Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IP REDUX ; Ksheera Sagar !!

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Good Morning  Dostwa's  Big smile

This week  we have  been getting one "Dhamdaar" episodes after another...Haven't we ?? ...I also apologize for not updating my posts ...Today , A rested, alert mind has come to pick the threads of the episode...I will not go into the episode in detail  but will pick up few defining moments for me and my  views regarding that ...In between I might  foray into the past episodes  or refer to the discussions I have had with my please bear with my meandering thoughts ...Smile

Kya Humari Shaadi ko aise hi tootne dhogi tum !!

Hum Hamesha aapke saath rahenge

Payal Bhabhi Kuch Dhamdhaar hua hai, Nannav is holding Khushi by the hand n  leading her away, Humain Khushi ko wahan bejhna hi nahi chaiyatha, Kuch Gadbhad  ki hogi usne  *some such thing *

The ascendency of Khushi

The discovery of Shankh

Chahkar bhi hum nafrat nahi karpaye !!

The Love/hate cycle  ...

This were the factors running through my mind when I was thinking of penning down my thoughts ...Let me take it in the order of How   these factors  came into my mind...

It was I think only y'day that  on a query by Vedha , I had said that  Malik Sr,.  is  Duryodhan/Shantanu  !!  It was the obsessive love of Shantanu for Satyavati that set the seed of destruction for Kuru Vamsa  ...It was the weakness of Duryodhan that was exploited and lead to Bloodshed ..History repeats again as it tirelessly churns out the same scenario albeit in a smaller scale ..The love/desire  of Malik Sr, lead to a spiraling of incidents , His weakness exploited by Shakuni Chachaji  for furthering his own gain ...Into this hot combo entered Dadi, The Bhishma and who like the Bhishma of Mahabharat  took a wrong call  and became the sutradhar  . .Bhishma Pratigya was the reason for the fallout between Sons of Pandu & Son's of Dhritharashtra ..Dadi's unilateral decision of the past will now plunge the House of Raizada's into war !!

Lets come to the present leaving the doors of the past open ...

Dadi, the saadhwi, the one  who spent 15 years amidst the place of spirituality comes back  to the House of Raizada's  !! what happens when she comes back, Is she welcomed with Aarti, Is she welcomed  with a hug...No, She is welcomed with a tub of dirty water , which drenches her, which fully wets the spiritual lady  ... She is covered in the dirty water  by Khushi , Pure one ..The righteous one  bec irrespective of the fact that  Dadi spent 15 years in an spiritual environment, Her past omissions have  not been absolved , The sins have not been redeemed , Her decisions which lead to cataclysmic events and lead to the virtual destruction of 4 families and many lives  have to be corrected , Dadi has come to trigger  the events again, Dadi has come back to redeem herself and she will find her redemption in the hands of Khushi, who will purify her by bathing her in water ...Today Khushi poured the water and wiped the mask of piousness, piety exposing the dark stains residing within Dadi's Bosom...Tomorrow she will cleanse it..

The Ascendancy of Khushi Kumari Gupta ;

Kya Humari Shaadi ko aise hi tootne dhogi tum !!

Hum Hamesha aapke saath rahenge

Chahkar bhi hum nafrat nahi karpaye !!

The Love/hate cycle  ...

They say a  picture is worth 1000 words ...what better way of expressing   the changing dynamics  of Arnav-Khushi relationship than this pictures...

Interesting Pictures , are they not ??... The Low classed Khushi and the suave upper classed Arnav Singh ..The superficial, flighty, Khushi and the sober, serious, withdrawn Arnav ..Both from different class be it financially, economically and emotionally ..Yet fate bring them together, Khushi slowly climbs up the steps to be his equal, while Arnav takes a few steps down to meet her ...They meet on a common ground of love, longing, yearning, loneliness  !! then there is a subtle switch ..Arnav who was always the oak tree under whom Khushi sheltered  now is the sheltered one as Khushi protects him from the blows of the fate, She is the shield who will deflect the pain ..who will stand guard over him ...then will come the Moment of truth , A truth which will shake the roots of her existence, A truth which will devastate her ...there comes a distance as they move away.. her pain too intense  ..She will climb onto the lonely citadel, the distance growing between them ..but they will remain connected by the bonds of  love that the pain/Past cannot obliterate nor erase !!

In a conversation with Anna, I had said that IPKKND  rests on NPAND & MDJND ..The cycle will continue !! but will Arnav be the one who hates  her  or will it be Khushi ... ..Lets again look at the wordings ...Khushi  says, Chahkar bhi hum tumse Nafrat kar nahi paaye !!

Now comes  the question in my mind...Why CHAHKAR ? Why does she want to Hate Arnav ?? what makes her want to hate Arnav ??

Could it be that there comes into light something that will trigger the pains, the memories , and will Arnav become the fall guy..The pains of losing  her parents, The loss of her world !!..seems like it

So what happens when  disaster strikes... Knowing Khushi , she is one of the girls who reacts  without thinking, who does not pause to think out all the fall out ..The Marriage may be at stake here , hence the cry of Arnav , the plea of Arnav !!

Lets once again revert back to the opening scene of Y'day's episode ...what do we see ??? Even after Arnav has pronounced his decision ... Khushi is found lingering by the doors  of the past,  in the Chakravyuh ...while downstairs ...NK is worried as he is confident something  explosive has happened and Payal is almost panicky lamenting the fact that they should not have sent Khushi alone  into the Chakravyuh ...for what does Khushi do when she is caught in emotional turmoil ..  Act rashly, Act without thinking and never pausing to judge the consequence of her actions ....  This time too the  shattering events will push her into unthinking action, she will be caught right in the middle of the circle , A circle from which she will not know the way to escape or come out...indecisive, weak n hesitant and it will be Arnav , the Arjun who will lead her out of the vicious circle.. who will hold her hand and fetch her out from the toxicity !!

Although Arnav leads her out, Is their bond so strong as to avert the  bitter after effects of the past or will  their Love succumb to the past and be vanquished ...???

This is where Anjali assumes  significance once again, Anjali, the woman who always keeps them together .. Anjali who always was a conduit of understanding between this two orphans and again it will be Anjali who steps forward... When things seem bleak , Anjali sends Khushi to the store room to search for the thing that she had lost ...the thing that was  her Mother's, ..Khushi leaves  in search of the  elusive object, the conch /Shankh !!!

