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IP REDUX ; Ksheera Sagar !! (Page 2)

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Sam: Do you remember the Shire, Mr. Frodo? It'll be spring soon. And the orchards will be in blossom. And the birds will be nesting in the hazel thicket. And they'll be sowing the summer barley in the lower fields... and eating the first of the strawberries with cream. Do you remember the taste of strawberries? 

Frodo: No, Sam. I can't recall the taste of food... nor the sound of water... nor the touch of grass. I'm... naked in the dark, with nothing, no veil... between me... and the wheel of fire! I can see him... with my waking eyes! 

Sam: Then let us be rid of it... once and for all!Come on, Mr. Frodo. I can't carry it for you... but I can carry you! 

The above extract is from one of my all time favourite movies.. The Lord of the Rings- Return of the King..

For those who may not be aware of the story, a very brief gist of it.. 

Its a story about a hobbit named Frodo Baggins of Shire, who volunteered for the mammoth task of embarking a journey to Mount Doom in Mordor, to destroy an EVIL ring created by Sauron to rule mankind and control others.. The ring could only be destroyed in the Fires of the Volacanic Mount Doom.. 

In his journey he was accompanied by 3 of his friends but only one remained with him till the end Samwise Gamgee.. Frodo carried the ring around his neck and in the end he succumbed to its power.. When Sam wanted to share his burden, He grew hostile.. The above conversation takes place when they have almost reached their destiny, but Frodo has lost the will and the strength to go on!!

Through out this journey, Sam was the one who had complete faith in Frodo, and kept urging him to move forward.. At the end of the story, Samwise Gamgee turned out to be a much stronger and balanced character at least in my eyes! 
If it was not for Sam, Frodo would never have been successful..

"Sam: Then let us be rid of it... once and for all! Come on, Mr. Frodo. I can't carry it for you... but I can carry you! "

At this particular moment in this story, for me, Arnav is Frodo Baggins, and Khushi is Samwise Gamgee..

I loved one particular moment of the episode the most..
When Khushi says "Arnav ji, humaara aapka dil dukhaane ka koi iraada nahi tha. Hum jaante hain ki aap apni pareshaaniyaan, dukh- dard kisi ke saath nahi baant te..humein is se koi takleef nahi hai,, hum aapko badalna nahi chahte, na hi aapke ateet mein jhaankna chahte hain.. Humne aapko aise dekha isliye humne yeh sab kiya" 
She was stunned to hear that his mother committed suicide when he was only a 14 year old boy.. She has nothing to say.. And she does the only thing she could do.. Embrace him, hold him close, let him know that she was there for him...

Khushi did not once ask Arnav to reveal his past.. She just wanted him to know that she was here.. She was with him.. Khushi did not ask him to give her his burden i e past.. She just wanted to allow her to hold his hand as he takes his journey..
She told him that if he doesn't want to share his pain, his feelings,  his torturous thoughts, its fine with her.. But he can at least let her be there to ease the pain those memories bring to him.. Sam also was unaware of the extent of pain Frodo was feeling, and the enormity of burden he was bearing.. But he was willing to carry Frodo and his burden without a second's hesitance..

Khushi and Arnav have started on a journey together to bring closure to Arnav's past and his painful memories.. Khushi may not know the details, but she knows one thing.. that no matter what, whenever he will need her, she will be right there by his side.. Supporting him, sheltering him. nudging him, guiding him.. whatever role he needs her in..

Just like Sam, Khushi has reminded Arnav of the sweet things that matter in life.. Her unconditional love for him has revived his heart and rejuvenated his whole being.. He finally has something and someone to look forward to.. She has promised him a delectable future.. a life filled with love, nurturing and a sense of belonging which he had completely forgotten.. Because of her, he is hopeful for something.. Because of her he WANTS to LIVE rather than MERELY EXISTING!

For Arnav to free himself of his past.. he has to travel to the heart of the past..just like Frodo and Sam had to travel to the middle of Sauron's kingdom to destroy the ring and free human kind of his terror.. In this journey he will have Khushi with him.. who will help him maintain his focus and keep him clear sighted.. Khushi who would not let him falter in his path.. 

