see that boy standing in mandap that night..A celebration ..A marriage ..A family and all in one second looked like a MIRAGE to  him..That night with his parents he lost one more important thing himself.

We  don't know how he was prior to that incident...was he mischievous little brother to his sister..Was he lovable son to his mother...and more importantly Did he believe in his prayers -his God..what if he did..what if he had belief that he will become an ideal man like his father..what if he had belief that his mother wont leave him ever alone..what if he had belief that night will be his sister's biggest night of her life...what if he believed in love which his parents had..what if he believed in value that marriage holds yes the word I used here  FAITH or BELIEF...He lost all  that in one night..


He gathered up his life with his new beliefs and created his own world for his loved ones.. he became MAN WHO CREATED HIS OWN FATE or DESTINY...but somewhere inside that man that little boy existed who was still standing there in mandap that night..Somewhere he always wanted someone to say to him that his newly made beliefs are wrong ...Someone whom he can TRUST ..and someone who can show him that prayers are answered too..and now lets go back to starting episode- That very man is standing in probably same place where he lost himself 14 years back and there comes an angel in his life and falls in his lap..isn't destiny strange ? Same place where he lost his beliefs that night became very same place where he gets back his beliefs-his khushi-his happiness..and yes THEN HE FOUND HIS KHUSHI


Khushi-a bright sunshine,an angel perhaps sent for this very man ..A spirited girl who was strong and bold enough to tell him that he was wrong in his beliefs..


So we have come so far in this story where he has regained his belief in love- after all hurdles crossed he finally realized and accepted his love, his belief in marriage- we have seen it often how he values this relation and gives respect to the very institution by standing besides his wife and he has found his ultimate happiness in life -his khushi

but is this it isn't..there is one more thing left in this story-...will leave it at that only


Now coming to today's episode


Again an episode which leaves an emotional impact- and that too a strong one...

Well,I just told you the whole story above and you must have wondered what made me write that prologue- Answer to that question lied in the episode today for me... For the first time,I could clearly see why khushi was sent in this man's life by destiny.. She was sent to unlock his heart and heal that scars -scars that still hurts -wounds that are still afresh...there are very few episodes where khushi leaves impact on me more than arnav...LOL and yes this was one of them and I really loved her..and ofcourse my Man too... There will be many posts that will do justice to all remarkable scenes of today's episode...will just mention my favorite scene- indeed man 's revealation- I was 14 when my mother killed herself... Barun I dont know how you do it...and what went in your mind when you enacted that scene,I felt every emotion loud and clear and pain in those eyes...I equally liked Sanaya too..She was subtle and brilliant in song sequence which I had feared will be OTT..but CVs did justice to beautiful song Clap...

Another scene I liked was khushi saying to herself- Hum aapke saath means a lot and spoke a lot to me... She is on path to discover his hidden pain and word she mentions "Dard"...she will try to heal him completely and may be bring out once again that little boy whom I mentioned in prologue above...
On side note- dadi is really taking dislike to khushi ..something in khushi may be reminds her of PAST...loved khushi hugging anjali and arnav watching from that very place he declared them as two most important people in his life and there he finds them in peace and harmony-BEAUTIFUL... I am always glad to see that man's smile..somehow it makes show worth it..
Before ending this analysis- want to mention something that came in my mind last night when he told khushi about his helpless that mother wud be to leave her children like this and how helpless that mother wud be still watching him from the skies above as a star- her thoughts in the form of very beautiful song came to my mind..this song is from 1960's movie-Aakhiri khat...
His mother wud have said to him in his every dream
mere chanda mere nanhe, tujhe apne sine se kaise lagaau
suni godi mein kaise uthaau, chhup gaye laadle aanchalo mein
raat pariyo ka paigaam laayi, kis tarah so gaya tu akele
kis tarah bin mere nind aayi, mere chanda mere nanhe...
When he wud have struggled to make his world again-his home again then mother wud have said..
aadmi bhi hai, bhagwaan bhi hai, phir bhi phirta hai tu besahaara
kaun tujhko gale se lagaaye, pattharon ka hai yeh shehar saara
mere chanda mere nanhe...
He was still loner among crowd till she came in his life...and thus my title for today's episode- And then he found khushi <3



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tanthya IF-Addictz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 12:37pm | IP Logged

Shwetha's Wishlist ;


Arnav and Nani Scene:

Nani comes and sits besides Arnav.