Khushi enters  into her heart , in her mind , her heart and mind churning with conflicting emotions , the pureness of her heart tinged with anger ... blows away the dirt/ the hatred / the pain that was rusting her, debilitating her .. she finds her locked heart ..opens it her delight she first finds  Ganesha.. who removes the obstacles  that prevents her from reaching out to Arnav ... She picks on the silver objects... Silver  possessed with the unique ability to ward off negative energy !! .. She finds  red colored cloth, the color red, mark of suhagan, the mark of life, of love, of passion ... then slowly  comes the conch in the purest white, the whiteness suggesting  at the innocence , the restoration of love, Conch which  symbolizes purity  , the conch which will clear all the noxious fumes from her love...Khushi  successfully finds the love that she had briefly lost, Khushi finds herself  , her future  , her love  with the blessings of her Mother in Law and she is lead to the Golden tree  by the daughter of the Pure Mother /Pure wife, who helps her in regaining her paradise that she had briefly lost !!


NK comes  up with his Insightful Analysis ; Please enjoy his take here

SUL Is back with a Bang in her  lavender Suit, check her out;

Read Anu's  post here;

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"Devdatta". This was the name of "Arjun's Conch" whose triumphant blast brought terror to the enemy. This is also the name of Gautam Buddha's brother. What is the meaning of Devdatta??? Devdatta means - "Gift from God". What a perfect gift to Khushi by her Mother-in-law. By the end of this analysis you all will learn why I began with this "Conch".

What happened 15 years back and 14 years back we all have a vague idea but are the issues solved even after so many years ??? No. it's not. Has there been any war declared??? No not yet. Why??? Because even to declare a war one must be aware of the "Incidents" whether it's good or bad but the "Judgment" needs to be done.  What is happening in the lives of Guptas, Maliks, Raizadas and Jhas ??? They are still learning to cope up with the losses and all the wrong decisions and judgments that's been made those fateful years in their past. But are they really happy with their present??? Are they??? Does any one have a peaceful sleep when the stars twinkle??? No. why??? I'll tell you because until and unless judgement is taken no one will ever getaway with it. Never. You can never run away from the problem but you need to face it boldly and unless you face it the victory will never be achieved and the wrong can never be corrected.

"Problems do not go away. They must be worked through or else they remain, forever a barrier to the growth and development of the spirit" ~ Scott Peck

Before I get into serious analysis let me touch on "Contract Wedding". There have been many PMs asking me the necessity of the "Contract Wedding" to be disclosed to the world or not; but all I want to say here is it should cme out in the open not because it's needed but because it's a social cause. In any story telling there should always be a moral message to the audience and readers and if they portray that any one can get away with anything then it can be ethical way of storytelling. There are millions of people who watch films and telelvision and this is the social duty of any storyteller to provide the right message to them. If they skip or show ASR getting away what he had done even though he corrected himself then it will never be proven how the lives of people who are associated with the victims are affected. ASR falling in love and correcting it is a different ball game but if we view it from a lesson perspective then we need to know that there is always a "Consequence" and "Repercussions" of our actions. What if ASR was a wrong guy??? Then what would have happened to Khushi or any other girl ??? Ofcourse her dignity and purity would have been in jeopardy. These are the issues that any story teller needs to pay attention too as it is their moral duty because their product is been seen by millions of people. This is the "Sole" reason the "Contract" should come out whether or not ASR rectifies it or doesn't. Period.

I think this is the first analysis of mine after Swati Chitnis entered IPK. For the first time any Actor impressed me the very first day. I applaud Swati Chitnis for portraying the role of Daadiji and we are surely privileged to watch her onscreen. She is indeed doing a fabulous job.

Before I get into the analysis there is a slight clarification we need from the creative team. We have Arnav when 15, he and Anjali were thrown out of Seesh Mahal and according to Arnav he was 14 when their Mom committed suicide. As per earlier episodes it was 12 years back (now 13) Arnav and Anjali were thrown out of Seesh Mahal and in the recent episodes we come to know the fateful incident happened when Arnav's Mom committed suicide happened 14 years back. Khushi's Parents died in the Car Crash when she was 8 years old. I am taking Arnav's age currently as 29 and Khushi as 23. My entire anlaysis till date was based on Khushi as 23 but Arnav as 29 which fit with what the script is. Daadi left for Ashram 15 years back and the "Fateful Night" happened 14 years back. I need a clear calculation on this because the early episodes talk about 12 years back Arnav and Anjali were thrown out which is not fitting today after Daadi and Arnav's confirmation but if we take 13 years back they were thrown out then everything fits. So, a request to the creative team before designing to have a check on the calculations part too.

Let's move on, shall we??? You all are aware of the storyline up and hence I won't be touching it as such but will be talking a bit about my analysis of July 20th  - "Silsila Pyaar Ka".

Today when the family returned home Khushi stubbed the rose petals with her foot. Know why??? I'll tell you. When the truth will be out Naani will talk about the "Date and the accident" and that is when Khushi will learn that it was her Arnavji's Dad who was the reason her parents died in the car accident. All her life she was made an orphan by Arnav's Dad. That day if the accident wouldn't have happened then the truth of any "Damadji" wouldn't have come out. What Maamiji said??? She said - "Arnav bitwa ko apni little finger mein round round lapeting se". Yes, the entire story of "Didi ke Saut" and "Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon" was only and only because of Khushi. That night because of Khushi's parents' accident "Didi ke Saut" story started and here comes Payal's conundrum - "lekin aap yeh bhool rahein hain Aakash ki sirf Khushi aur Khushi ke vajai se aaj Shyamji ke sacchai saamne aayi hain". Isn't it ???  Yes, It was only because of Khushi the truth of both the "Damadjis" have come in the front. 

The moment Khushi will learn the truth of the accident, the story of "Nafrat door jaane naa de ... Mohabbat paas aane naa de" will start [the 4th Promo got us here and here we are] which is why she stubbed the rose petals with her foot when the same event happened that occurred years ago. Will Khushi be able to "Relax" as Arnav wanted her to???

Khushi is the REASON for the death of Arnav's Mom and everything that is happening in the story; the only thing is she is not even directly involved but yet it is all because of her. Very appropriately Maami said - "little finger mein round round lapeting se". Yes, the main ingredient in this gumbo is the "Lady Finger" which is Khushi's "Little Finger".

Nafrat paas aane naa de ... Mohabbat door jaane naa de

Iss "PYAAR" ko kya naam doon???

Iss "WAR" ko kya naam doon ???

So who are ready for the above track to come true??? Are you ready??? Read me carefully from here.

