Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IP REDUX ; Ksheera Sagar !! (Page 3)

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Originally posted by shreya_l


Shreya ji!!!!! Dil kush hogaya!!!! Hug

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Hey guys,

First of all big hugs to everyone here at Redux & thank you to those who liked my post yesterday! I'm back with my two pennies' worth of today's episode Smile

I wasn't going to analyse today because I was quite disheartened yesterday (not over the analysis post, something else), but I decided to forget that and still post. I seem to always be on the 3rd page LOL

As I have said in another post, I know nothing about religious significance in accordance with the goings-on in the show. So I shall allow my Redux pals to enlighten us with all of that. Nothing incredibly profound here, I'm just giving straight-up analysis how I see it Smile

Arnav holding Khushi's hand and walking out of Dadi's room

This reminded me so much of their wedding day, when Arnav held her hand and led her to the family. I'll try to post caps of that scene here.

The main difference between that time and this time is that the first time Arnav was pulling Khushi towards pain and humiliation, and this time he himself is leading her away from it. He's still angry, but his anger was not directed at Khushi this time. This, to me, symbolises that through the tough times ahead Arnav will try his level best to clear Khushi's name and lead her away from trouble.

Payal and NK

I'm liking the Payal-NK companionship that's forming. Perhaps this will be relevant later on - Payal and NK will be a support network for Khushi, trying their best to do right by her and make sense of what's going on.

Dadi's opinion of Khushi

I definitely feel that there's more to it than just this. Dadi is not still annoyed at the fact that Khushi threw water over her. The problem is bigger than that. As a few people have suggested, perhaps Khushi reminds Dadi of someone. Another thing that I'm quite sure about is that Dadi knows everything that happened in the past. Call it a hunch, but I feel as if Dadi knows about Khushi's past and she may recognise her, which is why she was so disgusted when she saw Khushi touching her son and daughter-in-law's possessions and is refusing to speak to her. But I personally do not feel that Shyam has been conspiring with Dadi. This is due to the fact that Dadi has allegedly had no contact with the family for 15 years, refusing to see Arnav whenever he tried to visit her. Therefore, logic suggests that she was not there at Anjali and Shyam's wedding - so how does she know who Shyam is? Even if Anjali had told Shyam all about Dadi, which I doubt she has, why would Shyam try to get in touch with Dadi for help? Anjali's secret meetings are almost certainly with Shyam, so he's just trying to find a way to pave his way back into RM. Plus, the way Dadi keeps on asking about 'Damadji' suggests that she doesn't know the truth about him. But perhaps the converse may be true; Shyam is a sly so-and-so so we never know with him. He's burnt his bridges at RM so maybe he feels this is his final chance? Dadi's silence was quite unnerving when Nani asked her what her problem was, suggesting that there is something deeper there. It could be Shyam twisting things or it could be the past that has caused this. I guess more about that will come to light eventually, and we will discover exactly what Dadi's opinion of Khushi is based on.

Khushi pacifying Arnav

Other than the fact that the scene was really sweet, it was also in complete contrast to what had happened before. Khushi is trying to figure out a way of getting Arnav to open up to her, and she decides to shower him with love, something that Arnav has always wanted. When she held his hand in her own, and he tried to pull back, it reminded me of Holi. Khushi tried to pull away that time, and Arnav stopped her with a cute shake of the head.

The whole scene began as being cute, and then suddenly the whole mood changed. Khushi's speech showed just how much she cares for him, and how she loves him for who he is but wishes he would open up to her. When Arnav finally told her about his mother committing suicide when he was 14 (Reduxian prediction come true!), Khushi threw her arms around him, finally beginning to understand why he is such a closed-off person. This entire scene was a real tear-jerker and very touching.