Nani: Don't worry, Dadi will accept Khushi, give her time.

Arnav: I dont care really Nani, I just want her to be atleast civil to her.

Nani: Well I did give a hard time to Lavanaya when you brought her.

Arnav: (Small smile) What is it with you two best friends, you guys have some issue or the other with the ones I bring home.

Nani: Well, I didn't have that much problem with Lavanya.

Arnav(rolls eyes): Oh come on Nani.

Nani: Well ofcourse Khushi played a part in softening me up.

Arnav: (sarcastically): I think I should Request La to come and Train Dadi to be more modern, think that will help?

Nani: (Laughs): It is really good to see you like this you know, Chotay.

Arnav: (Simply nods)

Nani: Besides, Now that I think about it, I guess my problem with La was not her, it was you. I guess I never saw in your eyes the love or that sort of affection you claimed you had for La. The one I am seeing in your eyes for Khushi, one that keeps getting stronger.

Arnav: (after a moment's silece): Is that why you created such a ruckus when we got married.

Nani: No, I guess I really wanted to be part of my Naati's Wedding to the girl I really liked and approved for him. You did deprive me of that you know.

Think about it, what will you do when your niece or nephew asks, Mama & Mami where is your wedding album?

Arnav: Nani you know the circumstance under which we got married.

Nani (gets up): I do, rest of them don't.

Arnav: What if we have a small wedding at home with just both the families, would that be okay say within 7 days?

Nani: Chotay, You don't have to do this for us (unable to hide her happiness)

Arnav: Naah, Guess I owe it to Khushi.

* I KNOW I KNOW, won't happen*

But thought of something sweet to write for the occasion.

Have a blast at the party everyone, we deserve it.Party

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.Sia. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 12:45pm | IP Logged
Updated on page 3, after many hours of blood, sweat and tears! LOL

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chickky Goldie

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 12:58pm | IP Logged
Dil garden garden hogayi...Clap

Our moma papa predictions true!!!!

Mentioning of twins..
Mentioning of Conch ..

CVs do respect both as we all do respect hence mentioned both at a time!

Sorry for not being able to complete my post sterday..since morning had net issues n was able to connect late niteConfused
to compensate,I am writting now..

Comming to episode..will only touch what I loved..

1. Arnav standing for his wife to give back her dignity,respect n honour she deserves..
2. Kushi is all out in love for arnav,she accepts him as hers by mind,body n soul..she tries to bring smile on his face..I loved her attempt! Poor arnav needs it badly!
3. Slight smile on Arnavs face recognising what his wife is trying to do but not being able to come out of his pain..
4. Clarification of Kushi on why she has to do all that ..she really don't want anything comming in between! Loved her urgency to clean her slate!
5.arnav finally accepting her and trying to share the strongest link for his closed character..
6. Kushi understanding the depth of his pain,empathising m giving him space to lean on her,offering comfort,love,care n assurance! Loved how arnav acknowledges back!
8. Silent promise of Kushi to arnav on how she will support him...
7. Kushi hugging Anjali providing the same love,space,assurance n comfort to the otherwise happy anjali who chose to hide her pain in being in a happy world!
8.acknowledgement n pride in Arnavs eyes about the purity n love of his wife for his Di..a hope that all will be alright!
9.nok-jhok that followedEmbarrassed
10. Arnav again re-emphasising about the rights Kushi has at the house! 


Oh man BS! Please take my sincere bow! U r turning Truely inspirational to me! A man who was stoic in emoting a year back..with a consistent n persistent u just excel..and I take it as if u can everyone can! Thanks for being inspirational n raising ur own us some breathtaking emotions...Clap.words fail to express the level ur took this character..if not BS,no one can ever ever play arnav as u did! Thanku For ur quest n passion to entertain ur fans!