Before I start let me say something about "Bhishma Pitamah". Those who are unaware of the story of Mahabharat you can wiki it and but I will not be touching the story par se, but will explain it in brief. There was King Shantanu who already had a son "Devavrath" when he wanted to marry a fisherman's daughter ' "Satyavati". But Satyavati's father denied the proposal citing the reason that his daughter's children can never claim the throne as Shantanu already have a son. Upon finding his father's despondency Devavrath went to Satyavati's father and promised him that he would never stake a claim to the throne, implying that the child born to Shantanu and Satyavati would become the ruler after Shantanu. But this didn't satisfy Satyavati's father and he was retorted that what will happen when Devavrath have children and then his children will claim the throne. To his Devavrath then took the terrible vow of "lifelong celibacy", thus sacrificing his 'crown-prince' title and denying himself the pleasures of conjugal love. This gave him immediate recognition among the gods and his father granted him the boon of Sweccha Mrityu (control over his own death ' he could choose the time of his death, but he was not immortal, which would have been an even severe curse and suffering). He became "Bhishma" after he took the terrible oath (Bhishan Pratigya)

Devavrath was the "Eighth" son of Shatanu and Ganga but this is the reason I didn't narrate the story here. The reason behind this story is then Satyavati and Shantanu's grandchildren became "Kauravs" and "Pandavs". If, I quote, if that day Bhishma Pitamah wouldn't have taken that "Oath" then today there would have been "No War" or rather "NO Kurukshetra" or 'No fight between Kauravs and Pandavs". All this have happened because Shantanu was in love with Satyavati and to present his father his love, Devavrath have taken that "Oath" which lead to the "War" after 2 generations and there was a "Chakravyuh" been formed where Abhimanyu lost his life bravely. For Vishma Pitamah both "Kauravs" and "Pandavs" were his lineage but legally he could have been supported only one family line. He did support the "Kauravs" but his heart cried out for the "Pandavs" too. This is the Moral of the story.

What did Naani say when she came back to Raizada Mansion and met Daadi after 14 years??? She said ' "Toh Subhadra aap ko dhoondhne ke khatir Charon Dishaan maan dauhrah diya".  Charon disha??? What are they??? North, East, South and West. Isn't it??? And Daadi answered her back properly ' "Devyani shayad aap humhein humesha ki tarah galat jagah dhoondh rahi thi". What is "Galat Jagah"??? It means  - "Wrong places". Yes, always remember people are "Victims" because they always are at the wrong places at the wrong time and they are "Culprits" because they are always at the right places at the right time doing "unjust (wrong)" work.

Lets see the 4 directions here:-

East ' Raizadas

North ' Maliks

West ' Guptas

South ' Jhas.

On July 20th analysis I have said - Yes, this is Gumbo and today I am using this to explain the "Mix" of various happenings in the generations of the Maliks / Raizadas / Guptas / Jhas because "Lady Finger" (Bhindi) and "Khushi's Little Finger" is the Most "Important" part of today's episode, well not only today's episode but in the entire story of "Iss Pyaar ko kya naam doon".

The lie that all of them be it the Maliks, be it the Raizadas, be it the Jhas were living because of one person had to come into the "Limelight" and that is the moment they all "Landed". Crashed. And ASR's Dad was left all alone.

That day in the analysis I have mentioned it to happen 13 years back but after Daadi's entry it came to surface that incident was 15 years back when the family learnt about the affair between ASR's Dad and the "Other Woman". That fateful night the family learnt about itand we know many such details what have happened after that and how 'Shyam's Sister" came to Seesh Mahal before the "Face-off" happened. For the uninitiated please read last couple of my Redux analysis you will be at par with current analysis. We have known also in the story that Shyam's Sister was sent to Mumbai for the abortion but she didn't do it. What led to that decision of "Abortion"??? Who took that decision??? All these answered questions were answered in the last 3 episodes. It was "Daadiji" who have taken the decision of abortion. How??? Here you go.

In Monday's episode we have what happened after the face-off. Naaniji was been called to discuss the same and here we have the front door visual that was freezed at the last of Monday's episode. That shot was perfect with Naani [Daadi with Anjali in the pic] with her daughter; Daadi with her son [Naani with ASR in the pic[I'll explain that later] and the other members at the side. In the entire Monday scene it was how "Naani" reacted when she learnt her "Damadji's" act and then when she hugged "Shyam's Sister" and immediately said - "Humhein pata nehin tha aap Maa banne walein hain". Look at that embrace??? Daadi didn't reciprocate that embrace but the second time she reciprocated the embrace of Anjali,; Ofcourse she will. It's her daughter, ASR and Anjali's Mom. The moment she asked about her "Damadji" Anjali collapsed and in the room said - "Sab kuch bigadh gaya". Yeah all hell broke loose for her daughter that day. But then when Khushi brought "Milk with 2 spoonful of Kesar" she was not even allowed to enter her arena. Both the times when Khushi put forward her right leg she was stopped and she had to step back. Shyam's Sister was pregnant indeed but was her babies considered to be brought in this world??? No her babies were named as "Kichad ka Paani". I loved the scene at the garden by the pool where Khushi was watering the plants and nurturing them. She said - Jab tak yeh baki kaliyan khilengi tab tak Di ke jeevan ke nanhi kaliyan bhi khil chunki hongi" and she headed to water the plants those were kept outside by the stairs. "Water" denotes life and watering the plants denote "nurturing lives". Yes, but was she able to do that??? No, she couldn't. When Khushi went for watering the outside plants she didn't say "Kichad ka paani" did she??? No. For Shyam's Sister it was not "Illicit" or "Illegal" they "Temple Married" for heaven's sake. But will it be counted as legal??? No. that's why NK said - "Aap ne unke muh pe khichdi ka paani phenk diya ... kichad ka paani". Why NK said when Khushi didn't mention it as "Dirty Water"??? Why??? When Khushi was about to water the outside plants she accidentally spilled the water on "Daadi's" face. Wow. Now this you call a "Screenplay". The best part was Khushi did it after seeing the "Lizard". Well I'll come to the lizard later on but right now this screenplay proved that it was Daadi who instructed for the "Abortion" and this is why her face was "Stamped" with this allegation of killing "2 Buds". Didn't Daadi say - "Shigrahi shuru nehin ki toh shubh mahurat chala jayega - aise hi bahut samai barbaad ho chukka hain". Yeah, Khushi was holding "2 Rose buds" and this was the decision by ASR's Dad like I mentioned earlier that he would wait for her daughter Anjali's wedding to be over then the decision of the "Babies" will be taken care of. But in reality did it happen??? Naa. It didn't. Like we witnessed on the "face off" day, ASR was left alone in the lounge when his both women "Khushi" and "Anjali" walked out from him. After that what happened at Mumbai we somehow know because Shyam's Sister will try to kill the babies whereas Shyam will save them. Before this I'll touch on the "Temple Wedding" as when NK asked Maami why she kept quiet regarding Khushi's status she said - Hum kahein bataibe ki Arnav bitwa hide and seek maan ee phati saree ke saath shaadi kiye ... agar hum kucho bole toh part 1 Manorama yahan and part 2 Manorama jon pool mein milbe". So, we have first "Temple Wedding" out in the open and now the time comes for "Part 2 -Temple Wedding" between 2 love birds by the Pool. Yes, Arnav and Khushi.