The following morning's first scene was in stark contrast to the day before. This time Arnav is sleeping and being watched by Khushi, and the two of them are no longer smiling. Khushi then tried going back to their original nok-jhok to lighten the mood. "Arnav Singh Raizada ko bhi dekhne ka tax lagta hai kya?" totally had me cracking up LOL

I don't remember exactly at what stage in the scene this was, but when Khushi referred to 'hamesha', I was just thinking 'finally! She's acknowledged their relationship is real!'

Khushi hugging Anjali

Khushi hugging Anjali was such a touching scene, and the meaning was not lost on Arnav. He smiled at this sight, feeling as if everything would return to normal once again. Finally, he has hope again; hope that Khushi will understand him, hope that Khushi will be accepted by everyone, and hope that Anjali learns how to cope without Shyam and return to her normal self. Arnav wants to look to the future, but to do that he has to release himself from the past.

Flirty Arnav

Arnav blocking Khushi's way reminded me of that adorable flirty scene, and then when the two of them were looking at each other I was reminded of the veranda scene where they were looking at eachother and just before Arnav was about to confess his love, when they walked towards the terrace.

Yes, the scene was adorable, but one thing that it reminded me of is the fact that this is the lull before the storm. When Arnav flirted with her, later that day he had the outburst where he blamed Khushi for everything going wrong and stated that he wished he had never met her. We all know that the romance led to the misunderstanding and Arnav forcefully marrying Khushi. So all of this happiness will be short-lived. A storm is brewing and drama will unfold.


I've seen so many posts on this - twins have been practically confirmed, as predicted previously by some of our very own Reduxians (sorry, I don't know exactly who because I started reading Redux posts after that one!) Twins... double the trouble! I'm sure someone else will be able to come up with something of relevance to do with twins Smile Then came the Damadji comment, which I've already touched upon.

Dadi's reaction to Khushi

The disgust on Dadi's face was evident when she found Khushi looking at the photos. She seems to be creating trouble for Khushi, trying to get Arnav to distance himself from her. Yet it's having the opposite effect - but to what point? Will this still happen once the truth of the past is revealed? The shunk and any religious significance will probably be looked at by someone else, but that's also something another Reduxian mentioned bneforehand!

Khushi expressing her innocence

Will this girl never stop having to justify herself after everything? But Arnav's words of defence proved that he believes she has a right over everything as she is his wife, and he doesn't want to hide from her anymore. Arnav Singh Raizada wants his wife to know about his past, and he will want to slowly reveal it to her himself. But not if Dadi can help it.

Okay, ab toh main bohat thak gayi hoon, toh baki post chota sa hoga.

I was discussing this earlier with arhimaniac (I'm so sorry, I am awful with names!) & some others, trying to link together the past and seeing what clues we had. I'll quickly go over my views:

Arnav's father isn't dead. This is complete speculation by me, but the more analysis posts I read yesterday, the more I felt that this is indeed true and he may have faked his own death. I definitely think there is something fishy going on, and the fact that Arnav's mother committed suicide helped to fuel my suspicions.

Khushi doesn't know that Arnav's surname was previously Malik. This was pointed out by ArHiManiac in one of her posts, so maybe Khushi had some sort of connection with the Maliks in the past.


What we know:

- Dadi disappeared 15 years ago.

- Arnav was 14 when the wedding scene happened and his mother died, which I think was 14 years ago. If Khushi's age was set in concrete by the CVs, we'd be able to perhaps decide what part she may have played if any in this, but as we don't know how old she is we can't really speculate a lot. One thing we know is definitely true - Khushi was quite young when it happened. This, in my mind, eliminates the illegitimate child suggestion, as surely Arnav's mother would have committed suicide before? Plus, Arnav and Khushi being related in that way makes me feel a bit sick. They're husband and wife, not half-brother & half-sister!

- Arnav and Anjali were thrown out of Sheesh Mahal (Oops, I accidentally wrote RM in my previous post) 13 years ago, a year after their mother's death.

- Arnav's dad is a b*****d and the biggest insult you could pay Arnav is saying that he's like his father.


- Arnav and Anjali think the past is better where it is. They don't like to talk about it as it brings them immense pain.