Then let us be rid of it... once and for all! .Khushi and Arnav have traveled a long distance alone to reach each other.. Now its time for them to start on the path that matters the most TOGETHER.. To cleanse their home, which they have finally established together, of all the evil.. They will once and for all get rid of everything that holds them back. everything that gives them pain.. Everything that gives their loved ones nightmares.. 

Together they can do anything..They will banish all shadows, and turn the night into day with the power of their love!

PS: A shaastaang pranam to tants and doods for gifting us with pearls of their wisdom.. It goes to show how deeply these 2 awesome ladies think.. Their methods of deduction and powers of observation are unmatched! 
I always wondered about the tracks that doods laid.. But I had faith in her.. And today I was rewarded for my trust and patience.. If my joy is such.. I cant imagine how proud this moment is for them! 
Thanks so much.. ClapClap Clap  Clap  Clap  Clap  Clap  Clap  Clap 

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Today..I really don't have the energy to post a long one...and so I carefully avoided the first page...Tongue

The 4 lines above from The Bhagwad Gita is just not for today's episode...It's rather for the extremely layered story that IPK is...And these lines,for me,will kind of define IPK in the days to come!!

In spite of all the rantings,argy-bargy,all the piled-up frustrations...that we have against the PH,the CV's...Let's all together,for this moment...give a standing ovation to the person/persons who came up with such a story in the first place..A story that's so full of ardour!!

Execution will always be an issue with the team...But let that not take anything away from what we have...Because what we the form of a 20 min daily truly a gem!!

And today belongs to Doods and Tants...In fact...I'm making this post today because of these two gems of REDUX...!!

As Sandy said..Today is a proud moment for any REDUXian!!I guess none of us can easily gauge what treasure(no pun intended,it doesn't refer to anyone specialWink )we have in these two!!

And I take this opportunity to thank and spread my love to all the people I've met here in such a short span of time...You guys are like my family now!!

I guess today I'll that I'm lucky to be a part of REDUX!!And two people with an enviable elan...long back..predicted the true story of IPK!!

And as Riyya says...REDUX IN PARADISE..R.I.PLOL

PS:I hope Tants promote me again..I got demoted todayCry

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Hola girls Hug Hug..

Just wrote a Poem on ASR feelings Today Tongue..not in a mood to write a post Big smile...have a look on it Embarrassed

The vessel's memories haunt the gloom of the night,
I survey its changed shape since days of yore,
As I stumble, tremble and fumble to the fore,
They are visibly stricken and shaken to the core
Wake from the nightmare! Look and see  for someone 
who brings out of the the darkess from which i am fighting

Than gentle brush of her fingers,
Sending shivers down my spine.
The love I can see in her eyes,
Is a love that equals mine.

she greets me with a smile,
And leaves me with a kiss.
If she were to ever leave me,
i can fight with any all burdens i go throgh

Maybe it's her touch,her hug
Or the way she makes me feel.
i share and tear in front of her 
which makes me feel that i am not alone
her presence creates the feel of togetherness  
But whatever it is,
I'm head over heels in love with her

AS I love her enough to fight for her,
Compromise for her, and sacrifice 
Myself for her if need be.
Enough to miss her incredibly when 
We're apart, no matter what length
Of time it's for and regardless of 
the distance.

Enough to believe in our relationship, 
To stand by it through the worse 
Of times, to have faith in our
Strength as couple, and to never 
Give up on us.

Enough to spend the rest of my life 
With her, be here for her when she
Need or want me, and never, ever 
Want to leave her or live without her.