Sanaya: u portrayed the bubbly,chirpy Kushi with a tint of fear but loads of hope to bring smile on ur husbands well..very close to real scenes..thanku n great job..u r Truely Kushi..

nK,PayPal...finally they r getting some screen space..feeling happy for them!

Daadi..thought about u is bringing chills beneath the spine..u r portraying 
Ash ASR to the T. one can play as cute SIL as u do..

gul n CVs..a big thanku for giving us some emotionally wrenched subtle romantic IPKND..loving it to the core..please continue the stru line n please do t compromise on any! U r the best !

Thanku for all who liked my posts..thanks Tanthya for ur guidance..

Love u guys!Hug

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chitmanas Goldie

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 1:01pm | IP Logged

Ksheeer Sagar


Love the title Sathya.  Manthan process was what crossed my mind this evening and I was going to write about it.

Today's Episode:  Continuing from yesterday, we saw Arnav telling dadi that if she doesn't want to talk in his wife's presence, he doesn't want to hear either.  Like grandma, like grandson, right? To get his point across, he takes his wife's hand and walks away making it clear that where his wife is not respected, he will not stay there.

Nani is asking Dadi why she has changed; she was never like this before.  Why is she treating Khushi the way she is.  She doesn't know about Khushi, so why the antagonism towards her and what's wrong?  Dadi does not answer, but she definitely knows something or heard something.  We are yet to find out what it is.

Next, we see Arnav waking up from the nightmare of that dreadful day.  A very concerned Khushi asks him what happened and gets no response.  Though she hesitates (she's still unsure how to behave with him when he's all silent), she wants to convey that she's willing to share in his pain and plays a song.  Arnav is still in his nightmarish world and is unable to get out of it.  Khushi tries to hold his hand, reassure him that she's there for him, tries to get him to smile and be closer to him.  Nothing that she tries works.  Khushi then tells him that she has no intentions of prying and she did whatever she did just to help him and if he doesn't want to share what's bothering him, that's ok with her.  At this, Arnav blurts out the most painful truth of his life about how when he was 14 years old, his mother committed suicide.  Khushi is shocked and grieved on hearing this and when she sees tears in the eyes of her beloved, can she stop?  She hugs him sharing his pain and they both cry together.

An appeal:Ladies and gentleman, girls and boys, please realize that no matter what, suicide is not the solution, please talk to your family/friends or get appropriate help at the right time. 

Next morning, Khushi is watching Arnav still asleep and silently vows to be by his side no matter what.  Isn't this what he needs, unconditional support and who other than Khushi can truly understand and give him what he needs?

Preparations for Janmashthami are on and Khushi overhears the conversation between Di and HP; HP is telling her that he was unable to find something.  Khushi offers her help and finds out that Di's looking for a conch that belonged to her mother.  Khushi promises to find the conch, is about to walk away, turns back to give Di a big hug.  She knows how painful loss of a parent is and understands how heart breaking it was for both Arnav and Anjali when their mother committed suicide; the aftermath is something that's affecting their lives even today.  Arnav, who's watching Khushi and Di, is content and happy that the two most important people in his life are getting closer to each other again.

Khushi finds the conch (she is meant to) and then starts looking at the album that accidentally tumbles down. She's looking at the pictures of Arnav's family when a very angry Dadi thinks she's prying into the family affairs and takes it to nani.  Khushi is trying to convince Dadi that she had no bad intentions.  Enter Arnav bitwa, who once again makes it clear to dadi, that yes, he respects her, but Khushi is his wife and can do anything in the house and if she wants to look at something, she will and can do so.