- After the events unfolded, Arnav in reaction became almost a mirror image od his Dadi in nature (we all saw to what a big degree 'ASR' matched his description of Dadi)

- Anjali dealt with events by trying to stay positive and happy, maintaining her faith in God. She was also understanding, and these traits make me think that she's more like Nani in her nature. Dadi and Nani are just as close as Arnav and Anjali, but I find it off in a way that Dadi is supporting Anjali whereas Nani is supporting Arnav in this war.

- We all know about the wedding flashback, but the fact that there was no mention of his father anywhere in the flashback was one of the factors that made me speculate over whether or not he was really dead.

- Khushi's parents died in a car accident when she was 8 years' old. Was she there when they died or was she later told they died in an accident? If she wasn't present, then perhaps they could have died in another way?

- How did Shyam and Anjali meet and go on to get married?

- How will Dadi react on meeting the Guptas?

Points that were added by arhimaniac

- Under Anjali's sweet persona is the iron will and zid that both Nani and Dadi possess

- Shyam fought a case for them and that's how he fell in love with Anjali.

- Garima has a dark past. Payal is Shashi's daughter but not Garima's, and Khushi is the adopted niece of Garima.

- Doosri aurat

- Father had a temple wedding

- Perhaps Dadi cannot face Arnav as he reminds her of her son, so she cuts herself off from them and asks Nani to take care of them.

Okay, I'm exhausted now. Been working on this for nearly 3 hours. Hope you guys like it and find it somewhat insightful. Please note, I don't know a lot about the past as I didn't begin watching full episodes until the broken Arnav-Lavanya engagement. Do leave comments and your thoughts if possible Wink

Just realised that the two Reduxian's predictions that came true were Tanthya & Doodles. I shall join the celebration party soon Wink