What happened after the other woman left Seesh Mahal??? Did she return or not??? She did return as we all know but how??? Here comes NK and his placement in the series. Yeah when NK and Payal suggested Khushi to ask for forgiveness from Daadi she respected their advice and did the same but look what Maami said ' "Bhej diye goatwa ko sherni ke muh maan ... ab dekhe 1 piece mein return await hain ki naahi"??? What happened 14 years back when ASR's Mom did commit suicide on Anjali's Wedding day is here on Tuesday's episode.

Now I'll tell you the story of Lion and Fox and Deer (here goat).Tant helped me finding this story. Once upon a time there lives a Lion who craves to eat the meat of the deer (goat) very much. He then conveys this desire to his lieutenant fox. The able lieutenant fox goes in search of the gullible Deer (Goat), praises it and says that Lion wants to make it the King. Deer (Goat) feels proud n happy and leaves with the fox. Just as soon as the Deer enter the den, Lion pounces on the goat but in his haste, he is unable to get the killer bite. The Deer escapes and so once again Lion sends the fox this time too fox manages to convince the goat but enroute the fox gets hungry and  eats it up convincing the king that it was not him who did it and the inedible parts are actually tasty tempting the king. The lion, meanwhile, had made an inventory of all the deer's parts, and the brains were nowhere to be found. He searched around his couch and all over the house. Then the fox confounded the truth of the matter and said - "That deer had no brains, so don't waste your time looking for them. What kind of brains do you expect from a creature who would come not once but twice into the den of a lion"???

Hence Chachaji brainwashed Shyam's Sister and the plan was fine-tuned by him for perfect takeover of Seesh Mahal and Malik Empire. Chachaji once mentioned to Anjali regarding Rakhi occasion that ' "Meri hindi Baghdad hain" and Anjali corrected that "Barbaad hain". Remember what Naani said then??? "Chahe kuch bhi ho tumhari hindi Anjali bitiya ke chehre pe muskurahaat toh laya hain". Yeah the plan and the entrance was proper for the "Other Woman" to intrude at Anjali's Wedding and then the second "Face-off" with the babies happened. It is then the decision of accepting the Kids was taken by Daadi which was because of family reputation and also because of ASR's Dad stood by Shyam's Sister like the same way he stood by Khushi in Tuesday and Wednesday's episode. This is why Arnav said to Khushi ' "Daadi humesha se aise hi hain ... cheezon ko apni angle se dekhti hain ... sacchai toh jaise unhein nazar hi nehin aati ... aur yeh samajhti hain jo woh samajhna chahti hain ... aur expect karti hain ki sab log cheezon ko unke tareekein se dekhein ... aur agar koi nehin dekhta hain toh unkein liye woh galat hain".

Of course why will all think the woman who instructed once the abortion today is ready to accept the kids from an illegal affair??? ASR's Dad stood by his temple wedded wife and this had "Upset" both Arnav and Anjali and their Mom which is justifiable. This is why their Mom committed Suicide and ASR said - "Naa main unke tarha hoon aur naa hi main unke tarha kabhi banunga". And this justifies ASR's reaction towards both his Dad and Daadiji.

But the question arises now what happened after that??? Why Daadi left the kids and why Chachaji threw Anjali and ASR out of Seesh Mahal and why Shyam's Sister and Shyam planned for Revenge??? I'll tell you.

Read the story of Fox and Lion again. Here is the "Shakuni Mama" as Tant very aptly puts. Chachaji double crossed both ASR's Dad and Daadi and Shyam's Sister. All of them just to get the "Property". This is why NK said - "Khichdi". Yes, that was a Kichdi setup. The only wrong calculation that he didn't expect is "ASR's Mom Suicide". Today NK said - "Payal Bhabhi lagta hain kuch Damdaar ho gaya ' Dhamakedaar". Isn't it???  And his "Hawa ka chonka" which is a "Blow to the family". The deer was dead in the story and so is ASR's Dad, in my opinion, and the blame of his death went on "Shyam's Sister', "Woh Aurat". What did Naani say ??? She said - "agar woh haadsa nehin hota naa toh bachche humri paas nehin tumri paas hoti ... woh tumri zimmedari hoti".

Yeah Dadi left Arnav and Anjali 14 years back for Ashram because somewhere she felt guilty to face the legal kids or she was guilty accepting the kids whose Mom eventually turned out to pull the trigger??? This also opens lots of avenues on why Shyam was after Raizadas; may be because he was fed that they were against the naming of the kids??? Or they blamed his sister for the death of ASR's Dad??? Is this the reason why Shyam became a "Lawyer"??? May be. Let's wait and watch on that.

But why Daadi left for Ashram 15 years back??? 14 years back it was the fateful incident of Anjali's Wedding night but 15 years back what triggered her to leave??? Yes, 15 years back the family face-off happened when ASR's Dad and Shyam's Sister were caught, isn't it???

Let me take you again on Monday as I promised when Khushi greeted Daadiji with the "Dirty Water". How did Khushi slip it??? She saw the Lizard. You know what Lizard symbolizes??? I'll tell you. They are cold blooded animal and they signify in Roman culture "Death" and "Resurrection". They are also "Homeless" or "Parasites". They live in other's houses. Due to their scurrying natures, quick pace and lightning reaction times, the lizard is considered the consummate escape artist. This makes them symbolic of our ability to recognize danger and remove ourselves from harm's way when the situation calls for it.

Yes, that scene was for both Khushi and Shyam's Sister. I have explained Shyam's Sister and now I'll talk about Khushi. Yes, I'll confirm here that "Daadiji is responsible for Khushi to be an Orphan". The day Daadiji entered Raizada Mansion, then it was "8days left" for her wedding to be over and Khushi was 8 years old when she lost her Parents. Daadi left for Ashram 15 years back and today Khushi's ages is 23 years. (15+8 = 23). Isn't it interesting??? Now come to Tuesday's episode. We have Naani and ASR entering when ASR said ' "police ko inform kar dete hain". That scene we have mentioned Naani and Daadi switched places and here we go. We have NK saying to Maami just before Daadiji's arrival that - "Maasiji par aapke TAARA itna high kyun hain"??? and Maamiji answered - "taara nehin paara". Yes, the "para" of Garimaji will be high when she will face "Daadiji".It has to be. That night Khushi lost her parents and her Parents became "Stars (Taara)" and they were placed high above. The reason of Khushi losing her parents is Dad and Daadiji as they are someway responsible.

The guilt of making a girl orphan also triggered Daadi to think on the decision of accepting Shaym's Sister's kids but she couldn't. Today Daadi in whatever way treating Khushi but tomorrow when this face-off will happen it will be Khushi who will "Declare the War" blow her Conch, Devdatta which was given by her "Mother-in-law", "A Gift from God". 