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abavi IF-Dazzler

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Hello ladies and the lone Gentleman,
Presenting to you all today's Anjarai Petti
Naan valargirene Mommy...TongueEvil Smile
courtesy: I am a Complan boy Ad
After telling Dadi he also wont enter her room if his wife is not given permission, Dadi shows katti to him and he also says katti to her.. he intends to move away from there, but stops and looks at his wife... He doesnt want her to be friends with his Dadi as well and so he drags Kushi also to their room...
side gapule auto: I was all excited with all the pulling by Arnav that they are finally going to do IT.. but alas no... the Man is keen on practising celibacy still... doesnt even get the clue when wife dear is giving him coy looks here and there... But atleast finally a move from Kushi to make Arnav bitwa uncomfy!
Nani asks Dadi about her behaviour but Dadi feigns deafness. Nk and Payal- (I liked this Devar- Bhabhi combo too) witness the both of them hand in hand coming out of the dragon... and wonder what happened.. Payal is sure Kushi is getting reprimanded By NK is still clueless...
side gapule auto: I was reminded of times when someone was taken to head mistress room and comes out, all others watch that person so curiously - that the person no matter why he/she was sent in there- is raised immediately to a hero status!
itha itha ithathan ethirparthen!SmileEmbarrassed
courtesy: Narasus Kaapi ad
The night dawns and Arnav is disturbed by a nightmare- Now the Sheesh mahal nightmare makes a come back again after a brief period when terrace nightmare was topping the FB/dream List.
Kushi wants to console Arnav but is not able to as he is tightlipped about his nightmare. She gets to play a song from her mobile and tries to get it out of him bollywood style but in vain.
Finally she talks non stop and Arnav blurts out that he is haunted by his Mom's Suicide.
A teary eyed Arnav is hugged by a teary eyed Kushi and he accepts her condolences!
Arnav notices the next day that his wife is giving him "the looks" and asks her... Kushi denies first but Arnav is insistent that he saw her giving him looks...
Side gapla Auto: So finally he knows how uncomfy she gets when he oogles at her.. She is only giving him side glances and he is still clueless
Kushi walks away leaving a surprised Arnav to whom she asks if he will tax her for looking at him like that- the man is stupified that he doesnt even complete his what the... just stops with What...
Besh Besh romba nalla iruku!Big smileBlushing
 courtesy: Narasus Kaapi ad- again!
The Next Day dawns to RM members getting ready for a pooja and Anjali is looking for her Mom's pooja treasure- a Sankh, which HP is not able to find admist the heaps in the store room. Kushi volunteers to do the treasure hunt and Anjali gives her the extra info that its her Mom's... Kushi is immediately moved and gives Anji a Jappi- which is witnessed by her Hubby.
Kushi climbs up the stairs and Arnav teases her a bit and the two keep smiling coyly at eachother..
Side gapla auto : So any idea what will happen tonight? I mean she has given him signals in the morning and they keep stealing glances? so any chances tonight for erm... fine can we expect the finsihing of unfinshed kiss? or atleast a cheek peek from Kushi ? No? ok ... why was I reminded about the scenes before the terrace scene yesterday?
Kanna, laddu thinga aasaiya?ShockedConfusedAngry
courtesy: Cadbury shots
Nani,Dadi,NK,Anjali and Payal have a team gathering and are discussing about Krishna's happy birthday celebrations, when the talk turns to anjali's baby... Nani says it's a girl and NK says twins...
Side gapla auto: I say where is the bump? twin babies really? I hope Anjali doesnt go into labour with a flat tummy!
Arnav comes down and informs his sister that he will be back after an hour - hmm back to olden times normalcy...and Payal leaves with Anjali leave for some work while Dadi asks Nani about Shyam. Akaash finally succeeds in getting a dialogue and informs Dadi about the arrival of panditji.  Hearing Shyam's name, Arnav comes back and asks Nani why she hasnt informed Dadi about Shyam and wants to do so... But Nani asks him to wait till Krishna's birthday celebrations are over.
Side gapla auto: will shyam make a come back during lord Krishna's birthday? Dadi inviting him in without knowing the truth and all that... but how will ASR keep quiet? Quiet Unlikely!
Raho umarless DeadTongue
courtesy: Gems
Dadi sees Kushi with her son's family album and for odd reason is transported to her childhood days when she used to complain to teacher that her bench mate has touched her pencil/eraser...So she snatches the album from kushi's hands and runs to Nani to complain that Kushi has touched her family album...Kushi who needs no one to tell her to jump into sacrificial or guilt mode, promptly switches over to guilt mode this time with ease and the family is perplexed at the sudden time tuner at work and is wondering what to do when Arnav steps in and tells dadi that Kushi is the bahu.. ie she is younger one!LOL - Subi finally remembers that she is Dadi and not a small child anymore.. Matter solved!
Thunuku : Just for Timepass! Wink
if you have watched a movie called Kushi in Tamil/Telugu(I dont know if this movie was remade in Hindi), then Here I present you dialogues from a famous scene from the movie
Jenny: Shiva en yenna pathe? [Why are you looking at me?]
Shiva: Naan pakalaiye! [I didn't look]
Jenny: Poi Sollathe... Nee en iduppa pathe[ Dont lie, you were gawking at my hip]
Shiva: Naan pakala[No I didnt]
Jenny: Nee pathatha naan pathen[I saw you looking at me]
Shiva: Naan pakala pakala pakala...[I didnt, didnt, didnt]
Now come back to our IPK
Hubby dear: Why did you look at me?
Wifey darling: No I didn't look at you
Hubby dear: No you were looking at me
Wifey darling: why should I look at you
Hubby dear: I saw you looking at me
Wifey darling: So what? would they make me make tax for looking at ASR?
Inferences: Wow, Kushi atleast had to guts to admit that she WAS looking at ASR... But next time be little more specific alright? Wink