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This week is just rocking. Its a perfect hattrick of beautiful episodes.
Arnav continues to fulfil his unspoken promises to Khushi by standing by her and for her. Loved it wehn he dragged her away from the mess after telling off Daadi. My respect for this man grows everyday. BS ClapClapClap. Wonderful acting today and always.
Then comes the nightmare. Khushi is attuned to every emotion going through Arnav's heart. She continues to sense how disturbed he is. Tries to lighten his mood in her usual fashion via song and dance. I am glad they cut out the dupatta over head swami mode and thumka scene like we saw in SBS vid. That would have been in bad taste considering the haunting sorrow in ASR's eyes. The softly symbolic hand holding, hugging and gentle encouraging smiles were beautiful as was the song. Especially loved the line "main bhi na hari...kis liye"
She will never give up on him. He shouldnt give up to sorrow. She is there for him . Will endlessly fight any pain in his life.
My dream came true from yesterday when he did open up to her some and shared his deepest sorrow. His mother committed suicide. What a severe blow to have to go through that at such an impressionable age. The sense of abandonment that he must have felt. It si easy to see how this cynical person was born from that trauma. How can he ever trust anyone to stay with him when his own mother abandoned them? He closed his heart to love that day because love to him equated with pain from then on. Khushi forced open the closed door of his heart and she has now glimpsed the raw festering wound there. Thus begins the healing of Arnav Singh Raizada. With this one action he has opened himself up truly to love. The love will heal his wounds and make him whole again.
Khushi did for him what he has done for her the past few days. Bring his smile back. "ASR ko dekhne pe bhi tax lagta hai kya"
Anjali Khushi scene was very touching again. She saw her SIL in a different light today. Felt what pain she has had to go through in life, time and again. Life has dealt her very hard blows. Its a miracle she is still smiling that sweet smile of hers. Arnav looks on with pride and affection at his wife and his his sister the two most precious people in his life.
Ofcourse we have the reference to the shankh and I'm going WOWeee!!!! Doods and Tants you guys are just rocking it. Rock!Rock!Rock!ClapClapClapClapClap
Arnav blocks Khushi's path again. He just doesnt want to let go of her sight. Holds on to her as long as he can. Awww Arnie thats so sweet.WinkWinkWinkWink. Shy Khushi is back. Arnie has been healing her wounds too. Chaahey zabardasti hi sahiLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
Daadi arrives on the scene. Anji Nani Dadi share their wishes of a baby boy vs. baby girl and NK drops in saying Ek pe Ek muft. TWINS? There are twins hiding in that tiny waistline? Another victory for Doods and Tants. Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who would have figure-d?WinkWinkWink
Dadi is barely civil to payal and snorts in disdain at NK. Yaar ye bandi kis sadi ki hai? Time travel karke aayi hai kya?LOLLOLLOLLOL
Arnie goes out but not before he overhears Dadi demanding to know Shyam's whereabouts. He asks Nani why she doesnt tell her. He is ready to do the honours himself but Nani stops him on Anji's pretext. Methinks its just CVs pretext. They are preparing to bring back bad boy. Thats why all this delay. How that will facilitate his return, who knows?
Khushi is searching for MIL's conch and starts looking at some photos.
BTW did you guys notice a look of faint surprise or maybe recollection on Khushi's face when she saw Arnie's dad's photo or was it my imagination? I'm not even sure if ti was his dad's photo or someone elses photo that she saw at that moment. Were my eyes playing tricks? Anyways, so the poor thing is fondly looking over the snaps. Bas dadi gets her opening.( I bet she has been itching to bring Khushi down since Arnie told her off for Khushi). Poor girl is dragged into the middle of the RM where dadi proceeds to create tamasha. She is accused of looking at her dead in-laws photos. MY! MY! What a terrible crime!! Mamiji's jaw drops open at the severity of this crime. Others are looking on wide eyed and I am thinking and scratching my head. Scratch scratch. "Did I miss something here? She saw the photos. So what?" Apparently it is the crime of the century the way dadi is going on about it. Khushi bitiya is busy explaining away. Anji comes to rescue but to no avail. Nani's pleas are brushed aside. Khushi bitiya once again has tears in her eyes and a red nose.
Kabhi Kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai ke iss ssserial ka naam hona chahiye...
Isss Khushi ki beizzati ko kya naam doon. LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
Now that Arnie has relinquished the esteemed position of insulter of Khushi we get Dadi instead.
Koi nahi! The girl always manages to rise and shine and she will again.
For now Laad governor himself comes to her rescue . Mere munh ki baat chheen li."So what!!!"
You go ASR!!!! His patni has every right to go anywhere she wants and touch anywhere ...OOPs!!!!!!!!!...anything that she wants.LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
Judgement over. Dadi may protest but bitwa has made his position clear. Dont you dare mess with my wife.( No wonder girls keep swooning  and mooning over you).  Jaws clenched he walks away.
In all this tamasha the one thing that keeps confusing me is Anji's reactions.What is going on in her brain? I know people have their doubts that such a thing as Anji's brainwa exists but think of it. If she has really been meeting shyam she must have absolved him of all the sins he was accused of. So does she think Khushi was at fault? If so, how come she is so chummy with her? If on the other hand she believes in Khushi's story how come she continues to meet Shyam behind everybody's back. We already know it wasnt Dadi she was talking to. Is it a third person? Is it Shyam's sister aka "woh aurat"? or is it her half-brother aka "woh aurat" ka beta?
All in all  a beautiful episode. Not sure which direction we are going as far as re-marriage or Shyamu's entry is concerned. Some milestones have been met today.
  • Arnav opening up to Khushi
  • Confirmation of Arnav's mom's suicide
  • Anji's twin (uh! uh!) pregnancy
  • Get ready for samudra manthan. I hope I said it right.