Manthan So, what's the story behind Ksheer Sagar manthan?  Sage Durvarsa cursed the devas(gods) and asuras (demons) that their strength may be weakened completely; this curse is all meant for the good of the world(s).  Devas and Asuras then went to Lord Vishnu for a solution and he asked them to churn the Ksheer Sagar (ocean of milk) with the help of Mandara mountain (forming the pillar) and Vasuki the snake (to actually do the churning) and the amruth that comes out will give them eternal life.  Without going into too many details about what happened, let me say that the first thing that come out of the churning process is HALAAHAL i.e. deadly poison and finally, after a long process, came the AMRUTH, sweet nectar of eternal life and strength.  The deadly poison was so unbearable that all were dying and it was Lord Shiva's turn to hold the poison in his throat so it does not affect anybody. 

Now, why on earth did I remember this story? Well, the current phase in Arnav's life reminded me of the manthan (churning process).  This man is bearing the burden of his mother's suicidal death and his father's betrayal and whatnot; he's holding all this within him and it's become poisonous for his life.  Is he a free man who can laugh at things easily? Is he free from the past and able to breathe easy? Is he a free man experiencing the joys of life?  We all know the truth. 

With the entry of dadi, the churning has started where the POISIONOUS PAST will and has to come out first (we already saw this today and it's only the beginning).  The entire family will be awashed in the toxic past and whatever comes out of this churning; after many more trials and tribulations, the AMRUTH FILLED FUTURE will be in the palm of Arnav's hands.  Throughout all this, Khushi will support him and as sathya said, conch is to remove the negative vibes, if so,Khushi is the right person to do this……any doubts? She loves Arnav totally and she also loves his Di, so what will stop her from being part of this process? Imagine Arnav and Khushi's lives free from the past.  Shall we await such a wonderful future for both? (am I getting way too ahead with this statement? I guess I like to think of the wonderful future that they'll have one day and it puts a smile on my face)


What I liked

1)     The way Arnav held Khushi's hand to take her along with him in the first scene (no half measures with Arnav bitwa, it's all or nothing).  Isn't he the same guy who used to drag her along to give her his famous dressing down, as they call it? I love this new avtar who's able to show his vulnerable side to Khushi without too much hesitation, but the ASR characteristics are evident too.

2)    The silent support that Khushi provided to him and how he opened up to her.  Love the choice of 'aaja piya' song, it's my all time favorite and very apt for their situation.

3)    The dancing steps of Arnav and Khushi when he's teasing her and their lovey dovey, smiley faces

4)    The 'I won't tolerate any insult to my wife' attitude of Arnav; hope Dadi gets the message soon

5)    Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani, you guys totally rock.  Love your jodi. ClapClap

I thought this was another wonderful episode that had all the elements. drama, light romance, sharing of pain, mending fences etc.

Funny note: My mother who never watches TV shows sat to watch the episodes in the last couple of days.  She thinks Dadi is like mandharaLOL from Ramayan.  May be one of these days I'll do a write up about why Dadi is mandhara.Wink 


A heartfelt thank you to all those who read this postSmile

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shivikrocks IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 1:47pm | IP Logged
Updated in Page one. Pls take a read and leave your precious commentsBig smile

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amimus Goldie

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 1:47pm | IP Logged
Hello everyone. What a emotional episod etoday.
Aja piya tho pyaar do
gori baiyya toh pe vaar doon.
Its such a beautiful song and I thouhgt very well enacted. Arnav is slowly opening up to Khushi , loved this entire scene . The hUg especially had tears in my eyes.
So proud to be a reduxian, it was predicted here long back that Arnav Mom committed Suicide, got a confirmation today.
The morning scene had a role reversal. ASR ko dekhne ke liye Tax lagata hai LOL
I am still wondering as to why DADI does not like Khushi , does she remind her of something or someone in the past. HAve to wait and watch.
The hug betwee Anjali - Khushi brought bak memories of old times. I have always loved the bond between these two.
Such a big hue and cry by DADI for Khushi looking at the Album. What is she afraid of that will come out. Am I wrong in questioning  this , well dont know for sure .
Arnav once again defending his wife and standing by her . Wow so much of a change in this man who once said not long a ago that I will never give you the position of my wife in my life.
So girls welcome to IPK land where the battle between Arnav/ASR VS Dadi is on full swing with poor Khushi in middle.
Lets wait and watch what the outcome is.
Keep wayching IPKKND from MOn- Fri at 8 PM only on SP