I leave you with the picture of Khushi and Daadi at the attic and she accused her of stealing her Daughter-in-law's things - "Tumhaari himmat kaise hui humari bte aur Bahu ki cheezon ko haath lagane ki". Was this for Khushi???  No. It was for Shyam's Sister. Because she is in a closed room somewhere and she did plan to touch the things - "Arnav and Anjali". To acquire them. But then again look at the picture from different angle. It is "Vishma Pitamah" who is standing against "Arjun". It is Daadi who is the "Reason" of the "Chakravyuh" without no much fault of hers' against Khushi who is the "Solution of the same Chakravyuh".

The moment Khushi will learn the truth of the accident, the story of "Nafrat door jaane naa de ... Mohabbat paas aane naa de" will start [the 4th Promo got us here and here we are] which is why she stubbed the rose petals with her foot when the same event happened that occurred years ago. Will Khushi be able to "Relax" as Arnav wanted her to??? Do you think she will agree for Marriage now??? 

Nafrat paas aane naa de ... Mohabbat door jaane naa de

Iss "PYAAR" ko kya naam doon???

Iss "WAR" ko kya naam doon ???


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Whats my Post doing in d first page again? Tongue hmm... Perhaps, a 'postwa' to evade all the 'buri nazar' that might come to Tants n reduxwa...hehehe...LOL


Diplomacy n I hav no 'pastwa' connection...Wink so i Lovd the episode... As its peeling more layers of Arnav's past...

To be honest, "aaja piya' didnt do any wonder to me and I'm glad that Arnav too didnt fall for dat. He fell for d 'emotional hug' n me too...

'Kushi finds her Arnav, jerked out of a nightmare n lost in his thoughts completly'... She knows 'the situation is grave'... Though she is unaware of d reason.. So far...nice..Tongue Bt, the next moment, I saw a 'High school Girl' who wants to make her 'roota hua' lover Happy...Unhappy

i wud hav appreciatd the Song n Kushi's act, if Arnav was 'upset' with her for 'not wearing his favrit Saree'... Bt, no Kushi, not when You see a man haunted out of his sleep n brimming with pain...
Kushi jaan, did u realy think, he saw 'Rocky' in his sleepwa n dats y, he is upset...?Wink

Cvs... I thought, you were Establishing 'Arnav's Past'... Bt, why do the 'Sing tell, action songwa by Kushi' made me think that You were Laying Plots to suggest that 'King Nero who played Violin while Rome Burned' is connectd to 'Kushi bitiya' in Lucknow... Really... Cvs... Atleast u knew dat, Arnav isnt crying bcz he wanted his wife to woo him at 2 o'clock in d night...!

Then, the 'hug'... The Moment 'Arnav' said 'Mom and Suicide'... I felt his tears...

Bt, Kushi had 'glycerine'... Or my 'unintelligent mindwa' could catch that much only.

The 'run up of Bitiya' to the Hug was fine, though i felt, her emotion lackd depth. Bt, thats fine. Which ordinary viewer Searches for such nuances. Kushi was matured enough to cradle him in a hug, n thats wat all matters in a Daily Sop...

Between 'the Song' n 'the hug', there were some dialogs by Kushi... 'naahi hum aapko change karna chahthe hai, aur naahi hum...' that reminded me where does 'Dekhna hai tho Dekho' come frm. The same haste...Wink

The morning bedroom scene... 'Kushi' was looking at 'Arnav' for d first few seconds, bt then 'JERRY' took over...Wink no complaintwa, 'Tom Bituwa' stil lookd 'Arnav'...

The hug dat Anjali n Kushi shared was good, n the 'content' smile on Arnav's face was Priceless. Dont knw whether he got his priorities right there..?

Daadi has a deeper prblm with Kushi... Now, i dont mind changing the name of our show into
"3 WOMEN AND ARNAV" ( starring kushi, daadi n Anjali)

bt, then there is a 'UF0' called 'woh Aurat' waiting naa...

Arnav, 'thaare dekh ke dekhe ke'... You have become the planet 'PLUTO' man... Dont knw... When dat 'UF0' enters n you break out frm RM system...

BARUN Sobti... 'i actually Pay 'tax' for watching you... In the form of various bills... And I must say 'any amount of Tax' is worth paying to see a 'Genuine Actor, like you emote with your Eyes...Clap

Likd Daadi n 'Nanheliya' too... Thats Nanhe +Payaliya...

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From the heart...Heart 


"This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.
A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.
Welcome and entertain all!
Even if they're a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.
The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing,
and invite them in.
Be grateful for whomever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond."


Man's complex nature never ceases to amaze me; their thoughts, feelings, the very nature of their physical state - all point to the workings of a much higher being.

And these complexities in human design only heighten when man enters the world of experience, becoming slave to their own emotions. This is how I view Arnav, a highly complex character, who carries with him the weight of the world, governed by his inner turmoil and past grievances.

In a previous post, I sought to outline the journey of ASR's character, looking at how far he'd come in love. As a result, I came to the conclusion that his want of love was never about possessing it, but rather, freeing it from the clutches of his own limitations.

He was a man who vowed to never bow down to anybody, who disregarded the workings of fate; a man who vouched to write his own destiny, today that very man was forced to succumb to the very force which dictated the working of fate, chose his destiny for him, and humbled him graciously...the force of love.

As a result of his growing love, it was clear that he held certain barriers to love, which prevented him from loving freely, that is, his desire to take ownership, to control the flow of emotions and to conceal his hearts mind. And in order to overcome these barriers, it was important for him to have Khushi back at RM, where much of these barriers seemingly exist, mostly in the form of painful memories which he knows, and is conscious, needs rectifying. How else can he prove and assure her of his love if he himself is unable to overcome the barriers to them?

In the past few episodes, Arnav has shown to be a man who is willing to break down the very boundaries which otherwise, would prevent him from reaching out to his love. The very boundaries he first erected in an effort to create his own destiny and that of others. And in order for him to hold onto that love, he's had to understand his Khushi, her comforts, her discomforts, her boundaries, her growing fears, her desires, her dreams...everything.

But, what of his fears? His insecurities? Though he may be free to love, the fact that he's still haunted by the ghosts of his past suggests that he is yet to free himself internally. And I believe it will be his love which will set him free.

The current phase in their relationship shows how they're entering a new phase of love, one of mutual respect and understanding. In the same way that he's had to understand Khushi, it is essential that she works towards understanding him, so that both can come out victorious on this journey of love.

Interestingly,  it is Arnav's past which has forced him to erect those boundaries once again; however, this time, it is Khushi who will have to work hard at breaking down these barriers. And tonight's episode showed her doing just that.

At first I thought that the opening of tonight's episode showed that Arnav is no longer dictated by his he walks away from his Daadi, grabbing Khushi along with him, claiming her hand in a bond that he will never allow to break. However, it also made me think, that though he has readily accepted his present, he hasn't quite reconciled with his past. Therefore, by walking away from daadi, it was as if he was running away from his past.