Ok peeps. Me going to SKD where ASR comes riding on a black horse and sweeps Khushi away from danger.WinkWinkWink



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Welcome Back Shreya,,,, We Missed you.. The Navratna was incomplete without you


We rarely confide in those who are better than we are.  Albert Camus

Day 4 in continuation and Day 5
A ClapClapClap to team IPK, u hv returned with a bang, Drama was always a integral part of the series but when it was lost, the shocker value declined, the TRP's declined, but the return of qoutient has inceased my hopes.
"Jahan meri patni nahi aa sakti...mujhe nahi lagta meri wahan koi zarurat hai..."
The episode opened with one of the great moments of Khushi, who in the past 6 months of marriage had been kicked like a football arnd from Arnav, with insults, aggression and hate, something which she didnt deserve yet recvieved day in day out and with a mask over her heart and stayed with him, somewhere she was scared of Arnav of the threat he gv and somewhere he was bound to him with her faith in the relationship called marriage, but long before they had got married Khushi ha realised that Arnav doesnt believe in marriage,for him it was a realtionship but means to use the other person, and he never wanted to gv that oppurtunity to any one yet tonite she heard the words, a belief in them , they as a couple, he stood by her, for her the motion of being used by other person has been lost in these past few months from Arnav's psyche, and Khushi though she has understood the words " I love you" hasnt ever understood or believed in them but post Dadi's return it has unvealed a new Arnav for her, who is staying by her defination of marriage with her, She is in awe of him, her man her husband, to her faith has won,,,,,
The moment Arnav walks way once agn marking he is the man of the house and for a moment he stops returns back, holds her hand,,,,, announcing to the world, no body messes with me and nobody messes with My MISSUS... I am with her, I am her shield and I am her armour too...
A woman in rejoiced at such blant display of acceptance, understanding & support, For better or worse, thru thick n thin, I take you thee my worthy partnerClap
Nani question dadi with her stand to Khushi, and we get another thought abt her being prejuiced with Khushi, somethings is more to this than meets the eye..
And the bedroom scene A very disturbed Arnav and khushi trying to soothe him, in her own a hurt Arnav once agn seeping in his own pain, trying to build walls once agn arnd his heart, for the pain has returned, the deep burried memories hv resurfaced, the wound has been open, but 1 step from Arnav in the faith towards her marriage with Khushi, several steps from Khushi in the same relationship, she clearly tells him the reason of her actions, her intentions of protecting him from pain, a effort to cheerup and a communication to tell him that she will never coeroce or force him, rather will soothe him, and Arnav tells her the biggest pain he has lived, the hurt, the agony the angyst all out with few words... she doesnt utter a word, just moves in hug him with all her mte, the moment she hugs him, he doesnt return it, she tightens it once more to reach to him, once more she fails , once more she tries and this tiime he surrenders to her he envelopes her, A simple pleasurable small nudge, A silent support. A act of loyalty, Arnav who has feels kept the pain the anger he felt at the abandonment of his parents, very recently we saw it was also abt the abondonment at her dadi  has valued loyalty the most, he has cherished his sister, the driver who saved his sister in accident, the mami who helped him intially  once agn he cherished khushi when she stood by him in the kidnapping,  but tonite this man gifted himself to this simple gal who doesnt expect anything form him return,
He bought her at par with himself by sharing the demons who hv haunted the persona of him...  the erasing of "hum kyun na ban paye hum,,"
 Kyun Nazarien teri yu anjaan hai , aankhien hai meri bhi hain nam,
kyun pa kar bhi tum ko khoya hai,  hum kyun na ban paye hum,,,
Kyun dard hai itna tere ishq
  The walls around the two are crumbling, the understanding is increasing with solid communication, the biggest factor absent form Arnav & Khushi's love, The trust was there, the faith is arriving & the communication has started... Yippeee I am in joy..
The next scene Anjali & Khushi hug show the magnimous spirit of Khushi, one who knows to take all the pain n spread joy, A proud husband observing, understanding her once more, floored by her act once more, she doesnt need to do it, yet she does this with all heart
& Finally the Dadi Arnav confontation, Once agn two power at oposite, one who has the truth and faith and a support in form of Khushi, A aged Grandmother, who is prejuiced and demanding...
Once agn we saw Arnav standing by Khushi, for now he has placed her the pedestal with himself, Until now he had always considere himself superior to her, but tonite he blow the trumphet for the world to know,,,,He proudly announces to the world once again, She is Mine I am with her...
Loved the whole 20 mins tonite, each moment gripped  but The Highlight was the reaction of the family who stood Arnd Arnav & Dadi,
Nani:::: A women who has lost her daughter, raised her grandchildren, inculcated value in these kids is proud at the display of that, standing by the loved, One she preached & practiced by being there with these kids
Anjali:::: A sister who is today satisfied with her brother being by his love, completely dedicated in to it, she has taught him THE importance of love
Payal:::: A relieved sister, who hasnt found her place with this family, yet was never rejected like Khushi, He is happy Arnav is with Khushi
Mami:::: Shocked Stunned at the clash, The fireworks at best display here,  with that saucers  like eyes Njoi It
NK:::: THE personal Krishna of khushi, THE sakha, THE Guide...