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sharmibalan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 2:02pm | IP Logged

What an interesting episode. An episode that brought happiness & excitement to everyone...And it was more special for us Reduxians... as it provided confirmation for some of our theories...From now its no longer a theory but a fact...Smile

Doodsie...I am so happy for you...I remembered the report card analysis of yours...U didn't do an analysis but...did write a few words...remember...But I'm using that to quote my feelings...We all know how accurate and how brilliant our Redux Child is...But you still need a Report card...a result to show to our world...See Doods predicted this before... a proof to others who doubted your amazing ability...The episode provided us one...I am so happy for you...You finally have a report card to show...You hard work has just been paid off...And there are more to come your way...I am just very happy for you...Standing beside you as a proud friend & a fellow Reduxian...Smile

Sathya...Where can I Start...Love you babes...I always admire your choice of titles...the titles you chose are so meaningful and beautiful...They give us a picture of the current IPK track and a foresight into the future track as well...Such of your title Panchajanya...I am yet again so happy for you...and so proud to be associated with REDUX...It has become a part of me now...Now I have become your Jerry...that (Tom) you cannot get rid off...WinkSmile

Congratz...My dear girls...Congratz on your achievement...Yesterday belonged to you and to Redux...ClapClapClap
What was not to be loved about the episode... yesterday...It was indeed Ksheera Sagar...(Again please accept my applauseClapClapClap...what an apt title Sathya)
The churning of the ocean had began... Amirtham is yet to be received...


The episode started with Arnav standing behind Khushi like a knight in Armour ready to protect his beloved princess from the wrath of the ferocious empress...An empress who has just returned from 14 years of self-imposed exile...the reason for which is still yet to be known...

Having clearly made his stance he prepares to move from the place...only to turn back and look at his princess...who was still staring at the empress and trying to comprehend both the severity and the warmth of the situation...
Arnav had always left Khushi to defend herself...even if he needs to defend her its only because of his pride...then he immediately leaves her as if she doesn't matter to him...But today he not only stood by her but also protectively dragged her from that place along with him...a very beautiful scene...
My Mum committed Suicide when I was 14 years old...How simple and blunt was that statement...and yet how powerful it was to stir your emotions...Khushi...

He uttered those words only after getting a promise/confirmation from you...What was that ...You will never change him...You will always accept him the way he was...He doesn't have to disclose anything if he doesn't want to...and whatever you did was not to hurt him but to see him Happy...How honest were your words...Khushi...It spoke volumes of love that you have for him...and you were immediately given a hope in return...A glimpse of his past...the past he never wanted to acknowledge...A past only his loved ones are aware off...He reciprocated your love and affection...Khushi...


You couldn't see him standing there... a lone figure...His past hunching him...and tears threatening its presence...You couldn't waste a moment watching him like that...You hugged him will all the energy you had...You took his tears in yours and vowed to protect him and guide him and stand by him in this war...against his past...Was he aware of that...Yes he was Khushi...He knows you are there for him.


For the first time you realised the solemnity of the situation...Khushi you realised and acknowledged the mask that Arnav wears to hide his immense pain...You vowed to stand by him always...when he needs your support...You are his Krishna...and your mere presence and guidance is enough to get Arnav to win this war...

Thank you IPKKND again for giving us yet another beautiful episode...ClapClapClap.
Applause to all the actors...and a standout performance by Barun & Sanaya...ClapClap
Now to the bloopers...The presence of a stranger in the most important scene.Angry...was his presence needed or am I ignorant of its significance.
Please pay attention to Payal's MS...It is just too long and too thick...and the rest of the bloopers are pointed out by Bushy...Tongue
Thank you so much for taking time and reading my post...
REDUX Rocks...Smile


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