Interestingly enough, he did give his dadi a choice; that is, before he can even think of returning to his past, she needs to accept his present, which is Khushi. This is Arnav trying hard to overcome one of his boundaries, he doesn't seek to own Khushi, he wants her by his side, as his equal, so that she may remain with him every step of the way; even when facing the past.

When they both return to their room, Arnav breaks away from her, isolating himself once again, drowning in his own grief. In that one moment, the difficulty of overcoming his boundaries leaves him conflicting with himself, his emotions and his identity. It is as if he desperately seeks to break free from it all but is unsure how to.

Once again, his back is turned to her, just like it always is when he wants to close himself off from the world. And oh how it reminded me of the earlier days of IPK- the time when he stood gazing at the stars, seeking reassurance; the time when he'd denied his own love for her, running away from his true feelings; the time when he returned from his own kidnapping, having lost faith in those he loved; and now, having to confront the very past he had tried so hard to leave behind - Khushi has witnessed his aloofness and silent brooding for far too long, now she take it upon herself, as his wife, as his equal, to help lift that burden off of him.

Khushi's strength lies in her smile, her confidence and her playfulness, using all three, she seeks to accompany Arnav through his moment of silence. Maybe not to everyone's taste, but this moment for me captured how Khushi is coming to understand Arnav and his longing for someone who will share his pain and sorrows.

Just like how Arnav knows how to get Khushi to speak her hearts mind, it seems she knows exactly how to get him to do the same. Her sweet antics sure enough causes him to react. I love when he turns to face her, almost as if surprised by her very presence ...a man who's always known to grieve alone, has never had anybody by his side before, sharing his grief with him; today he's having to swallow the fact that he need not be alone anymore, for he has his wife standing right next to him, supporting him always.

However, it is a case of old habits die hard; a man who's never had anyone to share his pain with will obviously struggle to express his pain and his insecurities. And one cannot blame him either, for that is yet another barrier, which he knows he have to overcome.

Every time he moves away from her, I love how she returns back to him instantaneously, not letting him out of his sight for even a moment - the lyrics of the song aiding her selfless motives. Her continuous efforts irk him, and she knows it; but she still doesn't give. Again, some may have found her attitude slightly over bearing, but personally, I loved how persistent she was. It was her own sincere efforts into bringing him out of his own despair - for a man who's never had anyone to fall back on, was today being held onto by the very woman he loves. Tonight, Khushi's actions showed how she will cling onto him no matter what, wanting to be his pillar of support.


And I absolutely loved the dialogue in this scene; it was very maturely scripted, and did well to highlight Arnav's insecurities as well as Khushi's understanding of them.

"Hum aapka dard kese baatein?"

Khushi beautifully expresses her helplessness through monologue, revealing her willingness to share his pain. As his wife, she understands that hers is not just to take, but to give as well. Her dialogues reveal how just how much she understands him and his pain...for how can she remain happy when he's in pain? She does well to remind him that he no longer needs to suffer alone and nor will she let him...

"Hum  jaante hein aap apne pareshaniya, dukh, dard kisi ke saath nahi baante...hum isse koi takleef nahin, hum aapko badalna nahi chahte nahi aapke ateeth me jhaankna chahte...agar aap humein kuch nahi batana chate toh age se..."

While she spears these words at him, you can see his rage and turmoil wanting to cut loose, relieving his heart and mind; his willpower is slowly but surely crumbling and Sobti did a fine job of portraying this inner turmoil which seeks release...

Choda saal ka tha jab mere maa ne suicide mother committed suicide..

That moment of prolonged silence which followed his outburst - it was as if time had stood still, and for a split moment, Arnav's eyes reflected the innocence of his 15 year old self, who was forced to carry the weight of this burden as such a young age. The moment he voiced his burden to Khushi, it was as if a huge weight had been lifted from his heart...his pained expression, not in want of sympathy, but despair and perhaps regret over not being able to save her from this tragic fate...

He surrenders himself to her, his troubles, his pain and his sorrows; but he doesn't give in straight away, his eyes tearful and moist, yet still resisting the flow of emotions...the pain he'd buried for so many years is finally being set free, baring his insecurities. For him to relieve himself of that burden means he has to fully let go of his emotions and open his hearts mind, and tonight, I believe he took steps to do both.

There's a longing in his eyes which has always been there, a longing which he had expressed before..and even back then, his tears were on the verge of spilling out. It was the episode where Khushi had first tried to console him:

"Hum samaj sakte hein ke is waqt aap ko kesa lag raha hein..."


"Bolo kya samaj sakti ho, pata hein kese lagta hein apni maa ko aagni dete, kesa lagta hein jab aapke maabaap ko jalake ghar wapaas aate...kesa lagta hein jab sab  kehte hein ke woh samajte hein ke hum kya  mehsoos karahei hein, lekin koi kuch nahi samajta!"   

This scene resonated with me the most whilst watching tonight's episode. His tone and anger during that scene reflected his inner turmoil and perhaps desperation in wanting someone who could understand his pain. But because of his seething anger and cold disposition as ASR, he failed to see that the person in front of him is the person who would understand his pain the most, having experienced a similar loss.


And that longing was back again this episode...of course this time he knows about her past, and how she too had lost her parents at a young age. The moment he revealed his traumatic childhood, he looked towards her, helpless and defeated, needing her consolation - she rushes towards him and clings onto him, holding him tightly, as if to never let go, wanting to ease his pain and suffering. Her hold over him provides him with the much needed love and protection that he had long severed ties with.

Tonight was one of many steps he will have to take before he is able to relieve himself of all burdens. Whilst re-watching some of the old episodes, a thought crossed my mind, that perhaps, somewhere deep down, he must hold himself accountable for his mother's death. And perhaps it is years of guilt over not being able to save her, or do anything for her, that has lead to his mounting isolation. Today he took the first step in freeing himself of the pain, and it is his love which gave him the courage to do so. they've both accepted each other for who they are, both their past and present - after tonight, we can only expect to see more moments in which his past comes to light, pushing him to break down more of those barriers which bind him to his traumatic past.

By freeing himself from within, he'll come to accept each and every one of his emotions, welcoming them into his heart; he'll learn to cope with them, embrace them knowing that his fate lies with Khushi.     


Thank you CVs for giving us an episode which translates right from the heart...and to Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani for making that possible. 

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Hello Hi guys...

What a day!! What an episode!!..I am excitedly jumping with joy that the hard work and efforts the reduxians put in decoding the episodes was visible on screen today. A standing ovation to Doodle and Tanthya for setting up this platform for us where they not only tirelessly provided us with insights but also enabled us to maintain our interest during the stretched tracks by giving us faith in the upcoming tracks...had it not been mentioned by doodle how it will lay out i would have moved on from IPK quite early...

Even though Arnav looked super handsome in blue and Akash returned with his pink (though thoroughly bleached)shirt...even though i discovered why the Prakash brothers run away( reason: Store ki safai kerte kerte wahin dafan  hojate living room is more dirty than the RM store room) but nothing could spur me out of my happy trance...