& Khushi::: the wife the lover the women was won today ... for now & forever
Abslty loved Payal & Nk scene today
the concered Khushi, in the morning scene, even without asking she has commited him, in each moment of need Will be with u,,,,A brilliant scene which highlighted Khushi,,, like a mother whose love for Arnav was unconditional, Khushi has gvn him the biggest gift unconditional love n support, a man who cacooned himself in the shell of ASR, to avoid the pain, controlled his life with ASR attitude controlling the world and lives of his loved ones has been pulled by a simple Khushi,,,,,
The Anjali Khushi scene,
The Arnav Khushi scene on the stairs, the desire to be hers, the desire to be with her & the flirty Arnav who loves Khushi smile,,, lovely
Dedication To Mr. & Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada

Love means to commit oneself without guarantee, to give oneself completely in the hope that our love will produce love in the loved person. Love is an act of faith, and whoever is of little faith is also of littlelove.  

Erich Fromm

Thank U readers & the like team its a pleasure to share my views with u'll
____________________________________________________________________ Thank U Team REDUX. A joy, A smile, A long frndship,,,, U make all possible

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" Kshirsagar - means the ocean of milk --It is also the place where Vishnu reclines over Shesha Naga, along with his consort Lakshmi. 

According to Bhagavata, outcome of the churning of Ksheerasagara is Halahalam (terribly destructive poison), Amrita (nectar) with Dhanvantari (physician of Gods), Lakshmi (Goddess of Riches), Jyestha (Goddess of Poverty), Chandra (the Moon), a white elephant named Airavata, a horse named Uchchaisrava, Kalpavriksha (the tree that yields whatever is desired). -- Credits Wikipedia..

The episode started with the Malik's older and younger generation.Daadi wants and sees the boy in Arnav but she is just getting the sight of not only the successful business tycoon ASR but also the ASR who wants to move ahead in life towards his future. He has traversed some rough patches in the years in which she has abandoned him and his sister and got rested comfortably shying from the whole world. I don't want to hit the past here since we got one answer today.

But its ASR's sheer display of anger that she abandoned them that he rightly went and stood by his wife. We always respect and would love to be with the ones who have lived with us in difficult times.This is why Nani is answered all the questions by ASR despite his anger and Daadi didn't get any reply. Khushi not played a major role in his life till now...not the reason for his success...but has been a great support, a friend a comforter for him and above all displayed loyalty to him for more than a year. The girl not only is fond of sweets but also spreads sweetness to everyone .This has only pulled him most of the times towards her. Now for all the qualities she displayed he gifts her in every moment with his support and care. We got it in the beginning and end of the episode.(Superb attitude displayed by Daadi and Barun in the end)

 Daadi didn't like Khushi from the first moment and  I think her anger is doubled because of the secret wedding, Thank God Nani informed all of us that "She is not so"Whatever may be the reason for disliking Khushi let it come out in its own way. Wait and watch.

 The past is knocking because of the older person and it's dusted by Khushi .Wow!!! 