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sunshine99 IF-Rockerz

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Teri Meri Baatoin ka Lamha Sabse Anjaana...A journey traveled together in loneliness, pain, anger,sorrow and hatred by two souls who were connected by divine destiny.  They knew not what was the bond that tied them so deep that inevitably forced them to seek out the other in times of despair and sadness...It was an intense attraction that drew them to each other on the surface which later bloomed into love but deep down it was the unwavering loving care and affection that Khushi had stopped receiving from her Amma... and Arnav from his Ma that tied them inseparably...
Their mothers were no more except in their memories which they cherished like the most treasured possession in their lives... No one was privy to the fact that they had learnt the art of giving to the one's who had held their hand when they needed it most but had forgotten to demand  love for their sole sake...They accepted happily what ever care and concern came their way.. never spelling it out what they would have loved to hear...They could not exercise their haq on unconditional love as the person who would loving allow them to do that was dazzling bright like a star on the far horizon.. out of their reach...

The night Arnav returned the payal to Khushi he unknowingly acknowledged the bond they shared...he had held onto it for her memories but gave it up to her when he learnt what they meant to Khushi...He accepted the need for them was greater in her then his need for it...         

On another day when he remarked to her admiring the anklet "they are beautiful'" he put words to his thoughts for her... he wanted acceptance like those cherished memories in her heart for his love... He wanted his love to be felt coveted, unconditional and demanding just like she had done for Amma...He also wanted her to do the same..." tum mujhe bata saki ho... " "tum meri biwi ho tuhara haq hai mujh pe"... 

She hesitated.. it had been very long since she had done that... she needed to trust and understand him before embarking on it... he realized it and tried to prove what he said through his gestures... of remembering what brought a smile to her face, of wishing to fulfill her dreams, of showing to the world what she meant to him... She understood and started to share with her husband Arnav her innermost thoughts and desires without pretenses as it was her haq...She spoke to him about sharing his pain... didnot relent on his stoic persona like others but forced him to share his troubles and he acquiesced.. shared the deepest sorrow- his mother's suicide because he wanted to be comforted in his misery. It was his right that he could exercise on his love- his wife...Khushi.. The girl who had promised to herself that she would always be there for him as he had done for her..."lekin jab bhi aapko zaroorat ho hum humesha aap ke saath raheinge" 

It was coming full circle for two lonely souls of learning to demand what was rightfully theirs- a wish to be loved as they are by their soulmate... Today Amma and Ma  would be happy as their  children had finally found solace in each other instead of the stars...

   shreya  welcome back buddy... missed u...Hug

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shreya_l IF-Dazzler

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 Hi and warm HugHug to all my fellow Reduxians, I have missed you all and I'm happy to take some time out today to share my thoughts with you. I applaudClap those who have been writing continously. I'm sorry, I was not able to read you in previous days but I'm sure you all must have made Redux the special place it has been for all of us. Have fun and enjoy reading.    
A special thanks to Jria, mommamia, Sunshine99 and Arhimaniac for the warm welcome! Hug