So I am on strike today...but Happy strike...and will just enjoy reading the glorious takes of my fellows...


I loved:

I laughed:

I wondered:

Bhangan has kindly pointed out that the man in question is Shyam's BDLOL

Am confused:

Aha Moment:


Watch the following space as I will upload the links for some gems here...

A very warm welcome back to shreya_l. The poetess of redux was missing in action due to personal reasons but what a day to return the celebrations brighten and increase many fold as I share with you the beautiful pearls shared by her.  Enjoy!!Embarrassed

Read a very insightful take from Chitmanas


Read Ghausia's brilliant take on the episode eventsEmbarrassed


An apt character insight for the main protagonists by Incandescent (Fari)Embarrassed


A beautiful take with mythological info visit lalsunvid (Vidya)Embarrassed


For Jhalak's magical pearls on the episodeEmbarrassed


Read AP (Sul)'s funny questions: LOL


Read Nareshkota's insight on how past might be settled 

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lo bhai mai aa gayi..
apne sath "blabberings" ka pitara lekar...

1)the starting scene in itself was bang on...and the seethi bajao dialogue (which not to forget..i am breathless after too many seehis today)..."jahan mere patni nahi aa skti wahan mera koi kaam nahi"...
and "jaise aap ke marzi" polite yet rude...thats ASR...finally your ASR attitude was helpful today...!
after that the way he truns, stops, looks at his wife, holds her hand, looks at dadi and then if saying "you better watch out dadi...if any harm comes to my tigress...the tiger will always stand for her!" Wink
that was the support i was looking for since so many days...during the wedding fiasco and shyam...but it finally happened today!...
2) i am loving night a lot these days..since we get to see so many out of the world arshi scenes!..i wish morning never IPK.Tongue
but anyways...arnav may forget many memories...but that one memory of his mother's death which snatched everything from him and because of which we saw a mighty ASR has been etched in to his heart for ever...and still haunts him from time to time...
but that time he was alone and had no once console him...except his anger...but now he has his soulmate...khushi!
loved the way khushi too got up immediately after seeing arnav's plight!...
3) aww khushi you are still scared of bitwa's unpredictable have already dealt with his mood swings too many times..and now you are too scared to approach but one look at his state and you forget everything!...let him hurl abuses at me..but i will still not back out..even though we did not take the 7 pheras but still i am bounded to him and its my responsibility to protect him from any harm..and this time its his inner demons...i will stand by him!...
and so she plays the music ...such a calm and pious one..and it is too arnav only requires care, love and warmth from some one...
4) loved the entire hand holding thing where she silently conveys that she will stand by him and when he withdraws his hand she again holds it conveying that even if he will leave her..she will never leave him..and will always be with him!
loved her 1000 watt smile also...the genuine one ..!...(enough to light a dark house...Tongue)
the back hug was too good...
and i had tears in my eyes during the entire segment such a calm , mature filled with love, concern love scene!...kudos to arshad for proper execution!
5) ohh no why did the music have to stop?
and then comes the main highlight of the episode! 
arnav revealed a major part of his hard core existence , his facade to some one...a guy who never talked about himself forget about sharing dark secrets always lived in a shell..and showed the world a ruthless monster...finally came out from his if he was tired of living if he wanted freedom...a peace of mind...a shoulder to cry...
and his expression during the hug showed how relieved he felt after sharing this secret with his other half!...
he gave khushi all  the rights of a making a part of his dark secret...
but to experience your mom's death in front of your own eyes is one of the biggest living nightmare anyone can ever live!...
and now i understand ASR!...a monster which had to be born to protect the vulnerable side and to show the world its place...
again i had tears while watching it...such a BEAUTIFUL segment! words required ...only their eyes spoke...(are yaar pehle ke aasun sukhe nahi...tum log aur de do..Tongue)
6) are CV's that was a very abrupt end to a beautiful hug..
i would have loved if they would have showed few talks between them...but chalo koi nahi..wanted to all the 5W's and H of arnav's life...Tongue
loved the calm expression on bitwa's if a big burden has been lifted from his heart..!...(and not to forget the hot rugby sweater,,,,,Blushing)
7) pooor still trying to grasp this new piece of information...
and is finally understanding her husband's behavior...but there is no turning back for khushi..she has made up her mind and she will be with arnav in all this...and will also help in reducing the pain...and she did by her sanka devi's style
"ASR ko dekhne ke liye tax lagta hai" (girl trust me if that would have happened by 14 generations would have been bankrupt by now..and i would have been living near roadside!...ROFL)
and it did bring a tiny smile on his face!...mission accomplished!
8) awww a hug scene between khushi and anjali was also emotional!...she was feeling pity for the duo..and she wanted to show her love towards her since they had to suffer a lot at a young age!...
bitwa was happy!...finally the two most important people in his life had made up and his wife took the revelation in a positive way!...
their nok-jhok ..oh man they can never forget it!..and even we cant...
9) oh god this dadi..i am fed up of her "talk to the hand" and "hum congress ke sath hai " thing...
whats the big deal even if she watched an album...she did not commit a crime..but this dadi she has these personal grudge against her...may be she reminds her of "Woh aurat"...
but thank you bitwa for coming at the right time and saying "so what"...exactly my reaction...!
and that dialogue "khushi meri patni hai...aur is ghar ki bahu..uska jaha jane ka man karega woh karne ka man karega woh karegi"..a complete seethi bajao dialogue!...
muaahhhahahaha "in your face" dadi!...Evil Smile
10) i also liked payal -NK bonding..when she corrects his mistake...we had never seen such a scene between was good to see a devar- bhabi scene!
and akash thank you for coming at the right time..and distracting dadi..
and i agree with bitwa...why wait for the right time? its good to tell her as soon as possible..!...
11) when ma's photo fell i did for a second imagine it be her letter but then i thought...
who cares about the letter..
when we can see a living example of bitwa's mothers advice..
khushi's self-less and immense love shows that she has already accepted this akdu laad governor..and is handling his anger and is also returning the comfort and love which his mom wanted to...

bus now i want to see her wear those bangles in front of dadi..
i seriously want to see her reaction as well as arnav's take on it! ..Evil Smile..oh boy call me a sadist..but i would love to see dadi's expression!

rest the episode was no doubt perfect...
true love can do wonder...arnav proved it today Big smile
and i being a firm believer in the strength of true love was so happy to see the episode today...

12) finally the blue shirt returns...was so long since i last saw it..and no doubt sobti looked super- hot...
why does sanaya wear odd color dupatta's? her suit was still ok but dupatta? no no not happening!...CV's plss show her in a saree..she looks much better in sarees...
and anjali! why is she wearing half sleeves blouse? shyamu gaan sleebwa bhi gaan? ROFL

13) and twins? ROFL twins? ROFL twins? ROFL (stop it shreya..)
ok adjusts herself...i wont be shocked if i will actually get twins from flat stomach!...
that will be the guiness record!...ROFL
chalo bhai ab mai chalti hun..
"itna paise mai itnaich milenga!."..