 Daadi has not traveled in this changing world. Hidden in some corner and suddenly comes out to her grandchildren is a mystery not only to ASR but also to us. The thing is a boy lost his childhood and a girl has lost her dreams and one family shattered ..this old soul couldn't take it and has shred away from the world. Was she responsible for some things then couldn't control'and now she doesn't want anything to go wrong...looks to be like that.

 But Khushi's lines : "I will be with you when you need me " What does this indicate...some more intelligent IPK Reduxians can deduce.Shank,Tasveer ,Ladoo Gopal,Ganesha not so good in deciphering but again Khushi is the whistle blower ...clearly shown.

Again Daamadji's question by Daadi was unanswered. What will be Khushi' s fate when the matter is disclosed ?One more pooja coming up and during Pooja again Daadi is going to ask the question.

Ice breaking is awaiting the whole family. Are Gupta's invited for the pooja like last year?Well that would set the cards on...

Small note to CV's: ASR - Khushi contract .Khushi was particular on contract...please don't forget ;we have not forgotton.. When you want to give a mind blowing and heart rending moments we will keep track of them always. Consistency and continuity is definitely a major setback for IPK since the kidnapping track.  And don't just barge the usual flirt - fight sequence for some reason and just leave it aside...

Not to mention our dear Mami .She saw the place of Khushi in ASR' s mind and got to see the guts of ASR infront of Daadi...message clearly delivered to her also. I wonder her state when ASR knows that she didn't correct Daadi about Khushi's image. Will we get it?? Jus kidding...

But army is setting up : ASR-Khushi, Payal,NK and Mami will side with Arnav when the game starts.I am not able to conclude on Akash..If anyone could do please...


Lovely Tants and Doodhs ...Great Reduxians!!! Hats off  Clap

Reading Friday's post and some of June posts again gave me so much pleasure!!! Tongue


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Devyani Raizada - The matriarch of the family who raised her two orphaned grandchildren. Nothing is more painful for a mother then the loss of a child. Yet she suppressed that excruciating pain within herself to fulfill the responsibility. The daughter she lost can never come back. She showed strength when it was most needed. She learnt to move on, cherish the memories of the ones she lost and treasure the ones who are still here in this world. She learnt to live with a smile on her face.

Subhadra Devi - The other matriarch of the Malik-Raizada clan, a lady with a strong, commanding presence, exuding an aura of nobility. She suffered the same loss as Devyani but she hasn't come to terms with it. She hides it with a faade of arrogance and austerity. Unable to deal with her loss, she fled from her responsibility in search of peace. But the past continues to haunt her day and night. Deep down, she is still restless, because tranquility lies in acceptance of the reality and moving on. But unaware, she continues to hold on to the past.

Arnav Singh Raizada - The fourteen year old boy who confided himself within a shell is finally breaking free. He is opening up and accepting life not as a sentence but as a gift. Years ago, he lost faith in love, life and goodness of people because all he could see was cruelty and all he could feel was pain and loss. It's been a while since he found love but he was unable to accept any change at first. It took him time to realize his love. With the realization of love came acceptance, acceptance of the fact that love is what makes life worth living. He realized he can love, live life and be loved. He now knows how to honour and cherish the one he loves. Love is slowly healing some of his wounds, if not all. Until now, his pain was his own. But love changes things. He has finally found the one, who can heal his wounds and soothe his pain. Now he knows that his pain can be shared too. It can be shared with the one who makes his whole, the one who is other half of soul.

Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada - A child-woman who has a just taken a leap. She has been a lover, a wife for a while now but until now she was living with a man whose pain was unknown to her. Within a day, she realized there are things about her husband she is still unaware of. She learnt what importance she has in his life, how much he values her. She made an attempt to know, to be a part of his inner world. She told him his pain is not his own and that it can be shared too. He found assurance in her words and he revealed the wounds he was hiding for fourteen years. She saw the depth of his wounds and she realized he was secretly suffering all this while. She made a promise to herself that she will always be there to share pain. 