Ratnair Mahaarhai Stutushrun Devaaha Na Bhejire Bheemavishena Bheetim|
Sudhaam Vinaa Na Prayayur Veeramam Na Nishchitaartha Dwiramanti Dheeraha||
~ Neeti Shatakam
Translation: The gods were not happy with the precious gems obtained from the milky ocean. They were not afraid of the deadly poison. They did not rest until they obtained the nectar of immortality. In fact, the steadfast do not relax without accomplishing the determined task.
Khushi's task at hand is to know her husband. Along this path she also has to help Arnav in overcoming the heal the wound that has been denied the to move on he has to be healed.
Ateet ka bavandar dikha raha hai apna asar,
Tinakon ki tarah, pyaar ka aashiyaan kahin jaye na bikhar!
Par sache pyaar mein hoti hai ek anokhi shakti,
Koi bhi toofan ya mushkil inhe nahin bikher sakti!
The storm of the past is showing its affect or I shd say rearing its head,
I hope the home of love does not scatter like straw (grass)!
But never underestimate the power of true love,
It can withstand any storm or hardship!
Ek samay jis adhikaar ko tha naqaara,
Us rishte ko aaj apni kathani aur karni se hain sanwara!
Do bujurg hain iske sakshi...
Nani khushi se phoolon nahin samati|
Dadi ke liye hai yeh ek chunauti,
Aadar-sammaan bhale hi ho,
Pyaar ka bandhan woh nahin jhutla sakti|
There was a time when he denied her rights.
But today he is correcting himself in words and by action.
Both the elders have seen this, Nani is happy but for Dadi it is a challenge to accept the relation despite all the respect shown. 
Do shubhchintak dekhen Arnav-Khushi ka aana,
Nanhe apni bhasha mein sunaye Payal ko yeh gana...
Two welwishers have seen Arnav and Khushi, nanhe is informing Payal about it in his sweet language!
Sapne nahi guzare kal ki hai parchaayi,
Jisne hain Arnav ki ankhon se neend churayi|
Khushi us ateet se hain anjaan,
Par nahin dekh sakti Arnav ko pareshaan|
Nahin jaanti kis chinta ne hai use ghera,
Thaan liya hai apne pyaar ke khila degi uska bhujha chehra!
Jab in sab se bhi bane nahin baat,
Shabdon mein apni mansha kar di hai saaf|
Prashno ka ya chinta ka nahi chahiye  samadhaan,
Ateet ko kuredne ka ya us ko badalne ka nahi uska rujhaan|
It is the shadow of the past not nightmare, that has given Arnav sleepless nights
Khushi is not aware of the truth but she cannot see Arnav all restless.
Although she is unaware of the old facts, she in her own way decides to comfort him.
When her efforts go fruitless, she gives words to her actions.
She does not wish to dwell in the past but wishes to  help him relieve from this tension. 
Ek haadsa jisne 13 saal pehle uski 'Ma' ko liya cheen,
Us samay ke paristitiyaan rahi hongi bahut sangeen|
Us samay dil par laga ek aisa ghaav!
Marham nahin, kathinayion ki mili use dhoop-chaanv|
Kisi bhi baat se nahin de saktein hum saantvana!
Samajhne ke liye un paristhitiyon se hoga guzarana|
Shayad aise ghaav kabhi nahin bhar sakte...
Par baantne se unki tees jaroor hain kam kar saktein|
An tragic event comes to fore, it is hard to imagine the situation Arnav must have undergone.
The wound is too deep, and instead of medicine it had to face life's hardships
Words will fall short to pacify a is only possible to understand the dept if we walk the same steps...
Though it might be impossible to heal the wound now...but the pain can be diminished by sharing. 
Jis parivaar ko diya tha tyaag!
Achanak janana chahti hain Dadi uski har ek baat|
Kya kaduve sach ke khulase ka bhi hota hai koi upayukta samay?
Hriday ko lagegi thes!
Jeevan kabhi kabhi ban jaata hai abhinay!
She deserted her family years ago, then why all of a sudden she wishes to know their welfare?
Is there an opportune moment to reveal the truth?
She will be hurt! In life sometimes we have to enact a play.
Ek amoolya vastu ki khoj mein jo chali hai Khushi!
Rah mein milegi use gujare kal ki paheli!
Pyar se jis ghar se uska rishta hai bandhaa,
Ghar ke sadasyon ko jaanane ka uska haq hai banata|
Kyon uski har baat se Dadi ko hai aitraaz?
Uski mansha par kyon utha rahin hain itne sawaal?
Khushi is in search of a priceless object.
In its path she will encounter puzzles...
Her life is now connected with the family she is wed into
She has every right to know about her family members.
Then why her every action is questioned by Dadi?
Why questions are raised on her intentions?

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