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Arjun chose Krishna, though Krishna had vowed to lay down his arms on the battlefield ... Krishna asked: "Why did you pick me, knowing I would not fight?"
"I can handle the soldiers myself, O Krishna, if I have your presence to give me moral support. Some of your glory will surely rub off on me."

In the Panchajanya thread I wrote this:

"Now what interests me is Arnav and Khushi Love and role in all this. Time may come for Arnav just like Arjuna who will fear to battle against his own blood but we have to see whether Khushi will become is Rathasarathi just like how Krishna came for Arjuna and helped him to see the greater good and save the truth and in that process he will also protect Anjali".

Yes today I got my answer. What did Khushi said to Arnav today? She does not want to change him and not even enter his past and want to Know what happened but she assured one thing that when he needs her she will be always with him.

Now who told to Anjali that she will make sure that she will bring the conch and give it to her. Its Khushi. Now whats this Conch. How this Panchajanya name came to Lord Krishna's Conch.

There was once a wicked demon. His name was Panchajanya. Panchajanya tempted the young people into performing wrong acts. By engaging in wrong activities, the young people's lives were ruined. Lord Krishna's Guru's name was Sandipany. The son of Sandipany had become prey to the evil acts of Panchajanya. Krishna rescued the son of Sandipany and returned him to his parents. From the bones of Panchajanya, Krishna carved out a conch. When this conch was blown, it warned the evil people what fate awaited them, if they continued in their wicked activities. When the great battle Mahabharata was about to be waged in Kurukshetra, it was the Panchajanya conch that was blown to strike terror into the hearts of the enemy. The conch is also blown during auspicious occasions. The sound of the conch is like the 'Om' sound.

Without even wanting to know about his past she got the first glimpse very painful fact from Arnav's mouth itself that His mother committed Suicide. Who got to lay hands on Arnav and Anjali's parents things. What did dadi say to Arnav when he asked why dint she tell the truth about Shyam to Dadi. She said let the Jhanmasthami gets over then she will tell all the truth.

Now what Jhanmasthami is celebrated for??  It marks the birth of beloved god Lord Krishna. What is prominently done on that day? First Aari will take place, Conch will be blown and rocking cradle of lord will be done. Khushi who has the Conch and Arnav who wants the truth to come out. That truth which will bring so many other truth out. So what is awaiting at the end when everything is blown. Lets wait and watch the interesting story ahead.

I don't know what past has in store for Arnav and Khushi and how both are related in it. But one thing I wanted to quote

In the beginning, in the first verse of the Gita, a question is raised by Dhritarashtra to Sanjaya: Dharmak?etre kuruk?etre samaveta yuyutsava?, mamaka? pa??avas cai 'va kim akurvata sajaya (Gita 1.1). "What is happening in the field of Kurukshetra?" is the question raised in the first verse. The answer is the last verse: "What shall I tell you? You are asking me what is happening. I shall tell you what is happening. Wherever Krishna and Arjuna are united together, there is victory. Why should I tell you something more than this?"

Scenes that i loved:

Four scenes are there. First one where after telling dadi that he dont have any work in the place where his wife is not allowed he goes and come back and takes her by clutching her hands. The other where he sternly keeps his point that she is his wife and has every right to do anything in that house. Perfect Husband i must admit. Third was the lovely eye lock. Fourth was the hug and the way he first told something about him.Clap

I really want to give Sathya and Doodle Standing Ovation for amazingly bringing the past and future and connecting it and when we see it onscreen it makes me feel so much proud of them. Kudos to the knowledge you possess and not only that its more amazing the way you two share it with us. I just will wait for you two to explain how the past will come into fold further. Proud to be a Reduxian. Whatever little I am writing today whether it makes sense or not but the motivation I have got to write, I owe it to you both and to and each one of my wonderful redux friends.

This is for my Redux Pearls

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ok ok..
me back again..Wink
*duck chappals* Tongue

i was just watching the first few episodes...where arnav leaks out his video tape with khushi in media...and here are the differences which i came across while watching...
1) arnav could not hear a word against him...and now he can not hear a word against her wife or family
2) arnav 's eyes were always filled with anger,sarcasm,hatred sometimes, ego and short it was boring to read his e
yes for me...and now his eyes are filled with pain,love,sorrow, happiness sometimes, remorse,dejection,confusion,guilt and anger also...yaah anger is his best can not leave him alone..:P
3) arnav used to always say "di..di..di"...and now all he says is "khushi khushi khushi"...
4) arnav never used to believe in marriages before ...he found it pointless...and vague...and now he is married to a girl...and also applied the same MS and sindoor which he hated like hell...
5) all arnav used to work a lot...and now he works but his mind is always occupied by his wifey...and remember he did not go to his office for like months!..and during that time he fell in love
6) he used to make fun of soul mates,love...his di's talks...regarding "saansein ruk jayenge"...and now he is experiencing the same "sansein ruk jayenge" with his khushi...
7) he was never aware of this word called "guilt"...and now all he experiences this word called "guilt" in some form or the other!!...
8) arnav used to always wear suit and always had a clean shave face...and now he wears casuals, akash's shirt, kurta pyjama during heer ranjha, and not to forget now he has a beard too...well sometimes..:D
9) arnav never used to dance,laugh,smile,act...but after some time he danced,laughed,smiled and also acted...
10) first he used to always give the "class talks"...and now he hates other people talking about class...(preetik'a marriage)
11) once arnav broke the pearls of khushi's blouse...and the other moment he himself covered her bare back ...
12) first he used to drive SUV...and now he has a civic...ok that was for fun...:P
13) first he was the sole owner of his king size bed,his cupboard, his room,his bathroom...and now he has to share it with a girl
14) arnav never played holi or drank bhang...but after some time...he was the one drinking ,applying color, dancing,confessing under the influence of alcohol
15) he was the one who broke her bangles...and other moment he was the one who nursed her wound and gifted her bangles...
16) the person who used to run away from love...decided to confess his love...
17) he never used to apologize.for his insults or cruel words...but now we could see him apologizing for his faults ...
18) he was the one who put forward the condition that i will never accept you as my wife...and now he is the one giving her all the rights of being his wife
19) he did not even share his nightmares to his di...and now khushi is the one to know whats bothering him for the past so many years

instead of ASR...we got to see the arnav behind him...

so what's the point behind this long post?...
it is to show that true love can even melt a stone leave alone a person! surely its painful but its also the most beautiful feeling in the world ..and the biggest of any feeling!...:')...
i know today is not 14 feb..:P...but still i want to give tribute to all the people who are in love...and are happy...or are waiting for their love..:)

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