Thanks so much Bushy Smile

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--sumana13-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 August 2012 at 12:30pm | IP Logged
Hello girls ...HugHug

Satya and Doods both on page one here today calls for celebrations ...
A big Thank you to the Brilliant people here for making this thread so beautiful...

I wonder what it will be like to meet all of you together in person...Day Dreaming

So the creatives are following the tracks laid down long back in the one and only Doods and Sathya...
Clapthe hint about Anjali having NK...ek ke saath ke free...
Clapthe hint about twins separation ... by maamiji saying ...aadha hissa idhar and aadha Jaunpur mein milega...
Clap the panchajanya conch as predicted ...searched and found todayby Khushi and handed over to Dadi saas...

Clapthe past slowly unfolding...full of misunderstandings...I dunno why  I feel Khushi will be the one to clear all MUs in everyone's minds and paint the complete correct picture for all to behold...may be after a lot of inbheshtigashuns I wrong ??ConfusedQuestion

I wanted to say a few more but decided to stop here...and leave it to the experts.

Loved the return of ...The baby blue shirt Thumbs Up...Arhi naughty moments Thumbs Up...the Anjali-Khushi sweet moments Thumbs Up ...Janmashtami celebration with gaiety Thumbs Up...Loved all Khushi's night dresses Thumbs Up
the look on ASR while watching Anjali Khushi hug was priceless...Loved how Arnav firmly held Khushi's hand and literally dragged her all the way to his room ...Day Dreaming

I find the brightly colored poly-chromatic dresses khushi wears very weird Disapprove... earlier on it was bright colours with gota work and pom poms all right but at least it was monochromatic Disapprove .. may be they plan to make her look the worst before she is finally given a makeover by Dadi Ermm... if that is so the please let it be soon ... because it is giving me an eye sore Unhappy...its high time they fired the costume designer ...
Pics are not mine ... credits go to the original up loader...

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NothingLasts IF-Dazzler

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"Brick By Boring Brick"

She lives in a fairy tale
Somewhere too far for us to find
Forgotten the taste and smell
Of the world that she's left behind
It's all about the exposure the lens I told her
The angles were all wrong now
She's ripping wings off of butterflies

Keep your feet on the ground
When your head's in the clouds
Well go get your shovel
And we'll dig a deep hole
To bury the castle, bury the castle
Go get your shovel
And we'll dig a deep hole
To bury the castle, bury the castle
Ba da ba ba da ba ba ha

So one day he found her crying
Coiled up on the dirty ground
Her prince finally came to save her
And the rest you can figure out
But it was a trick
And the clock struck twelve
Well make sure to build your house brick by boring brick
Or the wolf's gonna blow it down

Keep your feet on the ground
When your head's in the clouds
Well go get your shovel
And we'll dig a deep hole
To bury the castle, bury the castle
Go get your shovel
And we'll dig a deep hole
We'll bury the castle, bury the castle

Well you built up a world of magic
Because your real life is tragic
Yeah you built up a world of magic
If it's not real
You can't hold it in your hand
You can't feel it with your heart
And I won't believe it
But if it's true
You can see it with your eyes
Oh, even in the dark
And that's where I want to be, yeah

Go get your shovel
And we'll dig a deep hole
To bury the castle, bury the castle
Go get your shovel
And we'll dig a deep hole
To bury the castle, bury the castle

Ba da ba ba da ba ba da
Ba da ba ba ba da ba ba
Ba da ba ba da ba ba da
Ba da ba ba ba ba ba ba

Sorry gals, am a bit tied up today! But this song expresses a few different views that I have and a few advices to the characters. It's up to you to decode it and figure out who I am referring to.

Doodle and Tants, girls take a bow!!! I really admire and am in awe at your foresight and analytical skills!!! Please continue to shower us with your knowledge and wit!!!

Loved the episode!!! Cast and crew, keep it up!!!


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